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NATP Lays Down Torch for Future Champions – NATP 07/31/2023

NATP passes the torch to its future assessment champions! We have blazed the trail and established history! There is a clear space in the national landscape for local testing coordinators to fill...if not now, then soon. We know that you are exhausted and that you have all that you can handle locally. But remember, WE are the change agents! Let's keep the important discussions going as we work towards improved assessments and assessment systems for all students.

NATP Lays Down Torch for Future Champions – NATP Closing Message After thoughtful and heartfelt consideration, the NATP Board has decided to discontinue its services. We are proud of the work that Dr. Elda Garcia has helped us accomplish across the last three years. History has been made! We have raised awareness to the common needs and challenge...

NATP Undergoes New Structure – NATP 06/30/2023

NATP is transitioning to a new structure. We will be shifting to a member-led and driven model to maximize member connection and engagement. During the transition, our online community will remain open for members to continue to access our past event recodings, our dedicated corporate partners, and other resources. Thank you for your continued support of our trailblazing efforts!

NATP Undergoes New Structure – NATP As we reflect after the end of another school year, there is much to celebrate, and yet even more to work on. Reflecting on the growth and progress of an organization is no different than a school. NATP is an organization created by testing coordinators for testing coordinators, and we are so extrem...

NATP Works on Moving the Needle – NATP 06/29/2023

This week was what NATP is all about, networking, collaboration, resources, and impact. NCSA allowed NATP to spotlight priority efforts initiated by our NCME State and Local Assesment (SALAL) leaders. Vendor collaboration resulted in some of our biggest testing vendors working past competition to embrace collaborative projects that will support us all! Additionally, some of our biggest equity champions came together to share potential solutions to current and persistent assessment problems. Both end with a call to action and invitations to connect, engage, and lead!

NATP Works on Moving the Needle – NATP NCSA 2023 was a very important time for NATP. We had the honor and pleasure of joining some of the nation’s biggest assessment vendors and some of the most powerful equity advocates in deep discussions about how we can improve our current assessments and assessment systems. Vendor collaboration re...

Timeline photos 06/27/2023

As test results start to trickle in and accountability fast approached, Testing Tip Tuesday brings you tips from our recent Analysis and Reporting Colleague Chat. Key tips to help you navigate the next stage of the assessment cycle and inform your plans for next year.

Timeline photos 06/23/2023

NATP will represent local testing professionals at next week's National Conference on Student Assessment. NATP Executive Director, Dr. Elda Garcia, will help advance test equity and fairness priorities and vendor collaborations that support state solutions.

Timeline photos 06/23/2023

Mississippi earns Frank Newman Award for state innovation. Their focus on literacy improvement resulted in improved National Assessment of Educational Progress ranking for fourth grade reading scores, rising from 50th in 2013 to 21st in 2022.

Timeline photos 06/22/2023

Across the nation, testing professionals are reflecting on the year, looking for growth and hoping for signs of academic recovery. This would be a welcomed finding, as national recovery does not appear evident among the 13-year old group of students assessed by NAEP. Despite having a long way to go, Secretary Cardona is "encouraged and hopeful that the historic investments and resources provided by the American Rescue Plan and the Department of Education are beginning to show positive results".

Timeline photos 06/21/2023

Huge thank you to our NATP friends and data gurus, Monica Uphoff, Birdville ISD (TX) and Charlotte Gilbar, Natrona County Schools (WY). They managed to engage us during a rich discussion around data and accountability. We dove into Charlotte's "process for making evidenced-based school level decisions". "There is no shortage of data, but there is a shortage of data understanding", says Monica..."open and continuous conversations are important". Check out recording for tips, resources, and more!

Testing Tip Tuesday: June 20, 2023 – NATP 06/20/2023

Today's testing tips continue our test coordination series. This week's tips comes to you from Rachel Walters, Richardson ISD in Texas. Check it out and incorporate them into next year's plan!

Testing Tip Tuesday: June 20, 2023 – NATP


One assessment for instruction AND accountability? New Meridian believes it is possible. Through-year assessment pilots in Montana Louisiana aim to improve support for classroom teachers with mini-assessments that are aligned to the taught curriculum and are more instructionally useful. Better, faster, cheaper, they believe all three can be achieved.

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Timeline photos 06/16/2023

Ohio 3rd graders who were retained by law outperform their borderline passing peers calling into question the efficacy of their 3rd grade retention law. Ohio legislature is near passing a bill that would eliminate the 3rd grade retention rule. Ohio and Michigan studies discover significant findings relating to historically marginalized populations.

