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The Department of Art Education is part of the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University and consists of four Graduate Programs: Art Education, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, and Museum Education and Exhibitions (MEX). Art for Life is the vision which guides our four graduate programs:

The Art Education Program’s principle goals are to deepen the visual and cultural literacy of future a

Operating as usual

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Introducing our social media team: Each member of the social media team represents their program each day of the week! 2nd year Museum Edu-Curation PhD student Zoe represents her program on Mondays, Arts Administration student Ariel represents her program on Art Tuesdays, Art therapy Masters student Keilana represents her program with posts on # Wellness Wednesdays,and 1st year Art Education Masters student Sami represents her program on Thursdays!


Congratulations to MS in Art Education alumna and elementary art teacher, Megan Fernandez, who recently was awarded the Nancy Baur Dillen Art Teacher Scholarship by the Community Foundation for Brevard. Let’s hear from Megan: “Receiving the 2024 Nancy Baur Dillen Art Teacher Scholarship to attend the upcoming week-long workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts will have a profound impact on my academic and personal growth. It not only provides financial support for my artistic endeavors but also serves as a validation of my passion and dedication to the arts. I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and using the knowledge gained to contribute meaningfully to the artistic community and I am eager to reflect on these experiences and share insights that may inspire others who are embarking on similar paths.” Congratulations, Megan!


On this , we are featuring the new, 2024-2025 Student Art Therapy Association (SATA) at FSU board!

Please join us in welcoming our new board members: President Andrea Donato, Secretary Brittany Nyberg, Member-at-Large Jess Fields, Social Media Chair Lauren Hess, Intersectional Chair Julian Senderey, Self-Care Chair Molly Werk, Fundraising Chair Alex Gottsch (not pictured here), and First-Year Liaison Anastasia Baran.
This upcoming SATA board will come into effect on August second.

Congratulations to the new SATA board members!


This we want to congratulate Dr. Pat Villeneuve on another fantastic achievement! Pat’s piece, Winter Weather Log, was curated into an upcoming online exhibition from Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) opening May 1st. Be sure to visit SAQA’s Virtual Gallery in May!


Please join us for our Alumni and Friends event at NAEA in Minneapolis. Mark your calendars, we can't wait to see you there!


On this , we are featuring Dr. David Gussak and his recent presentation at the Arts and Health Symposium.

Dr. Gussak represented art therapy for the Arts and Health Symposium during his presentation titled “Art Therapy’s Ongoing Interdisciplinary Clinical, Scholarly, and Research Collaborations” on Tuesday, Feb 20th. At the symposium, Dr. Gussak spoke alongside music ethnologist, music therapist, interior design, and medical and nursing faculty. His presentation focused on further research and interdisciplinary collaborations. During his presentation, Dr. Gussak provided an overview of how art therapy has evolved into ever-expanding interdisciplinarity as art therapists continue to work alongside other clinical, creative arts, and creative arts therapies fields to further inform ongoing research and clinical activity. He highlighted how these various interdisciplinary research agendas are reflected in the work of the FSU Art Therapy Faculty and in collaborations with professionals from other fields. Dr. Gussak said, “The presentation was well received, and wonderful collaborative and interactive opportunities emerged. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to present.”
Congratulations, Dr. Gussak, on your presentation!


Congrats to PhD Candidate Maclain Hardin-Kurza for getting her article “Applying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Arts Management Curriculum”published in the American Journal of Arts Management! The article was inspired by her experience teaching ARE 4932: Introduction to Arts Administration!


It’s (almost) time for NAEA! Here in the Department of Art Education, we’re always excited to see who among our faculty, students, staff, and friends will be presenting at the National Art Education Association annual meeting. Because it’s , we want to take this chance to remind everyone of the Museum Education Division’s preconvention at the Minneapolis Institute of Art this Wednesday, April 3rd. Hope to see you all at the conference!


Please join us in congratulating Art Education PhD Candidate, Sena Karatas Ozturk on receiving the FSU Spring 2024 Research Dissertation Grant! Let’s hear from Sena on receiving the grant: "Receiving the dissertation research grant from FSU is a tremendous honor, signifying not only recognition for my doctoral dissertation but also the university's support for innovative exploration at the intersection of Virtual Reality Technology and Art Education. I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support of my advisor, Dr. Sara Shields, and the invaluable contributions of my dissertation committee members. Their mentorship and expertise continue to play a crucial role in shaping my research journey.” Congratulations, Sena!


