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An incredible team of professionals in the Human Resource department working tirelessly to enhance student success by hiring caring educators and supporting them in the TFSD!

The TFSD Human Resources Department serves all schools in the TFSD. From custodians to principals we

OUR MISSION is to maintain a balanced approach while providing leadership, guidance and quality, customer-driven human resources services to support Twin Falls School District employees. The Human Resources Department oversees hiring of new employees, benefits, payroll, retirement, employee handbooks, sick leave, guest teachers, and much more.

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Kudos to Daisy Ortiz Campos, Kindergarten Teacher at Pillar Falls. She is the Certified Employee of the Month

Daisy is originally from Long Beach, California, and her favorite hobby is read-aloud stories. She loves getting into character for her kindergarten students and having fun. #1 on her bucket list is to travel Europe with her husband/best friend! She loves all things coffee. She works a couple Saturdays a month at a small local coffee shop, and it brings her much happiness. Her inspiration is her mom. “She is the hardest working person I have known. My mom always pushed me to be the best version of myself and to never settle.” The best word to describe her is happy. She chose this career because she feels like she has a lot of love to give, so being able to fill her students’ buckets makes her the happiest. And she wants to be remembered as the teacher who gave it all and cared so much for her students. No two days in the classroom are the same, which is why every day is the best day.

Principal Note: Daisy has been a wonderful addition to our kindergarten team! Her classroom is a supportive, caring environment for all of her students. She goes the extra mile to help her students learn and succeed. She is willing to help whenever needed, and her positive attitude is contagious. We love having her at Pillar Falls with us!


Congratulations to Heather Cardinale, Librarian at Pillar Falls Elementary. She is the Classified Employee of the Month.

Heather is originally from Antioch, California, and her favorite hobbies are reading, camping, ATV riding, and more READING. Her bucket list includes travel: Seeing the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt; A Gondola ride in Venice, Italy; and Enjoying a beignet in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Most people don’t know that Heather is claustrophobic. But her husband, children, and 4 grandchildren inspire her. She chose to be a school librarian because she loves working with children and reading. “Becoming a school librarian was a no-brainer.” Best day on the job: When a troubled student with severe social anxiety (and other things) finally opened up to me and started speaking with me about books he liked to read. I tried all school year long to get him to talk with me about anything. The last month of school it finally happened. It was at this point he told me that coming to the library was his favorite and he would miss coming to see me at specials when he went to middle school.

Principal’s Note: Heather has been doing a great job in our library for several years. She has created an inviting area for students to come and enjoy books. She is kind and caring as she gets her students excited to read. She is a team player and a valued member of the specials team. We love having her with us at our school!


Way to go, Cassie Sharp, Kindergarten Teacher at Oregon Trail Elementary. She is the Certified Employee of the Month.

Cassie gets her inspiration from her family, co-teachers & past teachers. Away from work, she enjoys reading and traveling. Her bucket list includes traveling to as many beach towns/ countries as possible. She describes herself as pretty open and determined. Cassie chose to be a teacher because she had an amazing 2nd-grade teacher who helped her when she was struggling with reading. “I hope to do the same for others.” She would like to be remembered as someone people can count on. Best day on the job? Every year has a new best.

Principal Note: Cassie stepped up this year as the kindergarten grade level leader. She helped her team and her students have a great school year. Cassie makes our school better!


Hip Hooray, Danielle Diaz, Long Term Guest Teacher at Oregon Trail Elementary. She is the Classified Employee of the Month.

Danielle comes from Carrington, North Dakota. Her hobbies away from work include walking and going to concerts. Some day she would like to travel to Colombia. She gets inspired by seeing kids happy while they are learning. Few people know that in elementary school she wanted to be a mechanic! She chose to be a guest teacher because she was a teacher and “retired” when she had her own kids. She wanted to be a mom and still teach. She can do both of those things by being a guest teacher. She would like to be remembered as the sub who cared and was always there for the students. Her best day on the job is every day that she is at Oregon Trail!

