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Walton Verona state warm up
Walton Verona state warm up.
Sorry for these being late. I had some technological issues. Your New Haven Tigers represented our school, community, state, and Nation extremely well at the 2018-19 NASP Open Tournament,(formerly the World Tournament). Your Tigers finished 21st and for most of our team, this was their last event as an active New Haven Tiger. Be proud Tigers, because you ROAR!!!!!
We also want to thank everyone who supported us on our journey.
Special shoutout to Ronnie Burke from Ballyshannon by helping us on the line.

This page is to keep parents and students informed about New Haven Archery information and events.

Operating as usual


With school still being 100% virtual, the parent informational meeting that is scheduled for 11/30/20 at 7:00pm, has been postponed again.
We do not know what the rest of the school year holds. This is not an easy decision for the coaches to make, because we love our team and pour everything we have into our kids. We do know that it is not fair to our kids to start the season, only to stop it later in the year.
We will update this page as we have a definite date to begin, or a definite decision to cancel the entire season. Regardless, keep practicing at home, stay safe, and thank you for your continued support of our New Haven Elementary Archery Team.

Bob Goble
Brenda S. Klaas
Ronnie Burke


We would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. We still don’t know what the rest of the school year will bring, but always remember that archery is family. We are very thankful for ours!


Please pass along to everyone. The parent meeting has now been rescheduled for 11/30/20 at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria. We must follow all school guidelines regarding the safety of our team, parents and coaches. Thank you for understanding in advance. If you have not filled out an interest form, please do so. Without it, you will not be allowed to participate or attend the meeting.
Brenda S. Klaas
Ronnie Burke
Bob Goble

New Haven Archery 2020 - 2021 11/12/2020

New Haven Archery 2020 - 2021

Here is the link for the interest form if you are planning on participating.

New Haven Archery 2020 - 2021 This form is to be completed for all students interested in participating on the New Haven Archery Team during the 2020 / 2021 Season. Form must be completed by NOVEMBER 7th, 2020 and failure to submit the form within the allotted time frame may result in the student not being eligible to participat...


All 4th and 5th grade students should have brought home a informational packet. The date on the packet says to complete all paperwork by 11/7/20. That deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED to 11/15/20. You DO NOT need a physical to be on the team. The parent meeting will be 11/16/20 in the cafeteria at 7:00. The forms need to be completed by then, and brought with you. It is important for one parent per child and the child who is going to participate to be present at the meeting. Please contact coach Mark if you have any questions.


The informational meeting for tonight has been pushed out until next Monday, 11/16/20 at 7:00pm. We will keep everyone informed, but we will be having a team. 😁 please continue to practice, and be looking for something to come home soon with your child.

Ronnie Burke
Brenda S. Klaas
Bob Goble


New Haven archers, be looking for updates. We are tentatively planning a parent meeting on 11-9 @ 7:00.
There will be an interest form and Covid checks will need to happen prior to entering the meeting. Masks must be worn and social distancing will be enforced. Because of Covid, we have to reduce our numbers of our team this year.
Please share with other New Haven team members and those interested


Yes!!!! Yes!!!! YES!!!!!!

Personal growth is so important in life. Get it right and your mindset will be amazing for your shooting and in archery in genral. This should help you get there.

You can imagine your personality by thinking of a target with concentric rings. Your personality is made up of five rings, starting from the center with your values and radiating outward to the next circle, your beliefs and values in life.

Believe In Yourself

Your values in life determine your beliefs, about yourself and the world around you.

If you have positive values, such as love, compassion, and generosity, you will believe that people in your world are deserving of these values and you will treat them accordingly. When you believe in yourself and chose to be a good person you will find yourself to be more positive and successful in life.

Set Expectations And Know Your Values In Life

Your beliefs, in turn, determine the third ring of your personality, your expectations. If you have positive values, you will believe yourself to be a good person.

If you believe in yourself to be a good person, you will expect good things to happen to you. If you expect good things to happen to you, you will be positive cheerful, and future-oriented. You will look for the good in other people and situations.

Attitude: Expect Good Things To Happen

The fourth level of your personality, determined by your expectations, is your attitude.Your attitude will be an outward manifestation or reflection of your values, beliefs, and expectations.

For example, if your value is that this is a good world to live in and your belief is that you are going to be very successful in life, you will expect that everything that happens to you is helping you in some way.

As a result, you will have a positive mental attitude toward other people and they will respond positively toward you.

You will be a more cheerful and optimistic person. You will be someone who others want to work with and for, buy from and sell to, and generally help to be more successful.

Be A Good Person Through Your Actions

The fifth ring, or level of life, is your actions. Your actions on the outside will ultimately be a reflection of your innermost values, beliefs, and expectations on the inside. This is why what you achieve in life and work will be determined more by what is going on inside of you than by any other factor.

Action Exercise

Make a list of your three to five most important values in life today.

What do you really believe in and stand for? What are your values in life? What qualities are you best known for among the people who know you? What do you consider the most important values guiding your relationships with others in your life?

