Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians - APRVT

Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians - APRVT


I'm one of 2 (maybe 3) technicians that perform laser therapy at our feline only practice. I am hoping that you know of courses that I can take to further my knowledge and skills. I am also wondering if you have any advice for preventing wrist/arm pain after performing laser treatments? Thank you!
Can you recognise different compensation patterns? πŸ€” Kristin Hagler from Golden Gait Canine - Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Management chats to Megan Kelly in this latest Podcast. Link to the full Podcast in the original post below. #veterinaryrehabilitation #aarv #aprvt #goldengaitcanine
πŸ†What defines YOU?πŸ•β€πŸ¦ΊπŸΎ I wanted to share this lovely blog from Onlinepethealth with you. Have a read! Link in the original post below πŸ‘‡ #vetrehabbers #neverstoplearning #vetrehabsummit2020
Please delete if not allowed- we are hiring! Gold Coast Center for Veterinary Care is a state-of-the-art referral hospital currently seeking a NY State Licensed Veterinary Technician to join our Physical Rehabilitation team. Each of our team members take pride in their work, enjoys their job and working together. We are looking for that special individual who will contribute their best to enhance the success of collective efforts of the hospital team. Gold Coast is proud to offer a variety of rehabilitation services and modalities to our patients including: in-patient/out-patient rehab, home exercise programs, weight loss management, client education, numerous assistive devices, therapeutic laser, electric stimulation, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic ultrasound, underwater treadmill therapy and a wide range of exercise equipment. No rehabilitation experience necessary. Will train the right person! We look forward to hearing from you! Job Types: Full-time Must be a licensed LVT Location- Huntington, NY Contact person: Victoria Kearns, LVT, CCRP, NCM, OACM- 631-923-2530, [email protected]
Hi guys. I was hoping to get some help with a case. My cousin's dog was diagnosed with FCE. What are some physical therapy activities she can do to help her? I was thinking range of motion, massage, and underwater treadmill
Hello there! Looking for some advice. I am half way through the CCRP program and need to select an elective for my next section. The 2 I narrowed it down to from those offered was canine pain management or treatment of osteoarthritis. Both would allow me certification in said subject. Both cost the same amount and both are extremely interesting. Just wanted to hear what those in the field would recommend since I can only take 1 at this time. Thanks in advance!
Does anyone have any thoughts on this program? I've heard some concerns from dog trainers but have not yet heard anything from the veterinary side and I get asked about it periodically. Do you think this would be a worthwhile investment for a tech getting started in rehab and fitness?
Goniometric Assessment in French Bulldogs
Enter our awesome Vet Tech Week giveaway!
National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) call for nominations! #NAVTA #leadership #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #APRVT #vetrehabtechs
Looking for creative ways to celebrate when a patient "graduates" our rehab program. What do you do for your patients (other than a certificate of achievement)? Thanks in advance!

The Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians - is a Veterinary Technician Specialty recognized by NAVTA. APRVT is a group of credentialed rehabilitation veterinary technicians working towards forming a VTS recognized by the North American Veterinary Technician Association (NAVTA).

APRVT is a non-profit organization dedicated towards supporting credentialed veterinary technicians working in the field of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Mission: It is the mission of the Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians (APRVT) to provide assistance in physical rehabilitation, encouraging veterinary professionals and colleagues to further their education, while improving the quality of animals’ lives.

FREE Veterinary Continuing Education | Specialty Symposium

πŸŽ™ CE opportunity occurring now!!!

πŸ“ Its FREE !!!!!! Listen to Kirsty OliverVTS (Physical Rehabilitation) lecture.

#vetrehabtechs #smallanimalvet #veterinary #aprvt #aprvtce The Cardiology & Neurology Symposium is now The Specialty Symposium. BVNS and CVCA proudly present a full day of RACE approved continuing education opportunity for veterinarians, technicians and practice managers.

πŸ—£Who has extracorporeal shockwave therapy in their practice!!
#aprvt #aprvtsponsor #vetrehabtechs

#Repost @pulsevet_shockwave
Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease is the #1 orthopedic injury in dogs, and is one of the most common causes of hind limb lameness, causing discomfort and decreasing mobility.

⚠️ 40-60% of dogs that have a CCL injury in 1 knee will develop a similar problem in the other knee. Poor physical condition and excessive body weight can also increase the likelihood of an injury.

🦴Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) is a common surgical procedure used to repair the injury and requires cutting, repositioning, and reattaching the top part of the tibia bone.

