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Thanks so much to the nine AmeriCorps volunteers who visited campus today to help Up With Trees plant Centennial trees all over campus to commemorate our 100-year anniversary. In six weeks in Tulsa, the volunteers have planted 130 trees! Be sure to check out the new trees on campus that have plaques honoring our amazing Centennial Committee — parents and community members who made last year's celebration possible.
Last week, AmeriCorps announced our partnership with The Home Depot Foundation and Up With Trees to beautify Tulsa. Up With Trees will begin a multi-location tree planting effort to revitalize major roadways and address the effects of the several hundreds of trees lost during summer heatwaves.
Today, we announced our partnership with The Home Depot Foundation and Up With Trees for to beautify Tulsa. Up With Trees will begin a multi-location tree planting effort to revitalize major roadways and address the effects of the several hundreds of trees lost during summer heatwaves. These new trees include a wide variety of species to support biodiversity and hardiness. This cleanup and replanting project creates a safer and healthier place for passersby traveling throughout Tulsa and residents alike. To ensure longevity of these combined efforts, Up With Trees will water, warranty, and maintain these trees for three years to nurture their proper establishment and health.

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Class 29 hit the ground running! After a pre-dawn departure on Saturday morning, and a drive across town or across multiple states, they've met their project sponsors, received orientations, and started to #GetThingsDone.
- Earth 1 loading up on campus. They're now at YMCA Camp Classen in OK.
- Earth 4 and their red van arriving at their housing in Columbia, MO, where they're serving with The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri and Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity
- Fire 2 learning their way around Rock Springs Ranch in Junction City, KS
- Earth 2 jumping right in at Up With Trees in Tulsa, OK (More on that project tomorrow!)
- and Water 3... meeting with Mayor Ken Miyagishima of Las Cruces, NM, where they are serving with New Mexico Ramp Project!
🌳 "The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life." ~ Rabindranath Tagore 🌳

🌳 We're proud to sponsor the Up With Trees city median outside our office on Yale Avenue near 61st Street South as another way we can give back to our Tulsa community.🌳

🌳 We're told these improved, tree medians help improve city air quality, make Tulsa safer, and even lessen traffic noise. 🌳

🌳 Wow! Talk about a win-win-win situation! 🌳

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Whew, I had a busy weekend of fun shoots! Tomorrow it’s back to culling and editing… Lots of editing 😳

This morning, I had the pleasure of photographing the stunning Kaley in this lovely spot at her house 🏡

Yesterday, I photographed Up With Trees’ annual fundraiser, Human Nature, at Woodward Park before heading downtown to shoot with this beautiful Mama (and my birthday twin!) and her sweet daughters 💕

And Friday evening was Tulsa Ballet’s outdoor performance of Creations at Guthrie Green 🩰

October and November are busy months, so if you’re interested in a shoot, let’s get it scheduled ASAP!
We’re thrilled to play the Up With Trees fundraiser Human Nature: Circle of Life at Woodward Park this Saturday (event is 10am-2pm)

Here’s where you can get tickets > http://humannatureok.org/tickets

If you type “Count Tutu” during checkout, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a hangout with us in the VIP tent after the show!
We are very excited and honored to be performing at Up With Trees Human Nature Event on October 8th
Come out to support this wonderful organization and see our performers fly 12:45pm-1:15pm!

Kestrel - Dance Trapeze
Ibis - Aerial Silks
Lily Aloft - Aerial Silks
Denise McKay - Aerial Sling
Kymber Sage - Aerial Hoop
Happening in #TulsaMarketDistrict → Willamina Tulsa's Style and Shop Benefit for Up With Trees! Join fashion stylist, Kelly Mize Holley, at Willamina on Sept. 29th from 5-7p. All ticket proceeds go to Up With Trees.

📌 TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/style-and-shop-benefit-for-up-with-trees-tickets-405664733137

#ShopLocalTulsa #Tulsa
LPCI is proud to announce our participation on a City of Tulsa flood mitigation project.
The City is seeking much needed project funding through a $20 million grant to mitigate flooding in the 43rd and Sheridan area. The team includes professionals from City of Tulsa Gov, Meshek & Associates, and Up With Trees.
We look forward to working with this great team on this much needed project.
The tree is down, thanks to Up With Trees and a kind, nextdoor neighbor.

