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Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/15/2024

The 4th Grade Jazz Musical, "The Playground of Jazz," was an absolute swing sensation! It kicked off with the 4th Graders expressing the connection between jazz's playful spirit and the boundless fun of a playground. From lively jams, scats, and rhythmic stomps to the whimsical charm of "A Tisket A Tasket," every moment was filled with energy and musical flair. With solos on piano, trumpet, and cello, the young performers showcased their wide range of tallents.

Their rendition of "What a Wonderful World" was beautiful. They performed a clever twist on the familiar tune of "Old MacDonald," with lyrics celebrating NPS's new playground. It was a joyous end to a morning filled with delight and melody, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces.

For those who couldn't be there in person, the recording of the Jazz Musical is available on the NPS website, ready for you to enjoy at your leisure. ❤🎼🎤🥁

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/14/2024

Over the past few months, Fifth Graders have been learning about solutions, mixtures, and chemical reactions. As part of their lessons about chemical reactions, they learned about chemical and physical changes. Chemical reactions require the creation of a new substance, exemplified in experiments where they mixed citric acid with baking soda and baking soda with sodium chloride. The mixing of these two different solutions resulted in the creation of carbon dioxide gas. This week, their exploration led them to a classic experiment: the Mentos and Coca-Cola demonstration. While not a chemical reaction, it showcased a fascinating physical change and the formation of a solution. It was a moment of exhilarating scientific discovery that left these young scientists eager for more! ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/12/2024

Our Pre-K 3 friends have been having a blast learning about mail, the work of mail carriers, and the post office! To begin, they learned about Philip Downing, who invented the street mailbox, making it easy for mail carriers to gather mail from the entire neighborhood and take it to the post office. After discovering how postal workers sort mail by type, size, and neighborhood, our Pre-K 3 friends got to practice this in their classrooms by building a neighborhood and delivering the mail mail to homes. They had to ensure each envelope went to the right house by sorting and matching, first by color and then by numeral. Of course, safety is super important too. They learned about Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the stoplight, and why it's crucial for mail carriers to follow the rules of the road. And what better way to practice listening and following directions than with a game of Red Light, Green Light? 🚦 Our Pre-K 3 friends gained an understanding of the role of mail carriers and the post office in their community while developing important skills such as literacy, fine motor, math, and social interaction. ❤📫

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/12/2024

We're grateful to all the Cardinal families who participated in our Lower Division Service Saturday this past weekend! It was a wonderful morning filled with joy as families joined together to serve our community. We delivered 500 sandwiches to Martha's Table!
Upper Division families, we hope to see you this Saturday, March 16, for the next round of sandwich-making. Thanks to Rev. Sutton for organizing this service opportunity!


The sweet sound of the 6th Grade Handbells Chorus is chiming in with "Clocks" by Coldplay to remind you: it's time to "spring forward" for daylight saving! ⏰❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/09/2024

Today, our First Graders proudly showcased nonfiction books they wrote at the annual Authors’ Celebration. To begin, they read a variety of nonfiction books, synthesizing their knowledge, making connections, and listing five things they learned from each book. In the writers' workshop, students gathered ideas for their own books by thinking of topics about which they knew at least five facts. After planning, researching, and drafting the text, the next step was editing among peers who checked for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Students incorporated these final edits into their texts, which were then typed and printed (with teachers' help!) and ready for illustration. Some of the book titles were "Math," "Agriculture," "All About Turtles," "Gymnastics," "Football Is the Best," "Reptiles," “Greek Mythology,” and more! What creative young writers we have at NPS!❤📚✏

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/07/2024

Recently, our friends in Pre-K 4 ventured to the National Building Museum as a kickoff for their upcoming Construction and Building Unit. At the museum, students learned about what tools and materials are needed to build a house, as well as getting a chance to test out some builder’s tools themselves. Next, they went on a scavenger hunt to find things like “a red house,” “a house made of wood,” or “a house they would like to live in.” And, of course, no field trip is complete without a ride on a big, yellow school bus, a highlight for all of the Pre-K 4 friends! ❤🦺

