Prof. LaTanya White

Prof. LaTanya White


Dr. Latanya White will join the show to discuss how Black families🗣 need to learn from the Rockefellers by transferring🔁their assets & wealth, small or large, so the next➡️generation doesn’t have to start over. Don't miss out as Dr. White explains the difference between family reunions to fellowship 🕺🏾vs. family retreats to strategize and talk family financials 💰. Join us!
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Go beyond generational wealth! Learn the proven tips to build Dynastic Wealth™ as a Black entrepre Department of State as a Fulbright Specialist.

Dr. LaTanya White is an expert in belonging, racial equity, and entrepreneurship. As a result of her leadership, impact, and contributions to the Education and Business Administration sectors, Dr. White was recognized by the U.S. A former entrepreneurship professor at a prominent Historically Black College/University (HBCU) and as a Certified Business Analyst with the Florida Small Business Develo

Operating as usual

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 05/25/2023

I spent all of last week re-listening to after feeling completely untethered. Been feeling that way since the end of February. I felt like I was moving (allll the time) but not making a bit of forward progress…especially when it came to the Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat 😫😮‍💨😭.

I’ve cancelled the event literally a thousand times (just ask my inner circle)…if it wasn’t nailing down the venue, it was the F&B minimum. And if it wasn’t that, it was the BEO. Like seriously, I’m just the talent! I’m out here trying to change lives and build dynasties 😫.

In every valley, I would be reminded of the story Queen Esther, who waborn for such a time as this (Est 4:14) and I would carry on.

And so, the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat will held in just a few short weeks, Juneteenth Weekend (register at the link in my bio), in these DC streets just like me and Sparrow have been…

After picking Sparrow up from DCA on her third unaccompanied minor flight on , took us on an adventure where I met the Rattler behind Co-Working Day with at . Caught Sparrow sleeping on the job 😆 before we went to on 14th. Then back to PG County for a client deliverable where I got to shine a light on the genius that is 👏🏾🙌🏾.

It was indeed a day. How was yours?


Last year, Sparrow and I attended the Tallahassee Black Business event as guests. God whispered through me that next year I would be on stage presenting my research on Black entrepreneurship and the racial wealth gap.

The Bible says that a prophet is not without honor unless they are five miles away from home. And what a journey away from home it has been in the time that has passed since the first Expo 😅🥴😵‍💫🫠😩😭🙃👏🏾🤌🏾🥹😮‍💨…

I’ve won two awards for entrepreneurship research and education, have procured my first federal contract as a prime, have gotten soft approval for a 6-figure international consulting engagement in just a year’s time.

Let’s 👏🏾 be 👏🏾 clear 👏🏾 though…just as many times as I’ve celebrated, Lord knows I have been brought to my knees in frustration and disappointment. But the return on that investment has leveled up my insight, influence, and impact in more ways that I could even think or imagine.

The two things that came out of this spirit-led journey are so massive that I didn’t have the bandwidth to commit to anything else for the rest of the year.

The first one is the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat. I remember being a vessel for the vision of this: I sat and typed for 2-3 hours without having a single conscious thought about what this was. The words came to me and flowed through me…and the way my life is set up, this could only be a God-given vision! There is no way an event with this kind of impact can be successfully executed with my increments genius alone.

We haven’t even had the event yet (109 days until…😉) and I already owe a huge debt if gratitude to my Braintrust: and .

Don’t worry, there will be a spot for you to be a part of this historic, transformative event that will help Black and Hispanic families go beyond generational wealth to build Dynastic Wealth™. You AND YOUR FAMILY can either attend or your business can become a sponsor. Either way, you will be able to say as your family envisions it’s spiritual wealth that you played an active role in closing the racial wealth gap in your lifetime.

We’ll see you at the Retreat! ✊🏿✨🤍

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 02/08/2023

This one right here…

…has an IQ of 126. Reads on a 7th grade level and comprehends math on the same level as a 5th grader. And yet, according to the Florida Department of Education, she’s not a gifted child.

The system isn’t broken fam. The system is working exactly the way it was designed to work. Remember this: The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House ~ Audre Lorde

If this one right here is ever going to experience true freedom, then I can’t let anything stop me from building Dynastic Wealth™ for her and her children. It’s my responsibility to give her the tools to developing an understanding of financial wealth. We do that in our discussions about her starting her own business and budgeting.

In order to give her the tools envision Spiritual Wealth and create our family constitution, we made sure that she was a part of our family’s discussions about family identity, our family’s values, and our family’s vision for wealth.

She decided she wanted to be homeschooled so she could travel with me and a major benefit of that is the tool that Wealth of Knowledge provides.