Timeline photos 06/15/2023

We are now entering the final stage of the assessment cycle, analysis and reporting. It's not our favorite part of the job, but it is certainly on of the most important. Join Dr. Monica Uphoff from Texas and Dr. Charlotte Gilbar from Wyoming for their tips and best practices for getting the most out of your data. FREE EVENT so invite all your testing friends, they won't want to miss this one!

Timeline photos 06/13/2023

Testing Tip Tuesday has been an NATP staple since we launched the organization three years ago. Weekly tips to help inform and improve your local test coordination efforts. Today we bring you best practices for preparing students, which is a critical part of the process. Check it out and follow us for more.

Timeline photos 06/13/2023

What is degenerative AI? AASA recently explored the question and provided recommendations for school districts moving forward, which include having a position, consider student privacy, and offer support. Consideration for G*I use include personalized learning platforms for data analysis to tailor instruction, intelligent tutoring systems that provide real-time feedback, and the ability to predict data analysis and identify students in need of services.

Timeline photos 06/09/2023

Psychometrician, Jennifer Randall, calls for a commitment to building a shared K-12 education accountability system that orients toward justice and centers the voices of the most marginalized populations. When experts use language implying that standardized tests represent the best, or the only, sources of student data, they miss the opportunity to employ exams as a tool for positive social change.

Timeline photos 06/09/2023

A new report finds that charter school students are outperforming their peers in traditonal schools. Students of color, in poverty, and English Learners are among those showing significant gains. Students with disabilities and online students do not show the same. Results vary by location. Charters have a long way to go.

Timeline photos 06/08/2023

Choosing local assessments are often the responsibility of testing coordinators. Guiding questions may help and include engaging in a thoughtful process to understand what you want, why you want it, and what the assessment should look like to support your goals before you go out and look at things that might make them think they need something that you actually don’t need.

Timeline photos 06/08/2023

While Arizona doubles down, Michigan, Utah, and Oklahoma are rethinking their A-F accountability systems. Opposers of the system maintain that state adoption of A-F grading policies for schools “does not increase student achievement as often assumed or intended, but rather yields seemingly random results.

Timeline photos 06/07/2023

Today's Colleague Chat captured what NATP is all about, genuine peer connection! Thank you to Jamie Brown (TX), Yaa Appiah-McNulty (AR), and Meredith Weipert (NC) for sharing their Spring testing experiences, lessons learned, and best practices. "Networking is critical to our learning experiences and continued growth." Pure gold!

Timeline photos 06/07/2023

Rural school district in Illinois sees improvement in academic recovery and test scores as a result of their innovative approach to tutoring. Drawing from the strength of their community, they dedicated COVID relief funds to tutorting efforts that involved their local Burmese church. Community involvement breeds trust, engagement, and progress.

Timeline photos 06/06/2023

As we prepare to reflect on Spring Testing, coordinators across the country are assessing their test coordination efforts and practices. Since most testing is now taking place online that reflection will include system preparation and checks to ensure optimal test enviornments. Check out today's testing tip for more!


1 of 2 final Colleague Chats is happening THIS WEEK. Join us Wednesday for a Spring Testing Reflection. Come grab lessons learned and best practices from your NATP Peers from Texas, North Carolina, and Arkansas. It is going to be a great discusion that will help you improve your current and future assessment program!

NATP Members Reflect on Spring Testing – NATP Best practices are often collected during debriefs after every test cycle or event. It is critical to reflect on the experience to celebrate successes and and put measures in place for future improvement where we were not as successful. Next week, NATP will bring members a Collegue Chat that will se...

Timeline photos 06/02/2023

College and career readiness is a major area of focus. States must reconsider their content standards, assessments, and testing practices to keep up with college- and career-readiness trends. More valid assessments are needed for more credible and more useful outcomes.

Timeline photos 06/02/2023

Pearson has entered a partnership with the Council for Aid to Education to add critical thinking assessments to Pearson's Assessment for Learning Suite (PALS). Designed for 6-12 students, the addition of CCRA+ will fill the need for school and district data that measures skills for Portraits of Graduates. CCRA+ can be used for formative, interim, and summative purposes, establishing a baseline for students, evaluating how their essential skills have progressed, and showcasing their skills upon graduation.

Timeline photos 06/02/2023

NATP is down to its last two Colleague Chats for the year. Join us next week for a Spring Testing Reflection. New and seasoned testing coordinators will share lessons learned and best practices that will help you plan for an even better testing experience next year!

Timeline photos 06/02/2023

Thousands of third graders in Tennesse test for the second time to avoid retention. Summer school and demonstration of growth will be required for promotion otherwise tutoring will be required next year to support continue growth. Very low-scoring students must do both. Academic progress is duly noted, but there a great deal of work still lies ahead.

