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Young Chefs Academy of The Woodlands

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Bunty Sharma
Bunty Sharma

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Young Chefs Academy of The Woodlands, Education, 2520 Research Forest Drive, Suite 475, The Woodlands, TX.

Teaching children and teens the joy and value of cooking across the globe in a welcoming environment that sparks creativity, ignites taste buds, and builds culinarily skills that will last a lifetime all while having FUN!

Operating as usual


🍀✨ It's Leap Year, and at , we're all about taking that extra day to savor culinary adventures and leap into creativity! 🍽️👩‍🍳

🎉 What's Your Culinary Leap? 🎉

🥣 Dive into a new recipe you've been curious about.
🧁 Create a leap year-inspired dessert with an extra twist.
🌮 Take that culinary leap and explore a cuisine you've never tried before.

Are you ready to take a Leap into delicious experiences and bold flavors? Come join the fun with us every week where we’ll do all of this…and more! 💫👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

Photos from Young Chefs Academy of The Woodlands's post 02/28/2024

🥁🥁🥁 Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁
Our winners are….
Grand Finals 2023
Champion: Chef Camilla

Grand Finals 2023
Runner-Up: Chef Keegan

Photos from Young Chefs Academy of The Woodlands's post 02/27/2024

SO INCREDIBLY Proud of all our 4 FINALISTS! These chefs were tasked with creating their own SIGNATURE THREE COURSE MEAL and they did NOT disappoint! Just listen to what they created!
Chef Keegan
App- Spanakopita
Entree- Lamb Kofta Kebabs & Tzatziki Sauce
Dessert- Greek Honey Cake

Chef Tinley
App- Fried Artichokes with Zesty Butter Sauce
Entree- Filet Mignon &Parmesan Gouda Stacked Potatoes
Dessert- Crème Brulee
Chef Jelissa
App- Stuffed Mushrooms
Entree- Tomato Basil Soup & Grilled Cheese
Dessert- Strawberry Cheesecake

Chef Camilla
App- Stuffed Dates
Entree- Three Cheese Ravioli, Cilantro Lime Shrimp & Corn Ribs
Dessert- Cornbread Tres Leches


Happy National Tongue Twister Contest Day! 🗣️ Challenge your friends and see who can conquer this culinary tongue twister three times in a row without stumbling:

"Young Chefs ceaselessly sear, swiftly sautéing scrumptious surprises, sparking sizzling sensations!" 🔥👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Share your tongue-twisting victories in the comments! 🏆🗯️


Laurie was born and raised in the small town of Liberty in Southeast Texas. She earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas in Austin and later her master’s degree from Lamar University. She worked as a high school English teacher and a school counselor until her retirement during the Covid outbreak.
​Since retirement, Laurie has spent her time traveling, reading, dancing, and being with her loved ones. She recently married Paul McKelvey, and together they visit a variety of restaurants and enjoy family meals at home.

In Laurie’s hometown, she is known to her friends and family as “Queen of Substitutions,” because she is a master at deviating from recipes when in her kitchen. Many new dishes have been created using Laurie’s imagination and innovation! She is quick to participate in taste tests with her two sisters who also consider themselves foodies. Laurie has served on several judging committees, critiquing everything including drinks, beans, chicken, barbeque, steaks, desserts, and more. She loves a good challenge and looks forward to seeing and tasting the new concoctions created by the Young Chefs!

Laurie and Paul divide their time between Liberty and Montgomery, Texas. Together they share a dog and a cat as well as three wonderful sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.


Paul is currently retired after a career in the energy business. Like many men born and raised in the South, he received most of his early culinary experience from his father's grilling and his Grandmother's Sunday dinners! His interest in cooking took root in his 20s, as, after eating not so healthily during college, the need for proper nutrition became clear. It did not take long to realize that following a recipe was not as much fun as learning techniques and the creation of flavor palettes! His cooking style has turned into one where the final product usually is not completely what it started out to be, but made better by on-the-fly additions derived from experience. He has maintained a home herb garden through the years to offer that avenue for food flavor enhancements.

Paul recently married Laurie Vaught of Liberty, Texas, and is a grandfather to four wonderful children from age 9 to newborn.


Nicole Minor is the Founder and Executive Director of an international non-profit called The Pangea Network, which is dedicated to empowering women and youth in Kenya and the United States with the knowledge, skills, and an ongoing network of support in order to achieve their dreams and make positive, life-changing contributions in the communities where they live.
Prior to her formation of Pangea in 2005, Ms. Minor performed market research for consulting and technology companies in Europe and the United States. Later, in Brazil, she assisted a large international development agency during their in-country start-up phase. Ms. Minor earned a master’s degree in international management from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management, in Glendale, Arizona in 1999 and a bachelor’s degree in French from UCLA in 1994. She has been living in The Woodlands, Texas for over 20 years now is proud to be a part of such a special community.


