Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple

Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple


Attended Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple’s Hanamatsuri, which also means flower festival and celebrates the birth of Buddha.

One particular festive gesture is the pouring of a tea-like beverage known as ama-cha, over the Buddha statue.

Given the time of year of the Hanamatsuri festival, it is also considered a celebration of spring.
Happy New Year,
Aloha! Dharma Friends.

Let's support the wider Jodo Shinshu ministry this year by *sharing* the Dharma wherever and whenever possible.

To help in this, you are invited to join this community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/howadharmatalks

You are invited to join, post Dharma talks and services, links to seminars and promote your temple activities.

As we've learnt from our shared experience of 2020; we are all deeply interconnected.

If you view or listen to a Dharma talk/message and feel inspired; Share it. If you feel that you can do something for your community; do it.

".... continue to share the Dharma"

Todd Miwa-Mack
Year end temple cleanup bento for those who helped today. Mahalo Tamura’s Express for making these onolicious bento. 🙏Namo Amida Butsu, Itadakimasu🙏
Our 2019 Bodhi Day Service today at Kepaniwai Park.
The Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple Buddhist Women's Association is hosting their Annual Autumn Crafts & Food Fair on Saturday, November 9th from 7 am to 11 am. Come check out this wonderful fair as they have a wide variety of items! Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there.
Today’s Wailuku Hongwanji 120th Anniversary.
Today’s VIDSTA back to school activity at the Surfing Goat Dairy and at Makawao Buddhist Temple
2019 Wailuku Hongwanji Pre Obon temple cleaning meal (beef stew an rice, Koko, fruits, juice, and water being served by Sandy Hirata, Faith Tengan, Joan Tamori, and Lynn Yamauchi). Mahalo ladies for and excellent meal and Mahalo to all who came out to help.
Our Minister Lay Assistant delivering his Dharma Message this morning while covering for our Sensei who’s on the Dharma School trip to Kauai. Namo Amida Butsu 🙏
Father's Day Brunch
Good morning Everyone, here's my thought for today: Reacquaint yourself with life by doing something you’re not good at, and get yourself better at it, challenge yourself to learn how to do things instead of making excuses that "it's difficult" or because you don’t know how. Truly seeing life from a new place you've never been can open your eyes to new opportunities and make your overall perspective more valuable. Getting to know people you’ve never known before, and they will give you ideas you’ve never considered before. If you feel stuck, bored, tired, dismayed or depleted, the answer is not to withdraw from life, but to urge you to re-introduce yourself to life. You won’t be fully satisfied unless you’re putting all you have into creating new values to your life. Slow down, take a deep breath, feel the fresh opportunities of each day, get reacquainted with the wonders of life, and make the most of all you have. Make it a great day and have fun while you're at it.

The Wailuku Hongwanji MIssion Buddhist Temple page is a place where you can get information about up

Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple, established in 1899, is the spiritual home of our community. Compassion, self-reflection, and gratitude in everyday life have guided us for more than 110 years. Today, the temple continues to be the hub of many religious, educational, and social programs. The doors of our spiritual home are always open—please join us.

Operating as usual


Sign Up for Wailuku Hongwanji New Year’s Dinner

Wailuku Hongwanji will hold its annual meeting (Sokai) on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. Immediately following the annual meeting, we will resume the tradition of having our New Year’s dinner in the Social Hall. This in-person dinner event will allow members and friends of Wailuku Hongwanji to gather in fellowship and to welcome the New Year with a spirit of joy and happiness. A $3.00 donation per individual and $5.00 donation per family is requested, as this will allow our food preparation crew to better assess the anticipated headcount. Please contact the Temple office to sign up for the dinner.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 12/19/2022

Temple year-end general clean-up was held Sunday, December 18. Thank you to many members and friends who came to our clean-up day despite of difficult weather. Temple is truly cleaned! I think at the same time we cleaned our evil passion in our hearts. We all are welcome New Year with the mind of gratitude. Thank you to the troop 40 for making Kadomatsu to our temple members! We will distribute them on Sunday, December 25.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 08/15/2022

