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Achievement Prep isn't just a school. We are a promise of progress. #threegenerationalwork

Operating as usual


Ms. D. Edwards shows up and shows out for our scholars every day. Her DETERMINATION is evident in all that she does. Her lesson plans are well thought out and differentiated for each grade level. She reflects and collaborates with her coach to implement feedback and strengthen the classroom experience. You can walk into her classroom and see scholars completing worksheets, hear scholars singing or playing instruments. You may even catch scholars providing one another with feedback on how to hold an instrument or play a tune. Most recently, Ms. D. Edwards was able to showcase not only her ENTHUSIASM but also scholar ENTHUSIASM for their work in music throughout Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Her collaboration with her team and all other Platinum Teachers gave us a phenomenal show where scholars were able to sing, dance, play the drums and impress us all. Lastly, you’ve got to shout out the Platinum Teacher, who makes her work a family affair. Did you catch her sister on the drums?! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING MUSIC TO LIFE AT ACHIEVEMENT PREP!


Calling all prospective families! Interested in learning more about our approach to achievement and experiencing our cheerful culture? Walk with us on Wednesday, January 10th at 8AM for a glimpse into Achievement Prep!

Text to 202-738-6021 to reserve your spot!


Happy New Year from Achievement Prep! Our Platinum Teachers are getting prepared to receive scholars tomorrow morning at 7:45am, families a friendly reminder to submit your COVID results to [email protected] !

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Wednesday, our and dressed to impress!

Get in the spirit with


Ms. J. Carter demonstrates ENTHUSIASM her own way! She turns it on and is contagious in her classroom and with peers. Ms. Carter has been taking feedback in the moment and implements it immediately! She shows ACCOUNTABILITY, always on time, always planned, and always open to practice perfect and perfect teaching to give the best to her scholars. Scholars are determined to use the CFS to respond to questions in the classroom. She’s all-in to model, and adjust her approach. Ms. J. Carter collaborates with her teammates to get better. She plans with her co-teacher to connect with families and discuss trends. She understands her scholars' needs and has built relationships with them to want to do the work and show MASTERY. If you can, you might catch this superhero singing some r&b or telling a funny story about a scholar.

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It's Spirit Week at

Tuesday, our and showed up and showed out in their holiday gear!

Get in the spirit with

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It's officially Spirit Week at !

Monday, our and "elfed" themselves by dressing up in holiday colors or like an Elf! Get in the spirit with


Mrs. Lotson demonstrates that together we OWN it. She lives and breathes our DREAM values everywhere you see her. In classroom practice, you might see the DETERMINATION to collect data during small groups and make weekly adjustments to ensure that all scholars get the instruction they need, taking every piece of feedback and more. She is ENTHUSIASTIC about learning and holds the bar for every scholar in the building. As a member of the community matters mightily committee, she was one of the first to get all the follow-up steps ready for the toy drive, and you might hear her walk up and say, "I want to help with..." at any given time.

Timeline photos 12/07/2023

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own, Ms. Scott! Enjoy your special day! Cheers to you!


Ms. Singleton is Achievement Prep-raised. She knows what it takes, shows what it takes, does what it takes, is what it takes, tells what it takes, promotes what it takes, and takes pride in it all.


Energy is contagious, and Ms. Allen lives and breathes that norm. From the start of the year, Ms. Allen has been all in with a focus on her classroom. This meant a focus on modeling being a lifelong learner as she has been pushing to refine practices that will support the growth of scholars in both habit and academic skill. That hard work is paying off as scholars are beginning to hit the PhD board as they demonstrate MASTERY of key standards and strengthen writing skills. The work extends beyond the classroom for Ms. Allen though. She really believes in our community and bringing us together to celebrate one another, strengthen ties, and find solutions together to continue to build. This looks like collaborating with teachers across grades to strengthen practice or just to be a listening ear. This past month in particular, Ms. Allen has been a part of collaborating to get her grade level prepared and represented for Winter Wonderland, hosted a guest to pilot and get a new small group initiative off the ground, and rally the team to have a beautiful celebration with the staff potluck.


Join us in wishing a happy anniversary to Ms. J! Thank you for all you do!


Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own, Ms. Bell! Enjoy your special day! Cheers to you!


Good morning! encourage your neighbors and loved ones to visit the booth at to learn more about and become a part of the best PK3 - 5th-grade community! All roads lead to Achievement Prep!


Mr. Phillips shows up and shows out for our scholars every day. He shows up by demonstrating and teaching our scholars DREAM Values consistently.

Mr. Phillips' ACCOUNTABILITY for himself and scholars is one of his most admirable traits. His lesson plans are well thought out and differentiated for each grade level, and he reflects and collaborates with his coach to implement feedback and strengthen the classroom experience. Not only that, he brought the classroom experience to "life" by thoroughly planning and executing a field trip for our 4th and 5th-grade scholars before the break, where scholars were able to put their bowling skills to the test!

ACCOUNTABILITY for scholars might look like daily check-ins, prompting scholars to complete written apologies or feedback sessions during class or practice. DETERMINATION and RESPECT are also nonnegotiable for Mr. Phillips during morning meetings, in his classroom, across the building and on the field.

Although ENTHUSIASM is not always his thing, one thing is for sure: Mr. Phillips is always cheering for and working for scholar MASTERY. We are so grateful and couldn’t be luckier to have Mr. Phillips coach our scholars to victory in so many ways!


Join us in wishing a happy anniversary to, Ms. Franklin! Thank you for all you do!

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Shout out to the entire Achievement Prep community, including our Appletree family, for completing the 2023 "For the Culture Wellness Challenges"!