Her tools for Intellectual Wealth ensure that she develops mastery of different skills throughout her life. Most importantly, it is imperative that we give her the tools to build Relational Wealth, increase her own social capital, leadership identity, and philanthropic stance.

Sparrow is an heir to the dynasty. ✊🏿🤍👑✨

Why on Earth would I expect anyone who doesn’t value my life and lived experience to give her these tools?

It took me the better part of 3 years to refine these tools to be able to share them outside of my own family. I’ll be ready come June 16th to kick off the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat though! Will you?

We are Building Black Dynasties™!

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 02/04/2023

There are three major distinctions between and Dynastic Wealth™.

This family photo taken by highlights one distinction: The directionality of wealth transfer.

In dynastic families, wealth is transferred up to my mom, aunts, uncles, and grandmother; it is transferred across to my sister and cousins. Most importantly, it can be transferred down not just to Sparrow but to her grandchildren, long before they are even thought of.

To be sure, generational wealth is foundational to but that’s the beginning, not the end of the work. I’m looking forward to sharing with other Black entrepreneurs and their families how to do the work of Building Black Dynasties™. Can’t wait to see y’all for the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat!

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 02/02/2023

During my dissertation-writing process, I learned about this concept of dynastic families. These are families that have protected and controlled the wealth for at least three consecutive generations.

That one article by opened a door that lead me to my purpose: transferring my knowledge about entrepreneurship and wealth TRANSFER to Black families. I can’t take my eyes off this prize. I can’t stop doing this work to help OUR people to do the work of .

How do we do that? I’ll be spending the majority of my time in the next few weeks teaching these exact steps in partnership , , , and a host of others! Y’all coming?

We are ✊🏿✨

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 11/18/2022

Gratitude. Purpose. Impact.

fully capture the state of euphoria I have been in for the last 13 months, when I finally heeded the call to pursue something greater.

Although it ain’t been no crystal stair, the last 13 months have been filled with gratitude, purpose and impact beyond measure.

Sharing in the relief that other Black entrepreneurs experience when they learn how to create Dynastic Wealth™ gives me so much gratitude 🙏🏾.

Hearing feedback for how purposed my plans are for the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat, fills my heart. 🤍 (Our HNW counterparts don’t have family reunions yall…they have family retreats. It’s time for our families to do something similar)

Knowing the impact that my research on Black entrepreneurship, the racial wealth gap, and wealth transfer can have on policymaking is deeply moving. ✨

And still, I know the best is yet to come!


I went from having a student tell me they enrolled in the entrepreneurship course I used to teach bc it was the only class that fit in their schedule to sharing the stage with at …talk about starting from the bottom!

Now, I spend my days (and nights 😮‍💨🫠) writing and teaching Black and brown entrepreneurs about Dynastic Wealth™ and racial equity in entrepreneurship.

but generational wealth is not the answer that we think it will be for Black America 🤷🏾‍♀️. The link in my bio will take you to some of the research I’ve done on what WILL work for our families and communities ✨

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 11/03/2022

My 2022 speaking “world tour” is coming to a close but not before my first visit to State College, PA!

I connected with the Ted Graef, the Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship at back in June when I was presenting my research on Dynastic Wealth™ in Cleveland. He was planning for the 10th annual educators conference and wanted me to share those insights with his colleagues and here we are!

As a part of my visit, I will be hosting a session for Black and other diverse student entrepreneurs on campus. ieTherapy is a safe space for innovators and entrepreneurs to connect, find support, and community on their journey— can’t wait to bring it to Penn State!

Hope to see some “familiar” faces tonight at 🔺😂✨




If you are serious about changing the narrative about Black wealth, this report is a MUST. READ.

It introduces some historical aspects of economic oppression as well as some policy implications to *prevent* building Dynastic Wealth™ in the future...something that would put us even further behind the 8-ball.

It’s not enough for us to create wealth, we need to protect the wealth that we are building so that it can move down the generational chain.

When you’re playing the long game, you need to understand the whole system.


Join me and tomorrow for the edition of the Economic Development Corner, Tuesday, May 4th @ 6 pm EST.

Virtual doors open 🔺 🔺at 5:30 pm

The Zoom link is posted in my updated bio- see you tomorrow 🙌🏾.

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 05/02/2021

I stumbled upon the information about entrepreneurial dynasties sometime last summer while preparing for the literature review of my dissertation.

Since then, of course, what I have learned has changed the trajectory of my life...and Sparrow’s. Even after a whole master’s degree in business, it was somehow lost on me that income and wealth were not the same thing.