Wailuku Hongwanji BWA meeting was held right after the temple services. We had surprised person attended our temple service. I was welcoming temple members at the entrance of the temple, two doors marcediz bento stopped in front of the temple and young lady came and said to me, “Good morning Rev. Murakami, my name is Stephanie.” Wow, she became so beautiful lady. I know Stephanie But last time I met her was almost 20 years ago. She joined our temple services and greeted many of our temple members. She also joined our BWA meeting with Mrs. Grace Hamasaki. Okagesamade, our holy Buddha bring us together. Namo Amida Butsu

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 08/07/2022

Wailuku Hongwanji Mission 2022 Hatsu-Bon and Obon services completed. Second night was 14 families observed their Hatsu-Bon and we have little over 100 people attended the service. Everyone received the Dharma through the memories of their loved one and truly realized that the Obon is gathering of Joy even if we didn’t have Bon Dance, families realized that they were guided the path of the truth by their loved one’s spiritual memories through the great guidance of the Nembutsu.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 08/06/2022

Hatsu-Bon service was held today. We had 12 families observed Hatsu-Bon services but 4 families couldn’t make it. Through the minister’s dharma messages everyone remembered their loved ones and truly felt that they were embracing by our Amida Buddha and become a Buddha. Now they are in our hearts and guiding us the path of the truth. Namo Amida Butsu

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 08/06/2022

Wailuku Hongwanji Hatsubon service was held this evening (August 5, 2022) at 6:00 pm. We spirited two groups. We had 12 families this evening. Unfortunately 4 families couldn’t make their Hatsu-Bon services. Tomorrow night will be 14 families will be observed their Hatsu-Bon services. All of you will be invited tomorrow evening’s services.
Please join our Obon services at 6:00 pm.
What: Second night Hatsu-Bon service.
When: August 6, at 6:00 pm
Where: Wailuku Hongwanji Mission
Who: All of dharma seekers
Why: Respect and remember our loved ones who had passed away
How: just come to Wailuku Hongwanji at 6:00 pm
See you tomorrow at 6:00 pm
Speaker: Rev. Shinkai Murakami, resident minister

Timeline photos 08/02/2022

Wailuku Hongwanji’s Hatsu-Bon services will be held on August 5 and 6. The service start at 6:00 pm for both nights. Unfortunately we are not able to hold our Bon Dance this year but please join this special services. You are invited both nights. For more information, please at 808-244-0406.


Dear Friends and Oahan of Wailuku Hongwanji Mission, We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you for your kind words and support. As you may already know, our Bon Dance was canceled due to Covid-19. It was the hardest decision by the executive board. We are really concerned about the safety of the entire members and friends. We will have Hatsu-Bon and Obon services on August 5 and 6, starting at 6:00 p.m. All of you are invited to the services.
Thank you very much for your support and understanding.
In Gassho and Mahalo.


Dear Friends and Ohana of Wailuku Hongwanji Mission,
As all of you may already know that Wailuku Hongwanji Bon Dance is cancelled due to Covid-19. It was hardest decision of all our executive board members but for the safety of the community and friends. We will have Hatsu-bon and Obon services on August 5 and 6 start at 6:00 p.m. Thank you to all your support and understanding.
In Gassho and Mahalo,


A Happy Bew Year to all our dharma friends! May you be blessed by our holy Amida Buddha and walk the path of joy and happiness!

We will have Shintani Shonin’s special memorial service (Hoon-ko) on Sunday, January 9 at 9:00 am. Everyone is invited this service at our temple. We are offering in-person services every Sunday. Please ware your face mask at the services.