Like many of our students, Chef Tori has been inspired to cook and dreamt of being a chef at a very young age. Chef Tori had had many years of education and even decided to join the United States Marine Corps to go through their culinary programs and schooling. After the Marine Corp he took his knowledge to first manage restaurants, become a sous chef and then was promoted to executive chef in some of our favorite local country clubs. He just has to be in a kitchen or a restaurant creating and serving his passion to others.


GRAND FINALS are today from 12-3!
⭐️ There will only be ONE WINNER & ONE RUNNER UP! Who will it be? ⭐️


Before rolling, make sure your dough is well-chilled. This helps prevent it from sticking to the rolling pin and countertop. If the dough becomes too soft, it can be challenging to work with. Place it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before rolling.

Remember, a little flour on your rolling pin and work surface can also help prevent sticking. Roll gently and evenly to achieve the desired thickness, and rotate the dough occasionally to maintain an even shape. Happy rolling! 🍕🥧🍞


🌟 True leadership is not about being at the forefront; it's about empowering others to shine as leaders. 🚀💫 A great leader isn't just measured by their own success but by the success of those they inspire. They foster a culture of empowerment, encouraging others to step up, take charge, and make a difference. Tag someone who empowers you to lead and let's celebrate the leaders who light the way for all of us! 👏👥


Did you know….Cooking it's a bond that connects us through the love of food and also a recipe for making amazing friendships! 👫💫 Who's your favorite cooking buddy? Tag them below and celebrate the friendships that sizzle in the kitchen! 🍽️❤️


🧁❤️ Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Young Chefs Academy! ❤️🧁

May your day be as sweet and delightful as our Linzer Heart Cupcakes. Share the love and savor the moments with your loved ones today! 💕🍰


🌟 Young Chefs Academy is proud to support International Boost Self Esteem Month! 🌟

At YCA, we believe that the kitchen is not just a place to explore the culinary arts; it's a space to nurture confidence, creativity, and self-esteem. Through culinary adventures, our young chefs discover their strengths and talents, building the foundation for a positive self-image.

Join us in celebrating self-esteem, one ingredient at a time! 💪👩‍🍳


🍕❤️ Calling all pizza lovers and hopeless romantics! Heat up your hearts and add a dash of love with a heartwarming pizza party at Young Chefs Academy! ❤️🍕 Round up your pizza-loving crew, bring your appetites, and let's create unforgettable memories together, filled with love and laughter! 🙌🤩 Tag your friends and let plan the most heart-fully delicious pizza party of the year for you ~ all for the love of it! 🍕🍕🍕


Believe it or not, whipping up your favorite meals and mastering new recipes are stepping stones to becoming a leader in real life! 😎

Each time you step into the kitchen, you are making executive decisions 🧠 (what ingredients to use? how much? at what temperature?), multitasking 🏃‍♂💨 (sauteing while the oven preheats), and working with tight deadlines ⏰ (dinner ready in 30 minutes anyone?) - all things top-tier leaders do every day. 🚀

Cooking 🥘 can give you the confidence and resilience needed to step up and lead - in class, in clubs, in sports and in life! And remember, as a culinary rockstar 🌟 or an all-star CEO, what counts the most is a big dose of creativity, courage and a dash of fun! So, why not take the lead, don your chef coat and show everyone who’s the boss? Let’s get cooking, future leaders! 💪🍝🎉


👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 Mastering the art of crepes not only requires very specific culinary techniques, but allows for creativity, innovation, and cultural awareness by experimenting with different fillings and toppings! 🍽️ It's not just about cooking; it’s flipping, filling, and folding their way to mouthwatering creations while gaining valuable kitchen skills. Cooking is education in action! 🌟


It's no surprise why bakers love to bake; for them, it's an opportunity to unleash their creativity, find relaxation, and discover pure joy in the process. 🎨🧘‍♀️ This month, we're taking baking to the next level! Learn the secrets to cookie perfection, delve into the fascinating science behind baking cakes, and discover chef tips for crafting pastry dough filled with mouthwatering savory ingredients. 🍩🥐

Take it to the next level with our weekly class membership program - enjoy exclusive benefits, big savings, and automatic entry into our awesome MasterChef™ Program!


