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FYI Families with dancers in the Junior Showcase it is almost sold out!! Miss Jaime is at the theatre selling tickets for all shows right now during dress rehearsal.
Videos are Uploaded 4 Tuesday Night Kids Hip Hop & Hip Hop 1. Practice makes perfect!
Kids Hip Hop & Combo 2 & 3 - Your Choreography is Shared in the Parent Portal! Work!
Here are five skills I gained from my dance training that will serve any dancer long after their final bows. (By Marisa Hanson, printed in Dance Magazine on July 7, 2016)

1. A knack for problem-solving
When I accidentally ran on eight counts too early in San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker, I had to fix the problem and I had to do it fast. With a quick mind (and enough adrenaline), a dancer can handle anything from an onstage tumble to a class presentation gone wrong. The show must go on, after all.

2. Teamwork mentality
What greater example of teamwork is there than a corps de ballet? Dancing in the corps required me to work with a group of diverse personalities. This makes me a valuable player in group projects in which, like the corps, nobody looks good unless everyone looks good.

3. A “thick skin” and perseverance
As difficult as it was for me to hear from a professor that I was unlikely to pass her class last semester, I took it as a chance to up my game, ultimately exceeding her expectations and earning an A in the course. Dancers know better than to take criticism or rejection personally. We recover gracefully, challenging ourselves to improve instead.

4. Unwavering dedication
Dance has taught me the value of keeping commitments. I often missed out on concerts and parties in favor of rehearsals; if I didn’t show up, I wouldn’t get cast. While attending class in college is considered “optional,” in reality, the same rule applies: Skip a day? Forget about straight A’s.

5. A sense of self-discipline
Dedication matters, but showing up is only half the equation. Discipline is a side effect of our training, as technique classes are dictated to us through a series of commands. Self-discipline, however, is the drive to perform these actions to the best of one’s ability 100 percent of the time. Dancers are hard workers and self-motivators, taking their tasks seriously in any context. Whether it’s nailing 32 fouettés or landing a dream internship, dancers have what it takes to achieve their goals.

“To Inspire and Encourage Students to Discover Brilliance Within Themselves”

Operating as usual

Photos from Ovation Dance's post 04/03/2022

Holy moly what a day of dance!

Day 2 of competing was a blast!

Today we received 1 Green, 10 Blue, and 2 Red diamonds (Highest placement),
3rd and 4th place overall Teen Int, 2nd & 6th overall Junior Beg., 3rd place overall Teen large group Int and one of our dancers placed 3rd in the Dancer Dance Down!

Way to go Ovation Nation! We are so proud of you!

Timeline photos 04/02/2022

Learning new skills in dance class can seem impossible. But we promise when you put in the work, nothing is impossible!

What skill are you working on right now?


Congrats to our soloists of the first night !

Our Soloists received 4 blue diamonds, 1 red diamond, a judges choice- Fiercely Committed, and a judges choice- Fiercely Entertaining award! We have 1 more solo, a duet, teams and crews tomorrow!

Timeline photos 04/01/2022

Happy April Fool’s Day from Ovation Dance!

We love a good practical joke and want to know, did you play a prank on your dance teacher today?

Tell us in the comments below!

Timeline photos 03/31/2022

Whether it's doing our hair in first position, eating our breakfast in second position, or having conversations in third position, it’s a dancer thing to always be in position!

Share if you agree!

Timeline photos 03/29/2022

1. Dance Shoes

2. Extra Outfit

3. Hair Accessories

4. Water Bottle

5. Toiletries

6. First Aid Kit

7. Healthy Snacks

8. Notebook and Pen

Timeline photos 03/28/2022

Be happy...not because everything is GOOD but because you can see the good in EVERYTHING!

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy and Ovation Dance dancers know DANCE is one of them! 😊

Double tap if you AGREE!

Timeline photos 03/27/2022

Happy Birthday to the AMAZING Miss Hannah!⁠

We hope your day is filled with love and joy!⁠

Timeline photos 03/25/2022

These three things make for an unstoppable dancer!

We know it, now you just have to own it! Say it for yourself
I am Positive
I am Optimistic
I am Determined!

You should be so proud of yourself, you know Ovation Dance teachers are!

Timeline photos 03/23/2022

Do you have S.M.A.R.T dance goals? Share them in the comments!

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

Today is the day!

Registration for Our Summer Dance 2022 season is now open!

Visit https://www.ovationdanceid.com/summerdance22 to read all about the classes & to find the perfect classes for your dancer.

We would LOVE for you to dance with us!

