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Tobias is a 16 year old musician from Germany who desires to spend the coming school year as a high school exchange student. He was planning to live with a family in Twin Falls, but they have encountered medical issues and can no longer host him. He has already been accepted at Canyon Ridge High School and Twin Falls High is willing to accept him as well. We are seeking a family in either district who would like to share their home with Tobias while he is here.
Tobias is an accomplished musician, playing violin and piano with an orchestra. He also enjoys fishing, camping, ballroom dancing (very popular in Germany) and computer programming. He speaks English, German and French and has insurance and spending money to cover his needs.
Host families are volunteers who provide a bed, three meals a day, transportation when needed and exposure to life in beautiful Idaho. It is that easy! Couples with children of any age and those without children at home are encouraged to host.
Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel may be interested in making a difference in Tobias' life while making a lifelong friend. Please contact [email protected] for details.

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Sheesh! I have to add all of these to pur chain from just the past few days! Good work, students! Also, students can still add to the chain up through December 31. Have them send me a video of them playing any Christmas piece they perfect (that doesn't already have a star/check on it). Remember to encourage your child to share their Christmas music with your family and friends!


Our Christmas chain is up to 171! I also have a pile of pieces to add to the chain after lessons today. I'm looking forward to seeing how long the chain ends up being this year!


We hit 80 on our Christmas chain before Thanksgiving! Each link represents a polished Christmas piece that students have passed off. Wishing everyone a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving! And remember to practice! (So we can add even more links to our chain!) 11/10/2020

Why Bigger Is Not Better for Student Violins

Just a reminder that bigger is definitely not better--at least when it comes to violins! October 8, 2018, 10:06 PM · If you are wondering if it's all right for your young student to play on a slightly-too-big instrument, the answer is: "No!"


It may seem weird to start Christmas music in October, but every year, students start learning Christmas music so that they can learn and polish MANY Christmas carols by December. This year, it seems a little more poignant than usual. Everyone needs an extra morale boost this year, and Christmas music is a very simple way to bring in some extra happiness. No matter how low you may be feeling, it is impossible not to feel your mood elevate just a little bit when you hear Christmas music. So embrace the holiday cheer, and ask your child to play that Christmas carol one more time the next time you listen to them practicing. ;)

This picture shows the 20 Christmas pieces that were polished this past week by piano and violin students. Many thanks to Frederick, James, Claire M., Carolina, Elena, Lilly, Clara A., and Taliya for working hard this past week to get our annual Christmas chain off toda smashing start! Clara A. also gets an extra shout out for adding 7 links to the chain all on her own!


Eva completely creamed me at her violin lesson this week. For every task during her lesson that she played with a beautiful bow hold, she earned a point. And for every time she played with an ugly bow hold, I would get a point. As you can see, she kept a beautiful bow hold throughout her ENTIRE lesson! I didn't get a single point! (And I was being rather picky.)


Squeal!! Yay, Elena! She hit 25 polished piano pieces passed off this evening at her lesson! She's currently in the lead, though I know there are many students not far behind!


While cleaning up the studio today, I found this beautiful student picture tucked away in a drawer. 07/13/2020

Why Ages 2-7 Matter So Much for Brain Development

Childhood brain development is such a fascinating topic!

“Children’s brains develop in spurts called critical periods. The first occurs around age 2, with a second one occurring during adolescence. At the start of these periods, the number of connections (synapses) between brain cells (neurons) doubles. Two-year-olds have twice as many synapses as adults. Because these connections between brain cells are where learning occurs, twice as many synapses enable the brain to learn faster than at any other time of life. Therefore, children’s experiences in this phase have lasting effects on their development.” Rich experiences—from play to the arts and relationships—fundamentally shape a young child’s development.

[07/10/20]   Fall Registration is going live this week for summer students! Be sure to check your email inbox.

[06/05/20]   Lessons resumed in-person this week! It was wonderful to see your children and welcome new sibling students. And if you're looking for a summer activity, I have openings! Send me a PM and let's meet!


Due to the issues happening globally a lot of changes are being made to lessons in the studio. We are resuming in-person lessons this week, and for the most part, not much is going to change from what we have done in the past. Your child's safety and well-being are important to me, and I always want them to feel comfortable coming to lessons. Updates to follow.


We may not be holding lessons in-person yet, but the awards are starting to trickle in for the end of the school year. Expect to see more content in the next few weeks. And know that your trophies are happily waiting for you to pick them up in June when we hopefully resume in-person. 🥰

Congratulations to Gracie, Taliya and Jace for each earning 10,000 theory points during this school year. This is roughly the equivalent of 5,000 pages of theory! 🎶

And congratulations to Gracie and Kynlee for earning their first Festival gold cup! They participated in 3 sessions of Festival earning a Superior rating each time! 🏆


Welcome to my online music studio! At any given time I have all 4 screens running at once--and sometimes my phone too. Lol! The number of screens I have for online lessons may soon outnumber the pianos...or the violins. 😆😆😆


In no particular order, congratulations to our studio Practice Musicians! ⭐️ They have logged practice time and completed several assignments.

Ava S.
Clara P.
Ella S.
Emmerson K.
Holly B.
Jace S.
Lilly H.
McKatie S.


In no particular order, congratulations to our studio Practice Virtuosos! ⭐️ They have logged lots of practice time and completed many assignments.

Anna H.
Aysai C.
Clara A. (Piano)
Eva S.
Gwen S.
Harrison S.
Danielle P.
John A.
Kynlee R. (Piano)
Kynlee R. (Violin)
Margaret A.
Mattie S.
Penny B.
Ruby S.
Sierra S.
Vivianna A.
Weston S.


In no particular order, congratulations to our studio Practice Stars! ⭐️ They have logged lots of practice time and completed the most assignments.

