Hartsfield Elementary School

Hartsfield Elementary School


Moving on back to last week's visit to Hartsfield Elementary School and our JGF 🤝 kindergarten classroom connection through TalChamber w/ Ms. Crimbley and her SUPER Fit Kids!

Each year, our coaches, family & friends adopt a family for the holidays - gift giving and more. This year, we chose to spread-our-love of gift giving, more like SURPRISE-giving and giving the gift of FUN FITNESS adventure & more to the boys & girls in Ms. Crimbley’s kindergarten class. They all just LOVED their gifts of books, puzzles, arts ‘n crafts, and gift cards. And, Alexis C. Gaston - Health and Fitness Coach & Jen Bricker Simpson, Health and Fitness Coach had SO. MUCH. FUN. just get-ting fit with the kids in their classroom.
Happy Christmas & Merry Holidays in our local community.

PS: take a look at the poster/sign they made for their front door.
"Be NICE to each OTHER. It's really all that MATTERS."
Hartsfield Elementary School TAG students had a lesson on chemical reactions
Hartsfield Elementary School TAG students had a lesson on chemical reactions.
Mrs. Hagan's TAG students at Oak Ridge Elementary, Astoria Park Elementary, and Hartsfield Elementary School have been working on chemical reactions.
Providing consistency and love for our students is something LCS teachers do every day.
Creating relationships and memories continues despite the pandemic.

If you happen to see one of your former teachers getting groceries or about town, make sure to let them know how much they mean to you.

Being remembered by former students means so much to Erika Clark at Hartsfield Elementary School
She started as an intern at Hartsfield and has been there 25 years now. Over the years she has built relationships with thousands of students who regularly pop back into her life. “I go in Publix and students smile and say hey Ms. Clark, remember me?” she said bashfully. “When I’m out with my own family and students stop me it gives me a warm feeling that they remember me and in some way I touched their life. Mrs. Clark added, “To know that you can make a difference in their lives is what gets me up every morning, and I’m a proud Hawk at Hartsfield."

For Nancy Oakley, Hartsfield has become the definition of family.
Her children all attended Hartfield, and she also served as PTO President.
While being an active parent at the school, she decided to become a teacher.
And that’s just what she did, and for the last 25 years she has been teaching and loving the students at Hartsfield. “I love the family atmosphere here,” she said. “My three sons are in their 30’s and Hartsfield has become my extended family."

Rudean Rodgers also shares a love of Hartsfield and is completing 35 years of service and will retire this year. “From day one, I didn’t really want to go anywhere else and I made Hartsfield my home.” She admits she will miss her coworkers tremendously. "Even though this is my last year and I'm ready to retire, I wish I had more time with my fellow employees. My heart will always belong to Hartsfield." ❤️
You are all invited to these FREE events (outside) coming up soon!
What happens at school during the summer? Hartsfield Elementary School Principal Dr. Rhonda Blackwell-Flanagan is busy with construction on her new Family Resource Center. She has a gift of seeing potential in many things and explained, "I'm a visionary and when I start imagining, I start creating things that happen...and this came to fruition and it's going to be so cool!" Dr. Flanagan believes that parents are critically important to the success of Hartsfield. She plans to dedicate the room to her parents during a ceremony in early August.
Running into Monday!!!
Hartsfield Elementary School
Florida Citrus Queen/Miss Florida Citrus, FDACS Chef Paula and the Afterschool program at Hartsfield Elementary School enjoyed our final today. Thank you to everyone who made these virtual events spectacular! We enjoyed every moment.

CHOOSE Hartsfield Elementary School for the smallest class sizes in Leon County!

Learn more: ChooseLCS.com/Hartsfield
Let's hear it for our elementary schools who let their pink spirit shine! 🤩

Gilchrist Elementary PTO
Hartsfield Elementary School
Kate Sullivan Elementary
W. T. Moore Elementary School
Bond Elementary School
Mrs. Oakley, thank you! We appreciate everything you are doing for our kiddo.

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Operating as usual

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/24/2023

A thank you goes out to the Mina String Quartet for a wonderful visit to Hartsfield for our 4th grade learners. They not only learned about fun musical ideas, but also experienced live music by underrepresented composers. We loved to see how knowledgeable our learners are with music!