A special l shout out to Ms. Granville for her victory in the Hydration Hussle Challenge - she out-hydrated everyone- by drinking the most ounces of water.

Another shout out to the Pink Team for dominating the 'Get ta steppin' team step challenge by collectively taking the most steps. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Support our Achievement Prep community this holiday season by making a wish come true! Click this link to see our scholars’ wishlist and send something special to our school to make the season bright. All gifts will go directly to families who attend our school. We appreciate your generosity!

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Calling all braiders, stylists and barbers! 📣

Looking for a meaningful way to give back this holiday season?! Sign-up to be a barber, braider, or stylist at Achievement Prep's pop-up hair salon on December 20th.

Help us provide free hair services to scholars ahead of the holiday season. Swipe to see some photos from our previous salon days!

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This week’s highlights at Achievement Prep were nothing short of awesome! We started the week with K-5 awards; Platinum Teachers spiced things up with a gratitude-filled potluck. The Elite athletic team won their first flag football game with a final score of 19 to 12. And we wrapped the with hallway celebrations. Cheers to a week packed with wins!


Mr. Dixon impacted the community in several ways from the start of the year. He brings the ENTHUSIASM to all celebrations with Achievement Prep spirit and cheers. In the classroom, Mr. Dixon has scholars soaring. With a clear focus on building strong academic habits, scholars have been set up for academic success. Consistently, Mr. Dixon is seeking thought partnership while also sharing a wealth of knowledge with teammates so that reteach lessons are focused and impactful but also so that lessons are bite-sized enough to see huge growth. Most recently, this was seen on a SWYKQ where 26% more scholars made the PhD board than on the first quiz and Mr. Dixon is still digging into the data to make sure that he can keep making that growth.

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It's one of our favorite days of the month - Joyful Food Market Day! Join us at dismissal to collect some FREE goodies ahead of the holidays. Check out the recipes so you can add something new to your table! In partnership with Martha's Table Joyful Food Markets 🤗

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Hats off to our incredible Elite Athletic Team, gearing up for their 2nd Flag Football challenge! Our dedicated scholars have been putting in the work on and off the field, mastering our DREAMValues with unwavering commitment. GO-GO Titans

Give out Titans some shine and good energy!

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Reflecting on the impactful September Academic Open House Tour at Achievement Prep! Our immersed themselves in the daily life of scholars, gaining insights into both the content and the learning experience. Touring classrooms, participating in lessons, and utilizing checklists, our families actively engaged with the Graduate Profile. Gratitude for the shared insights and connections that continue to inspire our commitment to excellence!


When we say "All Scholars are Deserving", it is hard to think of anyone else that believes it as much as Mr. B does. Mr. B breathes life, always, to all members of our team. His determination supports the ongoing growth of scholars we love the most every single day. Whether it's ensuring behavior trackers are completed, completing breaks, ex*****on of Preppie and Proud, ordering for an ex*****on of DREAMStore, refreshing recess materials, support of after school clubs, communicating with families, covering classrooms, acting as our AP bouncer or just being present, Mr. B respectfully takes on any task and does it with a smile. His enthusiasm for scholar growth and achievement is hard to match. Scholars know when they see him, accountabilty is a must - and that's just IN our building! Clearly - Love is at the core. Outside of Achievement Prep Mr. B goes above and beyond by taking the time to connect with our families. You may see him walking through the neighborhood to get to know a scholar and their family or stopping by a birthday party to show extra love. It's year 8 for our Oxygen Team Member of the Month and his passion for scholars and this work just gets finer with time...thank you EVERYTHING MR. B!!!


Love is at the core of all that Ms. West does for our community because she truly believes that the lives of all scholars are deserving. You will see this on a daily basis for every scholar that crosses into her classroom with the high expectations for the work but encouragement and support that it is paired with that often leads to mastery. Celebrations of strong work are a frequent occurrence for Ms. West but you may also see reflection conversations and goal-setting to drive scholars forward in key areas. Connected to this work, she truly sees parents as partners. This has meant sending home communication and extra practice for priority skills to support the work in the classroom, making calls about attendance concerns, and always sharing the highlights with families. During family appreciation week, this meant extending the joy to families during arrival, and even posting an extra note of gratitude to the families of her scholars. That is not all though. Ms. West is all-in for all of the things like sharing resources and best practices during data meetings and beyond, collaborating with SSTs to ensure that STAR scholars are growing as much as everyone else, and making sure that scholars are set up for success and feeling supported in all areas, even their football game.


Ms. Baity has been raising the bar for scholars from the moment she got here. She consistently names, narrates, and maintains high expectations from her first class of the day all the way through dismissal, where scholars continue to practice skills they are working on in class. Not a single minute of learning time is wasted! When you walk into Ms. Baity’s classroom, you can see scholars excited to learn and be challenged. Scholars are working hard and showing their work. Ms. Baity is constantly thinking of ways to collaborate and improve and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get results. And although she were a late addition to the team, we couldn't imagine APREP without her!


Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own, Mr. Watson! Enjoy your special day! Cheers to you!

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Today, we honor our Platinum Parents who are also our Platinum Teachers! They make such a huge impact on our community in and out of the classroom. We are so grateful for their trust in our team and contributions to ensure every parent they encounter has a positive experience!

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Our curbside pop-ups are always a big hit! Today, we celebrate the power of family…after all, it takes a village!

Thank you ! The pumpkins and collard greens provided by were a great addition!

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Achievement Prep isn’t just a school. We are a promise of progress. A promise to change the lives of our scholars, our community, and our future generations for the better. We promise to be the educational fuel that ignites a love for learning and knowledge. We are looking for educators to join our team who can provide the spark to light this passion.

Progress begins now. Progress begins here. Progress begins with you.

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