Namo Amida Butsu

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 12/07/2020

Thanks, Rev Murakami for a great Bodhi Day service and the photos.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 12/07/2020

Wailuku Hongwanji held its Bodhi Day service this morning. We had Ukulele strummers playing music, Eric Ikeuchi hit Kansho, and many people attended our services while keeping a 6 feet distance apart. We also have individual cups for safe incense offering. Buddhism teaches us the wisdom and compassion and with these sincere hearts, we are able to fulfill unrepeatable life. Namo Amida Butsu

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 10/27/2020

Our fundraiser on Oct 17 was a great success and we had a lot of fun and the opportunity to reconnect with members of our sangha.
Because of the pandemic, we tried something different for this fundraising event. We partnered with Tommy Lau Hee. He provided the guidance (recipe) to get the ingredients and the cooking done for the Chicken Hekka that we sold on Saturday morning.
The scouts of Troop 40 were also on hand to sell drinks, manage traffic flow, help set up and break down the tents and jump in when we needed extra help keeping up with demand as our friends and customers drove through to pick up their orders of chicken hekka.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who supported our fundraiser, this includes Tommy and his crew, Troop 40 and their adult leaders, and the members of the Wailuku Hongwanji Buddhist temple. You pitched in and worked on Friday evening to prep the vegetables and you showed up early on Saturday morning and worked until the last customer was served and the clean up complete.

Peace Day, Virtual Candlelight Vigil, Shaping Peace Together 10/07/2020

Peace Day, Virtual Candlelight Vigil, Shaping Peace Together

This is a bit late because Peace Day was almost two weeks ago, but I am posting this because it is just great.

Thanks to Lihue Hongwanji Mission for making this great video.

Peace Day, Virtual Candlelight Vigil, Shaping Peace Together Because we are unable to be together this year in a large group for our Candlelight Vigil for Peace, we have created our Virtual Candlelight Vigil. Many than...

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 10/07/2020

How are things going during Sunday service since the reopening?

The short answer is very well. The members of the Wailuku Hongwanji Buddhist Temple have settled into a routine of safety each Sunday to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The process starts about an hour before the service is scheduled to start when 5 to 10 people arrive to open the temple and set up the screening table. When I say open, that includes all of the windows to let the fresh outside air in to constantly replace air in the temple.

There are designated teams assigned each week to screen everyone that enters the temple. We take each person's name tempature and record them in case we need to contact trace. Also, masks are manditory, along with a spray of hand sanitizer as you enter.

Half of the pews are designated as off limits so that everyone is separated by 6 feet or more. Of course, folks from the same family can sit closer together if they like.

Since reopening, the number of attendees varies from 25 to 45. We do not have our social gathering after the service. Rather, we hand out bottles of water (it can get hot wearing a mask) and individually packaged treats. This Sunday it was sugar cookies.

There is room for more people to safely attend our Sunday service. Everyone is welcome.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 09/17/2020

Our Temple Peace Day Coordinator, Bobbie Parr, and her BWA crew set up our Peace Day display of a banner and folded cranes at the corner of Mill and Kaniela Streets. Peace Day will be celebrated on September 21st during Sunday service.

Peace Day Hawaii promotes inner peace, peace with others, peace with the environment, peace in cultural awareness and peace in spirituality so that all being may live in peace.

Thanks to Bobbi and her set-up crew, Tommy Parr, Nancy Shimoda, Janet Kubota, Bobbie's granddaughter Lanie and Lanie's boyfriend.

Dharma Strummers perform before Sunday Service 09/08/2020

Dharma Strummers perform before Sunday Service

On the last Sunday of the month, The Dharma Strummers perform a few gathas before the service begins. Check it out.

Dharma Strummers perform before Sunday Service On the last Sunday of each month, the Dharma Strummers, will perform a few gathas before service starts. This is the first time we were able to make this hap...


I am copying this over from Rev. Murakami's FB page. I also edited the post a little bit.

Wailuku Hongwanji is having 5 days of Hatsu-Bon services.

July 31
August 1,
August 7
August 8
August 14.

