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Special thanks to Cornerstone Learning Community
COCA's card campaign continues! We are sending out BIG thanks to all the healthcare workers, administrators, and staff members who are tireless in their dedication to keep our community healthy and safe! We're working in partnership with local school art teachers and their students to collect handmade cards infused with gratitude and creativity. Today, we made a delivery of 150 cards to Capital Regional Medical Center. We hope these little works of art serve to inspire, uplift, and remind our healthcare workers that their tremendous efforts and personal sacrifices do not go unnoticed!
COCA thanks the art teachers and students at the 13 participating schools for their contributions to the card campaign: Sabal Palm Elementary, Gretchen Everhart School, Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Florida State University Schools - FSUS, Amos P. Godby High School, Springwood Elementary School, Swift Creek Middle School, James S. Rickards High School, Ruediger Elementary School, Cornerstone Learning Community, Lincoln High School, Fairview Middle School, and St. John Paul II Catholic High School.

If you want to join COCA's card campaign to show your support for our healthcare workers, let us know at [email protected]

Around the 10:15 mark :)

On Sunday March 7 from 4-7 p.m. the State of Florida will hold a drive-thru vaccination event through the parking lots of Immanuel Baptist Church and Temple Israel. 2215 Mahan Dr.

This is an opportunity for those that fit one of the current eligibility requirements: K-12 School Employees age 50 and older from Private, Charter, Magnet, or Public Schools (any school that serves K-12 students). Please send to your employee email ASAP as spots are filling fast.

It also includes those 65 and older, Healthcare workers with direct patient interaction of any age, sworn law enforcement and firefighters 50+, and anyone living in or working in Long-term care facilities.

Please help us connect folks who have not yet received their first shot.
All those eligible must register below.

I.D. to confirm age or documentation to prove eligibility is required. A school I.D. or letter from school would suffice.

Online registration is preferred, but one can call the Temple office at (850) 877-3517 (ext. 3) if needed.

Thank you for helping with these life-saving efforts. Register NOW!
Thankful to be wrapping up Summer Camp Spark 2020! Successful 4 weeks of virtual camp and 6 weeks of all masked, small groups of in-person sessions. Our campers did GREAT with keeping their masks on all day! THANK YOU Cornerstone Learning Community, Saint Paul's United Methodist Church, Camp Families, Teachers, and our CITs! Stay Safe!!!
This week's 🏆Nyckelharpa Student of the Week🏆is Miyoko Inouye!

Miyoko is 11 years old and in the 4th grade at Cornerstone Learning Community. Although she has studied piano at MLE for many years, Miyoko recently fell in love with the nyckelharpa while living abroad in Sweden. She has done an incredible job of learning the nyckelharpa on her own and has been joining the Advanced Violin Class at MLE on several of their fiddle tunes.

Here is a clip of Miyoko playing the traditional Irish fiddle tune, Swallowtail Jig.
This has been the most challenging of times for so many, and yet, in addition to caring for their own families and dealing with unknowable issues of their own, the Teachers of CLC have risen to the challenge of distance learning! Thank you for your compassionate, thoughtful, empathetic, and academically spot-on work with all of our kids.
You are a light in the murkiness of the unknown.
Thank you, thank you!
Thank you Cornerstone Learning Community for bringing 2nd graders yesterday to see our current exhibitions and making art with us in the ArtZone!
If you could write a love letter to Florida, what would you say? Even young Floridians like Dorothy from Cornerstone Learning Community know that our beaches are special.

Share your letter on our website:
MEET THE CAST of James and the Giant Peach Jr.!

Tucker attends Cornerstone Learning Community and says that if someone wrote a show about his life so far it would be called, "Tucker's Story."

We are so glad that MLP has been a part of that story, Tucker! And we can't wait to see you this weekend dancing, singing and mooing (Yes, mooing!) across the stage!

