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The Private Voice Studio of performing artist Jared Michael Johnson. Currently accepting new students for the Fall.

Operating as usual

[03/31/20]   Missing my students today. Got some online lessons going though, but it is still tough. Keep singing everyone!

[03/16/20]   Classes and lessons are postponed this week. I’m looking into some online options for lessons in the meantime.

[01/28/20]   Had a fantastic day of teaching today. From Musicals to Rock Ballads to Art Song... such a varied repertoire this semester!

[01/21/20]   I return to lessons tomorrow! Taking one time off has been good, but I’m ready to get back to it!

On the docket this year, we have some ALW, Queen, Sinatra, Menken, Copland, Mozart, and much much more! I’m excited!

[01/09/20]   January is here! Lessons! Sickness! All that jazz. Stay healthy!

[12/12/19]   What a busy semester!!! Fun and exciting things ahead!

[10/29/19]   What a busy semester this has been. Incredible talent and some of the hardest working students I’ve had the privilege of working with though. Keep up the good work, everyone!

[08/31/19]   Now the studio awakens from Summer Hibernation!!! Who is ready to do some singing?!



Directing the Les Mis production from Ovation and The Rep is taking all of my posting time! Talented kids though! Super awesome!



[06/14/19]   Summer is a bittersweet time. Having to say “farewell” to some of your college bound students is always a little tough. But then I turn around and look at the smiling faces of those ready to keep working on their instrument, and I’m even more excited for the times to come.

Summer lessons in full swing now! Let’s get to work!


We had a remarkable set of vocal recitals last night! Just brilliant, I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of everyone (sorry!) but everyone performed excellently. A few more left to get on the stage for Grand Showcase this Saturday. Well done everyone!


Huge congratulations to Brendan Rowlands, Kasey Clements, and Suzy Stokes at the Ovation Adult Voice and Piano Recital. It’s a great pleasure to work with all of you, and was great to hear you all on the stage!


One of the most remarkable things about working with singers is that everyt voice is different. There really isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to singing as a whole. A lot of techniques work well for a lot of people, but it isn’t always the case. That’s why taking the time to work with individual singers and come up with solutions that work for the individual is so important. We’re all built differently, and that’s part of the fun of being a teacher. The voice is a puzzle and every voice is different.


Dear Julie Andrews

THE Maria von Trapp working with THE Julie Andrews.


Thank you Owen!

Maria von Trapp teaches Julie Andrews to Yodel


When I need a pick me up:


I’m super excited to be a part of bringing this zany little show to Magic Valley. Directing this show has been a goal of mine for a long time, and here we are. Audition information is on the rep page!

Magic Valley Repertory Theatre


This is something that all students of music should take to heart. Never be content with what you have learned. There’s always more.

[02/04/19]   “Should I Sing While Sick?”

On this day of Yuckiness (I’ve two very contagious illnesses) I thought I’d talk about singing while you’re sick, and if it’s ok to do so. So here is a book to read while scrolling through your feed!

But first: Being around people with something highly contagious isn’t cool. But if the show must go on, keep your distance as much as possible and don’t touch hands.

RULE ZERO: Generally speaking, if it hurts to phonate (to make a sound) then you need to stop. If you have pain while speaking or singing - shtap it. You’re done for now. Something is strained and you need to rest.

1. If you have excess mucus sitting on your vocal folds and are coughing intensely, I’d recommend not singing. The vocal folds are probably irritated and need a break.

2. If you’ve got excess mucus in your lungs, I’d recommend not singing. That’s your fuel source you’re messing with, and if you’re having trouble breathing you should be resting.

3. If you’ve got plugged eustacean tubes, stuffy nose, and/or mild allergies you usually pretty good to sing though that. Usually. You still have to be the steward of your own voice.

4. If you’ve been diagnosed with Laryngitis, please don’t sing. If you have pneumonia, or even walking pneumonia... go... home.

If you’re doing something important and the show must go on while you’re dealing with something particularly bad, go see a doctor. Don’t rely on natural remedies to carry you through the event. They soothe and might cut down your mucus levels, but sometimes you might need some medical grade juju to help you.

What medicines can you take?

If you’re actively singing, stay away from Aspirin and Ibuprofen, and go for Tylenol if you’ve gotta have something to reduce swelling. But don’t “Med up” in anticipation of something going wrong. If you’re not, then go to the doctor and take what they tell you to.

What about natural remedies?

I’ll say it. As far as “curing” illnesses? Pretty much all of them are garbage. As far as making a person feel better... That depends on what you want. If you like warm beverages likes teas, then that should smooth a sore throat. Stuffy sinuses and nasal passages? Maybe nettipotting is your speed. Sometimes some apple cider vinegar in boiling water over a stove will give you some relief for a congested chest. These treat symptoms and don’t “cure” your illness. But anything that you want to do that will soothe whatever you’re dealing with is a welcome thing.

Remember to take care of yourselves in this icky season.

[02/04/19]   As someone who is suffering from both the Flu and Strep throat at this very moment (positive tests for both) I advise everyone do all they can to stay healthy.

Also, note for my students: There won’t be lessons on Monday and Tuesday.

[02/01/19]   Now is the time for winter illnesses. Take care of yourselves out there! Wash hands, sanitize, and be conscious of others with illness.

Well wishes to all of my ill students today - there are many of you!


[01/08/19]   A good start for the day new year in Voice! Great lessons today. I’ve still got a few spots open for new students, so let your friends know!

Just keep singing!

[01/07/19]   I think this is important in music and in life:

Remember the process by which you got your intended result. Who cares that you got the result if you can’t remember how you got it in the first place? If you want to do it the same way over and over, don’t just replicate the result... replicate the process.


Thanks to my friend (and fellow Ovation Voice Teacher) Kristin Morgan for this little gem:


Breath. I talk with every one of my students about breath. There are a lot of nuances that aren’t covered in this pic below, but this is very straightforward.

When we talk about taking an expansive breath, or “breathing in 3D” as some of my students have heard me say, we mean getting a full breath where we can envision the lungs filling in all directions.

Breathing is the core of what we do, and it is the very first thing we do in the process of singing. Just breathe.

[12/25/18]   Happy Holidays to everyone! Stay safe on the roads!!!

[12/20/18]   “In the Beginning there was Breath, and Singing was with Breath, and Singing was Breath, and Singing was Breath. And all singing was made by the Breath, and without Breath was not any Singing made that was made.”

Credo for singing.

- Robert C. White


Inspiring quotes for my studio during downtime.

[12/13/18]   Whew... Showcase is done. Looking forward to some rest.

Keep singing, and stay healthy and hydrated!


Sometimes things happen and a lesson gets missed. Especially near holidays. While you should always let people know if you’re missing an appointment, this was a great interaction following a missed lesson. 🙂

Thank goodness for nerdy students!


This joke was told on the first day of school by one of my recurring music theory teacher’s in college.

It is now immortalized in meme. Thanks, Dr. H!

[12/04/18]   My students sometimes roll their eyes at me ever so slightly for this, but I’ll say it again because I’m very serious about it: it’s winter time, just because it isn’t hot outside doesn’t mean you’re not going to dehydrate - just a bit differently.

Drink your water. Like your coffee? Cool, drink more water with it. Stay hydrated my friends.

[12/03/18]   Fully prepared for Winter Showcase at Ovation Performing Arts, which happens this Friday and Saturday at the Orpheum. Exciting times. Ready, but very busy with final rehearsals this week.

Exciting times for the studio and Ovation!


Words from our friend Victor Hugo.




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