500Rising is headed over the pond!
Mindset. 500Rising

Affinity Plus recently sponsored two community members that were hand-picked to be trained in women’s self-defense in the St. Cloud community through 500Rising. That includes our member, Hannah!

Our St. Cloud team got to experience Hannah’s first class at the St. Cloud COP House. Our team learned about situational awareness, the importance of self-defense, and how to fight smarter (not harder). It was also a chance to walk away from the class feeling empowered.

“There are so many takeaways when someone takes a class,” said Hannah. “Just knowing how to protect yourself and try to get out of any situation. I think violence happens a lot more than we talk about so anyone could take advantage of a class like this. I’m so grateful to Affinity Plus and for this opportunity and haven’t regretted one minute of it.”

If you or someone you know is interested in taking a Women's Self Defense Class, here is the link to their next class on April 7th: www.eventbrite.com/e/293490466887
There's a lot of misconceptions out there in regards to being persistent vs. stalking.
For deeper knowledge on the subject I always recommend our friends a The Diamond Arrow Group, 500Rising and Randy King Live as well as reading the Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker.
St. Cloud COP House programs - not just for kids! Really great work by the COP House team in making this 500Rising Women's Self Defense Class available in our community. Many thanks to Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union for sponsoring the program.

Last night we hosted a 500Rising Women's Self Defense Class for employees from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. It was so much fun working with these ladies! We hope you learned some new skills that you can take with you 😀

A HUGE thank you to Affinity Plus for sponsoring this program and training for one of our instructors! With your help we were able to train in more instructors so we can teach more classes and help women in our community to continue living in strength! THANK YOU!!

If you or someone you know is interested in taking one of our Women's Self Defense Classes here is the link for our next class on April 7th! It is FREE to attend: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/293490466887
New to me.. Definitely good to know!

Studies show that 1 in 4 females will become victim to SA in their lifetime. The speaker discussed how she asks the same 2 questions with extremely similar responses every time she asks.

As shocking as that 1 in 4 number is... this video and other widely available information should show that the numbers are significantly higher. Unless we are brave enough to see the truth nothing will change.

Join us in educating others on warning signs, boundaries, safety and security measures, pre assault indicators and more! Check out 500Rising and the affiliates who are paving the way.
So something floored me today…..started going to a local
CrossFit gym who partnered up with a local BJJ dojo. The BJJ folks are offering up some free classes and reduced membership fees to CrossFit folks so I asked my kids if they were interested in giving it a try and everyone (except for one, my striker 😜) said absolutely.
So this morning my youngest daughter (she’s 8 and the only female triplet) asked if I was going to stay and watch the class because she was afraid they would kick her out of class because she is a girl……..??😱

I have ZERO clue where this thought came from, she has experience with other similar situations in martial arts, gyms and sports and this has never ever been a concern or issue.

Just putting this here to see if anyone has experienced this in someone so young. Is the social programming really this deep and pervasive?

Feeling a bit perplexed.
Heads up to anyone in the Northern Nevada area. This is one of my fellow 500Rising instructors!
500Rising Level II instructor training complete.

The days were long but the time together seemed so short. The fantastic group of humans all had so much knowledge and experience individually, and yet they were humble enough to be students.

Not to mention the complexity of switching between an instructor & student mindset throughout the training.

There were 9 students at last year’s inaugural training. This year we had 24, including virtual students from Canada, Scotland, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

I’m grateful to be a part of this movement.

We are creating change in the stats on violence against women.

Operating as usual

Level 1 Bristol UK March 2024 10/03/2023

UPDATE: The Bristol registration Link for UK Level 1 in March was broken 🤭. It is now fixed (we believe). You can go back to the 500Rising website or just use this... https://personal-defense-industries.teachable.com/p/level1_bristol_uk2024 this link is for Bristol only (Edinburgh has it's own). 😊

Level 1 Bristol UK March 2024 Note: if after you have enrolled, you feel you cannot abide by the code of conduct AND you have completed LESS than 25% of the online unit, you may ask for a full refund. If you complete more than 25% of the online unit and request a refund, you will be refunded minus 100.00 US.

COURSES — #500 Rising 10/02/2023

📣📣We have Dates & Locations for two Level 1 Courses in the UK. March 2024. Edinburgh 8-10th 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Bristol, 15th-17th🇬🇧 . Register Soon & take advantage of payment plans😊. Visit the 500Rising website to get more Information & find the enrollment links:

COURSES — #500 Rising For upcoming course announcements and other 500Rising news, sign up for our contact list. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time it no longer serves your goals to hear from us.