This show is sold out but mark your calendars for May and June to see Tucker and this mainstage cast in two other shows! Details to follow!
SOMETHING GOOD♥️ A 4th grade teacher in Florida came to America for a better life. She moved to the states from Jamaica to be a teacher.

Recently... she became a U.S. Citizen and her entire class showed up to support her and applaud her journey.

📸: Cornerstone Learning Community , US District Court Clerk
I went to a meeting this week that discussed the importance of social and emotional learning for children of all ages. The keynote speaker talked about the need to address this content not just tangentially, but explicitly, just like we teach reading and math. I'm so grateful that my girls go to a school that values learning about team work, collaboration, regulating one's big emotions, identifying the perspectives of others, relating to one another when we do not agree, problem solving, tackling challenges and handling frustration. What we learn about these skills in childhood impacts our adult lives in ways we will never fully know- from how we navigate challenges to the ways we connect with our partners at home and at work. What makes me the most grateful is that at CLC, social and emotional learning does not replace academics- it is accepted as a part of human learning that enhances academics. Thanks so much for all you do, teachers and admins, for valuing and teaching "human skills" each and every day.

A local school with a global mission. Inspiring & empowering compassionate, global learners. Find ou Private school with a public mission.

Students at CLC engage in learning experiences aimed at cultivating life long learners in an environment that develops character through the relevant application of skills in the context of the real world. Or, in short, Cornerstone students learn through experience, become effective problem solvers by solving real problems, and graduate ready to tackle high school and the world beyond.

Operating as usual


Middle schoolers know that there’s nothing like reading amongst friends! 📖📚📓


CLC Teacher Feature! 🌿

Mr. Nathan is our Lead 5th Grade Teacher, and has been at CLC for ten years!

Mr. Nathan got his degree in Elementary Education at Flagler College.

In his spare time, Mr. Nathan enjoys CrossFit in the mornings and spending time with family and friends whenever he can. 🏋️

A fun (unique?) fact about Mr. Nathan: "I have crooked pinkies." Good to know, Mr. Nathan. Good to know! 👀


Preschoolers getting ready for a fun gardening class with Ms. Meg! 💚

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 08/18/2023

What a delicious treat for our teachers! Thanks to our friends and family operating Tallahassee’s made to order shop. Soooo many tasty varieties — everyone found something to enjoy.


CLC Administrator Feature! ☀️

You may have seen our Office Manager, Ms. Bethany, around campus (and definitely at the front desk)!

A little bit more about Ms. Bethany:

Ms. Bethany attended several universities while her husband was in the Navy, and graduated from the University of Mary Washington with her BA in English and a concentration in Creative Writing in 2018. 📖

Her favorite thing to do is write! Ms. Bethany has dabbled in creative writing ever since she learned to read and write. Though she typically writes novels now, she also loves to write screenplays and song lyrics. Aside from that, Ms. Bethany loves to garden and draw. 💚

"A lot of our families and students know this already, but I was a CLC kid! I attended Cornerstone from Kindergarten all the way up until 8th grade. Ms. Patty B. was my drama teacher and taught me how to have express myself. Mr. Jason was my 3rd & 4th grade teacher, and showed me how to use my resources, how to respect nature, and urged me to always continue writing. Ms. Patty C. was my music teacher for a couple of years and helped me train my singing voice in preparation for high school. Coming back to CLC has been a dream. Not only have I been reacquainted with some of the best people I know, but now I get to watch as my daughter (who is in pre-k) experience all the things I cherished the most while growing up at CLC, too." 🌻

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 08/14/2023

Happy first day of the 2023-2024 school year, CLC!


Mr. Zach sure loves his Kindergarteners! And we love him!


Who’s ready for orientation?! 🌻

Orientation will be next Friday, August 11th! More detailed information on Orientation, etc. will be sent to your emails on Monday. 💌

We can’t wait to see you all! Enjoy the last days of Summer! ☀️


CLC Administrator Feature! 💚

Ms. Patty B., our Admissions Director, has been a part of our CLC community from the very beginning!