πŸ”ŠExtracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) can be used post surgically or as part of a rehab program to speed the healing process, improve the quality of the healed joint, and reduce post-operative pain following TPLO.

πŸ”¬Check out the published research from CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and LSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, proving our efficacy. Link in Bio!
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πŸ“šπŸ’» Don't forget to sign up for some awesome content at the Vet Rehab Summit 2020 with Onlinepethealth in a few weeks!!

#APRVTMembers - did you know you have access to the summit for FREE?! As a #aprvtsponsor #onlinepethealth has committed to helping #vetrehabtechs get their #aprvtce through this incredible resource.

⏰ So set your alarm and bring the coffee on November 14th!

Connecting Structure to Function and Injury

Chris Zinc joins us in this live webinar to connect the dots, deepen our understanding, and uncover some truths about this relationship.

Join us live 14 November at the Vet Rehab Summit to see Chris Zink in action!

Come and connect with us, Vetrehabbers:

#connection #vetrehabsummit #vetrehabbers #neverstoplearning #Webinars
#teamwork #caninesportsproductions #fisiovet

πŸ“š πŸ’» πŸ—Ί Thank you #aprvtsponsor for the dedication to education and professional development!

#Repost @onlinepethealth with @get_repost

I want to salute ALL the Vet Nurses out there who make the world a better place.
You often go without recognition, without appreciation, you are the unsung heroes.
Without you, the Veterinary world would truly be poorer.

From all the patients who's lives you touch and change, HAPPY YOU DAY!!!
@rehabvets @aprvt_vetrehabtechs @pawscaninemyotherapycare
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Hill’s Pet Nutrition

🐾 ❀️ Happy end of #vettechweek and thank you to another #aprvtsponsor for their support of #vetrehabtechs

At the heart of so many lives and so many clinics is the hard work of our veterinary technicians and nurses. You make sure our four-legged friends are cared for, and we value your efforts each and every day. Happy National Veterinary Technician Week from all of us at Hill’s!

πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thank you #aprvtsponsor PulseVet for supporting #vetrehabtechs during #NationalVeterinaryTechnicianWeek
#aprvt #nvtw #veterinary #iloveveterinary #vettechlife #vettech

It's National Vet Tech Week and Pulse Veterinary Technologies is applauding all the amazing Veterinary Technicians out there! Thank you for being an integral part of the veterinary team and caring for all the animals with such compassion, diligence, professionalism and sense of humor, too! #vettechweek

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)

πŸ† It’s the start of National Veterinary Technician Week!

πŸ… Everyone deserves a medal for their dedication to the profession but this week we celebrate all the credentialed LVT, RVT, CVT, LVMT’s out there.

🎀 Give a shout out to your favorite #vetrehabtechs this week!

#aprvt #NationalVetTechWeek #veterinarytechnician

Thanks to our friends at Veteos you can create a personalized video with your own photos of your team to celebrate National Vet Tech Week! Make sure to share your video on your website, social media, and other platforms to help celebrate Vet Techs!
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Careers at UF

πŸ’Ό 🌴 β˜€οΈ Job Opportunity!!!

πŸ‘₯ If Florida is the place for you, working with Wendy Davies the #aprvt upcoming President would be in your sights.

#vetrehabtechs #aprvt You belong at a university that's leading the way.

πŸ”¦ All creatures can benefit from #photobiomodulation #lasertherapy

Great case study @respondsystems πŸŽ‰
#aprvt #vetrehabtechs #aprvtsponsor

Check out this amazing course sponsored by Respond Systems, Inc.
#aprvt #rehabvets #aprvtsponsor #laseryourpet

We get a lot of questions about more detailed videos and education about laser probe placement, treating specific conditions and more. Optimum Pet Vitality with Dr. Laurie McCauley is launching an online laser course to address exactly that! We are happy to sponsor this initiative to help provide a online resource for veterinary professionals to gain more knowledge about laser therapy and specifically for treating canine and small animal conditions.
The course rates go up on October 1st so take a look!

⏳ Time is running out! We would love to see your tips!

βœ… #Repost @rehabvets
It is that time of the year when AARV would like to feature you and your most meaningful rehabilitation case story and give you a prize! The AARV understands and appreciates the integral role all certified rehabilitation technicians play on a daily basis for patients and doctors. Is there a rehab case that was especially rewarding, challenging, or different in some way? In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week the AARV wants to hear your inspiring rehabilitation tech stories. The winner will receive $300 towards the continuing education of their choice (to be used by December 31, 2021), and social media shout-outs!

