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The Siege of Masada (73 AD) - Last Stand of the Great Jewish Revolt 05/20/2018

The Siege of Masada (73 AD) - Last Stand of the Great Jewish Revolt

Some important history students should no about.

The Siege of Masada (73 AD) - Last Stand of the Great Jewish Revolt In 73 AD Masada, the impregnable mountain fortress in the Judaean desert, stood as the final holdout against the onslaught of Rome’s legions. The siege that ...

Officer waited outside during school shooting 02/24/2018

Officer waited outside during school shooting

For those of our students that were present for last Thursday's class on "Active Shooters on Campus" you will remember the lecture on the importance of Kadima, (the most important principle of Krav Maga). You heard it said that Kadima is the only proven way to take down an active shooter. Listen to this statement by the Sheriff's Office. Clearly he agrees...lets not jump to conclusion because the investigation is on going...but my money is on when everything is said and done, had a Kadima approach been followed the death toll would have been a lot lower.

Hopefully you will see the importance of implementing Kadima and Retzev into your personal protection plan.

Please leave your thoughts and comments.

Officer waited outside during school shooting When Nikolas Cruz started shooting last week, an armed deputy stationed at the Florida school rushed to the building. But instead of going inside, the office...


The Beautiful Story of Irena Sendler

Let us never forget our heroes.


The jab is the most important punch a fighter must master, because everything begins with the jab. The jab helps you find your range, sets up your combinations, and can be used to defensively to keep your opponent off you. A skilled fighter or technician will use the jab to distract their opponent, to jam and confuse their opponent's timing. Look at the greatest boxers of all time and you will see that they all had solid jabs.

While there are many styles and variations of the jab, there are key fundamentals one must master in order throw a proper jab. A poorly thrown jab will leave a fighter open to counters. It is essential that you learn the proper technique for throwing a jab if you are going to be an effective fighter.



1. Keep Your Guard Up:
Many boxers fall into the habit of dropping their guard when throwing punches. When you throw the jab, always make sure that your back hand is up high guarding your chin. If it’s not, then you can expect to get caught by a hook.

2. Extend Your Arm:
In order to get the most power of your jab, your jab should be thrown quick with your arm fully extended. It adds authority on your punches and will help to keep a pressure fighter off you.

3. Rotate Your Arm:
Another method to increase the power of your jab is to rotate your arm mid-way through throwing it. You should start with your palm facing inwards towards your face and once the jab is thrown, rotate your arm so that your elbow is pointing outside and your fist rotates also, so your palm ends up facing downwards.

5. Keep Your Chin Down:
This is a habit that must be drilled into you. Even if you get hit, as long as you have your chin down it will minimize the impact of the punch. If you have your chin tucked in, then your shoulder will automatically protect it as you throw the jab.

6. Bring Your Arm Back:
Whether you hit or miss the target with your jab, always bring it back so its original position. You’ll then be in the right position to defend or attack again. Never leave your jab out or drop it after you’ve thrown it.

7. Snap the Jab:
The jab must be thrown quick and snappy to catch your opponent off guard. Don’t push with the jab because not only is it slower, but it also doesn’t produce as much power.

8. Be Relaxed:
Before throwing the jab, keep relaxed with your body loose to reserve energy. This will allow you to fire off punches much more smoother, faster and more frequently. Only tighten your fist close to impact.


1. Drop Your Guard:
This is a terrible habit that you shouldn’t pick up. Too often, fighters get hurt or knocked out by hooks because they dropped their guard momentarily. You may get away with it now and then, but there will come a time when someone with good power will take advantage of that flaw. Never drop your guard.

2. Reach / Lunge:
If your opponent is out of range, then don’t reach with your jab, even if you think you can hit the target. If you do, then you can end up damaging your arm, being off balance (legs being too far apart as shown above) or getting caught by a counter. A good rule is that your head should always be behind your front foot.

3. Leave the Jab Out:
When you’ve thrown your jab, always bring it back. If you don’t, then you’ll be open for counter punches or your opponent can grab your arm, which can cause it damage.

4. Stand Straight Up:
Your knees should be bent every time you throw a punch, especially a jab. If you stand straight up, you’re more liable to get caught with a punch and you’ll also produce less power.


Step Jab:
If your opponent is out of range, instead of lunging in and reaching, then you must take a step forward and jab at the same time. It increases power through added motion and allows you to get in range safely.

Make sure that your steps are small (covering only a few inches with each step) and not far. If you step too far then your legs will be too far apart therefore causing you to be off balance.

Side Step Jab:
This is the same as the step jab, but instead of coming forward with the jab, you’re stepping to the side. Ensure that you always step to the outside of your lead foot, which will allow you to circle your opponent effectively.

This is great for controlling the center of the ring and keeping a pressure fighter off you because movement will usually disrupt their rhythm and balance.

Body Jab:
The jab to the body is extremely effective if utilized correctly. It must be thrown quickly from your normal stance and you must resume back to your position just as quick.

Essentially, you’re taking a step forward, crouching down and shooting the jab all at the same time. Only crouch down low enough to avoid incoming punches.

The body jab can also be used to distract your opponent downstairs to set up punches to the head.