Ms. Patty was our Pre-K teacher for years, as well as our drama teacher. Before coming to CLC, she graduated from FSU with her degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management. 🎭

In her spare time, Ms. Patty enjoys watching movies, camping, and travelling. 🚐

A fun fact from Ms. Patty:

"Many years ago, our then after school coordinator, Mr. Sidney, had written a play. He wanted to turn it into an after school activity for our students. So, with Mr. Sid's play, my theatre background, and lots of help and encouragement from our then P.E. coach, Mr. Chris, we mounted the first All School Play, "Hip-Hopera." That annual tradition continued until the recent pandemic years. I had stopped directing a few years prior to the pandemic as my administrative duties increased. But my daughter, Emily, co-directed with Mr. Chris for a couple of years while she worked at CLC.

I am thrilled to see this long standing CLC tradition return under Ms. Edith's leadership!"

And we are so thankful to have Ms. Patty here in the front office, always around to help and cheer on her peers and all our students and families! 🌻


It’s hard to believe our eight 8th graders will be graduating tomorrow! Some staff at CLC have known this crew since they were very little - others just met them this year. But all of us are incredibly proud of them. We can’t wait to see what high school has in store. Congrats, grads! 💙💚💙


Congratulations to CLC Grad, Teresa Morgado (’19) for becoming the 2023 Valedictorian at Maclay School. After earning a National Merit Scholarship she applied to colleges in the US and Great Britain and was accepted at schools such as the University of Edinburgh, UCL London, Imperial College, Georgetown, UNC, and Vanderbilt, among others. In the end, she accepted a full ride to Rice University where she’ll begin her studies in biomedical sciences. Congratulations, Teresa. We are so proud of you and excited for what comes next.

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 05/20/2023

This weekend, Ms. Bethany and Ms. Sky are getting their certifications in Wilderness First Aid! ⚕️

These skills will be extremely beneficial for Ms. Sky at school and on the farm, and will help Ms. Bethany aid students on campus and on field trips.

Today, they learned how to assess various situations, how to proceed with patient care, and how to make arm and leg splints in the wilderness! 🌲

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 05/19/2023

This evening’s Silver Stars event included these 8 students (before and after the event), who were responsible for interviewing the Silver Stars honored by the Tallahassee Senior Center. These are folks being honored for leading lives of service, engagement, and active compassion.

Our students did an incredible job honoring and centering the 8 seniors who were being celebrated this evening. We are proud of these young scholars’ leadership, compassion, dedication, and professionalism this semester. Great evening.


Time for another huge thank you to sponsor, Lisa Tripp! 🧡🛼 Thank your for supporting our Spring Fundraiser. We appreciate you!


A big THANK YOU to Eric & Molly Clore for sponsoring last week’s 80’s Skate Party! 🛼 Thank you got your support and for helping us put on a groovy Spring Fundraiser. We appreciate you! 💜


Super proud of our alumni and graduate representation (here many of them are in 7th grade) last night at the Leon Senior Awards presentation. Just a sampling:
Lillee Tang - Female Athlete of the Year
Skyler Frazier - as reported by a parent in attendance, “got like six things for peace, community service and awesomeness”
Sean Collins - “English department award even though they think he will be an artist but know his name will pen a book.”
Austin Allen - Capstone, guitar, Best and Brightest.
JP Evans - multiple….math and theater
Abby Martin-McKinnie - “wracked up a few including Spanish awards”
Luic / Mallory and those above for academic letters for 4.0+
(In addition, both Lillee and Mallory will be competing in cross country in college, Naval Academy and Flagler respectively.)
Congratulations, Seniors! We knew you’d go on to do great things. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!


