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Tutoring by Lewis, a tutoring service for graduates, undergraduates, and high school students taking courses in economics, finance, math and statistics.

Tutoring by Lewis offers expert tutoring and consulting services in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, and more. Whether you are local to Washington, DC or traveling the world, we will help you meet your needs with the highest quality service in-person and online. Our tutoring sessions vary in length to satisfy your needs. Sessions could last one hour a week or several hours to prepare f

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Tutoring by Lewis updated their address. 09/16/2021

Tutoring by Lewis updated their address.

Tutoring by Lewis updated their address.

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian on his biggest money mistake: Hiring a financial advisor 05/01/2021

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian on his biggest money mistake: Hiring a financial advisor

Don’t just hire an advisor—learn finance for yourself!

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian on his biggest money mistake: Hiring a financial advisor

Grit Has Been Called the 'Secret to Success.' New Science Suggests It's Not 04/21/2021

Grit Has Been Called the 'Secret to Success.' New Science Suggests It's Not

Can you do anything to increase your grit, conscientiousness, study skills, and intelligence?

Grit Has Been Called the 'Secret to Success.' New Science Suggests It's Not Unsexy old standbys like intelligence, conscientiousness, and study skills seem to matter more.

The 5 college majors American students most regret picking 04/19/2021

The 5 college majors American students most regret picking

Avoid an expensive regret, and choose wisely!

The 5 college majors American students most regret picking


What do you want you and your children to know?

How Intellectual Bullies Try to Push People Around 02/19/2021

How Intellectual Bullies Try to Push People Around

Never let intellectual bullies—teachers or peers—get you down. Before the majesty of the universe, we are all ignorant. Let’s chip away at that ignorance together.

How Intellectual Bullies Try to Push People Around Childhood mental bullies can grow into arrogant, overbearing adults.

New psychology research indicates that ambivalent people make less biased judgments 02/13/2021

New psychology research indicates that ambivalent people make less biased judgments

New psychology research indicates that ambivalent people make less biased judgments People who tend to experience mixed feelings are less likely to fall prey to two common cognitive biases, according to new research published in the ...

review.chicagobooth.edu 01/14/2021

The data-driven New Year's resolution

Achieve your New Years resolutions!

1. Set a resolution
2. Make a plan and make it fun
3. Find people to support you
4. Document your progress

review.chicagobooth.edu Four steps to more successful resolutions

apa.org 01/12/2021

Controlling the Spread of Misinformation

Misinformation seems everywhere today. So use this well-cited APA article released today to identify misinformation and misinformers and counter it!


characterlab.org 01/11/2021

Hack Your Space - Character Lab

How do you manage your smart phone to stay productive?

characterlab.org Putting distance between you and your vices

[01/02/21]   What are your goals for 2021?

How may I help you achieve them?


You are capable of great things no matter your background!

🚨 We're launching a political action committee to fight for science & social justice!

DONATE ➡️ gofundme.com/f/supportmarchforscience

VOLUNTEER ➡️ bit.ly/M4S2020Survey

axios.com 09/22/2020

College students give failing grade on return to campus

How is learning going for you this semester?

axios.com The enthusiasm to forge something resembling a college experience has dissipated as reality sets in.

[08/31/20]   Are you ready to start your fall? Are you ready to achieve your goals?

c-span.org 08/08/2020

Dr. Fauci Says We Don't Yet Know Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccine

NIAID Director Fauci offers a technical overview of COVID etiology, action steps for us, vaccine potential, and inequitable impact on society with Q&A by reporters. We offer socially distanced online tutoring sessions.

c-span.org Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gave an update on the COVID-19 pandemic during a virtual event hosted by the Alliance for Public Health. Dr. Fauci spoke about the nature of the disease, at-risk groups, prevention and therapeutics. He also...

nature.com 08/07/2020

Sleep quality, duration, and consistency are associated with better academic performance in college students

Do you prioritize your sleep? Sleep factors account for nearly 25% of variation in performance.

nature.com Although numerous survey studies have reported connections between sleep and cognitive function, there remains a lack of quantitative data using objective measures to directly assess the association between sleep and academic performance. In this study, wearable activity trackers were distributed to...


Don’t let this happen to you! Let us help weekly, over the summer, and before exams, including masters degree qualifying exams. You can do this!

thecritic.co.uk 06/30/2020

The National Tutoring Programme: the most radical education policy yet? | Will Orr-Ewing | The Critic Magazine

“All the tutors I know have testimonials that run along the lines of, ‘I learnt more in a few lessons with you than I did in a term’s / year’s / years’ worth of lessons at school…’”

thecritic.co.uk Last week the government announced a new £1bn package for schools. £350 million will pay for the establishment of a National Tutoring Programme, which will give schools access to subsidised tutoring…


Ezra Klein

How do you read the logarithmic COVID chart?

