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Tiish! Heaven ONLY knows how many mothers are being crushed by rubble from their bombs currently!


Hi gang, two quick important things:

A. we will be closing this page some time in the spring. Our Hague Files group will be revamped with a new name and will be found on linked in. I will give you the page link when ready.

B. I am hoping to put together a care package (box of food nonperishables and old clothes) for Ukrainian refugees some time in the future. I am implore you to join me in this effort. It would not be a rush type of thing, just something we'll do when we take our time.

Feel free to comment on any of this outline presented.



You know, interesting to watch Rittenhous's sad-ass interview on sack-of-sh*t Fox news when he said he is pro-black lives matter but consequently say: he has a right to protect people and property.
He somehow forgot to mention the people he didn't try to protect that were black: G. Floyd, B. Taylor, A. Auberry and the some 15 high profile cases of Police brutality against people of colour that happened within a span of just 9 years in this country... "Which _of course_ means: his statement is a lie; told by his lawyer to say so"
Regardless, the question still remains like a spear-of-truth stuck in bedrock: WERE YOU A MINOR CARRYING AN ILLEGAL WEAPON INTO A HOSTILE SITUATION!!?

The answer is "YES!" Then you should've been charged!, and the person responsible for giving you the weapon should be held accountable because 2 people lost their lives by your action; had you not been there with an assault weapon, they would be alive today.

Point blank: white privilege means BOTH can get away with impunity!
Can you IMAGINE a black man walking down from the road with a pistol in his waist, and an assault rifle slung over his back - walking down the street from protest mayhem in where he just shot two people AND NOT GO TO JAIL!!!

That's impossible!

The now seemly fashionable plea of "acting in self-defence" means that any caucasian male can carry out a mass shooting and get off charges by claiming this stand-your-ground law.
Heaven only knows how many more people will get killed in this country before people realize that they live within a gun culture TOTALLY out of control!


Friends! Armistice day is TODAY!
Known also as Veterans-Day (US), it was the end as the incomprehensible global conflict known as World War I; - Or, more aptly and ominously known during its era as THE GREAT WAR!

An innocuous spark in 1914, it would scorch into total war that became a price too high for society to pay. The world had NEVER seen anything so DESTRUCTIVE to human endeavour that it sent trama into society long after it was over.

Straddling the European continent, it bled into Afrika and minor parts of Asia. When it was done (1918), people wept, and society made a promise of NO MORE! The death toll was the impotence of that mantra - because some 9 million people - "A whole generation" went down into the Earth of France and Flanders.

A generation later would see it only as waste!


Okay - that's it! No more. Texas is off my list I Have to say.
(officially), it's a place I will never visit, nor want to.

Between Voter suppression, energy dumps, gender bias, women's oppression, and a gun violence homicide rate that is horrifically out of control - "of which the state Gov. wants to do nothing about," it seems to me to be a state locked in its own self jail!

Nope, not for me; they can have it!


You know, as I took this photo (Sunday) of a parking lot surveillance kamera being powered by photovoltaics, I had to shake my head - when I hear colour commentators say that since Russia, Brazil, China aren't attending the current COP-26 forum, and that half the US Senate (essentially the US Republican party) sees any klimate deal as a bad one.

I got news for all of them: WE DON'T CARE! Our generation is not waiting to stay living in caves as they want us to - only to be enslaved by high gas prices! So, if certain countries wanna stay out, and Republicans want to pontificate and continue to focus the BIG lie (which makes no sense), well then let them; that's their poblem!

Renewable - clean-energy efficiency is coming FAST! Like a shooting star because it is the future - "Point blank!" So Fox News and Joe Manchin have to WAKE UP and smell the coffee: Dirty polluting energy is out!

There is no other Western government holding back on Electrical vehicles, and clean energy power efficiency! The EU is already constructing a vehicle power charging grid; now, All major global car manufactures are poised to have mainly electrical vehicles on roads within 5 to 10 years. {Ford, GM, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan...etc}

So - FOR REAL!, if they want to live in caves, then let them! Step aside and let us continue forward!


I'm sure some of you are following this: Yes, you see correct! Amazon stock (price per share) is over $3,000.

Just so we understand: this means that if you want to buy one stock in Amazon, you have to be prepared to SELL YOUR car!

Even the best of companies performing well on markets NEVER get that high - "usually their price per share is around $100 or so."

Well, what does this mean?

Not to mention the fact that owners (Like Jeff Besos) are not paying taxes (at ALL); it is probably likely that any major company or institution you work for probably has investments in Amazon stock. They are willing to spend that amount to get it. Think about this when you feel that you have worked long enough with any group to qualify for a raise, or if you are being paid under market value. Because if they can for over so much to buy stock on markets, then they SURE AS HECK can indeed pay you your worth!

