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It's almost Thanksgiving — and what better way to show our #gratitude for #math than to share a holiday #BrainTeaser? Solve for "?" and give us your answers in the comments! 🦃 #GobbleGobble #Mathnasium #MathFun

It’s #WordProblemWednesday. And this week’s word problems give kids another opportunity to figure out “how much” or “how many” of a given thing. So hop on over to our Number Sense Blog and put your child’s #mathskills to work! #Mathnasium


Rectangle Shape Short

Rectangles, rectangles, everywhere! While you may not have realized it, rectangles are one of the most common shapes around. Take a look at this week's #ShapeShort to learn more about the "Rectangle," then see how many you can spot near you! #Mathnasium #MathFun

Did you know that there are only TWO Friday the 13ths in 2020? One was in March, and one is today! Many people in the western world believe the day — like the number 13 — brings bad luck. As a matter of fact, this fear even has its own name: paraskevidekatriaphobia. What about you? Are you afraid of #FridayThe13th? Tell us in the comments! #Mathnasium

Have you ever wondered how far you can get on a gallon of gas — or, perhaps, how many clothes you can fit into your suitcase — when prepping for a trip? Head over to our Number Sense Blog, where you and your child can practice arriving at answers using #math. #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday


Today is School Spirit Day!

Whether you attend online or in-center wear your school colors, gear, jersey or whatever else you have with pride!

Mathematicians In History - Leibniz

While we prefer to use our own #mathskills to do calculations when possible, G.W. Leibniz's calculator was a #gamechanger! Watch this #MathematiciansInHistory short to learn more. #Mathnasium #ChangingLivesThroughMath #CLTM

Did you know that when someone says, "I'll be there in a jiffy," that they're actually using a unit of #time? It's true. Check out this #Mathnasium #FunFact to find out more! #ChangingLivesThroughMath #CLTM

We use our abilities to #measure in a lot of different ways. This week’s word problems will put your child’s measuring skills to work. Go to our Number Sense Blog and take a look! #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday #ChangingLivesThroughMath #CLTM


Shaoxu Bing's Mathnasium "Aha" Moment

Many Mathnasium alumni move on to have successful careers because of the confidence instilled in them through #math. Watch this real-life #testimonial about Shaoxu Bing's "aha moment" and see how we are #ChangingLivesThroughMath. #CLTM #Mathnasium 🔗

Here's hoping your #Halloween is "shaping" up to be the best yet! #Boo #Halloween #Holiday #Mathnasium

Homework, homework everywhere! It’s #WordProblemWednesday, and our word problems this week show us how students can use #math to stay on top of their assignments. Go to our Number Sense Blog and give them a peek. #Mathnasium #CLTM

Mathnasium Method - Subtracting Denominate Numbers

When we're caught short of sugar, flour, a gardening tool, etc., what do we do? Well, sometimes we BORROW from a "neighbor"! The same thing happens in #math. Watch this new #MathnasiumMethod short to find out more. #Mathnasium #SubtractingDenominateNumbers

Wherever school is this fall, we're here for your child — and you! Whether in center or online with [email protected], our expert instructors provide live, face-to-face math tutoring to help your child catch up, keep up and get ahead. Visit to learn more!

Opportunities to apply #mathskills can be so random. This week’s word problems feature everyday school scenarios that put #math knowledge to work. Visit our Number Sense Blog and take a look! #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday

Shapes - Right Triangles

In the world of angles — and triangles — there's one that's always "right." (Do we think the others are jealous? 😄 ) Watch this week's #ShapeShort to learn about the "Right Triangle", then see how many you can spot around you! #Mathnasium #MathFun

There are only 15 more days until Halloween. And in anticipation of this spook-tacular holiday, we have a special brainteaser just for you! So put your minds to work and let us know what you get for "?" Beware: things could get a little trick-y! #Mathnasium #BrainTeaser #MathFun

We are so proud to support the Texas PTA and we look forward to helping all students be their best!! #PTA #thewoodlands #houston #math #students

Real life situations require real life #mathskills. Check out our Number Sense blog where this week’s word problems reinforce your child’s ability to confidently navigate daily activities through the use of #math. #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday

Mathematicians in History - Pythagoras of Samos

Famous Greek philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos, is known for a number of mathematical and scientific discoveries. Watch today's new #MathematiciansInHistory short to learn about one of his more intriguing theories: "musica universalis”. #Mathnasium #MusicOfTheSpheres

At Mathnasium, we are destroying the myth that mathematicians are born and not made. With the right instruction, most children can become excellent at math. #Mathnasium #Mission #ChangingLivesThroughMath

Pirate & Princess Fun Day!! ☠️ 👑

Halloween 🎃 is getting closer and we want to see your creativity!

#FunDay #PiratesAndPrincess #Halloween #Costume #Disney #Mathnasium #Math #TrickorTreat

Life brings us a mix of experiences each and every day. If you’re a parent, does your child have the #mathskills to navigate these situations? Head on over to our Number Sense blog where this week’s word problems put them to the test! #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday

👋 Today is Math Puzzle Day!! 🔢

Great way to start off the week is by doing some fun math puzzles. See you all soon! 😁

#FunDay #MathPuzzle #PuzzleDay #MathSkills #Sudoku #Mathnasium

Today is #WorldTeachersDay2020 and we are celebrating all of you passionate, hard-working, life-changers out there. Thanks for helping shape our world! #MathnasiumLovesTeachers #Teaching #Education #Teachers #Educators

We are kicking of October 👻 🎃 🧛 with our first Fun Day!

Students tomorrow October 3rd is Crazy Hat Day!! 😜 Let's see all of your creativity

#FunDay #CrazyHatDay #Halloween #Mathnasium #TrickorTreat

We love #shapes of all kinds, but squares hold a special place in our heart. They are one of the first things we learn as children and as we get more complex, so do they! Take a look at today's #ShapeTeaser and tell us your answer. Will you see all of them? #Mathnasium #MathFun

Can your child “make change”? Do they have a sixth sense for dollars and cents? Head on over to our Number Sense blog for this week’s word problems all about money. #Mathnasium #WordProblemWednesday #MoneyMath

Spending hours on the computer for #DistanceLearning — and work — can be tedious. So why not add some whimsy with our FREE #Mathnasium #VirtualBackgrounds? Visit our Number Sense blog to download one — or all — today! #ZoomBackgrounds #MathFun

Mathematicians in History - Nicolas Sadi Carnot

Whether we're traveling in a vehicle or sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned room, we benefit from Nicolas Sadi Carnot's mathematical genius. Watch this new #MathematiciansInHistory short to learn about one of his most significant contributions. #Mathnasium #Thermodynamics

Tomorrow is Decades Day!! We can't wait to see what you will come in dressed as.

Are you from the 50's 👗 where you didn't want to be a 🔲 or are you an 80's Rocker 🤟 🎸 🤔

#Decades #FunDay #DressingUp #Vintage #RocknRoll #Retro #Mathnasium #Math

Parents everywhere love the transformations they see when their children attend #Mathnasium. We really are #ChangingLivesThroughMath! #ParentTestimonial

It's Tie-Dye Day 🍭

Let's see what you have to show off today. Your parents might even have something in the back of their closet to let you borrow 😜

#Mathnasium #FunDay #TieDye #clothing #tshirt #hats #art #math #students

Does your child know that they can predict the weather using science and #math? Meteorologists do it all the time! Check out this week’s word problems and have them put their forecasting skills to the test. #WordProblemWednesday #Mathnasium

🏀 ⚾ 🏈 🥅 ⛳ It's time to show off your favorite team!! Can't wait to see them all today 😁

#Sports #FunDay #Mathnasium #NBA #NFL #MLB #NHL #NCAA #Sports

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Rectangle Shape Short
Mathematicians In History - Leibniz
Shaoxu Bing's Mathnasium "Aha" Moment
Mathnasium Method - Subtracting Denominate Numbers
Shapes - Right Triangles
Mathematicians in History - Pythagoras of Samos
Mathematicians in History - Nicolas Sadi Carnot





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