This logarithmic chart of global coronavirus cases is everywhere, but not everyone knows how to read it.

This video clarifies 4 things to look out for:


Inc. Magazine

Can you merely recite information, or can you also answer questions?

A simple test to learn who to trust in the Covid-19 pandemic.

voxeu.org 04/15/2020

Labour markets during the Covid-19 crisis: A preliminary view | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal

Lewis’s former Macroeconomics professor writes that COVID is resulting in more job losses than expected. Is now a good time to learn something new?

voxeu.org The Covid-19 crisis in the US and the policy responses have led to unprecedented numbers of initial claims for unemployment, but there are concerns that total job losses are being understated. This column uses a repeated large-scale survey of households in the Nielsen Homescan panel to show that job...

bostonglobe.com 04/14/2020

Already, universities are planning for a fall without students on campus — just in case - The Boston Globe

Are you ready for a 100% online learning experience? We can help!

bostonglobe.com Colleges and universities in Massachusetts and across the country have begun planning for what was once an unthinkable scenario but now may be a real possibility: a fall semester without students on campus.


Geometry represents equations visually. What are your favorite examples?


PsyPost - Psychology Research News

10 minutes of mindfulness meditation beforehand can enhance verbal learning and memory formation, perhaps by quieting distracting thoughts. Meditation can also increase GRE test scores and working memory performance. Would you like to meditate before class, before studying for final exams, or before taking that test?

"Mindfulness can potentially make studying more efficient, can help you retain and utilize important information in your work, or even help remember something as simple as a person’s name or a story they shared with you."

hbr.org 10/10/2019

Why Skills Training Can’t Replace Higher Education

Would you prefer a skills bootcamp or a degree? We help with either.

hbr.org It’s a disservice to students and civil society.

realsimple.com 10/09/2019

People Who Read Before Bed Not Only Sleep Better, But Eat More Healthily and Make More Money

Do you read before bedtime?

realsimple.com This sleep survey proves the benefits of a pre-snooze read go well beyond relaxation.

meetup.com 10/02/2019

CFA Study Group (All Levels) in Dupont Circle

CFA candidates in Washington, DC are invited to join our in-person event!

meetup.com Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 6:00 PM: Join CFA candidates as we go through all levels of the CFA curriculum to earn our charters. Study together, and gain the accountability you need. Ask CFA Charterholder and M

cew.georgetown.edu 09/27/2019

The Economic Value of College Majors

“The difference between the highest and lowest-paying majors is $3.4 million" (in 2013 dollars).

cew.georgetown.edu The Economic Value of College Majors uses Census Data to analyze wages for 137 college majors.

online.hbs.edu 09/07/2019

Tips for Taking an Online Course While Working Full-Time | HBS Online

How do you make coursework while working work?

online.hbs.edu Are you interested in furthering your education but aren’t sure how online courses might fit into your schedule? Here are nine tips to help you balance taking an online course with working a full-time job.



How do you remember what you read?

No re-reading the same page seven times required.

anxiety.org 08/05/2019

Imagery Rescripting And CBT Can Decrease Test Anxiety

Reimagine a memory more productively, relax, and find social support to alleviate stress on exams. You have got this!

anxiety.org Test anxiety is normal but there are things you can do to relieve its severity. Learn how CBT combined with imagery rescripting can ease your exam taking.

nytimes.com 08/03/2019

The Math Equation That Tried to Stump the Internet

What is the right answer? Aside of course from avoiding the ambiguity in the first place...

nytimes.com Sometimes BODMAS is just PEMDAS by another name. And no, the answer is not 100.

insidehighered.com 08/02/2019

New data track graduates of six popular majors through their first three jobs

What jobs do graduates gravitate toward? What do you still need to succeed?

insidehighered.com New data on the first three jobs held by graduates of six popular majors show career pathways are a swirl rather than a straight line, and that college degrees typically do create a foundation for entering the workforce.

newyorker.com 07/16/2019

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

Why are we irrational? What are the limits to our rationality?What techniques do you use to overcome these limitations?

newyorker.com New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason.

hbr.org 06/04/2019

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It.

Learners are made, not born. So organize your goals, think about thinking, and reflect on your learning.

hbr.org It’s effectively a type of project management.





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