Snake River BASE Academy

Snake River BASE Academy


Dear base jumping community!

I'm a basejumper from Ukraine. We've probably met on some exits, or during some awesome jumping events all over the world. I'm calling out to you because basejumpers(well, most of them anyway) are those types that have their critical thinking tuned in and understand what s**t is real and what is not. russian fascists are into a full scale invasion of Ukraine, and since their "brilliant" blitzkrieg has failed, they are now onto casual warfare, with air raids, shelling, ballistic and cruise missiles that target everything, including civilian population. It's fu***ng genocide. Lots of pics and video online. Problem is, russian population is drowned in propaganda, and is cut off from any reliable source of actual information. More than that, they just don't want to believe. So, only direct actions that affect them will brake the spell and force their brains to start critical thinking.

So, I am asking you, the community, to deny all access to basejumping events, transport to exit points, and any and all assistance for basejumps to russians. The whole world is already denying everything to them, even FAI and the skydiving community is issuing a total ban for them. I'm not even mentioning casual sports which threw russians out of every international sport league and event there is.

(no blue sky over Ukraine, only black death)
Anyone here a Nashville jumper?
Fear to love..lucky to lived peace ..shhhhhhhhhe?
Just felt like I needed to say this...James is better than Jokke. That is all.

We teach B.A.S.E. The Snake River BASE Academy offers the most thorough BASE instruction and only BASE dedicated classroom in the world today.

Some of the outstanding features of the instruction include:

• More jumping skills than any other course. The Fundamentals of BASE course covers pilot chute assist, hand held, stowed, static line, night jumps, slider up and slider down jumps.

• More packed jumps per day than any other course. Students typically make 4-8 jumps per day, and average around 14 jumps per course. Complete Training in

Operating as usual


First solo jump for a winter baby bird ❄️🕊

Photos from Snake River BASE Academy's post 04/01/2022

Wrapping up the winter laps with another successful group of Fundamentals students 😤❄️

Check out our course schedule for the final summer spots 👆🏽🗓

📸 @base_junkie


2022 Tracking Courses Are Open ❗️❗️

Enrollment for the Summer 2022 Tracking Courses is now open.

The Introductory Course in Italy will be held July 11-15, 2022.

The Intermediate Course in Switzerland will be held July 18-22, 2022.

The total course cost will be $1995 per course.

Successful completion of the Introductory course is a mandatory prerequisite for the Intermediate course.

You can schedule both courses back to back, but if your performance on the Introductory course is not sufficient to make the jumps in Switzerland, you will not be allowed on the Intermediate course and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Because of increased costs of airfare, and the possibility of Covid (or World War III) related cancellations, the process will be a little different than past years.

Please Read Before Making a Deposit:

1). You make a $1000 deposit to hold your spot.

2). On May 1, we make a decision on whether the course will go or not (based on travel restrictions in Italy and Switzerland, where the tracking courses are held). Be aware that if Switzerland won’t allow us to bring the Intermediate course, it’s likely we will cancel the Introductory course in Italy as well, because we need to be able to spread the airfare costs for the instructors over both courses.

3). If we cancel the courses on May 1, then you receive a full refund of your deposit. NO REFUNDS will be given for any other reason, because we will need to book rooms and schedule airfare, and those costs will not be refunded to us.

4). If we do confirm that the courses will happen, then the balance of the course fee ($995) is due by May 15. Failure to pay the balance will result in a cancellation of your enrollment, and your deposit will not be refunded.


The 29 March - 1 April Fundamentals of BASE course has been sold out, but we've just had a space open up. Sign up now because it'll go fast.

#SRBA #fundamentalsofbase #basejumping


Turtle Tracking off Monte Brento

Snake River BASE Academy

Photos from Snake River BASE Academy's post 02/15/2022

BASE progression doesn’t look the same for everyone. ⚖️

The average number of skydives to make before BASE jumping is about 200. How many skydives did you have before you started BASE jumping?


Parkour Landing

How to reverse uno a stripped toggle 🃏🔄 #Parkour #basejump


2022 course dates 🗓💥

Fundamentals of BASE:
5-8 March 2022 (FULL)
29 March-1 April, 2022 (FULL)
21-24 April, 2022
24-27 May, 2022
23-26 June, 2022 (FULL)
26-29 July, 2022
8-11 September, 2022
11-14 October, 2022
3-6 November, 2022

Object Avoidance:
4-7 April, 2022 (FULL)
29 June-2 July, 2022
1-4 August, 2022
14—17 September, 2022

Landing Skills:
26-29 September, 2022

Object Evaluation:
20-23 September, 2022

Rigging Skills:
15-18 February, 2022

Introductory Big Wall Tracking:
11-15 July, 2022

Intermediate Big Wall Tracking:
18-22 July, 2022


For course details or registration, follow the link in our bio 🤙🏽

Photos from Snake River BASE Academy's post 02/04/2022

First course of the year in the bag - and it was nipply 🌨

Our next two Fundamentals of BASE Courses have sold out. Check out the course schedule on our website for the next available or email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist for a sold out session.