I got my face shield from my daughter and used it during today’s Hatsu-bob service. It was my first time using a face shield. I perspired so much my eye glasses became dim with my breath and couldn’t read the sutra book very well.

Three respectful calling, Aspiration and Chanting Amidakyo took about 30 minutes. Wearing with all these items was tough. I have to go another Hatsu-Bon on August 14.

I will be wearing a face shield and mask for every Sunday service from now on. Why? Safety reason and to lose weight! Ha, ha, ha.

Why do we have 5 Hatsu-Bon services? We Had 28 Hatsu-Bon families this year and divided it up with 5 families per services. Not many people attended but it was nice and a great experience!

ADA Bathroom Dedication 08/07/2020

ADA Bathroom Dedication

The temple has been working for the last year to get a handicap restroom installed in the main hall. It will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The restroom was the brain-child of the late Kazuo Sugiki. He saw how difficult it was for seniors to walk outside to the back of the temple to use the ground-floor restroom. He, along with the Sugiki Ohana, were the catalyst that kicked off this project with a number of sizeable donations.


ADA Bathroom Dedication The temple has been working for the last year to get a handicap restroom installed in the main hall. It will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabil...


There will be In-person Sunday Service Tomorrow August 2

As many of you have heard, Maui Mayor Michael Victorino announced updated Public Health Emergency Rules that limit indoor and outdoor social gatherings to no more than 10 people.

What you may have missed is that this change does not affect religious services so we will be gathering tomorrow for in-person Sunday Service.

Photos from Hana Buddhist Temple's post 07/30/2020

The little Hana Temple is looking great so far.


Due to Hurricane Douglas, Wailuku Hongwanji Mission’s Sunday services on July 26 will be cancelled. Please stay safe!! and share this news with your friends. We will have Sunday morning services on August 2 at 8:00 am.


The 57th Annual Lay Convention is set for September 11 & 12. It will be held via Zoom and details are posted at the website link below.




We are sharing the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Headquarters Update for the month of July 2020. There are a number of great articles and news about our Sangha from around the state.



During our Sunday service yesterday, July 19, Rev. Murakami used the short story of The Spider's Thread during his Dharma talk. The story is about a man in hell that uses a spider's thread to try to climb out and into paradise. As he is climbing, he notices the other residents of hell climbing up behind him. Fearing that the thread will break from the weight of the others, he shouts that the spider's thread is his and his alone. It is at this moment that the thread breaks, and he and all the other fall back into hell.

The moral is that the man condemned himself by being concerned only with his own salvation and not that of others.

We are all struggling through life together and we need to lookout for one another and give a helping hand whenever we can.


Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 07/06/2020

We had our first in-temple, in-person, talk-to-our-friends-directly Sunday service today. We put a lot of work into making sure we gathered in a safe manner. Thanks to all could attend and for those that could not, we will be posting a video of the service on YouTube.

We had volunteers at the doors checking each attendee's temperature and making sure they had a mask. If not, we had masks available on the spot.) We had ushers seat people to ensure we had a minimum of 6 feet between each person (of course family member sat together) and we modified the ceremony to limit contact.

Finally as an added bonus, the construction of the handicap accessible restroom is 99.99% done. Just the walk through inspection is needed.

Photos from Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple's post 07/04/2020

The temple will have services in the Temple starting tomorrow, July 5th. In preparation, temple members have be preparing to make sure is clean, safe and the ground spruced up from three months of lack of use.
Many Thanks go to the scouts that helped out. Thank you Troop 40 and Pack 40, The temple grounds look so much better.


The temple leadership has assembled a Temple Reopening Committee with the objective to develop for WHM, an appropriate COVID-I9 mitigation plan which will allow WHM to open in a safe and responsible manner. (As you know, in Maui County in-person spiritual service are now permitted, with proper safeguards.) The Committee has developed an initial mitigation plan and will be working to finalize all the logistics and procedures to allow us to resume in-person services as safely as possible.


