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Timeline photos 07/09/2022

The Leadership Mastermind is finally happening today at 12 NN CST!

Join us via zoom and unlock your emotional intelligence.

Click the link to join:

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Today, we celebrate the 82nd birthday of Wilma Rudolph, the first American woman to win 3 Olympic gold medals in a single Olympic Event. She excelled as a track and field athlete and was even the fastest woman alive during her prime.

But do you know she had polio as a child? A disease that would've limited her to achieve such feats. She was physically disabled in her early years but endured all treatment and therapy to regain the strength of her left leg.

Wilma was also known as a civil and women’s rights activist. She was a pioneer, a role model to women, an example of black excellence.

Today, we celebrate her legacy.

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Understanding our own feelings and emotions are key factors to emotional intelligence. But honestly, these terms are quite confusing.

Here’s a Venn Diagram to help us with that.

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Who would have thought being emotionally intelligent could help us make more money?

According to research by TalentSmart, people with high EQ make $29,000 more than those who have lower EQ. The same study also tells us that every point of increase in EQ adds $1,300 to a person’s annual income.

Want to learn how to increase your EQ? Join us this July 9, 2022 for a FREE webinar on Emotional Intelligence!

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See you!

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Here’s an affirmation to start the week right. Good morning!

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To all the Dads out there: Happy Father's Day!

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Being mindful is a common quality of great leaders. That’s why I’m giving this paid article to you for FREE!

Simply register for the Leadership Mastermind and you’ll receive this upon confirmation.

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According to Daniel Goleman, best-selling Emotional Intelligence author, psychologist, and science journalist, there are 5 components that make up emotional intelligence. The more you practice these components, the higher your emotional intelligence is.

Swipe left to know if you possess these qualities!

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Handling people is not all about delegating tasks, hitting targets, and gaining figures.

Yes, being rational may bring us far, but it won't push us further. We have to recognize that being logical is not always the best solution.

Sometimes it’s listening to your subordinates.

Understanding what motivates them and integrating those to your operations, considering their opinions since (honestly) they do most of the groundwork, addressing conflicts in a nonviolent manner, or empowering them with recognition, opportunities, and guidance.

After all, we are handling humans. And emotions are what make us humans.

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Today is the National Flag Day! How will you celebrate it? Let us know in the comments below! 🇺🇸

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What is emotional intelligence? How will it make you a better leader? What are practical examples in the workplace?

These are only a few questions we’ll tackle on the next leg of Leadership Mastermind. See you on July 9!

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Timeline photos 06/03/2022
Timeline photos 06/03/2022

Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Abraham Lincoln were exemplary servant leaders.

Yes, they’re in position to lead. In fact, it was expected from them. But it wasn’t their power that made them influential, it was their ability to empower others.

People didn’t follow them because they were afraid or forced to. People followed them because they were drawn into.

It’s what happens if we put others before us. If we value people with the relationships we have with them, not with what they can do for us.

It’s what happens if we serve those who we lead.

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Half the global population are women. That means half the world’s potential are in our hands too.

Imagine if all women are empowered to work. For sure the economy will grow and poverty will possibly be gone.

But only 47% of women are part of the global labor force. Who’d also want to work if you’re only paid 83 cents for every dollar a man gets—while doing the same job? Not to mention the number of girls being forced to stop school or marry early, making it difficult for them to find work.

What can we do about this?

We must address biases against women on our work, communities, or even our own homes. Call for equal representation on congress, help young girls to stay in school, or even challenge misogynistic gender roles.

Together, we can close the gender gap. Together, can bring the world to it’s full potential.

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3 more days till The Leadership Mastermind!

Get to know more about leadership styles, connect with like-minded individuals, and unlock the leader in you with this free workshop!

Sign up here 👉🏼

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Leadership is more than just delegating tasks, it is creating an impact.

What impact are you creating around you?

Photos from Bennett Ecclesia's post 05/30/2022

Have you ever wondered what leadership style you posses?

We got you covered. Swipe left to know the 5 types leadership styles!

Photos from Bennett Ecclesia's post 05/29/2022

It takes a lot to be trustworthy and to trust somebody. But with all the fuss, do we really know what layers to uncover to build trust?

FranklinCovey has devised a method for that! Swipe left to know more about the 5 Waves of Trust.

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Heads up! The 3rd Leadership Mastermind is finally happening this June 4!

Get to know more about leadership styles, connect with like-minded individuals, and unlock the leader in you with this free workshop!

To join, visit

See you!

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Is trust a leadership quality? Come and join us tomorrow March 19th via zoom live!

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Earning trust is a necessity if you hope to influence and motivate beyond just managing the workflow. Learn more about the Leader in you this Saturday, March 19th!

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The Enclave is hosting a dynamic in-person and virtual women's retreat designed with women in mind. On day 1 we will focus about financial freedom!

Register here:

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Don't miss the Early Bird Discount for The Enclave 2022! Join us for a weekend if you want to work, think or decompress - come for a weekend getaway.

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"When people believe in you, you can lead them."

Learn more from Dr. Elwanda Bennett by joining the Enclave, a women's retreat.

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6 days left to avail the Early Bird Discount! Get 15% off your ticket to The Enclave, a women’s in-person and virtual retreat.

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Only one week left to avail the Early Bird Discount! Get 15% off your ticket to The Enclave, a women’s in-person and virtual retreat.

Buy your tickets here:

To learn more, visit


The Enclave is hosting a dynamic in-person and virtual women's retreat designed with women in mind. You can get away and unplug, or find others to brainstorm with on your next project. Entrepreneurs, seasoned businesswomen, and even pandemic weary moms are welcome to run away and luxuriate with us - right in the middle of everything. Our venue provides areas where you can find some needed solitude to rest and recharge then refocus. Come for one day or all three days.

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Upcoming event - December 4th 2021

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