SATA’s 2024 Spring Workshop welcomes Nicole Rainey, LMHC, ATR, as our guest speaker! She has a background in trauma work and owns her own private practice in Tallahassee, Mosaic Creative Counseling. This year, for the spring workshop, Nicole will focus on “Art Therapy & Trauma Work in Practice.” The workshop is free to all on April 6 from 9am-4pm in WJB3003 on FSU campus and will be an in-person only event!. Are you interested in attending?


On this , we are featuring Dr. Ge**er and her recent book discussion with the European Federation of Art Therapy!

Dr. Nancy Ge**er was invited to discuss her book “Imagination and Arts-Based Practices for Integration in Research” with the research committee of the European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT) on March 13, 2024. Attendees represented several countries such as the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Iceland. The virtual gathering included a brief presentation by Dr. Ge**er followed by an engaging and rich discussion about current issues in mixed methods and arts-based research, applications to art therapy research, and suggestions for relevant international research collaborations.

Congratulations on your discussion and presentation, Dr. Ge**er!

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This join us in congratulating Ashley Williams on her gorgeous feature in Tallahassee Magazine! You can read “The Curated Fashion of Ashley Williams” in print, on their website, or digitally flip through the November/December 2023 issue on Issuu.


Congratulations to Art Education PhD Candidate, Minki Jeon, on receiving the FSU Spring 2024 Dissertation Grant! This grant is an award paid to assist doctoral students in covering expenses associated with research activities necessary for a high-quality dissertation. The grant program is funded by the Graduate School, the Congress of Graduate Students (COGS), the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Research. Congratulations and well done, Minki!


On this , we are featuring the Student Art Therapy Association at FSU (SATA) and their self-care events as part of self-care month this March!

March is self-care month, a month of taking care of yourself and nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. While March highlights the importance of cultivating a self-care routine, SATA offers self-care events throughout the year to provide an opportunity for FSU art therapy students to engage in arts-based self-care processes to reduce stress and prioritize their emotional well-being. SATA co-chair Illyanna Soares says, “Self-care is crucial, especially as we are navigating grad school and being new therapists. We can’t pour from an empty cup, so we have to ensure we are doing what we need to do in order to refill our cups.” Here are some self-care events from this year, including a beach day at the FSU Rez and open studio events where FSU art therapy students engaged in their own art-making processes.

What self-care practices are you cultivating this self-care March?


Welcome back, everyone! We hope you all had an amazing spring break and are ready to tackle the back half of the semester. Though we’re not quite at the finish line yet, it’s not too soon to start making plans for the summer! This we’re encouraging everyone to check out for some fantastic internship opportunities. Applications close in three weeks on April 8. Head over to their website for more details.


Have a wonderful spring break, everyone!

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We are pleased to announce Dr. Sara Scott Shield’s well-deserved promotion to Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the College of Fine Arts at Florida State. Over the past 9 years Sara has been with us (more than 3 of those as Department Chair), she has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for those who have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside and learned from her. Now, we are delighted to say that Dr. Rachel Fendler has stepped into the role of Department Chair. Her responsibilities as Associate Chair have prepared her for this new management position, and we know we are in very capable hands under her leadership!


On this , we are featuring FSU Art Therapy alumnae Pamela Salcedo, LMHC and ATR-P, who graduated from the FSU Art Therapy program in 2019.
From an early age, Pam was fascinated by the human mind and had a personal interest in art making. When she discovered art therapy, it became the perfect blend of her two passions. Pam’s education at FSU, prepared her for adapting art therapy to engage with diverse populations in a variety of settings. Since graduating, Pamela has worked with various age groups in an Outpatient setting in Saint Petersburg, FL, and is now part of a group private practice located in Tampa. She finds satisfaction in helping others become the best version of themselves through relational connection, artmaking, creative self-expression, and self-exploration. Pamela continues to dedicate time to personal artmaking in her downtime as a form of self-care. Pamela was also a graduate assistant during her graduate studies and worked alongside Dr. Dave Gussak in developing ideas and bringing to life wall murals in Tallahassee with the assistance of the community and FSU students.

Art Therapy Student Support - Marcia Rosal Fund | SPARK FSU 03/06/2024

TODAY the FSU's Great Give has officially begun. 🌟👏
is a 24-hour, university-wide day of giving that allows Noles to support areas they are passionate about at FSU. This includes--wait for it--particular and specific funding for our art therapy students...and what better way to do so than contributing to a fund that has been established by our wonderful colleague and friend, Dr. Marcia Rosal. So please, protect and support the future of our wonderful field.


Art Therapy Student Support - Marcia Rosal Fund | SPARK FSU Give now to the Marcia Rosal Fund! Your gift will support graduate students in art therapy, including student research, conference presentation and attendance, professional association membership, & more.