FairFight Varanasi Outreach 2023-24, organized by Mary Stevens 09/24/2023

Mary Stevens with Athena Karate in the UK along with Fair Fight are the first recipients of a 500Rising GRANT!!!🦸‍♀️ Awarded $500.00 to offset the expense of this work that Mary Stevens, a provisionally licensed 500Rising instructor & Endorsed Colleague, is deeply committed to 🥊🥋. We are so excited to be able to provide a few dollars to support this effort.

FairFight Varanasi Outreach 2023-24, organized by Mary Stevens FairFight.nl continues its work with our Indian partners and your support is worth m… Mary Stevens needs your support for FairFight Varanasi Outreach 2023-24


Sarah MacLeod finds some of the best memes. Got this from her- nothing else to say.


Hey Everyone!! If you are OUTSIDE THE US and you attempted to register for the course with the !MEPLEASE! discount code - we learned A) the lovely Teachable platform does not take Paypal payments that are international. 😝Fine print details. If you got the wheel of death trying to pay with a card - try a different browser and/or make sure you are NOT on a mobile device and try again. I do have a workaround for you though if this fails (we ARE getting off Teachable - it's just gonna be a few more months).
➡️➡️Workaround⬅️⬅️ - use my old Paypal account. ID [email protected]. The discount code took 20.00 US off the payment (I trust you to do the math). Send me the payment. I will send you a code that you can put in on teachable that will allow you to bypass the payment system on that platform. This has worked well for the people who got stuck otherwise.

Photos from 500Rising's post 09/11/2023

Shout out to 500 Rising Instructor Sophie F. (teen program) who helped staff the table at the Kyrus Charities golf event today! Really great day!


A little rambly (okay, a lot)- thanks for being in the conversation!


500 is now the licensing organization for award-winning conflict management approach: Conflict Communication. In collaboration with Rory Miller's Chiron Training, we are super excited to offer this⬇️⬇️⬇️! Enrollment opens next week. Mark your calendars for 9/12- a substantial portion of the funds go to support our scholarships for instructor development and training.

Ignored by police, twin sisters took down their cyberstalker themselves — The Washington Post 08/27/2023

This is a long read but worth the time. In this story is the reality of shifting mindset to change law and that is no small thing. As important- the incredible resilience of these women…respect.

Ignored by police, twin sisters took down their cyberstalker themselves — The Washington Post The Conradis twins were two of several women in the clutches of the same man who spread their n**e photos on the internet — and were told that what they were experiencing was not criminal.

TikTok · Bensei 08/24/2023

Ben has a ridiculous number of followers (like over a million). Ben and his sister also went through our Level 1 Course and we were incredibly happy to have them join us...and you can see why in this conversation. Rising tides float all boats. Thanks Ben , for the honest conversations.

TikTok · Bensei 480 likes, 52 comments. “Hopefully the respect came through❤️ I feel ZERO animosity towards you, and if I didn't care I wouldn't engage 💕 Feel free to share your thoughts on my thoughts freely! J Rowland”


The first Level 2 outside the U.S. is complete. It has been a fantastic 3 days with people deeply committed to being the best they can be. A heartfelt thanks to Jonathan Bullock with Krav Maga Elite Essex for hosting, and Linn H. E. Haraldsvik & Dan-Philipp Trailescu for their valuable contributions as part of the teaching team. We shared this experience with Mary Stevens, Sarah MacLeod, Sarah Brendlor, Polly Hudson, Almudena Cascales, Mandy Wignall, Skm Dave Wignall, Toni Ågren, Curtis Bailey (Krav Maga Elite - Hertford) and Mike Stilgoe.

While the feedback about the course is important- perhaps more affirming are the words about community. When women in the very male world of Martial Arts and Self-Defense (not good/bad just fact) feel their voices are heard and respected, that’s evidence of change. We’ll take that. Participants are eligible for Licensed Instructor certification upon completion of remaining requirements. We look forward to seeing their impact. It will be noticeable!!


Pregame 😊- Day 2 about to start. UK Level 2💙.

Photos from 500Rising's post 08/18/2023

Day 1 if the first UK Level 2 😊. This group is so engaged. Thinking, questioning, wondering, being curious and bringing their own wealth of experience to the mat. Looking forward to Day 2.