A nice lady I met a few weeks ago needed help bringing down a couple of dead trees. The timing of the notice from the City of Tulsa relating to these trees could not have been worse for her and her husband, a 90+ year-old disabled veteran who had recently been hospitalized.

We all were ready to rally around her and help her set this issue aside as she dealt with her husband’s health. Her nextdoor neighbor contacted me and I made one call to Up With Trees, told them the story, and they said they would investigate the issue the next day. Today, most of the tree is gone, and the rest will be removed tomorrow. UWT waived all fees. Her issue is resolved, thanks to UWT.

Up With Trees is a nonprofit. They have permanently beautified our city. And they said yes when a neighbor needed help. I want to help them in return.

Please consider supporting UWT. I’ll match the first $1,000 in donations.

Happy #NationalNonprofitDay to all the amazing organizations doing the hard work to make our communities that much better.

Shout outs (but certainly not limited) to: Teach Not Punish Family Resource Ctr. Lindsey House Heart of America Tulsa Day Center Child Abuse Network, Inc. Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation George Kaiser Family Foundation Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation Up With Trees Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance The Little Lighthouse Foundation Emergency Infant Services Ahha Tulsa

Too many to count. Tulsa really knows how to show up for its community! What are your favorites? Share in the comments below.
On these scorching hot Oklahoma days, Tulsa needs trees more than ever! Our #gardeningeducationpartner, Up With Trees, is so important to our town and its people.

Happy Earth Day! 🌍 🌎 🌏

I’m always happiest when hiking/exploring because I see how big and beautiful this planet is.


Don’t forget to check out Up With Trees Oklahoma Recycling Association - OKRA Downtown Tulsa Recycling Center
Employees assist Up With Trees team install signage at new tree site sponsored by Williams.
Did y’all already see Martha Stewart was here🥳in🌟OK🌟speaking @ OSU🤠SERIES & purchased Redbud/ Official State of OK Trees to take back home to plant❣️🤩
FYI: THIS PIC was posted on her Instagram but I think the STORY ran on KJRH/Ch2 here in Tulsa...

http://www.upwithtrees.org Tree by tree, you can help grow Tulsa’s urban forest. Every tree planted in Tulsa not only makes our community more beautiful, it makes it more livable.

Join Up With Trees, Tulsa’s non-profit urban forestry leader, and leave a green legacy for future generations.

Operating as usual


🎵🎵’Tis the season to be…shopping…fa la la la la la la la la 🎵🎵

Oh wait, that's not how the song goes…but we know shopping for the holidays is on everyone’s to-do list.

Did you know you can support Up With Trees if you are shopping online?

Help us grow Tulsa’s canopy while checking off your holiday shopping list on smile.amazon.com.

Photos from Up With Trees's post 11/15/2022

We have just what you need to stay warm this winter, and we bet you would look good in our Labor of Love sweatshirt!

Purchasing Up With Trees merch is an easy way to support our mission and look fly at the same time.

Send us a message if you want one, and we will meet you at our office so you can pick it up!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 11/11/2022

Each Up With Trees sign represents the desire to grow a more sustainable, healthy future for generations to come. Sponsors like the Oklahoma Tennis Foundation help continue the development of building a healthier community, one tree site at a time.

Oklahoma Tennis Foundation has a mission of improving the lives of children, youth, adults, and people with disabilities or special needs, across Oklahoma, by creating a community through tennis.

Their Adopt a Tree Site sign is installed off 11th Street, west of the Tracy Park tennis courts. Let these signs be a reminder to focus on health, wellness, and community involvement so future generations can do the same.

Photos from Up With Trees's post 11/08/2022

There are so many ways to craft with things you find in nature. We wanted to share three fall crafts that don’t require a special trip to the store.

🌳🍁Go foraging for nuts, pinecones, sticks, and leaves and see if you can make a 3D sculpture.
🌳🍁Next time you go outside, pick up some cool leaves and brighten them up with a paint design.
🌳🍁See what silly creatures you can create by gluing together leaves from different tree species.

If you try any of these, please share them with us! We would love to see your creative creations!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 11/08/2022

Up With Trees is excited to welcome the AmeriCorps Earth 2 Team! This group of nine volunteers from across the United States will join our crew for the next six weeks as we plant and maintain trees throughout Tulsa County. Say hello when you see them in the field or at the office!


Mark your calendar for our Open House Holiday Party on December 9!