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/07/2024

This week, 2nd Graders participated in National Read across America Day with an unforgettable pajama party dedicated to the joy of reading! They were encouraged to explore a wide variety of books spread across different tables, each offering its own unique adventure. From heartwarming tales about holidays and festivities, like "What Do You Celebrate?" by Whitney Stewart and "The Nutcracker in Harlem" by T. E. McMorrow, to stories promoting kindness and standing up for what's right, such as "Everyone Gets a Say" by Jill Twiss and "I Walk with Vanessa" by Kerascoët, there was something for every young reader to enjoy. Books about neurodiversity and acceptance were also featured. As they got lost in the stories, their imaginations soared, and their love for reading blossomed. Together, students read 377 book in all! It was a fun day of literacy, fostering a lifelong passion for learning in our amazing young readers. ❤📚

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/06/2024

Yesterday, the 6th Graders had an exciting day exploring the world of espionage during their field trip to the International Spy Museum. Inspired by their reading of "Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World's Most Dangerous Weapon" by Steve Sheinkin, the students had the opportunity to experience firsthand the intrigue and excitement of spy craft.

At the museum, the students took on the roles of undercover agents, adopting clever cover identities with fake names, professions, and backgrounds. As they navigated through the museum's exhibits, they encountered interactive challenges that put their spy skills to the test.

This immersive learning experience not only deepened their understanding of espionage during World War II but also provided a thrilling and memorable way to engage with the material. They ended the day with a picnic on the National Mall! ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/04/2024

As part of their service learning project this year focusing on homelessness, 5th Graders read stories like "Fly Away Home" by Eve Bunting and "I See You" by Michael Genhart to gain insight into the lives of those who navigate the challenges of homelessness.

Today, they welcomed two guests to share their experiences. Mr. Ken Martin, a friend of our NPS community, recounted his own journey through homelessness, offering invaluable perspective, resilience, and hope. Additionally, Rev. Sam McFerran, an NPS parent, shared about his involvement and connection with Tommy's Pantry, a beacon of support for those facing hardships. The students engaged with our guests, asking thoughtful questions and showing compassion.

Together, the 5th Grade classes will be conducting a toiletry drive for Tommy's Pantry and crafting blankets in their art classes. We are grateful to Mr. Martin for his openness and friendship. His willingness to share his journey has touched our students, empowering them to stand up for what is right and extend a hand to those in need. With each act of kindness, we are building a community where everyone feels seen, supported, and valued. ❤


We can't wait to welcome our newest Cardinals to NPS! ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 03/01/2024

Yesterday, in support of their study of the US Government, Fourth Graders visited the U.S. Capitol. Students explored the crypt, exchanging knowledge about our Founding Fathers. They remained discerning, not falling for their tour guide's attempt to mislead them into believing that George Washington was buried in the Capitol crypt. Well done, Fourth Graders!

Amidst the grandeur of the Capitol's architecture, students admired the beautiful art and drew connections to the stories depicted in the paintings. They asked questions such as, "Why does that statue look unfinished?" or "How was the dome painted?" This trip provided a wonderful opportunity to reinforce their classroom learning with real-world experiences, deepening their understanding of citizenship, democracy, and the role of civic engagement. ❤️

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/28/2024

Our 2nd Graders have been on an exciting journey into the world of writing and research with their non-fiction animal books. They began by selecting animals such as sharks, foxes, and ducks, and sharing what they already knew about it, building on their existing knowledge. Then, through research, they dove deeper into topics like habitat and physiology, discovering new information and uncovering misconceptions along the way, which sparked curiosity and more questions.

With their newfound knowledge in hand, they began the writing process, crafting engaging introductions, structured chapters with captivating hooks, informative details, and satisfying conclusions. They organized their work with chapter titles and a table of contents, incorporating text features like keywords, glossaries, and maps to enhance understanding.

Adding their personal touch, they brought their books to life with illustrations and designed eye-catching covers. Some examples of the books are "Outstanding Owls," "All about Giraffes," and "Amazing Dolphins." And by dedicating their books to someone special, they added a heartfelt touch.

