Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute

Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute


We’re rounding out our grant recipient highlights for with Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute, celebrating a quarter century plus of fitness, focus & self-defense. Program participants learn self-reliance, personal responsibility, pursuit of excellence, and to become successful leaders in their chosen fields. Learn more at
Today from our Millennium Stage archives: Paul Robeson traveled the world using his art to promote world peace. The essence of America’s first international star is presented in song by baritone Vashawn Savoy McIlWain an array of talented solo artists and dance troupes from the D.C. area. Originally presented by the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute.
Salsa dancing with Middle School.

As part of their culturally immersive study in Spanish, 8th graders learned salsa dancing with our dance teachers Felipe and Joan. The same day, our world languages department took students to Shakespeare Theatre Company, Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute for Kung fu defense, Mon Ami Gabi for French cuisine classes, then shared meals together.
🎥Victor Vincent
Huge thanks to Knowledge Commons DC the 2019 Academy of Funk Classes are up! Make sure to RSVP ASAP! This year will features classes in dance and drumming at Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute, Vinyl Hunting 101 with Neal at Som Records and a Mural Tour with DC Murals: Spectacle and Story
Will we see you tomorrow for a live performance by the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute? Join us tomorrow evening for DC Econ UNPLUGGED hosted by the DC's Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development For complete details and to RSVP:
Just a few days away till the Asian American LEAD Family Reunion where the program will feature a lion dance by Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute! When you come, don't forget to grab some YaÜ Vietnamese yogurt. Get your face painted, a temporary AALEAD tattoo and connect with the AALEAD Family!
CALL FOR ARTISTS | Apply at, deadline 4/2. Please share.

Call Summary: March 9-April 2, 2018 Soul & Ink and Batang Kankaloo present the 2nd Annual
Samasama Art Show & Gathering Opening Reception
LOVE your work! Just doscovered thru Addie Addye. Pls submit a poece to our show?

CALL FOR ARTISTS at, deadline 4/2.

Call Summary: March 9-April 2, 2018 Soul & Ink and Batang Kankaloo present the 2nd Annual Samasama Art Show & Gathering Opening Reception. Held in DC in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, this exhibition will present original work by artists of color from diaspora communities.

The term SAMASAMA means all together in Tagalog. Bayanihan is a Filipino custom derived from the Tagalog word bayan, meaning community. The theme of the exhibit is Bayanihan, which refers to the spirit of communal unity, work, and cooperation to achieve a particular goal.

From the outside, AAPI communities are often perceived as devoid of meaningful difference in identity and experience. From the inside, our communities live vibrant, varied lives - but remain divided by a lack of exchange between our cultures and ongoing histories.

Our goal is to examine the multicultural American experience. Breaking through stereotypes and boundaries because diverse stories, perspectives, and contributions push humanity forward.

This year we will be donating a portion of proceeds for all art sold to local organizations Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) and Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute for the tireless work they do for our youth.

Curated by and

RSVP for opening reception at
Your Friday good deed. Especially at a time when there are so many recent natural disasters requiring donations, lets not forget that there are many local orgs that need your support as well. You know exactly where the money you spend here will go. Help out Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute if you are feeling generous and blessed this week and weekend.
Apologies for being slow on posting over the past month. Funk Parade team is gearing up for planning season and we wanted to share a couple very noteworthy campaigns. Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute has been a founding partner, programming partner, advisory org and major stakeholder in FP since day one! This is your opportunity to really help one of the orgs that is so important to the U Street community.
It is never too late to thank people and there are some partners that were a huge help behind the scenes that may not have gotten enough recognition through sponsorship but we are extremely grateful for their support. Shout outs to Knowledge Commons DC, Jeffrey Morris Photography, DC Focused, Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute, Fort Knox Recordings, Neo Age Live, DCVR, Members of the The Howard Theatre staff and board, Indie Love Enterprises, Friends of Harrison Recreation Center Nag Champa/ CMPVTR CLVB collectives, Thurgood Marshall Center Trust Inc., No Kings Collective and I am sure there are more that we are missing but Thank You just the same!
Are you signed up for the Academy of Funk!
First class begins this Saturday with a behinds the scene look at the U Street Institution Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute

Nonprofit and Kung Fu for over 25 years at 1351 U Street NW. Adult classes Mon-Fri 6:30p-7:30p. In-short, they learn life-enhancing skills.

The Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting life-enhancing skills for children and adults in Washington, DC. Institute programs and martial arts classes develop positive values, a sense of purpose and direction as well as commitment to progressive community development. Students of all ages come for fitness, relaxation, endurance, self-defense, drumming, lion dance and build skills that help them focus, persevere, problem-solve.

Operating as usual


Help us bring good luck, health and prosperity to the community.


There are, and have been, lots of choices out there.

We still offer adults a free trial class. We still teach DC kids for free.

Our mission is to provide the surrounding community with fitness, focus and self-defense.

For over a quarter century, our nonprofit plan is rooted in you being a better you. Come check it out

Timeline photos 04/03/2023

Artemis II, late 2024, mission around the moon in new suits, new rockets, new computers. NASA announces crew tomorrow. Moon station and Mars are next. Are you ready? www

Vic Glover gets expert guidance before a training run. Six years earlier, he was an astronaut contender. Now he is an astronaut of Crew-1, getting ready to team up in the Dragon spaceship and a long term mission on the ISS.

HTCMLI's STEM-Arts & Culture program prepares young minds and bodies for the rigours of orbital space. Learn your limits, then move beyond. Learn Kung Fu.


Guion Bluford Jr grew up in Philly during the second world war.

Mom taught school; Dad was a mechanical engineer. Future astronaut Bluford found a path to science, and flight school through ROTC. Mom and Dad made it clear he had to go to college. With persistance he found a path to space.

More than a science club, our 2023 summer camp teaches Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Drumming, Chinese, Tech Thursdays, Fieldtrip Fridays.

Find your path.


Carl Sagan grew up in NYC near the water. Father worked as an usher, sometimes sold apples from a cart, but usually he was cutting fabric in the New York garment industry. Carl said it was the wonder bridled with skepticism offered up by his parents that propelled him into science.

Free Kung fu, Drumming, Chinese language, Tech Thursdays, Field trip Fridays this summer, end of June through July. Email [email protected] to inquire about wonder and science for DC youth ages 6-18.


Tired of playing possum, and ready to reach new heights?

We're here for you.

Come on in for a free trial class and learn fitness, focus, self-defense.

Photos from Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute's post 11/15/2022

Djembe await.

Free Djembe drum instruction as a part of our free Saturday program, free to DC residents ages 6-18.
Contact Sifu at [email protected] for details.

Jabari Exum, born and raised in DC, will be there to instruct. Read the poster!

Please share with others so no drum stands alone.


We teach fitness and focus so you can calmly find your way forward.

We've been teaching DC youth and adults for over a quarter century.

Adults may take a free trial class. No prior experience is necessary.

Free after-school program is on-going now for DC kids 6-18 years.


It's 2022. Club Jow Ga on U Street NW, serving the best Fu and water for over a quarter century.

Come on in! But watch out for the lions, dragons and unicorns.

Classes Monday through Friday 6:30p to 7:30p, and Saturday.


Life is change.

Prepare for its more abrupt surprises.

We're here now for your 21st century upgrade, 4th building on the right.

Ready to get with it?

Try a free Kung Fu class Monday through Friday 630p to 730p.


Have you noticed the available parking, the reduced street shenanigans, the shorter line?

It's that time of the year when the tide of people goes out. And you get to try something new without the fuss and all the attention.

Today is the day to try some Kung Fu.

Your crew won't even know.

Come up and try a free Kung Fu class, M-F 630p to 730p, before the tumbleweeds have no where to tumble.


Hey Tiger,! Are you counting your breath to help you focus on positive change? Are you experiencing less negative emotion with just a few sessions a week? Is that growl a yes?


Unwind With a Free Kung Fu class

Need to unwind? Come take a free Kung Fu class, M-F 6:30p-7:30p.


What do you learn at Summer Camp?

You learn to how to become fit and to focus.
You learn how to play the Thunder Drum and Djembe African Drum. You learn Mandarin.
You learn Kung Fu,
and how to Lion Dance.
City funding enables us to teach music, language and movement to DC kids for free.

The free summer program has started.

Visit to learn more and to start today.


Terheran Brighthaupt, a good Jow Ga Kung Fu man, is now an ancestor.

A good friend and Jow Ga brother who positively impacted all he encountered.

Hung Tao Choy Mei L.I. will host a home-going celebration for Terheran at our 1351 U St. NW, Washington DC location on Saturday afternoon June 11, beginning at 1:00pm.

Please RSVP to [email protected].

The dress is casual.

We welcome your participation and any suggestions or recommendations you would like to offer to make this event memorable and worthy of a good Kung Fu man.