If you request such and your company declines -- " LEAVE!" It's that simple. Unless you are extremely happy with your situation, there really isn't any other choice. Find another group willing to pay you what you think you're worth. If you can't find one, then do as I did and start contracting out - moving towards your own business.

The scenario of being underpaid is just GREED! Companies are indeed diverting salaries to workers to markets. And it's time to realize it and make a change... There is nothing else for it


After coming back from Hawaii, I was saddened to hear that all the Climate contingents are out of the new Biden infrastructure Bill.

That is TERRIBLY sad since just about all Western countries are moving ahead with renewables and energy efficiency programmes that will transform industry cleaner and safer globally.

So - we have to do like Gretta T. says: it's up to us citizens now to place HUGE amounts of pressure on governments to make something happen. This CANNOT be like gun violence in where people are cut down and slaughtered before their time and government paralysis sets in and does nothing to deal with an OBVIOUS problem. No, action must be taken and things must be done to make sure transformation happens.

Even simpler: we can all do things in our personal life style to help this process along - {E.g., keep air pressure right in your car tyres, turn off lights when not in use; or use cheap solar powered lighting like I do with my garden bulbs for night lighting; buy all lawnmowers electric; there are now solar-powered generators... use them instead of the fuel or gas-powered ones.}

IF you live in a state or district where the government is offering solar panel roofing incentives and will pay the costs, then take it!
Change to a more vegetarian diet. Animal agriculture places HUGE amounts of Greenhouse-warming gases in the atmosphere. The benefit is a healthier body and quality of life.
Buy LED lighting or, light bulbs which are FAR more efficient than fluorescent ones.

These are simple things any one of us can do. Once we all do them, it will send a strong message that society NOT going to allow the Gun violence protocol of DOING NOTHING hold sway. No, THAT is TOTAL MADNESS that gets none of us anywhere! - and that doesn't make sense.

By doing and making such simple personal changes, we illustrate to magistrates and governments that we will move forward with or without them. There is no choice; the global ecology is at stake - and that is the basis of our survival. If all the soil, trees, and animals die from global pollution, then we'll understand that WE CANNOT EAT MONEY!

So Play your part and let's move forward. Joe Manchin and his crappy fossil fuel nightmare is the past; it holds no future and will just land us in the abyss. Nothing intelligent moves backwards, it all moves forward to a better quality of life.


Kiddies! The past is prologue!, And that means the future will be endowing!
(Um... er... not exactly sure what that means; but it sounded nice)
Because - our Deep Blue project was a SMASHING SUCCESS! It was a far reach of our skills ever put forth, and it showed that all our learning of the past 10 years was of benevolence!

Wonderful work, and it shows that we are e-pluribus unum... "And it is our strength!"

THERE WILL BE a 2nd!; (Life is too short not to embrace the majestic Hawaiian pacific!) This time we ourselves will organize it and make it longer! So, this is NOT the end!, it isn't EVEN the beginning of the end!, but it is indeed - the begging of the end!
For now, we prepare for our coming Holiday Madness! "Get with me to pull together ideas now!"

Ernest Johnson: Missouri executes man for killing three in 1994 robbery 10/06/2021

And STILL the record holds. No Billionaire nor wealthy person has ever received an official death penalty. Fox News has killed hundreds of thousands with their anti vaccine lies. But they will not be charged.

The rich seem to be assailed ONLY by other corrupt rich that secretly plots to assassinate them. But never by Governments.


Ernest Johnson: Missouri executes man for killing three in 1994 robbery Ernest Johnson was executed despite pleas from Pope Francis and other advocates.

After a family member died of Covid-19, a man took aim at Florida's top health official in sarcastic letter 10/02/2021

Communities MUST FILE class-action lawsuits against magistrates and public officials that place the public in danger!~ And those suits MUST have criminal penalties attached to them!


After a family member died of Covid-19, a man took aim at Florida's top health official in sarcastic letter At first glance, Charles Chamberlain's letter to the editor of the Tampa Bay Times seems to praise Florida's new surgeon general for his observation that the natural immunity that comes from being infected with Covid-19 provides "great protection" from the coronavirus.


Smh... The question is - how is it that so many fell for this? Where did they EVER get it in their heads that safe vaccines are to be avoided?

Well, that was answered by Youtube yesterday after announcing that they are taking down and banning ALL misinformation about Corona-V vaccines. OF COURSE! - Russia got upset about that since most of it was THEIR RUBBISH! ( We always knew that)...
Unfortunately, -a lot of it worked; and _as we know_ contagion and deaths went rampant.

If you are in a state with officials not requiring mandates, and decimating misinformation or, NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, and you have LOST SOMEONE close, or close-by - "TAKE ACTION!"

Join or create class-action public lawsuits (that includes criminal penalties) for those in charge who played politics instead of taking QUICK and necessary action to protect the public. They have killed with impunity, and now need to be held accountable!

