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Operating as usual


Hello, guys! Most of you may not know that I had ended up at Sam Houston State University as a full-time faculty member of the ASL program that soon will be grown into a major program within the Houston area. That won't mean I forget you guys! I remember you everyday with fondness. However I need to ask you if we all want to keep this Kingwood group...meaning that we all try and schedule ASL events within the Kingwood area or change it to something like SHSU-Kingwood ASL ? Let me know your opinion! Hope to hear from you guys!


Notice: The ASL Club is being moved to Mondays (same time, same place) in order to accommodate a lot of students with their schedules and new jobs. And once again the club is under the "old management" :-)

Timeline photos 03/31/2012

You are invited to join the SHSU/Kingwood's Debra Moore presentation on April the 16th from 630-730pm at SHSU...see the flyer for information

Fight Audism 02/26/2012

Fight Audism

Makes one think......

Fight Audism Amy Cohen Efron expresses her thoughts about our Deaf Community's fight for access and language. This fight is wearing us out, like burning a candle at both ...

ASL LegalShield Total Access! Total Freedom! 01/30/2012

ASL LegalShield Total Access! Total Freedom!

Keith Wann - ASL Comedy


ASL LegalShield Presentation


Business Careers Center
Houston Community College - Central Campus
1300 Holman
Houston, Texas 77004

Date: February 4, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon


Heinan Theater
Houston Community College - Central Campus
3517 Austin St.
Houston, Texas 77004

Date: February 4, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Heinan Theater
Houston Community College - Central Campus
3517 Austin St.
Houston, Texas 77004

Date: February 4, 2012
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Email [email protected] to RSVP

ASL LegalShield Total Access! Total Freedom! See this Go Daddy InstantPage®! Get yours free with a domain name at Independent Associate ASL Specialist Upcoming ASL Legalshield Presentations - Jan 14 Rochester NY Jan 20 Clearwater FL Feb 4 Houston TX Feb 7 Gainesvill...


How do the college rush go? Any luck in getting more members?


By the way...did we hold a booth at Back to the Woods fest last Thursday? Anyone?


On ASL Club front: Deborah Moore and I will share the ASL Club sponsoring responsibilities. She is really GREAT when it comes to working with the club. You won't see the end of me...not this time. Hard to get rid of me. :-)


GOOD NEWS: ASL 3 is in session. The Powers That Be at Kingwood decided to keep the class even if the number is low (at the time of writing...twelve students had signed up.) And Robyn Brittain is being asked to teach. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! Remember you can see me on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (socials) or Saturdays, and here on Facebook! Or by appointment!


TREMENDOUS NEWS: I just got hired to teach at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. In addition to being a vice president for the local chapter of American Sign Language Teachers Association, being recently placed as the chairperson of the multi-collegiate ASL curriculum (last Friday), and now handling two programs all at once. My plate is more than full. HA HA

So a lot of things will change for all of us. That means possible resources from the university for the Kingwood program and all that. Plus you guys might get to mingle with my students from the university at the Kingwood socials. By the way...I have to work at SHSU on Tuesdays and Thursdays.....would anyone mind if we move our beloved ASL club to either on Mondays or Wednesdays? Because those are the days I am at Kingwood.

Toddlers Chatting in Car ASL 01/11/2012

Toddlers Chatting in Car ASL

Thought this is sooo cute....wanted to show you two smart deaf kids who had early access to language unlike others.

Toddlers Chatting in Car ASL While waiting for their daddy at the car repair shop, Mom explained that Daddy's car broke down and needed to be fixed. (The oldest asked if it needed batter...

Switched at Birth 01/05/2012

Switched at Birth

For those of you that really like to watch Switched at Birth and or miss the first show....the first episode is available at HULU!

Switched at Birth Sixteen years ago, one mistake changed two families forever when two newborns were switched at birth. Bay grew up in a wealthy family while Daphne, who lost her hearing as a child, was raised by a single mom in a working class neighborhood.

Deaf Not Dumb 12/31/2011

Deaf Not Dumb

Just saw this...and thought you would like to see this....produced by the deaf from the Middle East/Sub-Saharan culture using British Sign Language. But you can get the idea from the video!

Deaf Not Dumb Offscreen, Adobe Youth Voices and Deaffinity have made this powerful social exposé of what is it (and isn't) to be deaf in today's world.

Timeline photos 12/31/2011

Happy New Year!


I am hearing from a couple of students...that they feel that they might be losing their ASL skills over the LONG break and are itching to sign again. So an idea is being cooked do you guys feel about meeting for lunch or dinner sometime before the school begins on Jan 17th? Say...Friday, January the 13th? At RC PIZZA?