On this deliciously cozy Hot Chocolate Day, we've got something special brewing…Imagine a hot chocolate that you can actually eat! 🍫🍰

Presenting our delectable masterpiece: from the Young Chefs® Test Kitchen…a cake disguised as a cozy mug of hot cocoa. It's a treat worth celebrating! ☺️🎉
Make your Hot Chocolate Day extra sweet and memorable. Cheers to chocolatey delights! 🍾🍫


Ready to whip up culinary magic? 🍳✨ Join the Young Chefs Academy family and discover your inner MasterChef! Get access to exclusive perks, delicious adventures, and a kitchen full of new friends. Let's cook up dreams together! 🍽️🌟


At Young Chefs® Academy, we believe in laying the foundation for a lifetime of culinary joy. Learning to measure may seem simple, but it's a skill that opens the door to endless possibilities in the kitchen!

Starting your culinary journey early not only fosters a lifelong love for cooking but is also a big confidence booster and decreases the chance of picky eater-syndrome, even in our youngest weekly class chefs…our KinderCooks® 🍽️💪

Empower your child with the tools they need for a flavorful future and watch them bloom into confident, creative, and skilled chefs! 🌱✨


Baking is a science! The Maillard reaction (the complex process involving the reaction between reducing sugars and proteins by the impact of heat) is what gives your baked goods that delicious brown color and flavor. It's all about the chemistry in the oven! 🍪🧪


Raising the Next Generation of Food Enthusiasts! 🌟 Get ahead of the curve as we dive into a year of culinary innovations and the latest trends in 2024. Our Young Chefs Academy classes equip your kids with the skills to be trendsetters in the world of food! 🚀👨‍🍳


- Culinary Showdown Edition! 🍰✨
Last summer, our culinary campers embarked on an extraordinary transformation journey. They turned an ordinary cake into a Ratatouille-inspired masterpiece, putting their creativity and skills to the test! 🎂🐀

Are you up for the challenge? 🍴 Join us today and secure your spot for an epic culinary adventure this season. Let's see what amazing transformations YOU can achieve! 💫👩‍🍳👨‍🍳


Happy National Good Teen Day! 🌟 We're celebrating all of our many Young Chefs® who are creative, dedicated, and filled with potential. Your passion for cooking and unique talents inspire us daily. Keep reaching for the stars! 💖🧡💙


Safety is always our number one concern so for that reason due to the inclement weather we will be closed today.
Stay safe everyone!


Today, as we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on the values of equality, unity, and the power of dreams. 🌍✨

At Young Chefs Academy, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community where young minds can come together, learn, and create. Let's inspire the next generation to dream big, work towards a brighter future, and celebrate the richness of our differences. 💫

Together, we can make a difference through education, understanding, and kindness. Happy MLK Day! ❤️


Did you know that precise knife skills can transform your cooking? 🔪 Invest time in learning to chop, dice, and mince like a pro for even cooking and beautiful presentation. Your culinary creations will thank you!


Why Choose a Cooking Party for Your Next Special Occasion? 🍽️🎉

✅ Interactive Fun: Cooking parties are hands-on and engaging. Your guests get to actively participate in creating delicious dishes, making it a memorable and interactive experience.
✅ Unique and Memorable: It's not your typical party! Cooking parties offer a unique and memorable way to celebrate special occasions, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.
✅ Learn Valuable Skills: Guests can learn new culinary skills and techniques, making the party both enjoyable and educational. It's a great way to bond over shared learning experiences.
✅ Customizable Themes: You can choose to elevate any of our cooking parties with additional options to suit your occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or team-building event. The possibilities are amazing.
✅ No Stress, No Mess: Young Chefs Academy takes care of the planning, preparation, and cleanup. You can relax and enjoy the party without worrying about the mess.
✅ Delicious Results: The best part of a cooking party? Enjoying the delicious food you've prepared together. It's a feast for the senses and a wonderful way to celebrate.

Make your next special occasion truly special with a cooking party. It's a recipe for fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories! 🎂👩‍🍳🎈

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Why Choose a Cooking Party for Your Next Special Occasion? 🍽️🎉✅  Interactive Fun: Cooking parties are hands-on and engag...
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WOW what a CONTEST! We are pleased to announce OUR SOCIAL MEDIA WINNER is............................... drum roll pleas...
WOW what a CONTEST!We are pleased to announce OUR SOCIAL MEDIA WINNER is............................... drum roll please...
AND THE WINNER IS....@imasimpforkimseokjin! 🥳Congratulations!!🥳
Don’t miss out on our limited time offer for our Winter Camps - $50 off! Call today or visit our website to register wit...




2520 Research Forest Drive, Suite 475
The Woodlands, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 10am - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
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