College of Southern Idaho BME Program

College of Southern Idaho BME Program


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Hello friends! The Vet Tech Program needs a little help finding these beautiful dogs a home. It’s that time of year where people are looking for the perfect furbaby for the holidays. Look no further! All animals come vaccinated and spayed or neutered. These animals are looking to be loved, supported and trained as they have no place to go but back to the shelter, and that is not a life for such sweet babies.
Please Contact Emily Mussleman at 208-732-6477
Jody Rockett 208-732-6408
Or give me a call at 360.852.5862 if you can’t get a hold of them.
*** Please share, this is a very urgent posting, time crunch if you will, they go back this Friday.
First off we have Mator, he has been aged at 1-2 years old, he would be his best good boy self if he were the only animal in the house, he loves to run, so if you are setting that new year’s resolution to lose some poundage or just exercise for fun (weirdo) - he is your dog. (Hound lab mix)

Next we have Rowdy, he has been aged at less than 1 year old, and that means there is time to train him the way that works for your house. Rowdy will be his best self with a sister or as an only dog. He hasn't been tested with cats. He does know basic commands already. (Border collie mix)

Then we have Tiny, she is a super sweet and a lovable dog. She was an owner surrender, she is aged at 3 years old. She amazing with other dogs and children, while also not paying any attention to cats. Tiny would be her best self if she could just get adopted. Everyone loves this sweet girl (Border collie mix)
Sharing for all the young professionals in the BM&E program.

Join the Magic Valley Young Professionals, a committee of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, for a professional development lunch. Presenters from the Idaho Small Business Development Center will share insights into entrepreneurship and steps to exploring setting up your own business.

There is no cost to attend the event, but reservations are needed for lunch. Please click this link to register online either through your Chamber membership login or as a guest with your email.

Thank you for your support of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Shawn Barigar, IOM
President & CEO
Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
2015 Neilsen Point Place, Suite 100
Twin Falls, ID 83301
p. 208-733-3974
c. 208-316-2956
I have books for sale.

MGMT 10- Principles of Management -$30

MKTG 11- Principles of Marketing -$30

Project Management fourth edition - $15

please contact me 2082122877

College of Southern Idaho Business Management Entrepreneurship Associate of Applied Science Degree P

The Business Management and Entrepreneurship Curriculum is a technical program resulting in an Associate of Applied Science. The program provides students with the skills necessary to own and operate their own business or to assume manager level positions. The one-year Business Management Technical Certificate is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become successful at th

Operating as usual


💥BME Students past and present, please take note!💥
Our fearless leader, Robin Bagent, is retiring. After years of dedicated service to this program and its students, we want to honor her dedication. 💖 We have an online portal where you can leave a message for her. It only takes a minute!
If you have not yet received the link, please email [email protected] and it will be sent! Thank you for taking a moment to acknowledge this amazing woman who has been a mentor to so many.😊

The best college student discounts: Where to find them and how to use them 01/27/2023

BME students, be sure to always ask for the student discount! Whether you are studying in person or online, many retailers and restaurants offer college student savings. Get in the habit of asking, small savings add up! 😎

The best college student discounts: Where to find them and how to use them College students are heading back to campus this month. Here are the retailers offering student discounts so you can save on back-to-school shopping.

Council Post: The Best Business Advice These 10 Entrepreneurs Have Ever Received 01/26/2023

Excellent quick read! #1 on the list is "Create a Business Plan". This needed skill is the focus of our BUSM262 Entrepreneurship Essentials. 👍

Council Post: The Best Business Advice These 10 Entrepreneurs Have Ever Received Many times, an advisor turns into a true mentor who can offer guidance, support, motivation and understanding when times get tough, as well as the advice needed to help get you back on your feet.


do my homework.

What Is NOCTI? 01/15/2023

As part of the College of Southern Idaho BME Program, students will participate in the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute's exam. Or "the NOCTI", as we lovingly refer to it. 😁 The test helps ensure that program directives are in line with needed business and management concepts. If you haven't discussed the NOCTI with Robin, please do so. You got this!

What Is NOCTI? What is the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute? Why are they so important? Learn all about NOCTI certifications and why they matter in CTE!

Photos from College of Southern Idaho BME Program's post 01/13/2023

China Panda is Ketchum's original Chinese restaurant in the Wood River Valley. The restaurant's manager is also a BME student utilizing class projects in real time to build marketing and management strategies for the coming year. If you're in the area, don't miss these egg rolls! YUMMY! 🐼


The BME Program not only serves future business professionals and entrepreneurs... but we host students with current, functioning enterprises. You can utilize class projects to focus on your current business operations! Check out this snippet from 🐝 Bubble Bee Laundry Service's Marketing Plan🐝. Awesome work Bridget! Wishing you great success in the year ahead!
If you live in the Mini Cassia area and need clean, fresh laundry delivered right to your door... Bubble Bee is the one to see! 🐝

5 ways to learn new things in the new year 01/03/2023

🌟Happy New Year! 🌟What are your goals for 2023? I hope they involve the College of Southern Idaho BME Program! 😁This is an interesting quick read about learning and growth mindset. There is still time to register for classes! We look forward to seeing you next week!