The time has come: our next Rigging Course is February 15-18, 2022 🗓🧵🪡

Learn the process of repairing and maintaining your magic backpack, as well as:


@jjdoesstuff1 taking in the view in Brazil #basejumping #separationislife #magicbackpacks


We just opened a spot in the 9-12 September Fundamentals of BASE course.


Redemption jump #jawbone #twinfallsidaho #basejumping #separationislife #base #takeitdeepforsafety


Now that’s determination! #basejumping #cliffday #twinfallsidaho #jawbone #weouthere #independenceweekend


Separation is life #basejumping #base #twinfallsidaho #comeseeus #takeitdeepforsafety #freefall


#earthporn #moab #nevergetsold #approach #redrocks #utah #alwaysapleasure


Terry with a nice one off Tombstone #moab #snakeriverbase #basejumping #separationislife #takeusback #lesswindthough


Solid work from these boys this week. #objectavoidance #againstallodds #fcuktheforecast #twinfallsidaho #wedidit #basejumping #zero2four #takeitdeepforsafety #separationislife


Kids know what’s up #safetyfirst #grownasskids #basejumping #basegear #snakeriverbase #twinfallsidaho


My commentary speaks for itself on this one 👌 #takeitdeepforsafety #separationislife #basejumping #magicbackpacks @apexbase @ataircanopies #arizona @az_base @basegear #lostdutchmanstatepark


Into the storm we go, to jump in wind and take it low. #moab #rainsucks #keepgoing #takeitdeepforsafety #basejumping #magicbackpacks


Geeeeek 📸 #basejumping #twinfallsidaho #magicbackpacks #soccerbase #allforthelove


Terry bringing it in #basejumping #magicbackpacks #moab #moonflower #snakeriverbase #separationislife #innylonwetrust


Chastity in the waiting room #moab #echo #basejumping #magicbackpacks #snakeriverbase #zero2four #nowind #yeahright


Glass #nuffsaid #thatswhatwelike #placeslikethis #keepnaturewild #exceptforsnakes #killthemall #calmbeforethestorm #zona #stillwaters


@socalbum88 was working hard dialing in his fronts last week. Strong work my man 👊 This one was 💰💰💰
Dive - wait to go head low
Tuck - wait to come around
Pitch - wait for the deployment
#flipsntricks #snakeriverbase #patience #magicbackpacks #basejumping #twinfallsidaho


@erfernandezv really doesn’t have any fun #ever #everydayisfriday #moab #moonflower #basejumping #magicbackpacks #redrocks #nicepush #duh #imjumpingoffacliff


@nate_plumb1 showing how it’s done on GSpot #moab #basejumping #separationislife #magicbackpacks #nylonlife


Marie taking it in #snakeriverbase #twinfallsidaho #homeoswherethebridgeis #stability&separation #basejumping #freefall 📸 @s_torment87


❤️❤️❤️ #parriott #20min #flatwalk #promise #moab #redrocks #neverendingwind #dreamworld
#separationislife #snakeriverbase


Against all odds! Early birds catching worms this week. #moab #fighttheforecast #redrocks #justsendbilly #flatwalks #walkingtrip #tombstone


@dannygtv waiting #moab #redrocks #blackdragon #snakeriverbase #separationislife


Lil early morning tweener. The cows on the right were not impressed #bridgesoftheworld #wherevertheyare #wewilljumpem #onlyiftheybigenough #theresreallynotthatmany #basejumping #magicbackpacks #weirdangle #zonabase #youknow #doaflipforsafety


See ya ✌️ #basejumping #twinfallsidaho 📷 @s_torment87 #snakeriverbase #separationislife #fundamentalsofbase


JR with a nicely executed gainer off Moonflower during Turkey Boogie last year #moab #basejumping #flipsntricks #stuntin @cyndi.glennon #magicbackpacks

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Parkour Landing



BASE Jumping Training Courses

Fundamentals of BASE
Safety Skills: Object Avoidance
Safety Skills: Object Evaluation
Safety Skills: Landing Skills

Introductory Big Wall Tracking
Intermediate Big Wall Tracking




137 Main Ave E
Twin Falls, ID

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