Over on IG - part 1 of “everyday evidence” dropped in case you missed it ☺️.

Teenage girl dies after being forced to stay in a ‘period hut’ in Nepal 08/12/2023

I first saw this on Mary Stevens post (who is doing ground breaking work in India). A few decades ago, (1990) a report was issued by Nobel researcher Amartya Sen that roughly 100 Million women are missing from the planet. While there are a number of contributing factors - this is certainly one of them: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2023/aug/11/teenage-girl-dies-after-being-forced-to-stay-in-a-period-hut-in-nepal?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other&fbclid=IwAR3LujNF9vg1OOISmlKdCiAzXCiyCf-6fqj8KsUcsim4DwvUsc4jrHYdADM

Teenage girl dies after being forced to stay in a ‘period hut’ in Nepal Campaigners say efforts to stamp out custom of banishing girls and women during menstruation have been set back by Covid


We are so excited to share the next phase of learning and change-making with you next week, Mary! We will back in Essex UK next weekend for the first full Level 2 course outside the U.S.😊 and we have a group of registered participants who truly represent some of the very best people we've met.


True friends engage us and make is better. 80:20 Conflict Management / Randy King Live- is one of those.

Just dropped not one BUT two brand new epsiodes of the Self Defense From All Angles Podcast with one of my favorites 500Rising you can listen anywhere or hit up the other video site for the visuals!


Yes. This. Obstacles only mean you are opening new doors for the next generation of girls and the women they become. We are the invitation …


The last one in the short series of 4 IG posts. We’ve got more educational material coming soon 💙 follow us on Instagram!


A LOT of our followers here Don’t follow us on Instagram. 😢 Go to our Insta account 😁 for a mini series on boundaries and narcissistic tendencies before the last reel drops!🗓️


This was a really good conversation- will share the link here when they drop!

Just finished recording a new 2 part podcast with talking about the category of hybrid violence! It was super interesting look for it next week!


If you’re in the area…!


Are you in Northern Virginia? Do you like to chase little white orbs with metal sticks? This golf tournament benefits a number of worthy nonprofit organizations (including us) and is at a beautiful course with good food. Come out with us on 9/11/2023!🥰


We had a stellar group of individuals in June's level 1 course. Several have already completed requirements for their Endorsement including Eric Lamberson. Welcome to the team, Eric!


Our Women's Self Defense course is back again this upcoming fall at St. Cloud State University! Share this with family and friends before the class fills up!

Photos from 500Rising's post 07/24/2023

We have stood to support Gap Community in their ongoing efforts to advance the position of women in Zambia. This includes donations from you- our community - to help finish the first ever Safe House there. So often donation 💲 goes out but we don't have tangible proof that our money did any real good. Here's proof. In addition to completing the building we also helped secure training equipment for the women to continue their personal safety education.🥊THANK YOU to everyone who gave.


-and here is another brilliant woman I had the privilege of meeting at our Level 1 Course in June of this year. So much becomes possible when powerful people join forces. Thank you for being part of our community, Andrea S.😊


We couldn't be more happy to share our newest addition to the ranks of Endorsed Colleague professionals. Looking forward to creating change with you Tierra P.


I know it's been a little quiet around here for the last 3-4 weeks. 500Rising was teaching at the Worldwide Martial Arts Camp earlier in July following level 1 in MN in June. And then I (tammy) came down with an unpleasant bug that knocked me down for about 2 weeks. I'm back and catching up. I owe several people emails and communications particularly around Endorsement status etc. Thank you for your patience...I am catching up.


Recap Live - blending the worlds.


Our goal is to infect the planet with a sea change in women’s self-defense. In St. Louis … making tracks.


Gupreet participated in our Level 1 Instructor Development course in Essex (2023, March). We are happy to have you with us officially as an Endorsed Colleague -


No one truly comes up with an authentically novel truth in self-defense. As “they” say - it’s been done. What we CAN do, is synthesize past information with new data, research and understanding of human behavior to create a powerful new narrative. Women’s self-defense education with 500Rising is focused on the unique elements of female neurobiology which make her particularly good at the tasks creating opportunities for her to live a bold and fierce life. Our current favorite reads are Deviate by Beau Lotto and The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal.