5 ways to learn new things in the new year Adults can continue to learn new things if they follow a few simple rules.


Who's ready for the holiday break? 😀


This week, Project Management students presented their revamp of CSI's QR Code Tour. 📣 With help from the IT department, students were able to improve tour contents and user experience. Excellent work team! For more info, visit the website

Digital marketing skills are in demand - SmartBrief 12/07/2022

🌟Digital marketing skills are IN DEMAND!🌟
In BUSM 245 Social & Electronic Marketing, you'll learn to: build a customer centric website, leverage social media, search engine optimization and design for UX. Not great with a computer? Not sure what these terms mean? Well then this class is for YOU! Space is available for both online and in-person Spring sections.

Digital marketing skills are in demand - SmartBrief Digital marketing, including SEO and Google Ads knowledge, is among the top trending skills in the US, per Preply analysis.

Photos from College of Southern Idaho BME Program's post 12/06/2022

Have you registered yet for spring term? Business Management/Entrepreneurship classes are 'hands-on' with fun activities in EVERY class. These pictures are from the "Training Others" assignment. As you can tell...we do have fun. :-) Give Robin a call to learn more about the program or to get enrolled. 208-732-6392 Classes start January 9th.


Are you struggling? Concerned about finals? Confused about projects? Whether you need assignment help, clarification, or just an encouraging word... your Professors and Instructors are here.😍 We exist to serve YOU... and we know you can do this! Please reach out if you need anything.


Honoring all who have served and are serving. Thank you to our veterans. ❤️🇺🇸 The campus is closed today for the Veteran's Day holiday.

3 Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Retention 11/11/2022

BUSM 181 Human Resources Management explores the functions and employment of human resources to achieve organizational strategic goals. Spaces are open for spring, both online and in person. ⭐️Register today!⭐️ Entrepreneur magazine discusses the increasingly important role of employee experience to businesses of all size. For the full article:

3 Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Retention Employers can bolster retention efforts by focusing on the candidate and employee experience.


Recreation is a very important part of BME students' health, both physical and mental. What better way to unwind this semester than with relaxing yoga? CSI Recreation Center offers drop-in yoga classes and yoga rooms with mats and blocks you may use at any time.
With the instructor or without,
stretching your muscles is nice, no doubt. 😁

The Best Online Associate In Entrepreneurship Programs 11/03/2022

College of Southern Idaho BME Program rated #4 in the nation. Wow! Imagine if they met our students... we'd be #1 for sure 🙂

The Best Online Associate In Entrepreneurship Programs Find the best online entrepreneurship associate degrees and further your career with skills from an accredited online degree.


👻Happy Halloween👻 Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful evening!


Yesterday, BME students toured CSI's Applied Technology and Innovation Center.🌟 We learned about current manufacturing trends, production innovations, and supply chain issues... and had fun doing it! Many thanks to Manufacturing Technology Instructor James Kellis for the opportunity.

Photos from College of Southern Idaho BME Program's post 10/13/2022

Many thanks to Krissy Goff, Marketing & Advertising Manager and Regan Harr, Marketing Assistant at TheMagicTeam who presented to students this week about current marketing trends and careers. Said Goff, "Pursue your passion! Choose something you enjoy doing and a company you are happy at". Thank you to TheMagicTeam for your commitment to our community and the great insight you brought to our classes. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Wishing you an excellent long weekend! 😃 Don't forget the campus will be closed Monday, October 10th in honor of Columbus Day.


So proud of our CSI BME students! Congratulations to all scholarship winners, 🥳and thank you to all who volunteered to make this year's conference a success!

Photos from College of Southern Idaho BME Program's post 09/23/2022

Very thankful for our guest speakers Christy Hawkins and Nate Bird of Townsquare Media. Both visited classes this week to discuss the future of digital, and the vast array of career opportunities available. Thank you Christy and Nate, we appreciate you! 🙂


This week, Social and Electronic Marketing students were visited by Idaho State University's NIATEC program. Big thanks to Alexander Nielson and Matthew Elliott who talked with students about cybersecurity threats and prevention. Said Nielson, "cybersecurity is a reality for all business professionals". NIATEC, the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center, is a consortium of academic, industry, and government organizations to improve the awareness, training and education standards in Information Assurance. It is the federally designated cornerstone for essential education and training components of a strong Information Assurance initiative. The center develops components of effective Information Assurance infrastructure for academic, industrial and governmental organizations. For more information, visit them online at


Today, BME students donated to their fellow campus community at Gilbert’s Pantry. They were welcomed by President Fisher, who took time to speak with them about the importance of considering others. Gilbert’s Pantry was created to support students in need. They offer food, hygiene products and school supplies. Gilbert’s Pantry is located on the second floor of the Taylor building behind the cafeteria in the Student Affairs office. No matter your situation, Gilbert's Pantry is here to help! Big thanks to Assistant Dean of Students, Rosa Lopez for her time today, and the impact she makes for CSI students!