I was finally able to justify my advocacy for when I came across a couple of articles that demonstrated that the path to wealth was accelerated by entrepreneurship. (You would not believe the resistance I faced when I tried to justify this years ago...being an innovator is exhausting 😩).

There is so much work still to be done. Check the updated link in bio for more information about Dynastic Wealth™!

We are Building Black Dynasties! 🖤🤍

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 05/01/2021

In a nutshell, Dynastic Wealth™ is a strategic form of wealth control that has 3x more power to change the economic narrative of Black families.

I am beyond blessed to be able to begin building my lifetime research agenda on this concept. and thank you for allowing me to interview you for my practice study and thank you for helping me to continue to tell the stories of Black beautypreneurs! 🖤. I’m looking forward to it!!


🔈🔉🔊 (turn the sound on 😍)

When I got the email from IRB granting me conditional approval to move forward with my dissertation research...research that I will be sharing briefly during the session TONIGHT, there was only one thing I could do 🔺.

Click the link in my bio to register for the session. We start at 5:30 pm EST!

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 04/20/2021

April is Financial Literacy Month and the Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is hosting an Economic Development event to celebrate!

Join the EDC with TAC event THIS Thursday, April 22nd at 5:30 pm EST to get your business, economic development, and entrepreneurship questions answered!

Register for the Zoom session here:

You can email your questions in advance to [email protected]!

See you Thursday!


I came across the concepts of necessity-based vs opportunity-based entrepreneurship early in my doctoral career.

Sooo honored to have the opportunity to discuss it on with .tech and .

Thanks and for making me look as good as I sound 😜

Beyond The Yard: HBCUs Driving Real Change For Our Communities 04/15/2021

Early in my doctoral journey, I wrote about the role I thought HBCUs should play in entrepreneurship education and advocacy. As I get closer to the end of my doctoral journey, the conversation becomes more and more relevant and necessary.

That’s why I am beyond thankful to have been tapped for the Beyond The Yard panel- a discussion hosted by , and on HBCUs Driving Real Change for Young Entrepreneurs.

It will be airing on at 3 pm EDT today so I hope you can tune in! Here is the link to check it out:

Beyond The Yard: HBCUs Driving Real Change For Our Communities Setting The Stage For HBCU Success - Beyond The Yard: HBCUs Driving Real Change For Our CommunitiesBlavity in partnership with MTN Dew is leading a dynamic conversation around the transformative power of the HBCU experience and how they are setting up entrepreneurs for success through economic partn...


HBCU’s are critical to our community and have provided much-needed foundations for many of today’s Black founders. My work with and within this community is centered around creating lasting and impactful change.

This is why I am beyond honored to have been invited to partner with Afrotech and Mountain Dew to be a panelist for this upcoming discussion in support of MTN Dew’s Real Change Opportunity Fund.

Tomorrow, on April 15th, join me and other community leaders on
Blavity's new streaming platform, Lunchtable as we discuss everything from driving funding initiatives, tackling systemic barriers, and creating opportunities for young Black entrepreneurs in our communities.

What a privilege to share the virtual stage with the likes of HBCU Wall Street, Howard University School of Business Dean and HU VP and Chief Officer of Communications!

Tune in and share YOUR thoughts!

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 04/05/2021

At the end of every semester, students enrolled in the Entrepreneurship elective course that I *facilitate* have to pitch their business idea. For them, I recommend ’s Art of the Start pitch deck template just to get their feet wet.

For the Black entrepreneurs I work with who are considering applying to , I recommend some things that are a little more advanced.

I binge watch this show (and despite the best efforts of and ) and always wonder how many Black entrepreneurrs auditioned but didn’t get cast.

For those that did, many of them walk away without a deal for a host of reasons. And for the ones that did get a deal ( are top of mind), they had a keen handle on many of the things I wrote in my Shark Tank Notes to Self.

Before you audition for the show, polish on up these few things (swipe to see).

Have you thought about applying for the show? Comment with your questions!

Full transparency- when I auditioned for Shark Tank 2-3 years ago, I didn’t know any of these things.

We are Building Black Dynasties™ together!


This morning on LinkedIn, I posted a link to a 2018 report on the racial wealth gap and entrepreneurial dynasties.

That report, published by , changed me last year. It strengthened my battle cry for Black entrepreneurship and I haven’t looked back since.

Last Thursday, I had to present to my dissertation committee my thoughts on why a study of first-generation Black entrepreneurs was warranted and how I would go about the study if approved.

Well- the committee approved my proposal; next up, permission from the University! Send your prayers 🙏🏾🙏🏾!