Finally, through peer review and feedback, they not only bolstered their confidence and creativity as writers but also honed their ability to give thoughtful compliments.

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/27/2024

This morning, 3rd Graders opened our All School Assembly with a land acknowledgment that honored the Inuit community for their deep connection to and care for the Arctic lands. Following this, our 4th Graders guided us through the process of essay writing, emphasizing the significance of crafting clear theses and paying attention to details in grammar and punctuation. Next up, the Core Cardinals enlightened us with Cultural Connections, sharing inspiring stories from Black history, spotlighting remarkable figures like Marie Van Brittan Brown, Joan Murrel Owens, and Shania Muhammad. Continuing the spirit of service, our 3rd Graders shared their recent experiences at Comfort Cases, seamlessly weaving in lessons from their recent family share project. Pre-K 4 students shared their newfound knowledge from various Community Helper visits, each sharing a valuable lesson learned from a member of our school community. Then, our 1st Graders delighted us with their discoveries about Africa, even treating us to a delightful video snippet from their recent field trip to the Discovery Theater. The assembly concluded with a visit from “Spirit,” the Cardinal, and “Love,” our Core Value of the Month. They were joined by their buddies from 2nd Grade, who shared touching anecdotes about demonstrating love in our NPS community. As "Spirit" encouraged us all to spread love daily, the assembly concluded with smiles from all. ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/27/2024

First Graders wrapped up their study of Africa with a memorable field trip to the Smithsonian Discovery Theater, where they enjoyed the captivating performance "Kofi’s African Village". Drummer Kofi Dennis, shared the rhythms, attire, and language of West Africa through music and storytelling. With the beat of the djembe drum leading the way, students eagerly joined in, some even taking the stage with Kofi while others participated from their seats with smaller drums. Through lively music, engaging singing, and communal dance, Kofi also shared the folktale of Anansi the Spider, teaching valuable lessons about community and helping one another. It was a perfect way to wrap up their exploration of Africa and celebrate Black History Month! ❤🪘

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/24/2024

Shhh — let's not disturb the bears! Our Pre-K 3 friends have been on a beary fun adventure, learning all about bears and hibernation. They kicked off their exploration by asking questions like, "Where do bears go in the winter?" and "What do bears eat?" Through hands-on activities and engaging exploration, they wondered what bears eat and how they prepare safe, warm dens to rest in during hibernation. They ventured on a scavenger hunt around NPS and hunted for bear foods: such as fish, berries, pine nuts, and bugs. Each friend then crafted their own bear cave, mastering positional language as they placed their bears inside: "Can you put your bear inside the den? Or on top or next to the den?" Wrapping up their adventure, they pretended to be hungry bears searching for winter snacks before snuggling into their cozy caves, emerging into the sunny spring with smiles. What a "paw-some" time they've had.❤🐻

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/23/2024

The vibrant festivities of the Lunar New Year, marking the Year of the Dragon, were met with joy and enthusiasm at NPS. Our Pre-K 3 friends cleaned their classrooms in the spirit of starting a new year fresh and prepared. Meanwhile, in 1st and 2nd Grade, we were delighted to welcome parents into our classrooms, where they shared about the colorful traditions and customs associated with this special celebration. Classes read books, watched dragon dances, and shared pictures of delicious Lunar New Year delicacies from around the world. It's been a joyful Lunar New Year celebration throughout the Cardinal community! ❤🐉

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/22/2024

In celebration of Black History Month in the arts, our Lower Division art classes explored the captivating artistry of Barbara Bullock. Her art captures the essence of African motifs, culture, spirits, dance, and jazz in vibrant abstract forms. She creates dynamic three-dimensional wall hangings made from layers of heavy painted paper, dominated by vibrant colors, patterns, rhythmic movement, and shapes. Inspired by Bullock's journey and techniques, First Grade artists crafted their own abstract sculptures using textured and painted paper. Through this creative process, artists were able to express their imagination while honoring and celebrating African heritage through art. ❤️🎨