An inside look into ARE:4932 where last week instructor Maclain Hardin-Kurza took her class on a site visit to COCA. The class met with Executive Director, Kathleen Spehar, and Grants Manager, Summer Callahan, to talk about local arts funding and advocacy opportunities.


Tomorrow, March 5th, is your last chance to stop by the and see the showcase! Be sure to stop by and see it and all the amazing alumni spotlights, like Kallie’s.

A graduate of the edu-curation master’s program, Kallie (Turner) Powis is now the Assoicate Curator of Adult Programs and Outreach at the Orlando Art Museum. Before that, she was the Youth & Family Program Coordinator in Sarasota. 


Photos from FSU Department of Art Education's post 03/04/2024

This we’re saying congratulations to one of our faculty: Dr. Pat Villeneuve. 🎉 One of Pat’s deconstructed, two-sided art quilts, Bauhaus Fringe, has been juried into an exhibition at the National Quilt Museum! The exhibition will open soon in Paducah, Kentucky, and will run through the end of July before touring through the end of 2025. Congratulations, Pat!

Photos from FSU Department of Art Education's post 02/29/2024

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Chris Omni, MPH, MLS, recipient of the 2024 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award presented by the International Association of Autoethnography and Narrative Inquiry for "Black Joy in Green Spaces: A Nature-Inspired, Endarkened Visual Narrative Inquiry About Black Women and Joy". Swipe to the second page to see a brief statement from Chris on the honor of receiving the award. Congratulations, Chris!


On this , we are featuring FSU Art Therapy alumnae Rachel Blankenship and her Fulbright grant experience studying the integration of art therapy and sports psychology in Scotland.

Reflecting on her time in Scotland, Rachel says, “This experience has been so surreal. I am extremely grateful for the chance to represent Florida State University during my Fulbright grant and, more specifically, advocate for the wonderful field of art therapy in a new and exciting environment. Since moving to Scotland, I have been studying towards a master’s in sport psychology. I am currently working on my dissertation, which aims to investigate the feasibility of an online art therapy intervention for collegiate student-athletes transitioning out of the sport. This semester, I will also be working with the Scottish Racing Academy to develop resources for racing athletes and associated workforces to improve participation, retention, and overall well-being within the sport. As we say here in Scotland, cheers!”


On this , we’re highlighting two-time FSU alum Michelle Sunset! Michelle has a master’s in edu-curation from and a mater’s in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies from . Michelle is now the curator at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. Stop by the to learn more about Michelle and some of the Art Ed department’s other graduates!


Some of our amazing Florida State students, alumni, faculty, and previous faculty at the Southeastern Arts Educators Leadership Conference!


Please join us in congratulating Brianna Hart, high school art teacher at St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine, FL, as she has been awarded the FSPA District 2 Teacher of the Year award! Brianna says, “This award serves as a reminder for me that hours, days, and years of hard work bear good fruit. My expertise in art and design and passion for art education encouraged and enabled my students to go above and beyond to make a nationally recognized yearbook. This inspires me to continue striving for excellence in all areas of my career and seek new opportunities to serve the community.” Congratulations, Brianna!


On this , we are featuring FSU Professor of Art Therapy Dr. Barbara Parker-Bell as she starts her sabbatical!
Dr. Parker-Bell is pleased to be on sabbatical for the Spring 2024 semester. During this time, Dr. Parker-Bell, is continuing her work on the Design Your Career Project to ready these materials for research processes. Additionally, she will begin work on investigating career development and art therapy practitioner perceptions and experiences of the integration of art therapy and career development.  Finally, Dr. Parker-Bell will complete much of this work while in Portugal, where she will also connect and collaborate with Portuguese art therapists, art educators, psychologists, and career development researchers.

Photos from FSU Department of Art Education's post 02/19/2024

📣 Tomorrow’s the day! This we’re saying congratulations to Dr. Ann Rowson Love and Dr. Deborah Randolph on their new book: An Introductory Guide to Qualitative Research in Art Museums. This book is an invaluable contribution to the museum field, and we’re so excited for the official release. Have you ordered yours yet? Order now and get 25% off the e-book or use code ESA01 for 20% off the paperback.


Join us for the College of Fine Arts Open House, where you can explore and discover our facilities, meet current students, and see the innovative curriculum designed to nurture your artistic talents and academic pursuits. Whether you're interested in visual arts, interior design, dance, art history, theatre, arts education, arts administration, or art therapy, our open house offers a comprehensive overview of our diverse offerings.

Meet at the Museum of Fine Arts on February 24th at 1:00 PM and then set out to explore our graduate and undergraduate programs, check out our campus facilities, see details about our courses and curriculum and meet current students!

We can't wait to see you there!

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