May 31 Sunday Service

Virtual Sunday morning service for May 31, 2020 is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLV9ZMASujk

The order of service is:
Opening remarks
Offering of incense
Vandana & Ti Sarana
Chanting of Sutra “Gassho to Amida”
Golden Chain of Love
Dharma message
Gatha “Softly Blew the Breezes” performed by the Dharma Strummers
Shinshu pledge

Our last service of the month of May. The Dharma Strummers perform the gatha, Softly Blew the Breezes.


The Board of Director, at their May 20th meeting decided that this year’s Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Buddhist Temple Obon service and Dance will be canceled. We are exploring alternative ways of recognizing and honoring our Hatsu Bon members. We will let the sangha know about these alternatives as soon as we have worked them out.


2020 Memorial Day message from Bishop Eric Matsumoto

Memorial Day Message

Rev. Eric Matsumoto, Bishop of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, pays respects to our fallen veterans and their families on behalf of HHMH, its member temples, and the Office of the Bishop.

Rev. Eric Matsumoto, Bishop of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, pays respects to our fallen veterans and their families on behalf of HHMH, its member t...

The Jodo Shinshu Service 05/24/2020

The Jodo Shinshu Service

With our virtual services, many of us do not have a copy of the service book that we use at Sunday Service. Rev. Tennes of Kahului Hongwanji Mission mentioned in his Sunday service that a PDF version of our service book is available on line at the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii website.

The Jodo Shinshu Service



It is a beautiful Memorial Day weekend and time for our 8:00 virtual Sunday Service for May 24. The order of service is

- Opening remarks
- Offering of incense
- Vandana & Ti Sarana
- Chanting of Sutra “Gassho to Amida”
- Golden Chain of Love
- Dharma message
- Aspiration
- Gatha “The Wondrous Gift of Peace”
- Shinshu pledge
- Nembutsu
- Announcements

Please join us at https://youtu.be/OguK7LyqP0M



Gotan-e - May 17 Sunday Service

This Sunday we celebrate Gotan-e, the birth of the founder of Hongwanji, Shinran Shonin.

This service celebrates the birth of Shinran Shonin, the founder of Hongwanji.


Mother’s Day Sunday Service

Rev. Murakami Leads us in our Mother's Day Sunday Service, May 10, 2020.


Rev. Murakami leads us in Sunday service on May 10, 2020


Join us to honor “Health Care Treasures” and Essential Workers

Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii has developed a program for our sangha to express their gratitude to all essential workers and especially the front-line medical professionals serving the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each Wednesday at 12 noon, a “Mahalo” video will be premiered on YouTube for viewing by our members, friends and community to remind us to stop for a moment and think of these self-less beings that courageously face higher risk of infection than those taking refuge at home. The temple bell will be symbolically rung (until the lockdown rules are relaxed to allow us to really ring the temple bells again).

The 8-minute video features Kansho bell ringing, introductions by Bishop Matsumoto and Rev. Bert Sumikawa, a photo collage accompanied by the Choralfest choir singing, “Because You Are There”, and a closing message by Rev. Sol Kalu. New photos will be shown each week and a “Health Care Treasure of the Week” will be honored. Each week’s video will remain in the YouTube library for viewing at a later time.

So mark your calendars to take 10 minutes and say “Thank you” to the so many others who support our life, health, and safety.

Namo Amida Butsu!


Buddhist Temple of San Diego

This is a great talk by Rev. Akahoshi relating our physical birth and spiritual parallel terms. In both cases, it is brought about by those around us and in both cases, we are not static but grow physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Dharma Message for Sunday, May 3, from Kenji Sensei! ~BT



Our Sunday Morning Service led by Rev. Murakami.

Videos (show all)

Our Sunday Morning Service led by Rev. Murakami.
Hanamatsuri Message
Puff The Magic Dragon





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