Thank you so much to ASK Pediatric Services for being another one of our fantastic sponsors for our Spring Fundraiser! ⚕️We appreciate your support! 💙


Thank you to Kitz Cookie Company for sponsoring our 80s Skate Party! And thank you for the super delicious cookies, too! 🍪🍪🍪


Time to shoutout another amazing Sponsor! Thank you, Joy, for helping make our 80’s Skate Night possible. We appreciate you! 🎶


We still have several awesome sponsors to thank for supporting our 80s Skate Party! 💥 Thank you, Gaines Street Pies! 🍕We appreciate you. 🧡


A big thank you to the Tally Strip for sponsoring last night’s 80’s Skate Party! 🛼💜🛼


Our 80’s Skate Party last night would not have been possible without our wonderful group of volunteers! THANK YOU for all of your hard work, planning, and for making the party super groovy! 🪩🛼


Thank you to everyone who attended our Skate Party last night! It was a blast!

It was especially fun guessing staff’s baby pictures/pictures from the 80’s! 🌅

Congrats to Aisha B. And Jennifer A. for getting the most guesses correct! 💚


Who’s ready for our 80’s Skate Party TONIGHT?! 💙💚💙

Thank you so much to another one of our sponsors, IMS Business, for supporting our Spring Fundraiser! We appreciate you. 🪩

Don’t have tickets? Not to worry. Tickets will be sold tonight at the door for $25. The party is at Skate World and will go from 5:30-8:30 pm! 🛼


Thank you to our Board of Trustees for sponsoring tomorrow’s 80’s Skate Party! 💚💙💚

Pre-sale tickets will be on sale today until 4 pm! Tickets at the door are $25 tomorrow night. To order today, use the link in our bio (on Instagram) or check last Friday’s Community Update!

We hope to see you there! 🪩🛼

Photos from Leon Soil & Water Conservation District's post 05/05/2023

Congratulations to our 6th grader for earning 2nd place in the Soil and Water Conservation District poster contest. We really appreciate how her argument against pollution starts first with concrete facts and then pivots toward advocacy. The fact that she broadens the scope of her advocacy from Leon County to the larger impact from myriad sources and systems illustrates her capacity at critical thinking and global connectedness. Well earned, Sophia. Congrats.


Dear CLC,

We are looking to improve our communications with our community moving forward, and the best way to do that is to ask you all how you think we’re doing! 💜

The Communications Survey will only take 2-5 minutes, and is a total of 10 questions.

The link for the survey went out in today’s Community Update, and the survey will end on Monday. The responses will be anonymous unless you fill out the optional question to input your email.

If you have the time, please fill out the form - thank you! 🌻


Only a few days left until our 80’s Skate Party!! 🛼🎉 Thank you so much to the Morse-Wiebler Family for being one of our amazing sponsors for this event!

To pre-order tickets and merch, please use the link in our bio (Instagram) or check out today’s upcoming Community Update.

We hope to see you there! 🪩


A huge thank you to another one of our sponsors for next week’s skate party! Thank you Don & Betsy! We appreciate you. 💜

If you haven’t already, head over to the link in our bio (on Instagram) or retrieve the form link from last week’s Community Update to order your tickets & merch! 🎟️ Pre-order your tickets for $15 to save $10 the night of! 🛼🩷💙

A Crooked Path 05/03/2023

Right now we are holding CLC alumni Nathaniel Lata ('15) in our hearts as he and his family navigate this medical emergency. If you know Nathaniel and his family, you can keep track of his journey with the below CaringBridge.

In short, Nathaniel was on a graduation trip (just graduating from Vanderbilt) to Colombia when dehydration led to vomiting and discovery by medical professionals that he was in diabetic ketoacidosis. Until this discovery, his diabetes was undiagnosed.

Big love to you, Nathaniel. The whole CLC community stands alongside you and your family with hearts full of love and lots of hope for your full recovery.

A Crooked Path Greetings from Bogota---Phyllis here. The bullet points: They decided to wait longer for the brain swelling (edema) to be gone before waking Nathaniel up; he’ll also get an MRI for more detailed look; edema with diabetic ketoacidosis ...


Another day closer to our 80’s Skate Party, and we want to say a very big thank you to one of our sponsors, Magnolia Hardwood! 🌳

If you haven’t already gotten your tickets and merch for next week, hop on over to the link in our bio (Instagram) or check out last week’s Community Update for the link. We hope to see you there!