This is a casual, come and go as you please, event that we host so our Up With Trees family can celebrate the year while enjoying food, drinks, and great company! Up With Trees will provide the main course for a potluck style dinner, so feel free to bring your favorite holiday side or dessert to share.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/31/2022

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, there is a tree so spooky and dangerous the monkeys won’t even dare to climb it!

Between the poisonous sap, toxic latex used to make poison darts and explosive tree fruits, the sandbox tree is one of the most dangerous trees in the world.

This tree is easily identified from the cone spikes that run down the trunk and pumpkin-shaped fruit hanging from the limbs. Once the fruit matures and dries up, their seed capsules detonate - launching seeds at approximately 150 mph!
Though, with poison and explosives aside, the sandbox tree brings many medicinal benefits. Its leaves, bark and oil, when processed properly, help treat skin diseases, gastrointestinal issues, and rheumatic disorders.

Don’t worry, we have no plans to bring the sandbox tree to Tulsa, but isn’t this tree fascinating?

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/27/2022

Our fall volunteer cookout is TONIGHT from 5-7pm at the Up With Trees office. Come on by for a hotdog and s'more! The remains from our stump holding competition will make for some great firewood. Here's a couple throwback photos from the 2018 cookout. We hope to see you! 🍂🎃🦇


Up With Trees relies on dedicated volunteers. We simply wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission without them.

With tree planting season among us, we want to know, do you want to help us as we help grow Tulsa’s urban forest?

Join the Up With Trees family and come volunteer with us!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/25/2022

Thank you Arbor Day Foundation and Kimberly-Clark for bringing new trees to the medians on Memorial Drive! 39 trees were planted, mulched, and staked in just two hours with the help of this awesome team from the Kimberly-Clark Jenks Manufacturing Facility. We look forward to watching these trees grow as they bring new life to this high-traffic area of Tulsa.


Tree growth is influenced by so many environmental factors, and certain tree species have trouble adapting to the hustle of city streets. When trees are struggling to thrive, it can cause vertical cracks, dead branches, stunted growth, and more, which can lead to hazardous conditions. We know it's time to take action when we see a stretch of trees that are not thriving.

With the help of Robert Krumme and the Krumme Family Foundation as the sponsors for this effort, Up With Trees will be working on a tree replacement project on some of the 71st Street medians west of Lewis Avenue. We will plant a mixture of species that will have more success growing in the demanding urban environment and provide biodiversity to this stretch.

Thank you, Robert Krumme & the Krumme Family Foundation for supporting our mission and the Tulsa community!


It was a great day working with Descubre lo mejor de Ti at East Central High School! 60+ trees planted and mulched, bringing greenery and shade to the school parking lot. "Descubre lo mejor de Ti" translates to "Discover the best of you." Thank you for the smiles and for providing lunch to our team 🌳


Did you know the fall season is a great time of year to plant trees?

Don’t be fooled by the cool air and falling leaves. The soil is still warm in the fall, which means freshly planted trees have enough time to establish their root systems before the dry, hot summer months.

Who wants to join us in planting trees this season?

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/10/2022

Thank you everyone for joining us at Human Nature: Circle of Life! We had a blast with everyone on Saturday. It is truly wonderful knowing we have SO many supporters of our mission.

Thank you Mindy Robertson Photography for these photos – we can't wait to get and share the rest!

Human Nature 10/07/2022

Human Nature

Tomorrow is the big day! We'll see you at the Woodward Park Arboretum for Human Nature: Circle of Life from 10am-2pm. Sunny with a high of 71° 🍂🌞🍁
Reminder that tickets go up $5 at the door, so grab yours tonight at https://humannatureok.org/.


🌳11a – 12p: Count Tutu | Musical Performance
🌳12:15p – 12:45p: Burning Cedar Indigenous Foods | Cooking Demonstration
🌳12:45p – 1:15p: Calliope Circus | Aerial Artist
🌳1:15p – 1:45p: Mad Scientist from Mad Science