Principal Note: Danielle stepped into a very difficult situation and helped kids thrive! Danielle is an essential part of our Oregon Trail team; and despite only having Guest Teacher status, she’s as much of an influence as anyone could be!


Congratulations to Lori Hinton, ELL Teacher at IB Perrine Elementary School. She is the Certified Employee of the Month for April

When she was asked for a word to describe her, she said that her husband said she is indescribable. She enjoys spending time with her family doing crafts and cooking new food. Most people don’t know that she can’t swim and is afraid to go on a boat or be in water deeper than a bathtub. She doesn’t have a bucket list! Live each day to the fullest! She is inspired by the teachers that she works with – their dedication and kindness is unstoppable. She wants to be remembered as someone who cared about others. Her best day on the job has been when a student tells her they love learning or that they had fun learning!

Principal’s Note:

Lori brings out the best in her students and her team. She sets clear expectations and holds all to high standards. Lori’s leadership gets results. Our EL students thrive under her watchful eye. For me, who knew how much impact one person could have on my vocabulary. Lori’s flare for descriptive language has made an impression. She is ‘spicy’ and I love her ‘mojo.’ It is an honor to work with her.


Hats Off to Marisol Jimenez, Safety Aid at IB Perrine Elementary School. She is the Classified Employee of the Month for April.

Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, Marisol’s mother is her inspiration. The word that best describes her is caring. Her favorite hobbies are cooking and crafting, and the thing that nobody knows about her is that she doesn’t know how to drive. She would love to buy a house in Mexico someday. She chose to work in the schools because it allows her to be able to take care of her kids. She would like to be remembered as a kind, helping, loving person. She tries to make every day the best day on the job.

Principal’s Note: As our Safety Aide, Marisol spends her day with students who struggle with self-regulation. She approaches them with caring and compassion. It is no wonder that they have built strong relationships. As a colleague, Marisol is ever-willing to pitch in and help. Many of our staff, students, and parents rely on her support. She is a bundle of positive energy, and it is a joy to work with her.


Kudos to Shari Cowger, Rock Creek Elementary Principal. She is the Certified Employee of the Month for April.

Hailing from Clarinda, Iowa, (the home of Glenn Miller and birthplace of 4-H), Shari gets her inspiration from her grandmother: She taught in a one-room schoolhouse, riding a horse 5 miles each way to her little school. She was a widow early in life, went back to school, got her master’s, and became a principal. Many Saturdays were spent running around McKinley Elementary while she worked. She was still tutoring English Learners well into her 90s. Her love of learning and helping others was an amazing example. The word that best describes Shari is caring – with a little bit of sass. Something people don’t know about Shari is that she was raised on a farm and can do all things required of a farm girl: driving the tractor, cutting hay, disking, working the bean fields, detasseling corn, delivering calves, and castrating pigs. “You probably shouldn’t mess with me!” Her favorite hobby is making charcuterie boards, reading, and spending time with her family. Two things on her bucket list are learning to make pasta in Italy, and heading to Broadway to watch as many musicals as possible. She loves everything about education. Learning, teaching, the staff, students, and parents. She wants to help everyone reach their full potential while finding happiness along the way. She wants to be remembered as having been enough. “You always question if you did enough, if you tried hard enough, if you cared enough, if you worked hard enough.” Her best day on the job is EVERY DAY! There is always something to love about each day on the job. “I have absolutely loved being an elementary principal!”


Congratulations to Wendy Maughan, Student Support Para at Rock Creek Elementary School. She is the Classified Employee of the Month for April.

Hailing from Boise, the only thing on her bucket list is to live where it never snows! Her hobbies include crocheting, knitting, reading, baking, and gardening. New things she is learning how to do currently are: how to bake beautiful sourdough bread and create rock jewelry. “I Love YouTube!” The word that describes Wendy is curious. She loves to learn. She is finishing her degree in Elementary Education at W.G.U. Wendy wants to teach children to be lifetime learners and wants to be remembered as having made a small difference in others. The best day on the job was when she watched children using skills she taught in her S.E.L. lessons. They got it!