Remember to expect good things to happen and work hard towards your goals so that you will find yourself living a happy and successful life.


Have you ever gone apple picking? Think of yourself picking fresh fruit from a large tree. You see the fruit, you pick it, and you eat it. You never see the seed that started the tree. You only see the result.

If you plant an apple seed today, don’t expect to eat fresh apples tomorrow. You must be patient if you wish to produce worthwhile results. Don’t expect to accomplish anything significant in a few days or weeks. Be prepared for a long road filled with potholes, detours, and dead ends.

Many great archers are falsely assumed to be naturally gifted. You see the result and cannot fathom how the archer progressed to such an amazing level. What many fail to realize however is that the archer may be nothing more than patient and diligent.

Impatience is perhaps the number one reason why archers fall short of their potential. The archer sets a goal, works on it for a few weeks, doesn’t see the progress that he / she was hoping for, so drops the idea and moves on to another. The cycle continues repeatedly. After several months of bouncing around, the archer is no better off than when he /she started. He’s done nothing but jump from challenge to challenge without results.

Another common scenario comes from the archer who tackles several new goals at once. He / she too may be diligent, but he isn’t patient enough to apply a slow and steady strategy. He / she wants everything now and isn’t interesting in waiting.

One Thing at a Time

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this simple statement. If you wish to tackle several challenging goals, start working on one at a time. If you set out to do everything at once, you’ll accomplish nothing. Instead, start working on one primary goal. Working towards this goal is a simple addition. There is no need to change your entire plan to accommodate a single goal. With a consistent effort, you will eventually conquer the goal. Mark the goal from your list and prepare for a new challenge. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish with this slow and steady approach to training.


This is how we practice.

Bob Goble
Ronnie Burke

The coach must prepare their archers so they are familiar with how pressure-cooker situations feel, planning and developing pressurised training methods.

They must form a strong relationship with their archers so they can develop coping strategies specific to the individual so they feel comfortable in any environment.

An archer-coach relationship is essential. A good coach will know their athlete inside out. They will know from their body language how they are feeling straight away.

And we know that coaches nowadays must be part-time psychologists as well as the fount of all knowledge in their chosen sport. They can no longer allow archers to use ‘I felt stressed’ as an excuse for underperformance.

The environmental and psychological development of the individual is a fundamental responsibility of the coach, and just as important as the physical, technical and tactical development.

With all this in mind, maybe there is hope yet for the atrcher who would normally ‘bottle it’ on the big occasion. With a good coach on side, practised in the techniques of how to deal with pressure, an archer can become equipped to hit the gold, rather than have to settle.

Top tips

Understand the distractions, disruptions and differences that your athlete will face on competition day. List them all. Discuss them with your archer so they know what to expect. No surprises!

Don’t neglect areas such as travel time, sleep quality, nutrition and fatigue when it comes to performance gains and the athlete’s ‘feel-good factor’ on competition day. Psychology is not just about the technical.

When training, place your archers in pressurised situations where they feel uncomfortable (Only if they want to shoot competitely). They need to be able to deliver the best possible result in the worst possible conditions.

Practise competition protocol frequently, and do your best to mimic the stimulus that your archers will feel on the day.

Educate the archers to understand that competitions are the ultimate training sessions. Mistakes will be made, but these are essential lessons to generate optimal performances in the future.


Yes we compete, but it is all about raising your own bar. When you keep raising your bar, then you have also influenced the team.


Hoping everyone is staying safe, and can’t wait for this upcoming year!!!

What makes a good archery coach?

Coaching is about giving your knowledge and commitment to a group of archers in order for them to improve their skills on the line. But as a coach, constantly evolving your own skills can be just as important as those you train.

Identifying and addressing the gaps in your coaching repertoire allows you to impart better knowledge on your archers, improving their skills and making you a better, more efficient coach.

To determine those coaching gaps, look to those who you deliver your sessions to. Take the time to take each of your archers aside to ask them what areas you could improve. Assure everyone that this is a frank conversation, and all pointers will be taken onboard without you getting all sensitive and defensive, don't allow your ego to get in the way! Coaching is all about building relationships.

As a coach, your archers are essentially your clients, and making them the best they can be is in your hands. Part of your job is identifying how to do that with each archer's different needs.

As a coach, you need to make yourself available to your archers at all times. Place their interests at the heart of what you do, show that you care about their success on the pitch – and they'll respond by giving their all in return.

Again, it's about identifying how to place yourself as this trustworthy figure amongst each individual. So, what motivates each member to shoot? Where do they want to be in your team, at your club and generally in their archery career?

Make a connection with your archers by becoming an avenue for them to achieve these objectives, and before long they'll be the ones coming to you for advice.

Tapping into your archers knowledge base is great if you need to improve on your coaching delivery. They're the best ones to gauge your communicative competence and motivational skills. But there is another side to coaching – technical. You should be more self-aware of the gaps in your knowledge base, and be looking to improve upon them all the time.