πŸ“ Please contact our Technician Liaison Sandy Gregory at [email protected] with your case story on or before September 30 to be considered (Maximum word limit: 500). Please provide a photo/headshot and your professional accreditations. πŸΎπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ
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The importance of pain assessment in rehabilitation patients

πŸ† πŸ“ A shout out to VTS (Physical Rehabilitation) member Ashleigh Fairfield for publishing a piece during #animalpainawarenessmonth
#aprvt #aprvtmember #vetrehabtechs #veterinarytechnicians #vetrehabtechsrock A look at the causes and effects of pain, and how to assess your patients before beginning rehab.

ACVSMR | 2020 Virtual Conference

πŸ’»πŸ“šπŸŽπŸ• #continuingeducation alert! Check out the virtual conference from the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation πŸ“… November 7, 2020!

#aprvt #rehabvets #vetrehabtechs #veterinarysportsmedicine #veterinary #vts #acvsmr

The Dodo

βš™οΈ It takes a village to help overweight and obese pets and there are many moving parts.

πŸ“Œ The best way to combat obesity in pets is prevention and education. Nutrition and pain evaluations should be addressed at each veterinary visit to help prevent pets gaining weight over time.

πŸ“Œ Obesity is an inflammatory disease and fat cells have unlimited growth potential. The extra weight on joints causes arthritis development and reduces the lifespan of animals.

#vetrehabtechs #ivapm #animalpainawarenessmonth #cvpp #vts #ilovemypet #catsofinstagram #cats #felinefitness

Obese cat finds the perfect person to help him lose weight 😍

⏱ Today listen to Mart Ellen Goldberg!
#vetrehabtechs #aprvt #vts #veterinarytechnician

Physical Rehabilitation for Geriatric Dogs Recovering from Injury or Surgery | Today's Veterinary Nurse

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Geriatric veterinary patients make up a large part of who we care for on a day-to-day basis, accounting for about 40% of a small animal practice.

πŸ“ Read on and take some notes!

#vetrehabtechs #aprvt #caninerehab #seniordogsrule Physical rehabilitation can improve quality of life and aid in surgery recovery, but special considerations must be taken for geriatric patients.

πŸ—“ Put this month down every year!
🐾🐾 What are your most favorite tools 🧰 πŸ›  to help monitor pet pain?
#animalpainawarenessmonth #september2020 #aprvt #rehabvets #vetrehabtechs

Dog Named Stella

🍁 πŸ‚ 🐾 🐾 Lets start this week with some excitement!

Fall approaches. Stella waits.

❓How often are you evaluating pain in animals?

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Every time a pet goes for a checkup they should be assessed for pain and as professionals we can make a difference in the quality of pets’ lives and how they interact with their pet parents! 🐾 🐾 πŸ’ž

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (@ivapm_vet) has proclaimed September as Animal Pain Awareness Month, which coincides with human medicine’s Pain Awareness Month. β€˜Animals suffer from pain just like people do. Pain comes in many forms: surgical pain, arthritis and cancer related pain, just to name a few.Β Β Acute painΒ is obvious and distressing. Chronic painΒ can be subtle, and masked as β€œgetting old” or β€œslowing down.” Β Old age is not a disease, but pain is. There are many options to treat the various causes of pain in animals including pain medications, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, laser therapy, and therapeutic massage.’ Visit for graphics, posters, and additional ways to engage your clinics during this awareness month!πŸ±πŸΆπŸ°πŸ΄πŸΎπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ
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Sausage Dog Central

βš™οΈ So much has changed since the β€˜50’s!

πŸ“Έ Let’s see some of those animals in mobility carts!
#innovation #aprvt #vetrehabtechs #caninecarts #dogwheelchair #ilovemypet

Amazing footage from 1951 of a dachshund who got his own set of wheels!

πŸ’»πŸ“š Next month its an incredible series including yet another lecture from #aprvtsponsor Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC.- Animal Products on the 10th! We hope to see you there along with the amazing Online Pet Health team!
#vetrehabtechs #aprvt #rehabvets #AnimalPainAwarenessMonth #iloveveterinary #veterinarytechnicians

Can you believe its the end of August??
Time flies - but luckily there is always something to look forward to!

Next month its an incredible series sponsored by Flexiness and presented by Leslie Eide, together with a hydro webinar sponsored by Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC.- Animal Products on hydrotherapy for elbow dysplasia.

