Idaho Fugitive Investigations & Training Academy

Fi****ms and Personal safety training.

Operating as usual


I have an E.C.C.W class open for this Saturday
Cost is $150 per person.
It's an 8hr class
4hrs of instruction and 4hrs range time.
We will provide lunch.
Students list.
Ammo (200 rnds)
Eye protection
Ear protection
Long sleeve shirts and pants are preferred.
No Tank tops or low cut shirts( ammo casing are very hot).
John 2087496196


Good weather coming this saturday!!




Life is


Why do you carry a gun???


Do not be threatened by a big mouth.
Learn to identify a true threat and how to act accordingly. Vigilance is paramount and proper training and mindset must accompany vigilance.


Control, what does it mean?
Take note of how many times a day you apply control in your life.
Life/work balance.....control
Spontaneous purchases.....control
You choose.
So why not choose to control the very tool that has the power to control wether someone lives.

Come let us show you how.


As I walked in to my Bedroom seeing Our beautiful flag put a smile in my soul.


Indian Creek Design

Just watch.

Did you know our BFD (Blast Forwarding Device) works with 94% of the muzzle brakes ever made, and 99% of the ones worth spending your hard earned money on? Why stick yourself with some proprietary thingamajig that restricts your freedom to choose what you use with it?
Make shooting great again, on YOUR terms. 🇺🇸


Sun’s out Gun’s out!!!!


Having a gun doesn’t mean you are armed !!


Commercial Breaks suck!!
So does not having your C.C.W
April classes are opening up soon. call today to reserve your seat.


Good Morning Magic Valley!!!
Spring schedule to be published in 5 days.


Good Evening!!
What can we say about this weather???
1.its great shooting weather
2.its great shooting weather
3... you get the idea..... get out and train!!!!


Happy New Year!!!!


Good evening !!!
We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!
I know many of you carried during Black Friday...
What were considerations you took into account should an active shooter situation occur..
Comment below


Listen to those who say you can’t,
take it in and let it serve as a motivation to accomplish whatever it may be....Fitness,Business,Love, Cooking, it doesn’t matter.. the naysayers will be watching so there is no need to advertise, just succeed !!!!


Good Morning!!!!
Thank you to all the page visitors. We appreciate the visit. Say hello, leave a comment or make a request!
Have a great day!!!!


Good Morning and Happy Halloween!!!
Stay safe and be scary!


Condolences to those impacted by the events in Las Vegas our thoughts and Prayers are with you.


Good Morning Magic Valley!!!
The hot weather is slowly leaving us and as the cooler comes in many will train less than usual....
Practicing in your home because it's cold???

1. No ammo in the area you are practicing
2. Maintain muzzle discipline.
3. If you leave the room, when you return, verify that your weapon is clear of any ammunition.


Rifle/Pistol class 8/30 and 8/31 open for enrollment.


Idaho Fugitive Investigations & Training Academy

And it gets hotter...

As the weather gets warmer and folks begin to drink alcohol.. remember that a loud mouth is not a physical threat.. stay vigilant but educate yourself in what constitutes a real threat.


Have you been practicing your draws??
How about dry firing?
Get behind your gun as often as possible.
there is no other way to become proficient in handling your firearm.


Good Morning!
As armed citizens and officials let us remember that we must be proficient with the tools we choose to carry.


Good Morning!!
What a beautiful morning!!!
Balance is doing whatever is needed to stay on the rope... sometimes its graceful other times its looks like a mess. But so long as you stay on that rope you will get stronger and wiser and tuned in to your body and there will be more grace than mess... keep at it!!!


As the weather gets warmer and folks begin to drink alcohol.. remember that a loud mouth is not a physical threat.. stay vigilant but educate yourself in what constitutes a real threat.


Good Afternoon Magic Valley,
Bad weather is good training weather get out in the elements and train.. you will be glad you did.


Good morning Magic Valley,
Had a great time yesterday... lots of good stuff keep up the good work.


Lets get out and train!!!


Smooth is fast!!


Book while you can: Pistol,Shotgun,Rifle

3/18/17 2 seats available
3/25/17 4 seats
4/08/17 open


Exciting night of amateur boxing!!!
Saturday January 28th!!!
James Jiu-jitsu


Idaho Fugitive Investigations & Training Academy


As the cold weather sets in and we begin to bundle up, Take some time to practice your drills while wearing your heavy outer garmets.


Coming Soon...
Basic Rifle

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