Just asking a coach to be passionate about what they do is hard. You tend to either have it, or you don't. But seen as you're a archery coach who dedicates a lot of their free time to helping your club and individuals within it, we're guessing you probably do.

Having passion and radiating passion however, are two very different things. That is where the points made earlier about improving your communicative and motivational skills comes in, but in the mean time the competitive elements of sport should be enough to carry you through.


This speaks volumes....

Where did we ever get the crazy idea that to get archers to do better, first we have to make them feel worse?

There is no place in coaching for coaches who treat young archers or adults this way.

I must admit I've only seen good treatment by coaches in the UK however it's worth putting it out there and talking about if your a parent of a young archer.

The belief that abusive behaviour towards children is acceptable as long as the adult goals are achieved can be dangerous. We see this across all youth sports at all levels of play. As long as the kids are winning, the unacceptable behaviour is not only permitted and forgiven, but in many cases it can be celebrated and rewarded. It is a short-term view.

Science says that negative coaching is a short-sighted viewpoint.

Negative coaching provides, at best, short-term results. Any person may perform at what we believe is “optimum” output for a short period of time under extreme duress, but research shows at some point the stress will be too much for the performer. As the stress continues to increase the performance will no longer correlate with it. In fact, performance will subsequently “drop off the cliff” inversely with the amount of stress.

Even if a coach is getting results with negative coaching behaviours now, those behaviours are detrimental to long-term success. Biology, brain science, and psychological adaptation may account for results in the first few years of exposure to this kind of behaviour, but in the long run, the system will break down under the stress.

Short-term results from destructive language toward children extracts a massive long-term cost. Are those short-term results worth it?


Congratulations to one of our sister schools, Ballyshannon!!! Such a great accomplishment!!! We at New Haven want to say “you ROCK”!!’


Official District Statement Regarding Emergency Preparedness Plan

Just to keep everyone in the loop.


If you are going to be in Louisville Friday night and want a good laugh, come out and watch Coach Mark, Coach Ronnie, Coach Roy from Gray and Coach Brenda from Ryle compete as part of the Boone County NASP Alumni Team. We will be competing at 6:00pm, and it’s a good chance to preview where you will be competing at on Saturday.

Photos from New Haven Elementary Archery's post 03/08/2020

Wow!!!!!!! As Miss Padgett used to say , “ it’s a great day to be a tiger!” We not only took 1st place today, we also placed 1,2,4,5 in boys and 2 and 5th in girls. We also scored a 3075, which is the third highest score in school history!!! Even more special is that we were joined by Camryn and her dad today!!! Next week, we compete for the state championship.

We would like to also thank the hospitality shown by the Walton Verona family. Their outpouring of support for our team over the last week. Their generosity proves how our sport differs from all others.

We would also like to congratulate our sister schools Gray Middle School and Ryle High School on their 1st place Team Win.


Learning how to reach peak performance requires harnessing your physical, mental and emotional resources. Building practical strategies into your day-to-day life lets you develop the mental muscle you need to outperform even yourself.

When it comes to achieving peak athletic performance, it’s not practice makes perfect – it’s perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice means visualizing reaching your goal so you’re primed for success when it’s time to take action. Imagery training lets you practice with certainty and execute without hesitancy.

Your mental health is as vital to peak performance as your physical fitness. You must stay true to yourself to find real meaning in anything you do. If you’re feeling distracted or uninspired, it’s time to recover your spark. Letting go of unhealthy habits and attachments goes a long way to recovering your true self.

Exercise and recovery form the two-sided coin of athleticism. When your mind and body are fit and well-rested, you’re able to stay at the top of your game. To achieve peak athletic performance, you must allow the body to replenish itself. For high-performing athletes, experts may recommend state-of-the-art recovery technologies like hydrotherapy, compression and massage to enhance performance.


Tigers, tomorrow is our warm up for State. Show up ready to have fun and relaxed.

Some of our archers are shooting very early in the morning, because they are also competing in the Regional Odyssey Of The Mind competition. We wish our OM Archers the best of luck and we know they will do great!!!

With Cathy Daniels Cyboron and Bob Goble

We may even have a special guest tomorrow around 2 or 3 to help cheer us on!!!

Timeline photos 03/06/2020

This is us!!!!

Had to share! 👍


Photos from New Haven Elementary Archery's post 03/01/2020

Another great weekend for our tigers. First place Team, 1st-5th for boys, and 1st and 4th for girls. Tonight however we were competing for a higher purpose. One of our team members was hit, ran over and dragged by a vehicle on Friday night. She is currently in Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. She is expected to make a full recovery, but obviously it will take time. She also vowed to be with our team at our tournament next weekend. Our team shot for her tonight, and we couldn’t be more proud of how they performed.
Our regional archery family has supported us so much over the last 24 hours. Through prayers, teams making cards, and well wishes, there is no doubt she is well loved. Make no mistake about it, this could have very easily ended in a different way. She is resilient and we know she will rejoin us soon. We love our regional family and can’t thank each team enough for their support.

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