Up Jab:
The ‘up jab’ is an unconventional way of throwing the jab from around the waist area. It has exactly the same characteristics as a normal jab, but it’s just thrown from below.

The advantage of this is that your lead hand will be out of your opponent’s eyesight therefore, he usually won’t expect it or see it coming. It’s a lot riskier than all the other types of jabs so you need to be quick and accurate with it.

Range Finder Jab:
Using your jab as a range finder is excellent for measuring distance and distracting your opponent. It’s not intended to catch your opponent off guard, hurt or even hit him.

You simply just put your lead arm out, but not fully extended and in your opponent’s line of vision to distract him, which will allow you to fire the straight once you’re in position.

Feint Jab:
A feint is a move that’s designed to force your opponent into thinking that a certain action will take place thus causing him to make a move.

Using the jab as a feint is excellent for setting up your straight punch, especially if your opponent often slips your jabs.

Final Words on the Jab:
When you first enter the gym, one of the first things that a good trainer will drill into you is to work on your jab. That tells you the importance of having an effective jab, so you must work on this everyday. It isn't uncommon to do 3 to 6 rounds of just jab punches.

While everyone hits the heavy bag. I also recommend a lot of mitt work with a good trainer who will correct your technique. Also the double end bag is a great tool for developing an accurate and fast jab. Perseverance, consistency, and good feedback from coaches are the keys to mastering the jab


Featured Holiday

Tu Bishvat ט"ו בשבט is on Shvat 15 and celebrates the New Year for Trees. (Hebrew: ראש השנה לאילנות) It falls on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Tu Bishvat is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat. ט"ו are the Hebrew numerals of 15. Tu Bishvat is the Jewish Arbor Day holiday and is celebrated in the kibbutzim in Israel as an agricultural holiday. Since ancient times on Tu Bishvat, trees were planted for children born during the previous year: cedar trees for boys (so the child would grow to be tall and upright), and cypress trees for girls (so the girl will grow to be graceful and fragrant). When the children grew, they used branches from their cypress and cedar trees to make the canopy (Hebrew: huppah) of their wedding ceremony.

Many trees are planted by the schools and the JNF (Jewish National Fund). Since it was established in 1901, the JNF has planted more than 240 million trees all over Israel, covering more than 250,000 acres. Tu Bishvat seder is celebrated by eating dried fruits and nuts such as figs, dates, raisins, carob, and almonds. Almond trees are blooming all around Israel during this season. Many Israeli institutions chose this day for their inauguration. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Tu Bishvat 1918, the Technion in Haifa on Tu Bishvat 1925, and the Knesset on Tu Bishvat 1949.

Timeline photos 03/04/2016

Women's Self Defense Advice

You see a lot of advice on the internet when it comes to women's self defense, some good, some bad, and some absolutely crazy. A friend and fellow instructor sent me a list of 10 things women should know about self defense. Well, I didn't totally agree so I came up with my own list and added one more. So here are the 11 things women should know about self defense.

1. Never ignore a "bad feeling." Almost 90% of all police investigations regarding sexual assault cases reveal that the victim felt something was wrong long before anything happened but chose to ignore their "gut instincts." If you think or feel something is off, its better to leave the situation than stay and find out if you were right.

2. Look where you are going and assess the situation and environment before you enter, i.e. the gas station, ATM, mini mart, etc... Don't put yourself into a dangerous situation if you see something that isn't right.

3. Stop trying to escape your environment with the aid of your cell phone and earphones. Learn to be aware of the situation around you and what is going on. Not only will this improve your safety but it is a lot more entertaining, trust me.

4. Maintain a sphere of safety around you. This is your personal space, usually about 5 feet. Don't let anyone you feel is a threat or is being hostile within your space. Learn to control the distance by stepping back, using voice commands, or placing obstacles between you and the potential threat. If someone does not respect your space than "attack the attacker." Remember, disrespecting your space and/or ignoring your personal boundaries is an attack.

5. Don't cut corners. Walk wide around building corners and be vigilant when entering through doors.

6. Learn self defense and stay in shape. Not only will you feel better physically and emotionally, but should you have to defend yourself, you will have the skills to do so.

7. When out with friends never leave your drinks unattended. Never accept a drink from a stranger's hand. If he wants to buy you a drink let the bartender make it and give it to you.

8. Never let strangers into your home, regardless of the emergency. If you are having a service man do work in your home or apartment, try to schedule it when you can have a friend present.

9. Maintain your car and be prepared. A flat tire or breakdown compromises your safety. Learn to change a flat tire, keep a 48 hour survival pack with first aid kit in your trunk, and become a member of AAA.

10. Confidence comes from training and knowing you have the skills to protect yourself... Confidence is not an act or a state of mind you can pretend to project by walking straight or looking people in the eye. Predators know the difference between the confident and the pretenders.

11. Never allow yourself to be taken to a second location. Research shows that if you allow yourself to be moved to another location your chances of survival drop below 10%. So fight like hell before you are put into a car, van, or truck. If your assailant threatens to kill you demand that they do it there because despite what they say if you go with them it's GAME OVER.

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