It’s our time. 😭😭

Photos from Prof. LaTanya White's post 03/13/2021

At least once a week, I find myself sharing the sage advice of one my former coaches, :

“Don’t change your act, change your audience.”

While searching for the link to the recording of a podcast I was a guest on last summer (I literally had to Google myself), I came across articles, interviews, and features about me from as far back as 2010!

The oldest links were about my work in the beverage industry but my earliest mention of Black entrepreneurship was in 2013- wow! 😲

By 2015/2016, everywhere I showed up, I was talking about some form of Becoming FEARLESS.

Even today with my dedication and advocacy for dynastic wealth, Becoming FEARLESS remains at the core of that concept.

I didn’t know this was what I wanted to do until 2012. I did not fully accept that this was what I was SUPPOSED to do until last summer. We must all run with perseverance the race that had been marked out for us (Heb 12:1). Are you running your race?

I updated the links in my bio to add an “In the Media” section- when you click on the images it will take you to that interview, article or podcast.

Browse through the content and let me know in the comments or DMs which feature gave you the most clarity, value, and understanding about dynastic wealth 🤍.

Get your copy of the Becoming FEARLESS ebook from the second link in my bio 🙌🏾


Today can be a simple may not be easy 😬 but it can be simple 🙌🏾. Let me ask you a few questions...

✨What are you intentions for today?
✨ What do you have gratitude for today?
✨ What boundaries do you need to enforce today?
✨ What do you need to give yourself grace for today?

Even though YOU are at the heart of each of those questions, they way you answer them will impact how people engage with you today.

My intentions today? 🤔 To be of service to YOU! 🤍✨

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

👋🏾🌞 Happy Saturday 🤍✨

If you have a business located in the Greater Frenchtown/Southside area of Tallahassee, I hope this grant opportunity is on your radar!

In other news, today marks the first round of mini-goals for a in the AMA program I launched a couple of weeks ago! She’s driven, focused, and talented...but was feeling overwhelmed in her business 😢.

She ✨asked✨ me where she should start to get things streamlined.

As a ✨mentor✨I needed to make the most impact possible without adding to the overwhelm. I suggested that we focus on her financial standing and gave her the task of getting all her expenses and revenue in one place. That will make it easier for me to analyze the patterns that she might not be seeing by working IN the business everyday.

My goal is to hold all AMA members ✨accountable✨ to their future selves, to their grandchildren’s grandchildren. To their dynasties.

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

It’s probably been about two years since I posted anything substantive anywhere on social...I mean because life 🤣.

But thank you all for the love, support, and positivity that you shared by text or tag. I am getting closer to officially writing my dissertation which means closer to getting my life back 😩😭.

In the meantime, as I shared with , I have to recreate the space and opportunity to be of service to you: the Black business owners who want to build something greater than themselves...something to last long beyond the time when we would benefit from it.

I am conducting my research on entrepreneurial dynasties. Studying the families whose wealth and business have stood the test of time and have likely helped to both create and perpetuate the wealth gap.

I am studying these dynasties so I can help you 🤍✨

Privilege | MeetProfWhite - Mindset Coach for Minority Women 02/12/2020

It's been really quiet on my end but all for good reason :).

- Working on my PhD, where I am studying wealth management for Black entrepreneurs
- Mentoring entrepreneurs with Nuekie Skin of Color Conference and students with FPRA Student Capital Chapter
- Advocating for an audacious perspective on privilege

Feel free to share your thoughts after you get a chance to watch!!

Privilege | MeetProfWhite - Mindset Coach for Minority Women I used to think that privilege was black and white…. Professor LaTanya White Growth Mindset Coach and Business Development Expert   Professor LaTanya White is a growth mindset business coach for multicultural women and minority entrepreneurs. She helps them navigate through their confusion, fear,...


So honored to share my story with up-and-coming female entrepreneurs at Camp ‘Treppie this morning! I’ll have to get this live video edited though 🤔 lol


What’s your favorite movie?...and what does it have to do with launching and growing your business? We unpack all of that and more in the Becoming FEARLESS Mastermind! Schedule your free 20-minute consultation at 🎉✨


“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” - Teddy Roosevelt

Learn how to show them how much you care 🥰🥰 in the Becoming FEARLESS Mastermind ✨ 🎉


What do we say to fear when it tries to conquer you from starting and growing your business? "Not Today!" (for all my GoT fans out there!)


Prof. LaTanya White


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So honored to share my story with up-and-coming female entrepreneurs at Camp ‘Treppie this morning! I’ll have to get thi...
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“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” - Teddy RooseveltLearn how to show them how much you ...
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