15 of the best TV shows set in college 08/30/2022

So excited to have our BME students back! 😆 In cased you missed it... here's 15 of the best TV shows set in college. Which one is your favorite?

15 of the best TV shows set in college Here's a countdown of 15 of the best series, according to IMDb, that illuminate the interactions and intricacies of college life.


Today marks the start of Fall semester. What is your resolution for the academic year? Whatever it is... we know you can do it! Have a splendid first day. We're so glad you're here. 😀


The CSI Business Management/ Entrepreneurship Program is seeking community business leaders willing to serve as Advisory Board members. The panel will meet for a few hours in both Spring and Fall to give input for coming semesters’ programs. Our aim is align program objectives with current Magic Valley employer’s demands. Applicants should be in a position to provide current, relevant industry insights in management, business, marketing or entrepreneurship. If you would be interested in joining our volunteer panel, please email [email protected]


CSI's new Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Operations Management begins this semester. This BAS Degree serves to provide a pathway for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science Degree from a variety of disciplines and wish to obtain knowledge and skills necessary for employment in a supervisory or managerial role in a variety of settings, including in the food processing industry.
Develop: Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills and gain Management Knowledge.
This degree may be a great continuation for BME graduates. Are you a BME graduate looking to continue your education? If so, this program may be right for you!
Learn more at


Four spaces left in Social and Electronic Marketing, beginning August 22nd! Learn to build a website, leverage social media and harness the power of electronic marketing. This is a hands-on, engaging class that meets Monday and Wednesday from 10-11:20am. Register for BUSM 245 now at


A few spaces are still open in BUSM181 Human Resources Management this summer! We'll explore the functions and employment of human resources to achieve organizational strategic goals. HR legal environment, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, workforce diversity and practical skills for managing people through the understanding and use of HR functions and systems will be examined.


BME program manager, Robin Bagent, was named Technical Education Faculty of the Year for CSI. Well done!

Idaho Gives 05/07/2022

Last week Idaho Gives raised $3.6 million in support of over 600 Idaho based charities. ❤️ Amazing! Have you considered working for, or even starting, a nonprofit? Many incredible, and often high paying, careers exist in the world of nonprofit. To learn more, take BUSM276 "Introduction to Nonprofit Management" this Fall. 😊

Idaho Gives Join me and give back!


"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Congratulations to the Class of 2022. 👨‍🎓🎓 We are so proud of your accomplishment!


There's still time to register for Summer classes! ☀️ Have you considered taking BUSM 145 Marketing Basics? The class is entirely online. We'll examine the discipline of marketing and the need to create customer value and relationships in the marketplace. Study anywhere you like. Flip flops optional... but highly recommended.

Brain Food for Finals 04/25/2022

Could what you eat really affect your performance on finals next week? Absolutely! Brain food is a thing. 🍎🥔🍇 Check out these healthy finals week eating tips. Please rest well, hydrate, and know that we are cheering you on! 🙂

Brain Food for Finals For Cornell students, tomorrow marks the official beginning of finals. It’s the last push before our well-deserved winter break, and the stress is certainly piling on. With so much to balance between long study sessions and three hour exams, it’s easy for us to ignore our health and wellbeing. U...


Retail is on the rise! Whether your dream is a small boutique or working for a multinational retail conglomerate, BUSM 166 Retailing & Merchandising Management is for you! 📓📝 There's still time to enroll for the summer course which examines retailing trends, technology in the industry, merchandise planning and management, pricing, location, promotional strategies, human resource management, store design and layout, customer service, and the international movement of retailers.


ATTENTION BME Program Alums…I am proud to announce the launch of CSI’s Bachelor’s in Applied Science Operational Management degree beginning fall 2022. Tuition is only $285 per credit hour. Want to learn more! Give me a call. Robin Bagent 208-732-6392 or email me at [email protected]

Photos from College of Southern Idaho BME Program's post 01/29/2022

This week, BME students enjoyed guest speaker Christy Hawkins. Christy is the Digital Sales Manager for Townsquare Media, one of the nation's largest online media producers. A leading expert in social and electronic marketing, Christy gave BME students industry insights and career highlights. Thank you Christy!

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Our Story

Business Management and Entrepreneurship curriculum provides students with the skills necessary to own and operate their own business or to assume entry-level management positions. Students completing the one-year Intermediate Technical Certificate, learn basic management skills for the retail industry.

Completion of the second year of the program earns an Associate of Applied Science degree, giving students the knowledge and skills needed to begin their own business, or to manage entry-level business operations in a variety of industries. Topics of study include basic management philosophies and theories, organizational psychology, business strategy development, the ability to work successfully in teams, and analysis-based decision-making.

Students completing their AAS degree may choose to continue their education toward a bachelor of applied science degree. The BME program can be completed in the classroom or fully online.

Degrees Offered




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