Lucky Lions find an empty basketball court. Lion Dance is a part of the free training for DC residents ages 6 to 18, thanks to city funding.


An idea from the 12 Century, from an ancient continent stands before you, willing you to make music. The 21 key Bala is free to learn for DC residents ages 6-18. Let's go!

Dick Gregory, Paul Robeson "Here I Stand" award 2006 03/21/2022

March 2012, Historic Lincoln Theatre. Kung Fu for the community. Come join us. Try a class for free.

Ms. Stacey Neal, Dr. Manning Marable, Dr. Raymond Jackson, Kevin Maynor, Ayanna Gregory, Dick Gregory, Imiri Baraka, Abdur-Rahim Muhammad


Heading off to your workout? Did you know we have a personalized webpage for you on our website? Want to go over Four Level Fist. or what about Big Tiger? Might come in handy on that snowy path. Come on back, we got you covered.


Tell everyone! Balafon now added to free Kung Fu, free Djembe & Dundun, free Lion & Dragon Dance, free Chinese drumming.

Free, because that's how lessons in the arts for young ones should be.

And free thanks to Learn24 and other funders. Let's go.

Bring your mask. Details at


Having a private, short routine for just a few minutes everyday that includes air kicking, crunches and pushups will get you down the cold winter path. Start with one set of basic kicks--feet together, hands at your waist, now start kicking and counting! Get on the ground and get in one set of pushups and one set of crunches. How many? As much as you please. You can do this! Too quick? Add another set. Throw in some leg lifts. You got this!


Prepare for life's inevitable challenges through meditation and self-defense. And pick up some ancient wisdom along the way. Let's learn Kung Fu.


Feel like you're free-falling and need to get a grip? We got all sorts of grips and claws! We have eagle claw grip, and tiger claw. And for those tough times, we have dragon's mouth! Come on in starting 3 January 2022 and get a grip! Let's go


Two lucky lions face off with children in a previous time. Lion Dance is just one part of Kung Fu training. Teams of two learn how to move together with agility and control in coordination with musicians. Good lion dancers convey basic emotions in the movements of the lion. Music, performance, agility, control, awareness, endurance...Let's learn Kung Fu! Classes 6:30p to 7:30p Mon-Fri. Saturday 11-noon. Bring your mask.


Teaching martial arts to children and adults for more than twenty five years....
Providing free Kung Fu for DC school children...
Big red building on U Street NW...
Giant Paul Robeson on the side...
You can't miss us!

Take a free first class, or just stop in and say hello.


Hey Tiger,

If you need a break from the drama, come on up to the Kung Fu studio. It's filled with dragons, and lions. It really is a magical place where you can leave your worries behind.


Hey Tiger! Time to check us out. You know where we are. Classes 6:30p-7:30p Tues-Friday, and 11am-noon Saturday. Trial class is free. Let's Go!


Fitness, Focus and Self-Defense takes time and hard work. If you are working hard then you're resting hard too. We know that. We make it easy for you to come as you are, and train when you can. Are you ready? Let's Go!


General Kwan and Red Hare are ready. Are you ready? Fitness, Focus, Self-Defense... Let's Go!


What do you get when you enroll, and train your mouse onto our new site ? You get an online account with personalized videos and documents. Out of town and need better sweeps? We'll post a tips video on your private account. Let's go.


Come upstairs, take a look around and say hello. We're very friendly. Can't miss us, we're in that big red building with Paul Robeson on the side. See you soon.


Dragon left her rings, which are so big they fit over my arms. They help me train strength, endurance.

Kung Fu is a cultural adventure. Let's Go!

Photos from Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute's post 07/01/2021

Fitness, focus, self-defense at 14th and U Streets NW. Classes are Tu-Fri 6:30p-7:30p and Saturday 11am to noon. Ready? Let's Go!


training is a journey.
Classes are available now.
Tuesday through Friday 5:00-6:00p and 6:30-7:30p.
Saturday 11:00-noon.
Let's go!


Every summer in the city, with the help of city funding, free camp. Here's our syllabus for STEM Arts & Culture ... [pic:MikiJourdan]

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Washington D.C.?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Unwind With a Free Kung Fu class
Lucky Lions find an empty basketball court. Lion Dance is a part of the free training for DC residents ages 6 to 18, tha...
Funk Parade 2016 Dragon
Common at Lincoln Theatre, Washington, DC on September 8, 2012




1351 U Street NW, Second Floor
Washington D.C., DC

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday 5pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 5pm - 7:30pm
Friday 5pm - 7:30pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
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