🌳Got Wood Axe Throwing Co. (11a-2p)
🌳Stump Holding Competition (12p + prize for the winner!)
🌳Scheduled Reading Times feat. Reading Partners Tulsa and Magic City Books (10:30a, 11:30a, 12:30p)
🌳Guided Nature Therapy Walks with Sue Woodward (10:15a & 1:15p)
🌳Composting Activity with Tulsa County Master Gardeners Oklahoma State University Extension
🌳Food Trucks
🌳Petting Zoo with John Kahre's Farm Animals
🌳Co****le, Giant Jenga, & Frisbee
🌳Beer from Local Breweries
🌳Kids Zone feat. seedling potting, dirt cups, and build your own Up With Trees sign
🌳Scavenger Hunt
🌳Woodturning with Paul Stevenson
🌳Tyler Thrasher Art
🌳Up With Trees Touch-A-Truck
🌳LO HOME Designs
🌳Bee Hive Conservation with Shadow Mountain Honey Company
🌳Tulsa Audubon Society
🌳Topeca Coffee
🌳Plant Impression Clay Ornaments with Lauren Haskell Designs
🌳Butterfly Magnets with Oxley Nature Center
🌳Live Painting with Robert Wann

Human Nature SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2022 10AM–2PM The Arboretum at Woodward Park 2435 S Peoria AVE. Tulsa, OK 74114 PURCHASE SPONSORSHIPS PURCHASE TICKETS A Fundraiser Benefitting Up With Trees In the event of cancellation due to weather or other extrenuating circumstances, Human Nature sponsorships and tickets ...


Today, we had the honor of celebrating the lovely life of Tyler Glenn Beatty. Check out his commemoration on the median across from LaFortune Park along Yale Ave. 🌳

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/04/2022

We are so proud of our Program Director, Taylor Melone, for graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Urban Forestry Leadership degree.

Taylor is an incredible advocate for growing Tulsa’s urban forest, and her dedication to this program is just another testament for her passion and love of Tulsa's trees! Her strategic planning, creativity, and in-depth knowledge of the relationship between nature and wellbeing will help solve complex problems related to sustainable forestry projects.

We are so proud of you, Taylor! Congratulations!


We are 5 days away from our Human Nature event. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, be sure to get yours before October 8!



Five days until Human Nature!

FIVE DAYS UNTIL Human Nature: Circle of Life!
We are so excited to have Calliope Circus perform for our attendees.

Shoutout to our Renew Sponsor: Ruth K. Nelson for supporting our event and the Up With Trees mission. We couldn't do this without her support.

Visit humannatureok.org/tickets to purchase your tickets and to join in on the fun this Saturday. We'll see you at the Tulsa Arboretum at Woodward Park from 10 to 2pm. 🤩

Photos from Up With Trees's post 10/03/2022

Thank you Greenheck for your service on Saturday! The Greenheck Group of Tulsa not only sponsors a Tree Site, but coordinates a team of employees to perform service on their site each year. With their help, 3 trees were replaced, bag worms removed, and all trees received a fresh layer of mulch.

Photos from Up With Trees's post 09/29/2022

Tree School is back in session! Yesterday these Patrick Henry Eagles played the role of landscape architect. We explored the campus identifying where trees do and do not belong. Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place is essential for growing a healthy urban forest!


Stump Holding Preview

Who's ready for Oktoberfest?? Get your practice in on October 8th at Human Nature: Circle of Life! The Stump Holding Competition is one of many games you can participate in this year. Additional games include Giant Jenga, Co****le, and Got Wood Axe Throwing Co.!

The competition was fierce, but only one can take home the prize!


You've heard of Stein Holding, but what about Stump Holding?? Just one of the games you can participate in with your ticket to Human Nature: Circle of Life. Head over to the event page soon to see who won!


Did you know the signs you see around Tulsa County were thanks to a volunteer?

Join our tree-family and volunteer to help us with our signs!

Send us a DM to learn how to get involved. No sign-making experience is required.


We're thankful to have such a supportive, tree-loving community in Tulsa! How'd we get so lucky? We're stumped.

Tomorrow we'll reveal one of the games you can participate in at Human Nature: Circle of Life on October 8th. Hint: It involves stumps (and prizes)! RSVP to the event page to follow the action. Share with your friends and get your tickets today!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 09/26/2022

19 new trees in the ground at Booker T. Washington High School (Tulsa, Oklahoma) with the help of Greater Tulsa National Charity League and A New Leaf, Inc.. We had a stellar group of volunteers and the mid-morning rain shower was just what these trees needed!

We'll be planting every Saturday through April. Connect your group with a project by emailing [email protected]!