Principal Note: Wendy has done a phenomenal job in her role as student support specialist. This is her first year in this role, and she is very much appreciated by staff and students. She works directly with the school counselor to teach social lessons that have been invaluable. She also works with students in a tutoring role. She is definitely a busy lady, and you will always find her pushing her cart and running from room to room. She also brings a very positive attitude to the entire staff. She is willing to help wherever needed. I don’t believe she has missed afternoon bus duty all year. And she does it with a smile on her face. I have been extremely impressed with her dedication to students and her ability to always seek answers to help students find success. We certainly hit the jackpot when Wendy agreed to join the staff as our support specialist. She is an absolute gem.


Congratulations to John Garcia, Head Custodian at Bickel Elementary. He is the Classified Employee of the Month for January.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, John is a dependable employee who hates a messy work space, but enjoys building projects. He also enjoys fishing and kayaking. A retired craftsman of more than 35 years, John likes to stay busy. He would like to travel around the country with his wife. His inspiration is being able to make a difference and accomplishing his goals. He would like to make a difference in someone’s life. The best day on the job: Getting employee of the month!

From John’s Principal: John has been an amazing addition to Bickel. When visitors come into the building, they comment about how clean and well kept the building is. He takes care of the students and staff daily without hesitation or comment. Mr. Garcia makes a difference every day at Bickel!


Hats Off to Jaime Williams, Kindergarten Teacher at Bickel Elementary. She is the Certified Employee of the Month for January.

From Mars, PA, Jaime is a softhearted person who loves to make people laugh. Her Facebook followers look to her for a good chuckle. She says that every teacher she ever had lives within her as well as all the people who she has had the honor to teach with. She takes the best of everyone and makes them a part of her. Her dream is to be an author. She has loved writing since the 3rd grade. She would also like to travel to Lake Placid to spend time with one of the people who is always there for her. The job chose her. “I was born to teach primary students. I just can’t imagine life without teaching.” She hopes every person who walks through her door knows how much she truly cares about them. Best day on the job? Every day is the best day. “I will teach until my answer changes. Teaching gives me purpose.”

From Jaime’s Principal: Jaime is a bright ray of sunshine every day. In the classroom she has enormous energy while working with her kindergarten students. Mrs. Williams is the go-to for witty words and phrases to make you smile. Jaime has been a pleasure to work with for the past three years while I have been at Bickel.


Hats Off to Rick – Richard K. Turner, the Classified Employee of the Month for December from Morningside Elementary School. Rick is a custodian and a general handyman.

Rick gets inspired by work and money, and his pet peeve is stupid people. He has a hobby of restoring old trucks. When asked how people would describe him? He said he is nuts and willing. He would love to ride in a hot air balloon. He likes working inside and working with kids. So his current position is perfect for him. Asked how he wants to be remembered, he said, “I don’t know? As RK Turner?” Best day on the job? Working with Robert ! 🙂

Principal’s Rebuttal: Well, first I must say that Rick messed up this last answer because his best days are when he gets to work with me! I will forgive him. Rick is a hard worker and will problem-solve quickly if something needs to be repaired or “invented.” He is not afraid of physical labor, and takes pride in the job he does. He is afraid when Robert says, “well, we have another project to do.'' He is usually the first to volunteer. The staff at Morningside appreciates him and his attention to detail. We are lucky to have such an incredible custodian; and it helps that he also has a sense of humor. Thank you for all that you do!


Congratulations to Stephen Rahe, Certified Employee of the Month December. Stephen Rahe is a Special Education Teacher at Morningside Elementary School.

