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Jaxon and Adrianna attend Bickel's after-school program (Boys and Girls Club). On Valentine's Day, all of the students were released onto the playground with their bags of goodies. Immediately, the treats began to be devoured and wrappers were strewn all over the playground. These two students, on their own, stopped playing and began picking up the garbage. They spent about 25 minutes (of their free time) cleaning the playground. Thank you Jaxon and Andrianna for taking pride in your school!
Many students learn best when they have a hands-on activity to help them connect with the content. Examples of this happen all over the district every day! First-grade students at Lincoln Elementary had a great experience learning (and creating) volcanos!
Congratulations to the MVHS students who completed their graduations requirements during the 4th term last week! We are proud of your success!
The All-State Orchestra had an outstanding performance this month--featuring two pieces that were heard for the first time in Idaho. Grace Williams (CR viola), Alex Helms (CR violin), and Tana Torgimson (TF oboe) represented our school district well!

The All-State Band reached a new level of musicianship under the conductor Richard Saucedo (a huge name in the music world). Congratulations to Alexander Scarlett (CR horn), Anthony Ramirez (TF Bari Sax), and Emily Fouts (TF Bass Clarinet).

The All-State Orchestra had an outstanding performance this month--featuring two pieces that were heard for the first time in Idaho. Grace Williams (CR viola), Alex Helms (CR violin), and Tana Torgimson(TF oboe) represented our school district well!
Congratulations Miah Dutcher!
It is clear our teachers are dedicated to making school fun for their students. One example of this is how the 100th Day of School is celebrated across the district. First grade at Perrine Elementary School counted to 100 multiple ways, made fun 100th Day hats and the teachers aged to 100 years old. We were also visited by Zero the Hero to read a story to our class.
At South Hills Middle School, Ms. Chaffin’s students learned about Mitosis through an Oreo lab. What a fun, and delicious, way to learn! Our teachers do a great job of making learning fun for our students!
At Robert Stuart Middle School Bears, Mr. McFarlan's classes have their science projects on display in the library. The students had fun learning and are now excited to share with their classmates. These types of projects create not just knowledge in the content area (science) but enhance students' ability to communicate scientific thoughts and ideas. Thanks, Mr. McFarlan for helping our students develop these lifelong skills!
Each month the Student and Family Assistance Program provides a webinar to help support our families. These webinars are on demand and can be accessed at any time! This month's webinar provides guidance around grief and loss.
Jennie Peterson is serving in her first year as the Director of Elementary Education for the TFSD. Ms. Peterson moved to Twin Falls from Kodiak, Alaska and recently spoke to Pillar Falls' second graders about what it is like to live in Alaska. The second graders just read a story about Alaska and had many questions for her. They had so much fun learning about life in Alaska. Thanks, Mrs. Peterson!
At Lincoln Elementary School, Tana Schroeder’s students have been studying the water cycle and water pollution. Recently they created a water filter to reduce the turbidity (they learned that new scientific word).
We are committed to helping our students find their passions and prepare for whatever career path they choose. To do this our schools often provide opportunities for students to see where their career choices might lead. Twin Falls High School seniors visited three cosmetology schools here in the Magic Valley in their preparation for life after graduation. Just another opportunity for students to explore their interests for life after high school. Academy di Firenze Paul Mitchell the School Twin Falls Aveda Institute Twin Falls

Our mission is to provide a quality education necessary for students to be successful in life. We have 16 schools and over 9,700 students. The main purpose of this page is to share good news and accomplishments from all over the district.

Operating as usual

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For recent alumni of Twin Falls High School, you might have had the opportunity to take a science class from Ms. Dodds. Ms. Dodds taught science in the TFSD for many years. One of her students, Jill Chaffin, was so inspired by her that she became a science teacher as well. She now teaches at South Hills Middle School and is instilling the same love and passion for science that her mentor inspired in her.

South Hills Middle School


Hello TFSD Families!

Each month BPA Health (the company that provides five free counseling sessions to TFSD students and their family members) also provides a monthly webinar to help support students and their families. This month's topic is getting a good night's sleep! Visit to access the webinar on-demand (enter the Twin Falls School District with password 8339353816).