Navy asst. football coach fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine despite applying for religious exemption | American Military News 09/21/2021

You know, NOT to mention the fact that ALL of these people claiming religious rights not to take Covid vaccinations - Would've ALL HAD TO HAVE been vaccinated for the other viral killers {small pox, chickenpox, mumps - and measles} to BE in the Navel academy in the FIRST PLACE! FOR SOME reason - they had no claim of religious exemptions to them, --> "which makes no sense what-so-ever?"

But I was struck by one person who stated that she realizes society is trying to end the COVID scourge but feels that the vaccination is not in her best interest at this time.

Well, I have to tell her - it wasn't for me either, BUT I REALIZED That it was IN ALL of our interest to reach herd immunity to protect each other!

VIRUS DO NOT disappear on their own!, Even when (it appears) they recede - they actually come back in a mutated form which is always stronger!: {I.E., SARS-->to COVID to-->delta-V}
They MUST be smothered quickly or, (as we've seen) surges will occur! All the big killers (mentioned above) ravished for CENTURIES and CENTURIES... And killed and killed and killed until society vaccinated en mass!

Those viruses didn't care about what religion you are - nor what you believe, they sickened thru infection... and killed! And did NOT stop until smothered by inoculations!
IF they don't kill, they leave scars {As did Polio with Pres. Franklin Rosevelt - of whom was left paralyzed from the waist down}. Quick Action is GOD in the face of a pandemic!

Grow up!, cut the crap - and get vaccinated!!! All you do when you hesitate is to encourage surges, and the nightmare becomes protracted!


Navy asst. football coach fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine despite applying for religious exemption | American Military News Navy offensive assistant coach Billy Ray Stutzmann was fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine despite filing for a religious exemption, according


Gang! Our Care package for Haiti is READY! Yes, if you remember, we put this together after the Country underwent a massive destructive Earthquake, and then subsequent rain from a tropical depression that left the place a total squalor. People literally had to dig food from out the ground to eat.

Aid groups are there including the US coast guard, but the United Nations put out a flash appeal because the situation is dire and more than institutions and gov. agencies can handle! A UN flash appeal is issued ONLY when a situation is so dire that they feel everyone needs to help out in any particular area devasted from war or natural causes.

That is why we acted!
Our package will be sent to the Florida based "Food for the Poor" group; in which they will send it to relief orgs in the country.

IF didn't get a chance to help out, but still want to, u can donate to the group at this link: foodforthepoor.org
I implore you to do so because it is our human compassion that makes our species thee most enlightened on our planet. We ourselves have gone thru suffering, and so we help others because we understand it.!


Think about this: What you're about to see could be a SERIOUS disaster. We have a state already slammed with COVID influx and hospitals are full. Now, Hurricane IDA (larger than Katrina) bears down.

Where might they put all those injured people bound to come in from the ravage of the storm? What about those displaced as was the case with Katrina? How can they assemble them in a way that COVID C-Delta-V wouldn't spread like wildfire?
Really, we could have a mess on our hands just because of vaccine hesitancy...

Governor Kemp Calls In National Guard TO Assist Hospitals WIth COVID-19 08/27/2021

Welp! I said it would take 3 weeks to see a COVID disaster after Georgia's Brian Kemp signed a mask-vaccine banning law for business last week. And I was wrong... IT ONLY TOOK 4 DAYS!

Because Mr. IDIOT had to call in the local National Guard to help act as nurses for the OVER WHELMING amount of COVID (C_delta_V) patient influx! The swell was SOOO MUCH that nurses all across the state quit!... Yeah! - literally!

And now, the state is thousands of nurses short to deal with the MASSIVE surge.

The reason? most nurses are complaining of being under duress and over worked and wanted to protect their families!

For SURE!, it takes some kind of moron to be a Republican. NO WONDERS they have to suppress the vote of black people since they can't win fairly. Anyone with a half-of-brain can plainly see - they are imbecilic!


Governor Kemp Calls In National Guard TO Assist Hospitals WIth COVID-19 Healthcare systems are overrun by mostly unvaccinated COVID patients


Welp! Throwing my hands up in the air! Another republican Governor willingly puts a knife to his OWN neck and slits his throat while expecting to live!

In about 3 weeks the disaster-predictable will red-tide in Georgia!

So I guess the GOP wants to be stuck in this nightmare forever? I mean, you tell me?
Really!; what will it take for those imbeciles to grow up!

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blames Black Community, Democrats For COVID Spread 08/21/2021

Do you remember the part in the old classic "Scarface Tony Montana" movie when he says to an adversary {who looks like he's about to kill him): " WHY DON'T YOU TRY STICKING YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS AND SEE IF IT FITS!.?"