Stephen claims that his wife, Pam, and his children, Seth and Stephanie, are his biggest inspiration. His hobbies away from work are farming and golfing, and his one goal is to be able to play golf at Augusta. “I am afraid that probably won’t happen,” he says. One thing people don’t know about him is that his house is 100 yards from where he grew up. The reason he is a teacher: he wanted to have the summers off. Joking aside, he says he truly loves working with children and helping them to learn both socially and academically. He wants to be remembered as being someone that was passionate about life, caring of all people, and staying calm in many situations. Asked about the best day on the job, he replied, “I have had many best days on the job. They all seemed to have a common theme of students accomplishing the goals that they set. It makes me satisfied when I help them.”

Principal’s Note: Mr. Rahe returned to the special education world this year and he is making a tremendous impact on our K-3 students. He has a positive attitude and believes that all students can learn and excel. It is not uncommon to see Mr. Rahe laughing with his students. In an observation just completed, a student said to him, “I love all the work packets you give us!” He laughed and said, “well, I don’t hear that very often.” Students were so excited that they could read the passage he gave them that they wanted to take a copy home so that they could read it to their parents. He makes a difference every day with his students. When I first met Mr. Rahe, I thought he was this quiet guy who was a hard worker. The more I have come to know him, I have found that he is quite funny and may have a rebellious past that includes some ear piercing. All jokes aside, I am so proud of him and appreciate the love and care he shows for our students. He is a team player who is always willing to jump in and help. Thank you for all that you do each and every day.


We need you! Our students are counting on caring adults to help support their goals!


Hats off to Cindy Adams, Para ERC at Harrison Elementary! She is the Classified Employee of the Month!

Originally from Pocatello, Cindy’s inspiration is her mother. She loves camping and used to race motorcycles. She is empathetic and loves being able to give special attention that children might need. Someday she would like to go to Europe. But in the meantime, she would like to be remembered as a lady who loved Dr. Seuss Day. When asked about her favorite day on the job? “It’s a tie between the day I started Dr. Seuss day and the day I started Kids in Art for the school that are both still continuing today.”

Ms. Ardito, Cindy’s principal, stated: Cindy is retiring this year. She will be missed. She loves the students that she works with. She ensures that all students know that they matter, that they are noticed, and that their voice is important. She also contributes greatly at our school. She loves planning and assisting with family events and student enrichment opportunities. I really appreciate all that Cindy has given to our students at Harrison.


Congratulations to Robin Lancaster, 4/5th Teacher at Harrison Elementary School! She is the November Certified Employee of the Month!

Robin’s past and present coworkers are her inspiration. She is a caring person who loves golf, darts, and riding motorcycles. She has placed in State Dart Tournaments many times. Traveling with her husband is on her bucket list. She wants to know that she has made a difference in students’ lives. And the best day on the job is when she has former students come visit her.

Melissa Ardito, Robin’s principal has this to say about her: Robin is retiring this year, and she will leave behind big shoes to fill. Not only has she taught 29 years at Harrison, but she also attended Harrison as a student. She gives often of her time to our students and it shows. Students show huge growth with academics and personal skills. Robin is always willing to assist new staff and give of her time to assist with learning foundational pieces necessary for teaching. I really appreciate all that Robin has given over the years to our students, families, and staff.


Sawtooth Elementary School Librarian, Tammie Vance received a grant from the Idaho Lottery! Way to go Tammie!

Sawtooth Elementary School Sawtooth Elementary PTO Twin Falls School District Idaho Lottery KMVT News


Recently a few members of the District Office team went out and helped serve lunch. Here you see Ryan Bowman, LT Erickson, and Natalie Ellsworth hard at work!

Photos from TFSD Human Resources Department's post 10/07/2022

Dr. Dickinson, Superintendent of Schools is a bit of a history buff. He's been researching and sharing the history of the TFSD with community groups to help celebrate 115 years of the TFSD serving Twin Falls!

Photos from TFSD Human Resources Department's post 09/30/2022

Did you know we have some pretty amazing staff members? Derek Eccles, a school psychologist in the TFSD, completed the Bear100 race, from Logan, Utah to Bear Lake. He ran 100 miles over about 34.40 hours. It was his 2nd attempt at 100 miles, and he nailed it. He worked all week after that, too. Way to go Derek!


