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To: Sarah Ceballos (Lakewood Elementary)

"She is very kind, caring and attentive. She is always looking out for the needs of her kiddos." - Parent

To: Jessica Ozuna (Lakewood Elementary)

"She truly cares about her students & puts her whole heart into teaching. She takes time to get to know her students & finds creative ways to teach. She is the exact type of teacher I always hoped my child would have." - Parent
Can anyone tell me what the trophy the 3rd and 4th grade harmony choir won today was for?

Let’s celebrate Rebekah Ulicnik from Lakewood Elementary for earning a TEF grant: iPad Interactive Learning. With this, her students will be able to build reading and math skills using manipulatives and technology. #DestinationExcellence


Congrats to Cindy Hamilton from Willow Creek Elementary for earning a TEF grant: Unlocking Doors to the Heart & Mind. Through the use of multicultural puppets, students’ social emotional wellness will be impacted in a positive way. #DestinationExcellence
Just found this on the sidewalk not far from the school. I'll turn it in when I drop our son off in the morning.
Hello! Is tomorrow a PJ day? How do I see the newsletters the teachers and principle send out on Sundays online? I’ve tried to get on the emailing list a few times, I only get the one from my 3rd graders teacher.
Congratulations to Lakewood Elementary for being named a Model PLC School by Solution Tree!

"We continually focus on each individual child and provide rigorous instruction to make sure each child achieves their goals." - LES Principal Deanna Porter

Read more:
Deanna Porter from Lakewood Elementary

"Ms. Porter at Lakewood Elementary!!! You can see she genuinely cares about each child she meets. She also remembers the children and their parents! She’s a joy to be around!" - Parent
Congratulations to the hard working and dedicated educators who continue to serve our students and families of Lakewood Elementary! These selected individuals have been named a #TISDMVT! #MostValuableTeacher #Irreplaceable

- Mary Beth Hill
- Kristin Odell
- Yesenia Stadler
- Casey Howard
- Tiffany Tranchilla
Teachers make learning fun and this Lakewood Elementary student loves that about her school experience. #ThankATeacher
#ThankATeacher during Teacher Appreciation Week

To: Leialoha Van Patter from Lakewood Elementary

"She loves her kids and they love her back." - Grateful Parent
#ThankATeacher during Teacher Appreciation Week

To Cortney Wilganowski (Leonard) - Lakewood Elementary:

“She is a bundle of energy. She energizes & excites her first graders with enthusiasm for learning! She makes every student feel like they are her favorite! The kids adore her as much as she adores them!” - Proud Parent
Thank you Staff !!! You are awesome!
Congratulations 🎉 to our 2020-21 Elementary Principal of the Year – Deanna Porter from Lakewood Elementary!

Read more about our encouraging leader:
Is friday the 18th a early release
As we continue to celebrate National Principals Month this October, our Principals were asked to share their "Why".

She has served 26 years in education and six years as Principal at Lakewood Elementary!

Let's hear from Deanna Porter! #ThankAPrincipal

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Operating as usual

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

What a crew…meet the new additions to the LES family. We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to see you shine! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TWT_StandeferKJ @deannajporter

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

We love our PTO! They welcomed the new additions to the LES family and it was awesome! What a wonderful bunch of ladies… @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TWT_StandeferKJ @deannajporter


⭐️ Kinder Kickstart ⭐️
Thursday, August 4th 2-6 pm

Please make sure to bring your incoming wildcat and your ID. Don't forget to stop by the PTO table for information and pickup some Wildcat Spirit gear. Go Wildcats! 📣 🐾 💙


Heading into this school year with a powerful mission: Empowering Future World Changers. 2022-2023 Spirit Shirts will be *on sale* at Meet the Teacher, August 11th 4-6pm, for $10 each.

We can't wait to see a school FULL of 💙 I am a Future W🐾rld Changer 💙 confident and empowered Lakewood Wildcats! 🐾 🐾 🐾


you've asked how you can help, and we've got your answer 😎🐾💙👇

STEP 1. 💻 Please complete this application through TISD for volunteering:

Your applications will need to be completed and 👇

STEP 2. APPROVED by the start of school, *August 16th. Once you are approved, you are ready to 👇

STEP 3. VOLUNTEER 🥳 Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for our PTO Meetings, and Homeroom Parent Info (later in the year), WatchDog info, etc. There will be many ways to volunteer. Continue to follow us on FB, Insta, and Twitter (soon) so you don't miss out!