Parent involvement can help students reach their goals. That's one reason why Magic Valley High School hosted Pastries with Parents! The students involved in the Skills for Success class planned and organized the event and saw a great turnout! They had to really go outside their comfort zone. They helped promote the event by going around the school and informing all the classes about the event. They also had to make the flyers and set up for the event!

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/15/2022

Third-grade classes at Oregon Trail Elementary School just completed a phenomenal project integrating all kinds of learning with a fun hands on project. The classes studied maps, picked jobs, and built model towns.

Oregon Trail Elementary School


Don't miss the show!

Admission is $2 at the door!


At Canyon Ridge High School, Mr. Palmer's Market Economics students competed in a Food Truck Design unit, including "non-price competition factors" to give their products an edge. Students queried each other on the soundness of their strategies and designs before voting for their top choice. What a cool project!

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Congratulations Dusty! Helping our students succeed takes all of our staff members. We are so grateful for talented individuals like you!


Get your dose of TFSD History on this !

940-1950: A Nation at War

Much of this time period was dominated by World War II. The war caused a labor shortage in Twin Falls as men went off to fight in the war. As a result, schools closed for periods of time in the fall to allow students to help with the harvest. There were two other noteworthy events that happened during this time. The first was in 1947 when the Union School was added as a K-6 school to the TFSD. The second and most significant event occurred in 1948 when the County of Twin Falls was consolidated and went from 25 school districts to seven (Twin Falls, Buhl, Filer, Kimberly, Castleford, Hanson, and Murtaugh). As a result of this action, 5 rural school districts were added to Twin Falls Independent School District, and the district was renamed Twin Falls Class A District No. 411. The new boundary was roughly the boundary that exists today encompassing about 100 square miles. Later it just became the Twin Falls School District No. 411. The number represents the county (41) and the largest district (1).

The superintendent during this time was Alvin W. Morgan who served from 1941 to 1951. He was born in Seattle in 1901 and died in 1988. He graduated from Malad H.S. in Idaho. His first wife committed suicide in Portland after an illness in 1946. Morgan attended the University of Idaho (Go Vandals) and served as the superintendent in Firth and Blackfoot before coming to Twin Falls. After Twin Falls, he served as superintendent in Anchorage, AK.

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Magic Valley High School recently celebrated College Week! They had representatives from the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. And, received a prize from student Andrew Quintana a prize from The ISU Tech Expo in March.


Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/11/2022

Getting parents involved in their child's education is a big part of what makes our students successful! We are so grateful for the parents who are ready to be part of the educational process. Our schools do a great job creating opportunities for parents to learn alongside their children. Check out some pictures from one such event at Rock Creek Elementary School! Thank you the Children's Museum of the Magic Valley for providing some fun activities!

Children's Museum of the Magic Valley

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/10/2022

At Canyon Ridge High School , Lillian's Cawley's HOSA students, Brooklyn Anton and Vanessa Cortez (both sophomores) took first place in their HOSA Regional Competition in the Health Career Display and Presentation. Mrs. Cawley's students share their representation of the digestive system as other students critique, question, and give evaluative feedback.

Photos from South Hills Middle School's post 05/09/2022

What an exciting time of year! Kudos to the middle school staff members who start early to make sure the incoming sixth-grade class is ready for the next school year!

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/09/2022

Pizza at school? Of course! Especially when it's an exercise to help students learn about interacting with others, following directions, and fractions! The Sawtooth First Grade chefs had a great time taking pizza orders from each other, building the requested pizza, and cutting it in halves or fourths according to the order.


Teachers are allowed to leave the school building and do fun things without students... What? Two O'Leary teachers were in a community theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the 3rd wrote the adaptation and directed it. Left to right: Kelley Ramirez plays Miss Quince, Shelby Densley plays Cobweb, and Rebecca Ellis directs.

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/07/2022

Second-grade at Sawtooth Elementary School has been using some hands-on projects to bring the real-world into our geometry unit for math! Students were a part of a construction-themed 2D Shapes activity to compose various shapes using fruit snacks and toothpicks. They also were able to create a “menu” of popular foods to name and write the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes for a “Shape Cáfe”, and used cheese crackers as their tiles to “Crack(er) the Code” while solving their rectangle models’ “codes” to prepare for multiplication with equal groups. Lot’s of fun to beat spring fever and keep learning engaging!