Cheers to Alysia Beebe! As the Counseling Secretary at Canyon Ridge High School, she is the Classified Employee of the Month for September.

Alysia is inspired by her kids. Her pet peeve is new enrollments: The process – not the kids! Her favorite hobby away from work is relaxing in the warm sunshine. She is compassionate but with boundaries.On her bucket list is owning a cabin in the mountains. She chose this job for the perks.She is making it a career because she has come to realize she loves the job! She wants to be remembered as the best counseling secretary ever! “Although Karen Fjeld is hard to beat.” Alysia’s best day on the job is the first day of summer break! Every year!

Principal Kasey Teske says I never thought we would ever find a suitable and super kind replacement for Karen Fjeld. Well . . . Canyon Ridge struck gold again hiring Alysia Beebe. She is the most amazing Counseling Secretary.


Congratulations to Scotty Thompson! As the Vice Principal of Canyon Ridge High School, Scotty is the Certified Employee of the Month for September.

Coming from Rupert “RedNeck” Idaho, Scotty was inspired by all his high school coaches and PE teachers: “Who does not love Dodgeball???” His hobby away from work is anything physical and outdoors such as biking, hiking and water skiing. He ran 26.2 miles without stopping. “Anyone can walk 26 miles.” Scotty chose this career because, “Believe it or nor, I really want to see students and teachers succeed. I know with my positive demeanor and work ethic I can make a difference.” He wants to be remembered as a guy that cared more about others than himself. He cannot really pick a best day on the job. He says he loves working at CRHS. “My wife says all the late nights I spend at CRHS only improves our relationship.”

Principal Kasey Teske says Scotty is one of a kind. He is the most hard-working, fun-loving guy I know. It is truly an honor to work with him at the Ridge.


Congratulations to Emily Bystry! Emily is the Certified Employee of the Month for March from Lincoln Elementary School. Emily is a second-grade teacher.

When asked why she chose this career she said, "Once upon a time I had a great fourth-grade teacher, and I always aspired to be as excellent of a teacher as she was for me."

Lincoln Elementary School Principal, Cheri McKenzie said, "Emily Bystry moved from Illinois and joined Lincoln this school year, where she quickly won hearts of the staff. She graciously stepped up to take the second-grade newcomer class and has been the perfect fit. In addition to being an excellent teacher, she is a genuine, kind soul. Lincoln has been fortunate to have found her!."


Congratulations to Christie Hyde! Christie is the Classified Employee of the Month for March from Lincoln Elementary School. Christie is a behavior para.

When asked why she chose this career she said, "At first it was far convenience but 30 years later its because I love watching kids grow."

Lincoln Elementary School Principal, Cheri McKenzie said, "Christie Hyde has worked in Lincoln's special education department for many years, as an academic paraprofessional and now a behavior para. Her sweet nature serves our students well, as she patiently attends to their needs. Her natural ability to nurture our students and staff with her many talents has blessed Lincoln. It's no wonder we call her Mama Christie."

Photos from Twin Falls School District Education Foundation's post 03/09/2022

We have some outstanding educators in our district! Thank you to the Twin Falls School District Education Foundation for honoring them!


Congratulations to Gayla Blanton! Gayla is the Classified Employee of the Month for February from Support Services. Gayla is Medicaid Coordinator for the TFSD.

When asked how she would want to be remembered she said, "as a little country and a whole lot of Rock and Roll."

Support Services Director, Kindel Mason said, "Gayla had done a phenomenal job organizing and improving our processes in relation to Medicaid. She is always willing to provide training and support to staff as they learn to navigate billing processes, and has streamlined the process for staff to make it easier for them to submit billing. She is proactive in saying abreast of the many Medicaid requirements and changes. Gayla has put systems in place to identify areas to grow our Medicaid reimbursements. She brings positive attitude and growth mindset to Support Services and we are so glad to have her on our team."