Audrey S.
Clara A. (Violin)
Clayton S.
Elian C.
Gracie B.
Kylie S.
Taliya C. (violin)
Taliya C. (Piano)
Wyatt S.


Sheku Kanneh-Mason

A beautiful performance! But perhaps even more impressive is to hear how much these children practice every day. 😉 No time like the present to build a great and more consistent practice habit and progress! 03/29/2020

Slipped Disc | Unbelieee…vable: Full youth orchestra plays Mahler from home

Where there's a will, there's a way!


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 These two have been fighting over the #1 spot on the studio leaderboard since about 4:00pm. I’m liking all this practice!

[03/24/20]   Shout out to the 19 students who have logged practice online so far (since last Wednesday)! I am so THRILLED to see that you are hard at work practicing! And to the other 29 students who have not logged in yet--please make sure you do so! :)

[03/23/20]   We have switched transitioned from in-person lessons to online lessons! And it’s so easy to set up! Keeping your child’s spirits up during this uncertain time is important to me, and I am determined to make online lessons just as meaningful as in-person lessons. If you have a piano or a keyboard (properly sized violin) at home, and you are looking to fill up your child's free time due to the temporary school closures, send me a message and let's explore the options together 🙂


Congratulations to Taliya! She finished up her Supersonics Level 1 book this week! Great job!


With the deepest regret, our annual Suzuki Violin Graduation Concert has been cancelled for this semester. 😔 As this is a group concert, an alternative solution isn't as easy to come by. But I am determined to come up with something. Stay tuned! 03/20/2020

Violin Sonata for COVID-19 Cleanliness

The piece he performed is so fitting. "Meditation" on all the things we have to clean now. 🤣 Whit Jules Massenet- "Meditation" from Thais for Violin CBU Actors Studio


Put up your feet, pop some popcorn🍿, and get comfy on your couch at home! Our Spring Solo Recital will be held online this semester! Be on the lookout for more information via email.


Twoset Violin

No more excuses. Besides hand washing, look what you too can accomplish by practicing for 20 seconds. 😎

‪How do you practice? Alone, and at home. It’s 100% scientifically proven that practice can save lives. 😎 Meanwhile don’t forget to wash your hands regularly with soap and water! Show us videos of you practicing for 20 seconds using the hashtag #PracticeSavesLives, so we can all have something to listen to while washing hands!‬


Any additional ideas for squeezing in extra practice during the day is a plus in my book. Just imagine how many times during the day your child can practice their Suzuki repertoire while washing their hands. 😂 Seriously though, this is a wonderful idea.

[03/14/20]   Here are some important cleanliness guidelines you should know as a string player:

🧼 Wash your hands before and after using your instrument. You can also wash your neck and face as they come in close contact with your instrument.

🧼 Do not handle other musician’s instruments, bows, or other equipment more than is necessary.

🧼 If you have to cough, cover your cough with your elbow or upper arm. Don’t cough on your instrument!

🧼 Cleaning and disinfecting an instrument or bow is difficult because of the variety of materials they are made of. The most important parts to clean are the bow frog, violin/viola chinrest, and neck of the instrument. Use a clean soft cotton cloth or rag to wipe down your instrument and bow frog before and after you play. NEVER use any hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, or aerosols to clean your instrument because they usually contain compounds which will damage your instrument’s varnish.

Thanks to SIUE Edwardsville Suzuki program for this list of wonderful suggestions.

I would add:

Use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe down your instrument after use every day.

If you do sneeze, cough, etc. on your instrument, wipe any residue off immediately.

Ask your teacher for pointers on how to clean your chinrest, tailpiece, and frog.


Cleaning up at the studio this evening with my good, old friend Clorox. 😉 This will be the 8th time I have done this for this week in the piano lab (so 40 times if you multiply by the number of pianos), but I have no complaints here. I’m grateful that my students and I are all healthy currently (fingers crossed) and that we all being more diligent about personal hygiene (for our own sakes and for those around us). Stay well, everyone!

[03/13/20]   Parents, please check your email for an update from the studio.

Until further notice, I will continue to hold lessons as usual here at the studio. The option to attend lessons in-person is according to your comfort level. Feel free to attend unless you or an accompanying family member is ill.

I have taught lessons online for the past 8 years, so if your comfort level is such that you would prefer to have your child attend their lesson online rather than in-person, just let me know. :)


Asiya Korepanova

Introducing the newest piano technique: knuckle technique! 😂😂😆😆

It's coronavirus out there, they said.😷
Use fists only to touch anything, they said.👊🏻✊🏻

#coronavirus #musichumor #classicalmusichumor



A great reminder that much of our Suzuki Repertoire is actually dance music! So much fun!

Incomparable stepdancer Stephanie Cadman dances five different styles to Bach's famous Gavotte, played by Lara St. John. wwwlarastjoh...


More shenanigans from piano students. I neglected to share this picture from Piano Group Class in January. For this activity, we were spelling out words from notes on the staff. Edward also included a quick doodle for each word. Love the creativity of my students!

Videos (show all)

My youngest musician showcases his modern composition.  He is quite creative, but his lessons don't usually last very lo...
A follow up video on my last post, so you can see what all the hype is about! Yay for repetition!
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing 👼 Be very aware of the rhythm in this one. 😉
Our Suzuki 🎻 Christmas Concert is coming up on Friday, December 13!  I will be posting reminder videos for students to p...
We Wish You a Merry Christmas🎄 🎅
O Come, All Ye Faithful 🎻
A few pictures from yesterday's Piano Theory Group class. I think this is every student's favorite activity, because of ...
Also a video to show how long our Christmas studio chain was for 2018!
Angels We Have Heard on High
O Come, Little Children
Jingle Bell Rock




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