Photos from Ovation Dance's post 03/21/2022

So proud of our dancers this weekend! Ovation Dance received the following awards:

5 Gold
3 High Gold
Overall Teen Tap Category Winner
Top 10 Teen Category 10th & 8th place

And one of our dancers placed in the top 5 dancers in the Senior Dance Off.

We are so excited to continue our competition season with these incredible dancers!

Timeline photos 03/20/2022

Spring Break is among us and staying active is important to keeping our bodies in top shape to return to the studio after our week off.

Here are 3 ways you can stay active at home when the studio is closed:
Play outside or go for a walk for 30 minutes every day.
Stretch during your favorite 30 minute TV show.
Practice any dances you have been working on to keep them fresh in your brain.

How are you staying active at home over Spring Break?

Timeline photos 03/19/2022

Point vs pointe...One is definitely harder than the other!
Not everyone will know the difference but us dancers know that life without ballet would be pointe-less 😉


Congrats to our first set of soloists on their competition tonight!

They brought home 3 High Gold & 2 Platinum placements as well as a 5th & 6th place in their Top 10 Teen Category.

Now on to teams and our final soloist and duet tomorrow!

Timeline photos 03/18/2022

Best of luck to all of our dancers and teams competing at Team Dance this weekend in Boise! We can’t wait to watch you light up that stage!⁠

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

Happy St. Patricks Day from Ovation Dance!

Did you know there is a tap step called an “Irish”? It’s a combination of a shuffle and a hop step! You can make it a “Double Irish” but adding in a shuffle ball change first. 🍀🍀🍀

Timeline photos 03/16/2022

Sometimes we can get down on ourselves but thank goodness for dance! We can all agree that getting through the day can be tough, but with perseverance, drive, and fun things like dance to look forward to we can achieve so much!

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

Spring Break is around the corner!

Don’t forget the studio will be closed from 3/21-3/25.

What are you doing for Spring Break?

Timeline photos 03/14/2022

Today is the day for all of our current Ovation Dance Families to preregister for Summer Classes!

Hurry quick to get 1st pick at the classes that you want for your child to have an awesome summer experience.

All new families may register starting March 21st!

Timeline photos 03/13/2022

Summer 2022 is just around the corner… Read on for a special sneak peek of the fun that’s to come this summer!

6 Week Summer Session Classes!

Saturday Themed Workshop for Tinys, Mini’s & Jr’s including some of our favorites: Princess Party, Encanto Dance Party, Rainbow Unicorn Dance Party and more!

Saturday Workshops for Tweens And Teens- Stretch & Strength, Audition 101, Hip Hop Crew, Choreography & more!

Summer Registration Opens for New Families on March 21st! Click the link in our bio to learn more.

Timeline photos 03/12/2022

We’re feeling LUCKY in the month of March and we’d be LUCKY to get to dance with you this month!

Tell us, what class would you be lucky to try out at Ovation Dance?

Timeline photos 03/10/2022


1) Make clean up time fun! - Play some fun music and every time your toddler picks up a toy, freeze the music.

2) Morning dance party! - Mornings can be chaotic, but waking up to a dance party makes it more fun for everyone.

3) Celebrate milestones with a music celebration! - Pick a song that is special to your family and when your toddler reaches a special milestone celebrate with a dance party.

Dancing at home will help develop creativity, confidence, and lift the spirits of all involved.

Let us know how you incorporate dance at home with your toddlers in the comments below.

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

Congrats to our February Dancers of the Month! These dancers were chosen by teachers and staff based on their attitude and work ethic inside and outside of the studio!

We are so proud of you!


Timeline photos 03/08/2022

Today at Ovation Dance we are celebrating ALL those strong, hardworking, and caring women who make igniting our dancers passions possible! 🤸‍♀️

Tag a STRONG woman who makes DANCE possible

Timeline photos 03/06/2022

At Ovation Dance our dancers love to twirl and swirl and pirouette, especially in their favorite leotard! They may not be the most comfortable, but it's not about what we wear, it's about what we can accomplish while wearing them! So throw on your favorite Leo and own it!

Our Story

“To Inspire and Encourage Students to Discover Brilliance Within Themselves”

Located in Twin Falls, ID Ovation Dance is a dance studio that provides lessons in an array of styles for all ages and abilities. We use dance to inspire and encourage students to discover brilliance within themselves. Our staff is devoted to teaching the highest quality of dance education through the use of our Core Values. These skills will not only create great dancers, but excellent & inspiring members of our community! Ovation Dance adheres to the Acrobatic Arts curriculum and is licensed.

Ovation Dance Core Values
1. Excellence

2. Confidence

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Welcome to Ovation Dance!
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