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/21/2024

Last Friday, NPS faculty and staff engaged in a full day of professional development to support teaching and learning at the school. The morning consisted of a workshop with Dr. Azeb Kinder and Jason Biehl, who last met with faculty and staff in December, to continue their work with NPS on culturally responsive pedagogy. During the afternoon session, we welcomed back occupational therapist Omololu Majekodunmi, who spoke to teachers about fine and gross motor development and how to further support NPS students. ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/16/2024

In their recent reading lessons, our Second Graders have been learning about fables and tall tales. They explored classics such as "The Little Red Hen," "The Eight Foolish Fishermen," "Henny Penny," "The Tiger, The Jackal, and the Brahman," and "Anansi and the Talking Watermelon.” Students learned about the key elements of fables, including the valuable wisdom hidden within each story. As part of their Reader's Theater performance, they practiced building fluency, bringing their chosen tales to life on stage, outfitted with homemade costumes and imaginative props. These enhancements added an extra layer of excitement to their performance, captivating the audience and making the tales come alive on stage. It was a delightful afternoon filled with laughter and wonder as these timeless tales unfolded before our eyes! ❤🐔🕷🐯📕

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/15/2024

This month at NPS, and especially today on Valentine's Day, we've been focused on our Core Value of the Month: "Love." We've been putting this value into action by showing love to our buddies, our families and friends, and to our community. Kindergarteners crafted Valentine's Day cards for their families and visited the Post Office on Friday to mail them. Throughout the grades students enjoyed bonding time with their buddies while making Valentines cards together. And our compassionate First Graders wrote cards for residents at Iona House. At NPS, love isn't just a word; it's something we actively demonstrate every day, spreading kindness and connection wherever we go. ❤❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/14/2024

We started our day at NPS with a burst of excitement at the annual Pancake Breakfast, graciously hosted by our friends . Our Pre-K 3 through 6th Grade students enjoyed delicious pancakes and received a message on God's love, which happens to be our Core Value of the Month. Laughter echoed as NPS and NPC staff members joined in spirited pancake-themed games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. A special thank you to Jim Anderson and Vicki Daniels at NPC for their hard work in preparing the pancakes that brought smiles to all our faces. To the entire NPC community, your kindness and love have made this Pancake Breakfast a cherished tradition that we look forward to every year. ❤🥞

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/10/2024

Today, our Third Graders took center stage during their Persuasive Essay Share, captivating their audience with enthusiasm and confidence. From advocating for "Cleaner Bathrooms" to declaring "Math is Fun" and "Why everyone should play an instrument", their bold thesis statements set the tone. We learned about "Why we need a class hamster," "Why we should have a 3-day weekend", and of course, we had a few "Why Taylor Swift rules"! Students have been working throughout this unit to craft defined reasons and convincing evidence to persuade their audiences. They practiced hooking their audience by adding in questions, interesting facts, and stories to keep them engaged from introduction to conclusion. Following their persuasive presentations, students shared compliments with one another, many of them with new viewpoints thanks to their peers' convincing arguments! Through persuasive writing, students have seen the power of their words to make change. ❤✍️

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/09/2024

In preparation for their upcoming Neighborhood Community and Construction/Building Unit, Pre-K 4 students had the opportunity to learn from our very own community helpers: Front Desk Receptionist Mrs. Cope, IT Support Specialist Mr. Rosales, Nurse Ali from the NPS nursing team, Director of Health & Safety Ms. Browne, and Facilities Director Mr. Sawyer.

Our curious Pre-K 4 friends had many questions for their guests, ranging from practical inquiries like “Where is your office?” and, “How do you fix computers and screens in our classroom?” to more lighthearted ones like, “How do you take care of the fish tank?” and, “What do you do on a snow day?” Some were fascinated by the workings of daily operations, asking variations of “How do you fix something?” and even questions like “How many stickers do you have?” They were keen to understand the logistics of carpool, inquiring, “How do you know who goes where during carpool?”