Timeline photos 05/31/2023

Arkansas is preparing for a new state assessment. A replacement for ACT Aspire will be a Cambium created state-specific exam that is more aligned to state standards, taken on computer, be adaptive in nature, and be less disruptive of instruction. Administrators are cautiously optimistic and views opportunity to repair its fragmented system.

Timeline photos 05/30/2023

Testing Tip Tuesday is here again! As we prepare for our Spring testing reflection, we are continuing with our tips for test coordination. Today's tip comes to you from Laura Bariel, Natomas Charter School, California. A successful test cycle starts with good training.

Timeline photos 05/29/2023

NATP is working to create a more capable and more connected assessment community...a mighter future for this county. We are walking down a path that was paved for us by many, many brave and selfless heroes. Today, we pay homage and express our profound appreciation.

Timeline photos 05/26/2023

Spring 2023 testing is complete and now the results! Parents cannot wait to see how their kids performed. Teachers need to adjust lesson plans; principals need to address challenges; district leaders may need to change curriculum plans. Everyone is anxiously awaiting test scores so they can plan their next steps. Problem is that State test results are too slow. NWEA recommends we require states to release results to caregivers and educators within two weeks in order to have time to benefit kids.

Timeline photos 05/26/2023

With little participation in IADA, Scott Marion, Center for Assessment, provides recommendations for rethinking test comparability. Anchor comparability to the standards, create a rationale for how state content standards will be measured, collect and provide evidence that the new assessment system measures the knowledge and skills as intended, and hold equity as a critical element.

Timeline photos 05/26/2023

The NAGB has asked Congress to push the 2026 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) back one year. This would allow the tests to be back on a long-standing scheduled released timed with federal midterm and presidential elections.

Timeline photos 05/25/2023

NAEP is the Nation's Report Card. AI is the latest technical advancement in education. Can the two be combined for maximum return? Researchers are now exploring the potential and are calling for the release of NAEP data to qualified educational researchers. Among the outcomes are better support for educators, higher student achievement, and improved tests.

Recommendations for Improving IADA – NATP 05/25/2023

As a follow up to today's Colleague Chat with Nicholas Munyan-Penney, we are sharing 4 recommendations for IADA, including:
💲 Fund IADA
📝 Afford states a planning period
🔀 Allow more flexibility to “comparability” requirements
📧 Clarify guidance and improve communications

Recommendations for Improving IADA – NATP The post-pandemic call for innovation resulted in the development and release of the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA) Pilot program. In response to the USDE’s request for information, a coalition of national and state partners submitted comments and recommendations to the U.S. ...

Timeline photos 05/24/2023

Great discussion with The Education Trust's Nicholas Munyan-Penney about the future of assessments. "We need to be able to spread best practices quicker" said Nicholas. NATP could not agree more! Watch recording for how their research findings impact K-12 testing and coordinators specifically.

Tennessee Makes Historic Gains – NATP 05/24/2023

Tennessee is celebrating historic test performance in third grade Reading. State and government leaders applaud the effort. With more work ahead, they believe they are on the right track. Commissioner Penny Schwinn offered congratulations for the the growth across the board and the highest achievement ever under the new 2017 standards.

Tennessee Makes Historic Gains – NATP As Spring testing winds down, results begin to come in. Tennessee is among the first to release test scores and they are celebrating! After the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related school closures, Tennessee is experiencing a post-pandemic rebound having achieved the state’s highes...

Timeline photos 05/23/2023

Testing Tip Tuesday brings you another training tip. This one will help you answer the "How To" question. Here are some tips and suggestions for how to go about training your testing teams and stakeholders. You have options!

Disconnect Between Educational Measurement and K-12 Assessment – NATP 05/19/2023

The disconnect betweeen educational measurement and K-12 assessment is noted by Andre A. Rupp, Center for Assessment. Among them include the forced marriage between federal accountability systems and innovation efforts is dysfunctional, but innovating beyond is expensive. Recommendations for improving the disconnect are provided. Most importantly, "We need to get better at measuring what matters in the service of learning, not just measuring what we’ve always measured".

Disconnect Between Educational Measurement and K-12 Assessment – NATP André A. Rupp, Senior Associate for the Center for Assessment reflect on his experience at the recent NCME 2023 Annual meeting and reports a tension between educational Measurement and K-12 assessment. Here are the highlights of his observations: There are still striking disconnects in our work tha...

Timeline photos 05/19/2023

Testing season is over or near over. Now, Texas testing champions share lessons learned that testing professionals nationwide can learn from to get ready for next year. Join us next week for tips and best practices that have resulted.

Timeline photos 05/19/2023

On to our next NATP event. Next week NATP will sit down with The Education Trust to dive into their recent report on the Future of Assessment. Join us for a deeper dive into the recommendations laid out in this report and discuss opportunities to continue the conversation around the future of assessments.

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