Fighting the Long Sorrow: A Journey to Personhood 12/28/2011

Fighting the Long Sorrow: A Journey to Personhood

A student mentioned this book to me...very unheard of but very interesting. If you have Kindle apps, Kindles, or want a physical book to read for the reminder of the Winter Break...check this out!

Fighting the Long Sorrow: A Journey to Personhood Life-changing week for a deaf man at Gallaudet! There is a monumental shift in how deaf people are seen and heard as a result of Deaf President Now in 1988 at Gallaudet University. At the same time, Theodore “Teddy” Fitzgerald undergoes a personal transformation during hi...


Merry Christmas to all of you, my ASL fellows!! You guys are giving me two great years as your teacher. I appreciate your time with me and here is the hope for more! See you all soon!!


The grades are posted. A LOT of you did great! I hope you have a great learning experience in the classes and that you benefit from them by applying it to your way of think of things visually...a new way to solve problems. Like English, ASL is a form of art...a true language that do affect one to think differently and apply it to various aspects of your life. It is much more than just learning the vocabulary and the structure of the is a way of being more expressive in oneself and to others. On a note: I wish you the best in your endeavors...whether if it is to enlist in the army, perform the missionary work, obtain new jobs, and to enroll in four year universities . For others...I hope to see you in ASL 2/3 and in ASL CLUB!!!

Sign Language Interpreters – Complicit in a Devil’s Bargain? 12/15/2011

Sign Language Interpreters – Complicit in a Devil’s Bargain?

Hello!!! I am STILL WORKING on grading your course workload! I just want to share an article for those of you that consider the interpreting field. I highly recommend that you read this as seeing that the interpreters are asking questions on how to "reconnect" with the deaf community after years of change in laws, money, and aspects relating to interpreting.

Sign Language Interpreters – Complicit in a Devil’s Bargain? [caption id="attachment_1176" align="alignright" width="199" caption="by Dennis Cokely"][/caption] Five decades ago those of us who functioned as sign language interpreters were allies of Deaf people, united with them in fighting...


I learned this spell from Harry Potter...he just stopped by and showed me this cool spell. It worked for him but lets see if it works for me...

Come...all my beloved students....pull up your hands as I wave my wand and say this in an ancient tongue.

Here it comes: "Manibus Dicatum! Manibus Dicatum! Manibus Dicatum!"

Now...can any of you talk in American Sign Language? Oh really!!! Most of you could?? YAH! YAH!

Oh wait a minute....most of you took my classes this past semester, I forgot. Oh never way of knowing that this spell works. :-)


Hello, ASL and Deaf Community

You are invited to join us on our last social event of the fall semester and have fun before the finals and to have a Christmas party as well!

December 9th, 2011
Skeeter's Mesquite Grill
4121 West Lake Houston Parkway, Kingwood, TX 77339-5205

Kingwood ASL Club


THe Halloween party was good...hopefully! People do show up for the party...GASP! :-) By the way...CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Smith for winning the Kindle!

Plenty of heart, not enough tension in 'Lonely Hunter' 10/19/2011

Plenty of heart, not enough tension in 'Lonely Hunter'

Deaf actor in Chicago!!!

Plenty of heart, not enough tension in 'Lonely Hunter' THEATER REVIEW: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" by Steppenwolf for Young Adults ★★½ ... Rebecca Gilman's adaptation of the remarkable 1940 Carson McCullers novel shows this is not an easy novel to dramatize.


Last Friday at R.C. Pizza is a success!!! I was told that about 45 people were there. Beats the Chili's record. :-) More ASL Socials coming up! Stay tuned!

Deaf community asking for more interpreters 10/18/2011

Deaf community asking for more interpreters

Here is the proof that there is a NEED for interpreters.

Deaf community asking for more interpreters Communication is part of our everyday lives but just imagine how it would feel to lose the ability to hear or speak. No one probably understands that more than 24 year old Ana Chavez.


ASL Halloween Party at Kingwood College!!
20000 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, Texas
Saturday 29th, 2011 5pm-10pm (They goofed up by overbooking on Friday)
SFA 125

Texas Renaissance Festival | Renaissance Festival Events in Texas | Texas Fairs and Festivals 10/12/2011

Texas Renaissance Festival | Renaissance Festival Events in Texas | Texas Fairs and Festivals

DATE: Sunday, October 23, 2011

TIME: 9 AM - dark

21778 FM 1774
Plantersville, Texas (northwest of Houston)


Join us for Family Day on Oct 23rd during the Pirate Weekend when we celebrate Deaf Awareness Day! We will have interpreters available for selected performances, shows and demonstrations. Family-friendly games, shopping, food and loads of fun will be waiting for you.