* Please Note: you must complete a NEW application each year!

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

PROUD of our Lakewood staff! Look at us go…Thank you TISD for supporting Lakewood on our journey. It take a village. @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

It takes the Lakewood Village to ensure learning for all! Proud of our staff for increasing performance in 3rd & 4th reading and math! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

Bringing back the memories of the 80s and having some fun! Closing out the summer and getting ready for all our LES Wildcats! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 07/22/2022

Great day welcoming our new staff! Dr. Z welcomed them and we all go to visit. So excited for the new year! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


The Lakewood Elementary 22-23 2nd grade team had a lunch to meet everyone today!We missed the man of the team,Casey!We are so excited to have our new teammates join the LES family.Welcome to 2nd grade,Maddie, Emily,Alanna,and Kaitlyn!It’s going to be an amazing year! Tomball ISD Lakewood Elementary PTO

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

Join me in welcoming our wonderful Principal & Assistant Principal for the day! They have served our Lakewood Wildcats in the best way possible. With smiles and laughter. @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TWT_StandeferKJ @deannajporter

Timeline photos 05/14/2022

Meet the team that achieved 2021-2022 Model PLC, reflecting on what it takes to achieve this award…a team willing to move forward and put students first. Thank you Solution Tree. @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 05/13/2022

Having a Ball in the gym! Mrs. Odell and Mrs. Nobel know how to fun in PE! Practicing team work with a lot of laughter! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 05/13/2022

Wowzerz…We are a model Great Expectations School and our student enjoyed every minute of the celebration. Thank you for all of your hard work LAKEWood! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 05/13/2022

Our wonderful A+ students who worked hard all year long. They enjoyed chocolate strawberries and smiled all the way across the stage! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Thank you - H Tea O of Tomball for the tea donation for our wonderful LES Volunteers. We had smiles all around. Mrs. Porter enjoyed a cup too! Lakewood Elementary PTOTomball Independent School Dsitrict


Thank you to our wonderful Volunteers! We enjoyed their company and conversation! Lakewood Elementary PTO Tomball ISD


Please consider joining our wonderful PTO!

✏️We need more parent volunteers to help with PTO

✏️If you are interested in helping out (even in the smallest way) please fill out this form and select any areas of interest:

✏️ With technology, we will be able to conduct meetings via zoom as well this coming school year so busy parents can be involved!!

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 04/14/2022

Egg-stravaganza at LES!!! Our teachers had surprises in their eggs and there were smiles all around. Hoppy Easter from the LES Wildcats! @lakewood_pto @TomballISD @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Way to go TISD and talented students!


Congratulations to Creekside Park Junior High sixth grader Ishika Varipilli for winning the Houston Public Media Spelling Bee to advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in New Harbor, Maryland, May 29-June 3.

Read all about it:


Can you find the chameleons? 4th graders in Mrs. Gates’ class studying animal adaptations for survival such as camouflage. @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


WIN is still happening next week on Tuesday and Thursday in the library! We definitely need your help! Sign up today!

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 02/22/2022

2/22/22 - We are having a blast at Lakewood! Our kiddos and staff are wearing tutus and Tie dye! Lot’s of smiling faces. @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ @TomballISD


Book Fair, reading and math fun for the family. It’s our Family Education Night. Can’t wait to see everyone February 24th at 5:30 PM. @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1


It’s time to rock our Family Education Night at LES. Join us February 24th, 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Let’s party like a Rockstar! @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto


Ready for some UIL! Quick thanks for all that helped make the event run well! Thank you Lakewood Team! Lakewood Elementary PTOTomball Independent School DsitrictDeanna PorterLakewood Elementary


Our Lakewood Family Spelling Bee Winner and ready for the TISD Spelling Bee!


It's time to rock our Family Education Night at LES. Join us February 24th, 5:30 - 7:00 pm. Let's party like a Rockstar!