Congratulations to Sharlie Amen! Sharlie is the Classified Employee of the Month for February from Magic Valley High School. Sharlie is a secretary at MVHS.

When asked how she would want to be remembered she said, "as a good mom."

MVHS Principal, Roger Keller said, "Sharlie took over as secretary at Magic Valley High School in October of this school year after serving as our librarian to finish out last year. Starting a new job is a challenge, let alone after school has already started, but Sharlie has taken it upon herself to learn all she can about he position and is doing an admiral job. Sharlie has multiple duties throughout the day and faces many interruptions, however, she is very efficient managing her time and generates quality work. As the first person that patrons meet or talk to on the phone she represents our school in a very positive, professional manner. Sharlie is a team player and works well with our students, parents, faculty and administration. She is a pleasure to work with."

School board members fill the Statehouse 02/22/2022

We are excited to have our school board represented this week at the Statehouse! Thank you to the VOLUNTEER School Board Trustees who took time out of their busy schedules to represent our district!

School board members fill the Statehouse Dozens of K-12 trustees dined with legislators, watched debates on the House floor and testified before the Senate Education Committee during a lobbying event that kicked off Monday.


Congratulations to Nevada Zamora! Nevada is the Certified Employee of the Month for February from Support Services. Nevada is a school social worker.

When asked how she would want to be remembered she said, "honest and down to earth."

Support Services Director, Kindel Mason said, "She is a hard worker, caring individual, and gives her all for those who she serves. She has set the example and standard for many others in the Support Services Department. She knows her job and she gets it done. We are very grateful and fortunate to have her on our TFSD team. Her concern for the students and their parents is such a privilege to observe. Nevada definitely goes above and beyond for the district and the students. Nevada always volunteers to help out whenever the need arises. Her positive attitude is infectious and she brightens everyone's day."


Congratulations to Crystal Taylor! Crystal is the Certified Employee of the Month for February from Magic Valley High School. Crystal is an art and lifetime sports teacher at MVHS.

When asked how she would want to be remembered she said, "kind, understanding, and sincere."

MVHS Principal, Roger Keller said, "She is very involved with our student leadership group and provides guidance and direction concerning activities the group is involved in. Crystal cares about her students and will bend over backward to help them succeed. She is very prepared, dedicated, organized, and is well respected by students and staff. Crystal is very passionate about Magic Valley High School and is willing to take on new challenges to improve our school. She is a team player and a pleasure to work with."


Thanks for putting on this great training! We were proud to have you at one of our schools!

We had over 50 districts attend ISBA’s Board Clerk Trainings this week. Some of the training topics included board meetings, open meeting law, and board clerk relations. We hope it was helpful!


Congratulations to an awesome teacher!

On Saturday our SHMS Administrators and teachers attended the IMLA (Idaho Middle Level Association) Conference, where we shared ideas and learned from other middle school educators across the state. We are also proud of our very own Beliz Garcia for being the IMLA Region 4 Teacher of the Year. She has worked so incredibly hard this year and deserves this amazing recognition.


Attention teachers! Check it out!

Twin Falls School District Teachers, mark your calendars! The Mini Grant application window will open on February 1st. Grants will be accepted during the month of February.


Congratulations to Ann-Marie Dobbs! Ann Marie is the Certified Employee of the Month for January. Ann-Marie is a first-grade teacher at Bickel Elementary School.

When asked why she chose this career she said, "My first grade teacher... the meanest woman on the planet and my second grade teacher who was absolutely incredible."

Bickel Principal, Michelle Brewer said, "Ann-Marie is a valuable part of Bickel Elementary School. She has been teaching long enough to know what it takes for children to be successful. She has worked hard all summer to learn about the science of reading and how to teach our children to become independent readers. This year has been a unique challenge from bridging academic gaps to some unusual behaviors within her classroom. Her smile, willingness to support others, share her knowledge, and positive attitude is a sincere part of the Bickel community."

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