One week left until our 80’s Skate Party! 🩵💙🩵 Thank you so much to Raindance Irrigation for being one of our sponsors! We appreciate you! 🛼

Want to grab your tickets and merch? Visit the linktree in our bio (Instagram) or check out the most recent Community Update for the form link! We hope to see you there! 🎟️👕🪩


It’s time to shout out another one of our wonderful sponsors! Thank you Oyster and Oak for sponsoring our upcoming 80’s Skate Party!!


Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 04/25/2023

We sure are going to miss these soon-to-be rising freshmen next year! It’s wonderful to see how much fun they are having in Washington, D.C.!

We hope the fun continues and that our eighth graders make some awesome memories to bring with them to high school! 💚💙💚💙


Good afternoon, CLC!

The CLC Fund would like to invite you to our spring fundraiser at Skate World! 💚

What: 80's Skate Party! We are taking over Skate World for a night of 80's Family fun! Costume Contest, Prizes, 80's Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Roller Skating, and Pizza!

Where: Skate World 2563 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308

When: This fun event will be on May 9th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Presale tickets are $15/person and include skate rental, play area, pizza, drink, and a cookie!

Tickets sold at the door the night of the event are $25/person and include skate rental, play area, pizza, and a cookie!

We have a great assortment of 80's inspired Swag - T-shirts, Wristbands, and Socks can be bundled together with a presale ticket for a bargain.

Buy your ticket by clicking on the link below! We hope to see you there!


Today, we are thanking another sponsor of our upcoming 80’s Skate Party on May 9th! 🛼⛸️

Have you gotten your tickets yet? They are $15 in advance and $25 the night of! Use the linktree in our bio to get your tickets and merch! 💗

Thank you again, Clothesline!


Cast photo from yesterday’s all school play. Great to have the tradition back!


Run, don’t walk! 👟👟👟

Applications for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year have been extended until May 1st!

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 04/18/2023

A special THANK YOU to one of our Sponsors for our upcoming 80’s Skate Night Party! 🛼💚💙⛸️

Thank you so much to Longview Farms for supporting us! Longview Farms is very near and dear to our hearts. We appreciate you!

- - - - -

For more information on Skate Night, stay tuned! An email is coming soon with all the details - and pictures of merch! 👚

To grab tickets & merch, swipe to the second photo and use the QR code to fill out the Google Form for the event! 🙌🏼

Thank you again, Longview Farms!

Photos from Cornerstone Learning Community's post 04/10/2023

Some action shots from last Thursday’s Field Day! 💚💙💚


The difference between these two photos? 18 years. But one thing remains the same: CLC students and employees will always stand up for what they believe in.

Top Photo: Joe Budd Protest, 2005. 🐢

Bottom Photo: Q***r & Trans Youth Autonomy March & Rally, 2023. 🏳️‍⚧️

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallahassee?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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A classic number at CLC … The Dirt Made My Lunch. From the April Community Sing featuring 2nd and 5th graders. #JustAnot...
Students school our director, @jasonflom at Ga-Ga ball. #recess #joy #multiageplay #laughter #friendlycompetition #justa...
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Ask your doctor if our kindergarten vibes are right for you. Kind. Calm. Caring. Individualized. #justanotherpeacefulday...
The glump factory. (No child labor laws were broken in the making of this film.)Multiage collaborative play led by stude...
5th graders walking across the Edmond Pettus Bridge* in Selma as a part of their Civil Rights Tour of the SE. Today they...
We were honored today to have @osubicraig, @koffikaza_adde, @dchamp76, and more facilitate an African drum workshop for ...
We were honored today to have @osubicraig, @koffikaza_adde, @dchamp76, and more facilitate an African drum workshop for ...
From today’s incredible Community Sing: 4th graders singing “Salaam.” Salaam is a greeting of peace used, primarily, in ...





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