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You're Not You When You're Hungry

When you have low blood sugar, your brain knows it. Not only does your brain know it, it shows it. It shows it in how you feel, how you think, and how you interact with others. It can even show up in your empathy or your ability to think rationally.

3 things to improve blood sugar for the brain:

1). Eat regularly and don't skip meals. Too little food or too infrequent of food forces your brain to shunt fuel away from areas of the brain involved in logic and reason and towards areas involved with stress.

2) Vitamin B1 will help you use glucose even better. Better glucose usage makes for better brain usage.

3) Pepcid AC, the heartburn medication, may help you store glycogen better in the liver. Better liver stores of glycogen can help you go longer between meals if you must.


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Your system thrives on momentum.

Your system is also highly sensitive to outside forces.

If you’re struggling to lose weight on your current plan of action, that’s your system having a hard time breaking momentum.

If you’re having a hard time making a habit stick, that’s the power of outside forces hindering your change efforts.

The enzymes that help you utilize glucose well, that’s based on the momentum of nutrition and fuel you’re providing to the system.

The ability to respond to outside forces is the rule, not the exception.

Sometimes we respond favorably.

Sometimes we don’t.

If we don’t respond favorably enough times, we start building momentum in the direction we don’t want to.

Sometimes we actually need to rest, in spite of outside forces.

The question to always ask yourself is

“Am I moving in the direction I want to?”


Is Your Perfect Diet Failing You?

* How to tell if all your efforts are paying off

* Why "The Perfect Diet" is a myth

* 3 Key Performance Indicators to monitor your diet and health

* When not feeling better may not be a bad thing

* What to do to break through your plateau

* Why our "body" may be lying to us about how we feel

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Does it ever feel like health is confusing?

Do you ever feel like on e you start to figure things out, something new comes along and you’re back at square one?

Do you ever feel like trying to get control of your health is like sitting in the back seat of a driverless car?

If you are someone that wants to take back control of your health, and you want someone to guide you, I have some great news for you!

Over the last few years, I have really been digging heavy into the research of:

-Human Performance
-Pain Relief
-Gut Health
And more

I have now spent the last 8 years applying what I have learned to my private clients and have helped them to see some profound results.

However, a lot of people don’t want healp at that level of depth.

So what I have created is a weekly teaching session for people who want to know more.

If you just want to know how you can think wothout brain fog, alleviate aches and pains, move better, fix a struggling gut, and age without feeling old, then this program may be a great fit for you.

Starting October 7th
We will meet every Friday and discuss one key subject at a time while teaching you the best ways to make the key choices for YOU around this information.

The end of each session will include a chance to interact and ask me questions directly.

You will also have a say in what topics we cover as we move forward with the curriculum.

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The serotonin theory of depression is continuing to crumble.

The study above adds yet another piece of evidence against the theory that serotonin is responsible for happiness.

In this case, increasing serotonin by administration of an SSRI drug largely negated the ability of human subjects to learn through positive reinforcement(reward) and while strongly increasing their ability to learn from a negative reinforcement (punishment, fear, etc).

The study is even more valuable due to the fact that not only it shows serotonin as a substance associated with (and causative of) pathology, it directly implicates SSRI drugs as a powerful means of creating more fear-based decision-making rather than joy and happiness being the driver for behavior.

Have you ever had a hard time making the decision of starting that hard task you know you need to start?

Imagine every time you gave up on your diet entirely because you had one meal that wasn’t supposed to happen.

That’s what this study is showing as the fault of serotonin.

Management of gut health is absolutely key to controlling and preventing too much serotonin production in the gut.

Carrot salad gets the spotlight here.
🥕 1-2 raw carrots, grated or peeled
Rinse in a colander until water runs clear.
Add some coconut oil and vinegar and some salt and pepper.

I have also been using oat bran with clients lately with pretty good success.

That’s worth trying as well.

Enjoy your healthy gut and in turn, all that life can offer you.


Shoulder Pain Lives In The Brain

* What modern pain science says about shoulder pain

* How shoulder pain may not necessarily mean you have an injury

* Top neuromuscular areas to check for the cause of pain

* Some of the key muscles that may be contributing to shoulder issues that go unchecked

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Just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's healthy.

Avoiding certain things in the diet like gluten, sugar, dairy, carbs, and joy, may "help" initially but that doesn't necessarily make what your doing the best long-term strategy for your health.

When you avoid carbohydrate fuel sources, your body adapts to using fat for energy.

In order to access that stored fat, you need to increase cortisol.

Cortisol can help blunt some of your symptoms.

You may very well feel "better" but at what cost?

Intermittent fasting works similarly.

In order to access stored energy when you don't have food coming in, you still gotta lean into cortisol.

Long-term, cortisol will decrease activation in key brain areas involved with logic, reason, personality, and cognition.

Short-term, you may feel great but it will eventually catch up to you.

Play the long game with your health.

Build up metabolic resilience rather than fear.

Prometabolic approach for the win.


This is my favorite concept in how the brain works. ⁣

Your brain can AND will change. ⁣

And how it changes will determine your future. ⁣

And all of your life up to this moment has shaped the response you’re having to reading this post⁣

Whether you have back pain or brain fog, sleep issues or gut problems, asthma or depression, your brain is heavily involved in controlling that process.

And you can change your 🧠 !

You can rewrite your destiny and make your future anything you want it to be.

Good food and great activation can go a long way in changing your life for the better. ⁣

And with enough effort in the right direction, the sky is the limit.



I am releasing a weekly subscription service full of fantastic gems of knowledge I've learned from my many years of nutrition, fitness, and neuro.

Each week you will have access to me as I cover a specific brain health and prometabolic topic each and every week.

More details to come but if you are excited, drop a 🎉 in the comments below!

I'm so stoked to share all of this with you.


As I look at this list, Im thinking we’re going to need two livestreams to cover all this.

So it’s settled.

One this coming Sunday 8/21 one the following Sunday 8/28

Same time for both:
1pm Est
12pm CST
11am MST
10am PST

See you soon!



Going Live on IG this Sunday!

Your boy is back!

I’ve been so busy coaching and teaching that I haven’t had time to do an IG live in way too long.

But fret not fraulein, it’s finally happening.

Truthfully I love teaching and these live Q and A sessions are an absolute blast.

I’m probably only going to be doing them a maximum of 1 per quarter for a while as my schedule is filling up quickly.

That said, I still have some room for questions so if you want, send me any and all questions you have and I will cover them this Sunday live!

See you soon space cowboy!



The idea that acidity is the basis of cancer actually stems from the research of Otto Von Warburg. ⁣

He found that cells that got stuck in a glycolitic state, even in the presence of oxygen, were creating tons of lactate as a byproduct. ⁣

Lactate is the result of stress-based energy metabolism and is a sign of deranged mitochondrial functioning. ⁣

Warburg found that if he could reverse this process and get the cells to break out of glycolysis and shift into deeper oxidative phosphorylation, cancer would be averted. ⁣

Simultaneously you would see less lactate, hence the low acidity hypothesis. ⁣

CO2 can lower your pH by way of carbonic anhydrase. ⁣

Given how powerful CO2 is in disease prevention and longevity, yet simultaneously it lowers pH, that alone should make someone question the acid basis of disease. ⁣

Breathe right and eat right and manage your stress. ⁣

Whatever money you’re now saving by not buying green drinks, you can buy me a coffee with that sometime. ⁣

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See you soon


Welcome everyone to my new coaching page.

My last page got hacked and I lost access to the page.

I will be updating this much more regularly anyways so forget about that old chestnut.

Time for the new hotness.

Glad to have you here!





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