To express their gratitude and honor their special guests, the Pre-K 4 class drew portraits of NPS community helpers and shared interesting facts they had learned. With their questions answered and a newfound understanding of the vital roles these community helpers play, the Pre-K 4 students are now eagerly anticipating the exciting Neighborhood Community and Construction/Building unit ahead! ❤🦺

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/08/2024

Our Kindergarten scientists have been on a snail adventure as part of their Animals 2 by 2 Curriculum! They started by investigating land snails, asking questions like "Why do snails have shells?" and "Where are their eyes?" They learned about the snail life cycle, how snails survive, and how snails grow. Then, each class was given a land snail, and they worked together to create a snail terrarium, carefully measuring soil so they could observe their new snail friends in their science journals. One class even named their new snails "Sammy" and "Bob."

Next up, they welcomed new subjects: water snails! Students compared them to their land snails, noting differences and similarities. To make things even more exciting, each scientist got to craft their own clay snail, painting it with bright colors.

Our young scientists are having a blast exploring and are eager to share all they've learned about the world of snails.❤🐌

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/07/2024

In Lower Division Art, our talented 2nd Graders have been learning about the renowned Italian painter, Amadeo Modigliani. Fascinated by his distinctive style, characterized by dreamy and melancholic portraits, our young artists created their own self-portraits. With a blend of paints and chalk pastels, artists skillfully layered colors, creating a dynamic yet subdued palette that mirrors Modigliani's unique style. These self-portraits authentically capture each artist's physical and personality traits. This engaging artistic journey not only fostered creativity but also allowed the 2nd Graders to connect with Modigliani's expressive and distinctive approach to portraiture. ❤🎨

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/06/2024

In their study of informational nonfiction in Reading and Writing classes, 5th Graders combined their insights to curate a "5th Grade Magazine"! Fueled by curiosity, students started by selecting a research topic from nonfiction texts on a wide range of subjects such as Rosa Parks, horses, the Black Plague, Taylor Swift, the history of military tanks, and whale sharks. Transitioning to the writing phase, they skillfully translated their research into informational magazine articles and bound them together into the "5th Grade Magazine," a work product to rival any newsstand publication! ❤

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/03/2024

Continuing their Science exploration of how plants grow, First Graders went on a field trip this week to the They started their tour through the diverse landscapes, including tropical and desert plant exhibits, orchids, and more. Next, students were each handed a Botanic Garden Plant Passport and tasked to find specific plants such as the fig, cacao, bullhorn acacia, and orchid flower. This interactive activity not only extended their plant life learning, but also provided a delightful hands-on experience as they discovered treasures like Swiss cheese plants, old man cacti, bananas, chocolate, and coconut! The botanical journey was an engaging way to deepen their understanding of plant cultivation. ❤🌱🪻🦋

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 02/01/2024

Recently, in Lower Division Art, Kindergarten artists have been exploring the captivating world of Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone, and his renowned series of sculptures, Seven Magic Mountains. Known for the magical experience of seeing these brilliant neon colors against the brown, flat desert landscape, our young artists discovered the secrets of creating their own magical rocks using air-dry clay.

Drawing inspiration not only from Rondinone's large-scale masterpiece but also from his smaller works, they blended colors and molded their mystical rocks, understanding the significance of a base in sculptural art.

As their miniature Magic Mountains took form, they carefully stacked and secured the clay rocks with skewers, attaching them to their uniquely painted bases. After the sculpture phase was complete, artists practiced observational drawing skills and drew their Magic Mountains in an imagined landscape. What creative young artists we have at NPS! ❤🎨

Photos from National Presbyterian School's post 01/31/2024

In their recent Social Studies unit, 2nd Graders explored the world of city planning, acquiring insights into vital land use categories such as residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, public space, and mixed use. Putting their newfound knowledge into action, they ventured on a field trip to the National Building Museum. Here, each student ignited their creativity, constructing buildings representing each category learned. The end result? A lively cityscape, marking a fantastic conclusion to a captivating and exhilarating unit! Future urban visionaries in the making! ❤

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