That's kinda what I'm thinking needs to be said to the entire GOP Republican party.

What a pack of fools!

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blames Black Community, Democrats For COVID Spread In an interview with host Laura Ingraham of Fox News show "The Ingraham Angle," Patrick placed blame on the Democrats and African American community as to why the numbers are so high in the Lone Star state.

The Worst of Sean Hannity | The Daily Show 08/16/2021

The problem is always the same with that lot... If you adopt a modus of insanity then you will believe insanity! You will become stupid enough to believe ANYTHING anyone tells you. But the price to pay for beliefs is ENORMOUS!

Thus - this is NOT a world of beliefs, but one of science, understanding, and logic! Beliefs without facts and logic will render you useless... "COMPLETELY!"


The Worst of Sean Hannity | The Daily Show Sean Hannity: infamous hypocrite and Trump’s pillow talk buddy. Here’s the absolute worst of Sean Hannity. :00 - Hillary 2016 vs Bide...


You know, if you adopt a policy of insanity in life, then you are liable to believe ANYTHING anyone just makes up.

This truly has SERIOUS consequences as we saw in the US red-states south where a culture of beliefs is predominant over logic, science, and understanding.

Thus, when pastors and evangelicals told them not to get vaccinated, they believed and followed. And we know how the rest of that story catastrophically went...

The world we live in has NEVER been a world of beliefs, nor will it ever.


Time to heed warnings and make haste with renewables and efficienccy

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs executive order giving parents final say in masks for students 08/02/2021

This MORON could be the BIGGEST ass to EVER govern a US state. What trifling STUPID little idiotic Monkey who is too STUPID to understand the aggressive monster before him..?

21 thousand people on Saturday (30 July) in Florida became infected; then _today_ (Sunday) another 15 THOUSAND!!!

All he is doing is giving (what could be) one of history's greatest killing machines the opportunity to be JUST THAT! - "A massive obliteration on humanity" And it appears that he's too STUPID TO care. Because the more he resists masks and vaccinations, the more the atrocity is procured! It is JUST that simple!

Monkeys should NEVER play the role of human beings; unfortunately, the US Republican party keeps bringing them out of their trees to play magistrates.
That party is just a bunch of STUPID ASSES, and nothing more. And the Florida populace needs to charge Monkey-Desantis with Manslaughter... immediately!


Gov. Ron DeSantis signs executive order giving parents final say in masks for students


Ask yourselves this: How many people has the Governor of that state killed? A 5th wave that didn't have to be if it were not for the APE now in charge of the state?

Can the people of Florida bring manslaughter charges against an idiot who continues to "monkey-things-up?"

What a f*cking idiot! That state needs a governor; a public official who cares and FULLY understands the nature of infectious microbes and how they effect the populace en-mass...

What a pity... So many will die because of ineptitude..

'It's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks': Alabama Governor 07/24/2021

Unbelievable! Alabama Governor says she has NEVER seen folk inflict their own doom like never before. The Anti-vaccination movement continues and COVID loves it as surge-infections go out of control! It is the perfect storm that will kill alot of people! (Talk about STUPIDITY!)

Both Florida and Arkansas (with republican legislatures) now have laws banning vaccine requirements in the workplace. At the same time, the latter (Arkansas) passed laws prohibiting businesses from requiring the populace to keep their guns at home before coming on property.

Talk about IDIOTIC self inflictions; both gun violence and Covid delta-V are surging in those areas.

David Frum tells us this SUDDEN insane behaviour comes from a conservative America that wants to be loyal to the talking heads spuing out stupidity; by Pastors and Evangelists who keep telling communities not to get vaccinated...

Welp... A lot will get killed by simply following others who willingly jump off cliffs.... "complete insanity!"


'It's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks': Alabama Governor As COVID-19 cases surge in parts of the United States, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey told reporters, ‘It's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the ...

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 07/22/2021

Smh... Florida - Missouri - Tennesee - Alabama now leads the US states in mass Delta-V infections. Hospitalizations are up en-mass!
All have a commonality: their Republican legislatures procured anti-vaccine laws this summer for the 4th July period. Now - tell me?: HOW THE HELL DID THEY EXPECT CONTAGION to be controlled without mass vaccinations of mask applications? I mean: did they expect that it wouldn't?
Unfortunately for Florida, their Governor keeps MONKYING things up... because HE IS A Monkey that will get a lot of people killed.
Damn fools! They had NO idea of the monstrosity they were dealing with; minds were too small and produced idiosyncrasies - that made them believe in their own lies.

It was the PERFECT storm for the Delta-V variant; a COVID variant SO AGRESSIVE that one can be 2 meters away from an infectious person and still become contaminated!
They stupidly set the stage for mass infections...


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CDC provides credible COVID-19 health information to the U.S.

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