Yes- you can lead☺️



"The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “We’ve always done it this way.” -- Grace Hopper

A trailblazer in the world of computing, Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper is the person who taught computers to "talk". Her desire to make computers more accessible led Hopper to invent the compiler in 1952, which allowed for the use of English instructions as opposed to numerical code that had to be interpreted by a computer. She also co-invented the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), the first universal computer language used in business and government.

Considered by many “the first lady of software,” Grace Hopper was a visionary who consistently demonstrated her interest in pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. As journalist Morley Safer, who interviewed Hopper for 60 Minutes in 1983, observed: "She is more than just a superb mathematical talent; it was Grace Hopper who helped teach the machines a language, stopped them from speaking in undecipherable numbers, enabled them to speak in English or French or German or whatever language you choose." Dr. Hopper was also a mathematics professor during a time when such careers were highly unusual for women and was actively involved with the U.S. Navy for over 40 years.

To inspire kids with Grace Hopper's incredible story, we highly recommend the picture book, "Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code” for ages 5 to 9 at https://www.amightygirl.com/hopper-queen-of-code

She is also featured in a fun activity book about pioneering women in technology, which includes a variety of hands-on STEM projects: "Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Programmers" for ages 8 to 11 at https://www.amightygirl.com/gutsy-girls-programmers

For adult readers, we recommend the two excellent biographies on this technology trailblazer, we recommend "Grace Hopper: Admiral of the Cyber Sea" (https://www.amightygirl.com/grace-hopper-cyber-sea) and "Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age" (https://www.amightygirl.com/grace-hopper-information-age)

For a fun way to celebrate this pioneering computer scientist, she is among several women of science featured on the "Greatest Women in Science Socks" for teens and adults at https://www.amightygirl.com/greatest-women-in-science-socks

For toys and kits designed to encourage your Mighty Girl of all ages in programming, visit our blog post: "Code Like A Mighty Girl: 50 Toys & Books To Inspire Mighty Girl Coders" at https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=16049


Congratulations Toni - Toni was in our first UK training last year in August and we are excited to see him in August for the first Level 2 "across the pond". Toni is Krav Maga Global instructor in Norway who has completed all the steps for his professional endorsement.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Washington D.C.?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Failing Up-

500Rising is a beautiful accident. After listening to Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B Demille Lifetime Achievement award I wrote her a letter. Well, not really. I wrote a blog post. I was on a rant. She mentioned that the #MeToo movement was a game changer. As a Krav Maga and a Self-Defense instructor, I disagreed.

And I was wrong. Sort of. The me-too business has definitely elevated awareness and an increase in dialogue. I’ve been around a few decades (as in 50) and I have seen movements come and go. Mostly go. I was wrong on the social impact side of #MeToo. I’m still pretty sure I’m not wrong about the movement’s capacity to fundamentally change the statistics of violence against women.

I told Oprah (as if - ) that if she wanted tangible change I needed 500 women. 500 women training and teaching foundational, effective self-defense. Self-Defense focusing on threat assessment, tangible situational awareness, and easy to learn/retain basic physical skills. Once these 500 women were out in their communities teaching, another 500 women would get bitten by the project and also become instructors ... and so on.

Eventually we reach a statistical tipping point. A statistical average by which predators become wary because as they look out across their potential victim pool, aka women, they can assume the majority of woman are hard targets: women who are emotionally, cognitively and physically capable of effectively defending themselves.

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the message is important - always.
Violence Prevention is Conflict Management -  #violenceprevention
Debriefing our first Level 1 "Instructional Foundations in Women's Self-Defense" overseas. It is always a leap of faith ...
Share with someone you love. Next workshop is Monday, August 1st at 4:00 pm. Can't make it? Put one on the schedule that...
Scheduled by request - our next virtual workshop in Proactive Personal Safety for College Women. All the details and reg...
Fall Semester is just around the corner of summer! Follow us for upcoming educational workshops. #university #collegelif...
Wrist releases have real application for women. Understanding the physics, mechanics and applications is essential if we...
Using what we know, taking the information that’s available and creating evidence-based training  #selfdefense #tipofthe...
A casual & impromptu conversation about why 500Rising requires a Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct agreement with folks ...
We will be at https://www.facebook.com/brkravmagaperkins BR Krav Maga in Louisiana for the next US based Level 1 Instruc...
Upwards to 100 Million women are missing (statistically) from the planet. You are here.  Own it. #500rising





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