With axe throwing, breweries, children story time, aerial artists, and more - there’s something for every age! PLUS you’re supporting Tulsa’s trees!

Our second annual Human Nature event will take place on October 8. Have you snagged your tickets yet?



The leaves must fall so the tree can survive through winter. Happy first day of Fall!

Photos from Up With Trees's post 09/19/2022

Another Tulsa Area United Way Day of Caring is in the books with the help of Reading Partners Tulsa!! Several volunteer groups worked side by side on Friday to beautify the grounds of the Tulsa Garden Center at Woodward Park.

The Arboretum is a hidden gem and we hope you'll come out to see the freshly mulched trees yourself on October 8th at Human Nature: Circle of Life!


We are passionate about keeping Tulsa’s urban forest healthy and are always looking for volunteers to help us serve our community.

Find out more about individual and group volunteer opportunities by visiting our website! https://upwithtrees.org/volunteer


“Trees connect us to the natural world and bear witness to moments big and small — laughter shared between children playing in a garden or a woman’s mid-day respite. Silent and strong, they are the backdrop to the hustle and bustle of urban life.” - American Forests



Grab your tickets for the second annual Human Nature event on October 8! Our annual fundraiser helps us grow Tulsa’s canopy into a resilient urban forest.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy local food, live music, and activities about how humans and nature intermingle.

Tickets available >>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/human-nature-circle-of-life-tickets-292689591447

Photos from Up With Trees's post 09/08/2022

Just 20 minutes in nature can help lower stress levels. Here are a few of the lovely mandalas created last night for the visitors of Veterans Park to enjoy 🎨

Join us for our next walk led by Citizen Forester and certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Pam Rogers, September 24th at Woodward Park! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/406903658797


We have several available Adopt-A-Tree sites across Tulsa. If you’re interested in sponsoring a tree site, check out our website to see all available locations. https://upwithtrees.org/sponsor


Just as a reminder, we will be closed on September 5th in observance of Labor Day, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend.

Photos from Up With Trees's post 08/31/2022

Looking for a way to impact Tulsa? Love to work outside? Want to join our team? We're hiring for an Operations Crew Member!

Fill out our application on Indeed today: https://www.indeed.com/job/operations-crew-member-eaaaa69dad2bf0aa

Photos from Up With Trees's post 08/30/2022

The shrub bed at I-44 and Riverside was mulched in record time with the help of Bishop Kelley National Honor Society!

To connect your group with a project, email [email protected]. Planting season is just around the corner 🙂

Photos from Up With Trees's post 08/26/2022

We can’t wait to see you all at the Tulsa Arboretum at Woodward Park on Oct. 8th for our fundraiser, Human Nature! We have several activities and unique performances for all ages lined up, and supporting this event directly supports our mission here at Up With Trees.

Purchase your individual tickets or sponsor our event at humannatureok.org/


Did you know the Up With Trees crew and volunteers care for over 20,000 trees in the Tulsa metro area?

The ‘Adopt a Tree Site’ sponsorships generate funds needed to maintain the progress of evolving Tulsa’s Urban Forest.

Interested in sponsoring a Adopt a Tree Site? Find out open locations and get in touch!


Tulsa, thank you for reaching out to us regarding the removal of trees on the BA Expressway at Yale Ave., just north of 31st Street.

This is an Up With Trees tree site; however, neither we nor ODOT are performing the removals. We are working with ODOT to learn more details.

On another note, we are so lucky to have so many urban forest lovers in our community, and your passion is a testament to the importance of Tulsa's trees!

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It was a great day working with Descubre lo mejor de Ti at East Central High School! 60+ trees planted and mulched, brin...
Five days until Human Nature!
Stump Holding Preview
Jim & Alice Tribute
Spring Creek Nursery Tree Planting Tips
Thank you to everyone who joined us for Human Nature: Branching Out this past Saturday! Thanks for riding out the rain w...
Welcome to Human Nature. 🦕🦖We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at Chandler Park! Event kicks off at 10:30 am and we w...
Human Nature is THIS SATURDAY! So it’s time for a few words from our talented pal Tyler Thrasher Art. He will be selling...
Citizen Forester starts TOMORROW! We are so excited to kick off this 2021 season with a message from our Program Associa...
Thank You BOK!
Thank You For Your Support in 2020!
Thank You Bob Stewart!




Fresher air, cleaner water, happier Tulsans.


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Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
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