Find out more on our website,

πŸ–Š πŸ“Έ Get the camera and drawing tool out and try your hand at outlining your pets ideal body condition.

πŸ‘‡ Check our these images for ideas!
#vetrehabtechs #aprvt #defeatcanineobesity #ilovemydog

Lots of people often have trouble visualizing what their overweight animals should look like at a pet weight. Veterinarians will give various descriptions to owners, such as how there should be a tuck in the waist visible from both the top down and from the side profile for many breeds. Here are some outlined photos of overweight dogs to show what a rough acceptable weight would look like on them. Every breed is unique and will have different attributes for their build and body style depending on their lineage.
Drawing overlays by Jasmine Thomas, original post by Kelly Colflesh.
#kellycolflesh @jasminethomas

πŸ₯‡πŸŽŸπŸŽŸ Check our this amazing opportunity from not just one #aprvtsponsor but two!
Online Pet Health Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC.- Animal Products #aprvt #vetrehabtechs

Hudson is sponsoring a webinar with Online Pet Health September 10 about elbow dysplasia and hydrotherapy. If you're a vet or vet tech, we're giving 10 FREE TICKETS to the first who contact us with a message "free webinar ticket" to the below link. See you there!

πŸ’»Another great CE right in the comfort of your own home (or mobile device).
πŸ“ŒSave the date on August 26, 2020. #aprvtmembers remember #aprvtsponsor member benefits are available through Online Pet Health
#aprvt #vetrehabtechs #rehabvets #veterinary #aprvtce

πŸ“Œ Contest Reminder!
⏳ Time is running out for submissions.
πŸ“§ Send information to [email protected]
#aprvt #vetrehabtechs #rehabvets #healingoasiswellnesscenter #aprvtsponsor Healing Oasis Wellness Center

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center Fit to Work Program: A Formalized Method for Assessing and Developing Foundational Canine Physical Fitness

πŸ“°πŸ“Œ The Penn Vet Working Dog Center Fit to Work Program: A Formalized Method for Assessing and Developing Foundational Canine Physical Fitness

Brian D. Farr, Meghan T. Ramos and Cynthia M. Otto

#rehabvets #vetrehabtechs #veterinary Fit to Work is a formalized working dog foundational physical fitness assessment and development program. The Penn Vet Working Dog Center developed this program to address the needs of working dog handlers, trainers, and programs for simple, effective, and efficient methods to develop and assess wor...

Upcoming Webinars for Veterinarians, Technicians, and Nurses - Assisi Animal Health

πŸ’» ⏱ Continuing education reminders!

βœ… Check out the August lineup with #assisianimalhealth Veterinarians can earn RACE approved CE credit through Assisi's weekly free webinars on a variety of animal health topics.

IVAPM 2020 Virtual Symposium

πŸ’» πŸ“š CE Alert! Pre-Register today for this awesome lineup of speakers including our own member Kirsty Oliver #vtsphysicalrehabilitation
#aprvt #vetrehabtechs #ivapm #veterinarytechnician #veterinary #aprvtce VetFolio has partnered with IVAPM to bring you select on-demand lectures. Click a tab below to view course information. Purchase your package now for course access starting September 1, 2020!

Santa Barbara Zoo

🐒 One could argue this is a great weight shifting tool as well!

πŸ—£Have you seen other creative enrichment ideas that could double for therapeutic exercise? We would love to see them! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
#vetrehabtechs #zoomedicine #aprvt #iloveturtles #veterinarytechnician #vettechsrock

It's #SundayFunday and the animals are enjoying some exciting enrichment! The shell of a radiated tortoise has nerve endings and cells, which means they can feel when they are being touched. Since they love scratches and pets, their amazing keepers built this apparatus so these cuties can get all the scratches they want 🐒❀️ #GetInLine
#tortoise #tortoisesofinstagram #cuteanimal #adorableanimals #funnyanimal #funnyanimals #santabarbarazoo #animalvideo #animalvideos #animalsmood

πŸ”ˆ πŸ—“ Put these August date on your CE calendar from #aprvtsponsor Online Pet Health - we are especially interested in learning more about back care 🧘!!!
#vetrehabtechs #aprvt #veterianry #vetrehab #vetrehabbers


And just like that the month of July has passed us by and here we stand at the brink of August!
One month closed to the Vet Rehab Summit!!

Of course, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, one day, one week and one month at a time! So here is the line-up for Aug - we are starting it off strong with AMAZING webinars, and ending it with a BANG!!

Let me know in the comments which ones you will be attending live!

Megan Kelly

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