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/06/2022

means it's time for some TFHS History!

In 1951 Ernest H. Ragland was hired as superintendent and ultimately became the longest-serving superintendent in the history of the TFSD. He was born on December 20, 1908, and died at age of 85 on September 20, 1994, in Twin Falls. He is buried at Sunset Memorial Park. He served as the superintendent in Filer before serving in the Navy during WWII. When he returned in 1945 he was hired as the superintendent in Murtaugh. In 1951 he was named Superintendent of Twin Falls. This was a busy period of time in the district as new schools were built and the district grew in size from about 4,000 students to over 6,000. Ragland retired in 1971.

In the late 1940s, the district began plans for a new 10-12 high school. In 1949 a bond was passed by a vote of 1,721 to 576 to build a new school. In 1953 the new Twin Falls High School was completed for a cost of $1,250,000. At the time it was said the building was one of the most modern and functional high school buildings in the west! The school has been added onto and remodeled over the years and has stood the test of time serving the patrons of Twin Falls!

PHOTOS: CapEd Credit Union Scholar of the Week banquet presented by the Times-News 05/05/2022

PHOTOS: CapEd Credit Union Scholar of the Week banquet presented by the Times-News

Congratulations to some awesome students!

PHOTOS: CapEd Credit Union Scholar of the Week banquet presented by the Times-News The CapEd Credit Union Scholar of the Week banquet presented by the Times-News gets underway Wednesday evening, May 4, 2022, at Blue Lakes Country Club in Jerome County.

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/05/2022

Here in the TFSD we know that students can be inspired to learn by interacting with older students. And, older students often learn from interacting with younger students. Here are some photos from Ms. Schroeder's fifth-grade class in a collaborative project they took part in with Ms. Greenwood's class freshman science class. The high school students lead the elementary school students in a moon lab. The social interaction and learning that happened were “out of this world!” It was an awesome experience for my kids not only to learn but to build relationships.

TFHS Blue Crew
Lincoln Elementary School


Thank you to all the amazing educators in the TFSD on this National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/03/2022

We are so proud of all of our students who are making plans to continue their education after high school! Congratulations to Isabella Romero from MVHS and Tara Call from TFHS who were awarded a scholarship to CSI through the Prosecuting Attorney Scholarship!

TFHS Blue Crew

Support Twin Falls School District Education Foundation in #IdahoGives! | Idaho Gives 05/02/2022

Support Twin Falls School District Education Foundation in #IdahoGives! | Idaho Gives

We are so lucky to have this organization helping enhance education in our community! Take a moment to check out their awesome playground project!

Support Twin Falls School District Education Foundation in #IdahoGives! | Idaho Gives I’m ready to support Twin Falls School District Education Foundation on May 2, 2022 during Idaho Gives. Learn more about Twin Falls School District Education Foundation and all the other organizations participating in .


Here's a great opportunity to recognize an outstanding youth philanthropist! (some of our amazing seniors with community service senior projects come to mind!) The deadline for nominations is July 17!

Idaho Nonprofit Center

Photos from Twin Falls School District's post 05/02/2022

Our schools know how to make learning fun! Just one example comes from Lincoln Elementary School and their AWESOME Family Fun Night! Engaging parents in our schools is key to success for our students! We are so grateful to the teachers who put in extra time to make this happen and to the families who came out to have fun at school!

Lincoln Elementary School


We can't wait to see you this week for Engage in Education! Wednesday, May 4 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Twin Falls City Park. We'll be serving a free hot dog dinner and every school will have a little something to share with the attendees. Here' just a few examples of what you will see:

Art displays from the students at Bickel Elementary School.

An excerpt from Pirates the Musical from Perring Elementary School.

A performance from the cheer and dance teams from O'Leary Middle School.

Some line dancing and a play excerpt from Lincoln Elementary School.

And so much more!

Vera C. O'Leary Middle School
Lincoln Elementary School
Bickel Elementary School

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The best, most appropriate District/school use of social media tools fall generally into three categories:

1. As a means of disseminating time-sensitive information as quickly as possible (example: school closure due to weather conditions);

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