Timeline photos 01/25/2022

It’s Michelle Reynolds’s 2nd grade class. They have been learning about using text features in non-fiction books. The students found diagrams! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 01/22/2022

So proud of all our Lakewood students at the TISD Rodeo Art Competition! Be sure to look for Lyra Nguyen’s gold ribbon art at the HSLR…one of 8 pieces selected from TISD! @FineArtsTomball @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto

Timeline photos 01/21/2022

Lakewood ESL Teacher of the Year - Jessie Comer!! Jessie exhibits outstanding instruction in ESL Education.
We thank you for your service to our Emerging Bilingual students!
Congratulations!! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 01/14/2022

Celebration is in order…Home - School connections are so important. Reading progress celebrated due to mom helping teacher “TEACH” love of reading. @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @DeannaPorter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Awaiting results at the TISD Science Fair with our Lakewood contestants Ronan Sawant & Audrey Vargas! We are so proud of you! @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @DeannaPorter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

Celebrating our staff for PLC Model School and thanking our husbands for coming and cooking for our staff. Street tacos…YUM! @TomballISD @TWT_StandeferKJ @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

TISD elves who are enjoying their time together. Recharging and ready for the next few days with students. @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

What is your Elf Name? Snowy Sugarberry and Pinky Twinkle Toes found their names. Great way to celebrate our time together. @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Lakewood had a wonderful Spelling Bee. Our LES Champion is Rhea Thakur. She will represent our Wildcats at the District Spelling Bee! @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Penguin day celebration - Stadler, Comer, and Ulicnik having fun and sharing their joy with the students. @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 12/09/2021

Plaid you say??? Lakewood appreciates family, togetherness, and unity. Having fun during our countdown. @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 12/07/2021

Our staff collaborating on best writing practices. Their insight is powerful as we take next steps. Model PLC practices in action. @SolutionTreeTX @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ


Thanks and congratulations for our staff for all of the hard work for achieving Model PLC recognition. It takes GRIT and Power of YET to get things done. @SolutionTreeTX @TomballISD @lakewood_pto @TISDLES1 @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 12/06/2021

Lakewood Community!!! Did you know our school focuses on learning, builds collaborative culture and monitors results? We are a Model PLC school and we are celebrating! @TomballISD @TISDLES1 @lakewood_pto @deannajporter @TWT_StandeferKJ @SolutionTreeTX

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 12/04/2021

Lakewood community enjoying time together! Tomball Independent School Dsitrict Lakewood Elementary PTO

Timeline photos 11/21/2021

We had a fabulous time with our Principal Partner, Karina De Los Reyes, Realtor at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate! @TomballISD @TISDLES1

Photos from Lakewood Elementary's post 11/21/2021

What a wonderful Book Character Parade we had at Lakewood! Smiles, laughter and excitement all around! Love our Lakewood Wildcats! Tomball Independent School Dsitrict Lakewood Elementary PTO

A Special LES Salute to Veterans! 11/11/2021

A Special LES Salute to Veterans!

Lakewood celebrates Veteran's Day...

A Special LES Salute to Veterans! A Special LES Salute to Veterans! Veterans Day! November 11, 2021

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

Can you guess which "Creepy" story our 1st grade team used for their Trunk or Treat? They are a fabulous group of ladies and love our Lakewood kiddos! 🎃Lakewood Elementary Tomball ISD Deanna Porter @TWT_StandeferKJ @lakewood_pto#weloveourpto

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

We are ready to storm the castle for candy and smiles! Come and join the fun. Our Lakewood PTO is awesome! Lakewood Elementary Tomball ISD Deanna Porter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

and away we go! 🎃 Come and join the fun at Lakewood's Trunk or Treat! Tomball ISD Lakewood Elementary Deanna Porter @TWT_StandeferKJ

Timeline photos 10/18/2021

Collaboration and writing...the way we build champion writers at LES! Tomball ISD Lakewood Elementary Deanna Porter @TWT_StandeferKJ

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#TISDLES1‪ #TISDWeGotThis‬ #destinationexcellence ‪ #TeamTomball‬
Book Character Day Parade. Hagrid with his students and creatures. We really enjoyed sharing our love of books with ever...
Welcome Back to School, Tomball ISD!




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