Tickets are available online at the TRF website or may be purchased at HEB or Woodforest bank. These discount tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for children. At the gate tickets are $25 and $12. Check ONLINE for special priced weekend pass, family packs, adult 4 packs (4 adult tickets for $70 BIG savings!)

Visit out event site on Facebook!!/event.php?eid=122202097876397

We will see you there!

You can email me for specific question on Deaf Awareness Day at [email protected]. if you want ticket purchasing information or have other questions about TRF itself, policies, camping, etc. you can contact the TRF office at 800-458-3435 . You can also go online to their contact page:

Get those Pirate clothes ready! See you on the 23rd!

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 800-458-3435

Texas Renaissance Festival | Renaissance Festival Events in Texas | Texas Fairs and Festivals The Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the largest, most acclaimed Renaissance fairs in Texas and offers themed festival events for 8 weekends in the Fall.


Check this out!

Friday, November 4 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Lone Star College-North Harris
2700 W.W. Thorne Dr.
Houston, Texas 77073
Created By
Show Hands
For Show of Hands
More Info
Bernard Bragg is an accomplished performer, writer, director, poet, and artist, Bernard Bragg’s career paralleled the flowering of modern-day Deaf theater, art, and prose, and continues to this day in the 21st century.

Location: Performing Arts Theater (Fine Arts Building)
Tickets: Available at the door ***CASH ONLY*****
$10 for Adults
$5 for Students with Student ID and Senior citizens


My beloved HTC EVO phone got STOLEN! (A case of Deaf-to-Deaf crime)

Today I volunteered to teach at Career and Recovery, INC...that nonprofit agency downtown (Houston). Today was my first day...and after two hours of explaining the judicial system using the terms they are HTC EVO performed its disappearing act while I was being introduced to a client in the supervisor's office using the videophone.

After noticing that my smartphone is missing...I went to the computer to log on in my LOOKOUT use the GPS system. I am so technologically-savvy enough to employ the GPS technology to track down my phone. Sure enough the phone is located 9.3 miles away from where I am after remotely turning on the GPS. And it kept moving. I tracked the unidentified thief for about 20 or so more miles including his several stops which is apparently the attempt to sell my phone or to conduct drug deals. After all..these places are unsafe!

While I track, I have Career and Recovery, Inc staff to work through the addresses of the clients to figure out who took the phone, taking that route, and all that. BOOM...the suspect is possibly identified.

Of course I had Houston Police stop by. (Why are my encounters with the Houston Police increasing???? :-/...) I made out a report with them but they said my phone is not one of their priorities. Even if I managed to track down my phone within two miles of the possible thief's house....which is not a coincidence since its in the general area of his home and that he already have a criminal record. I am even told that I have to call Sprint to deactivate my phone and make an insurance claim to get a new phone.

I am not sure what Career and Recovery, Inc would do but I was told that they will confront him and probably kick him out of the program. I would press charges against him so the jail is probably waiting for him since he has felonies.

I was also told that I will get my new phone tomorrow. (fast overnight shipping) but that I have to pay $100 deductible. HELL YA, I will make that guy pay through the nose. I would look into either securing a firing squad, invoking the Sharia Code to sever his hand, and/or a public hanging. I know it is highly unlikely for these to happen but I can only dream.

Good thing that I had my phone locked when it was cannot be used to make calls, surf web, and all that. So for these that probably tried to text, email, call, and twitter me....I apologize if I don't reply back! I am sure by now that you would accept this logical explanation that I would not get back to you all afternoon and tonight.


ASL Social (hosted by Kingwood ASL Club) on Oct 14th, 2011 from 5 to 10pm. Put on your calendar!

R.C. Pizza
1202 Kingwood Dr., Suite A
Kingwood, TX. 77339

Libya: Deaf rebels fight for rights 09/20/2011

Libya: Deaf rebels fight for rights


Libya: Deaf rebels fight for rights Libya News: Deaf rebels fight against desposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi and against widespread discrimination and isolation under the old regime. In Misrata unit of 86 deaf soldiers have won respect for their bravery and their ability in the ongoing battles against Gaddafi.

Mobile uploads 09/20/2011

Mobile uploads

Versa Effect 09/20/2011

Versa Effect

Come watch Verse Effects movie show in Houston on October 21! It is comedy movie. Fri, October, 21, 2011 4pm & 5pm at WOODHAVEN BAPTIST DEAF CHURCH, Houston, TX.

Versa Effect

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Joe and Laraine on Video Ride
Main Event; July 22, 2011




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