From March 27 to April 7, The Salvation Army is hosting Doing the Most Good Food Drive. If you would like to donate any non-perishable food items, Hartsfield's donation box is located at the front gate of the school.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/22/2023

Keep an eye out for new friends in the Butterfly Garden this spring! Mrs. Baker, one of our wonderful HMSIS parents, volunteered to release ladybugs with the 1st and 3rd grader learners. The students really enjoyed learning about the ladybugs and releasing them in the Butterfly Garden.


Mark your calendars! Fairview Middle School is hosting a virtual curriculum night for incoming 6th graders and their families on March 30th from 6:30-7:15 through Zoom.


Class photos are coming!

Students will take a group photo with their classmates and teachers on Tuesday March 28th. Individual spring portraits are also available for purchase.

Please use the following link to purchase your group and individual photos. Online purchasing is highly encouraged. https://vando.imagequix.com/g1001005039


What an honor it is to be recognized by the LCS Title I office.


ATTENTION 5TH GRADE PARENTS: Yearbook needs your help.

Please send in a baby picture of your 5th grader by March 31st. Pictures can be given to homeroom teachers or emailed to [email protected].


The teachers are busy, busy, busy today getting ready for the 4th 9 weeks. We are excited for our learners to join us back on campus tomorrow!


Teachers will be back from Spring Break on Monday. Learners return on Tuesday.

It's hard to believe that the 4th 9 weeks of the 2022-2023 school year is here already. It'll be so great to have our Hawks back on campus after the break!


Have a fun filled Spring Break, Hawks!

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/10/2023

Our 4th grade learners are LOVING decimals and fractions! "Can decimals be my homework?!" They asked, excited for their homework! It's even better when you can use your desk as your nonconventional workspace, too. We are so proud of how knowledgeable our learners are at Hartsfield.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/09/2023

Happy Youth Art Month! If you head over to the LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library at 200 W. Park Ave. this month, you will see Hartsfield's student art displayed in the exhibit! The exhibit celebrates art and art education and will be featured until March 31.


It's time for a little break. Spring Break is next week, March 13th - 17th.

There is a Teacher Planning Day on March 20th. Students return to school on Tuesday, March 21st.

We hope all of our learners enjoy this time of rest and relaxation before the 4th 9 weeks begins.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/08/2023

Dinosaurs are popular at Hartsfield! Our 1st grade scientists worked with dinosaurs, learning about their safety defenses such as claws, teeth, horns and tails. They customized their own dinosaur to display what they learned and were excited to show them off!

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/07/2023

Just in from Japan! Hartsfield's Peace Mural has made it to the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki! It is on exhibit from March 1st until March 31st. Our Peace Mural made it all the way from its start in Ms. Elsaka's art room and ended up across the world and we couldn't be more proud of Hartsfield and this amazing project.


REMINDER: You're invited to "Let's Do Lunch."

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your child in their classroom.

Wednesday, March 8th - Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades
Thursday, March 9th - 4th and 5th grades

Please bring your ID and come early so you'll have time to sign-in.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/06/2023

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein.

Our learners are balanced in both the classroom and on their bikes! Students learned important safety tips such as wearing helmets properly while working on their biking skills in PE class.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/03/2023

Our Kindergarten learners are quite the readers! Thank you to the BETA NU Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at FAMU for sharing your time and tiaras with Kindergarten.



This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your child in their classroom.

Wednesday, March 8th - Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades
Thursday, March 9th - 4th and 5th grades

Please bring your ID and come early so you'll have time to sign-in.


You're invited to "Let's Do Lunch."

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your child in their classroom.

Wednesday, March 8th - Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades
Thursday, March 9th - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

Please bring your ID and come early so you'll have time to sign-in.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 03/01/2023

Here is a good question: If dinosaurs came back, what would they do? Our learners used their creative minds in art class to create scenes with dinosaurs in modern times. They thought of cities, farms, jungles, and more for their dinosaur friends to roam in.


Don't miss this 3-part workshop series on home buying hosted by Graceful Solutions.

When we hosted it in the Fall the spots filled up quickly, so register today. To register please use this link: https://forms.gle/acLmMcHzfNHw1fYP7


During the month of March, our learners will be focused on the Learner Profile Attribute "Open Minded". An Open Minded learner knows that all people are different. They listen to the points of view of others and consider many possibilities before making a decision. They celebrate the differences that make all people unique.

Ask your learner how they are open minded at home and at school.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/28/2023

Happy Read United Week! A big thank you to Superintendent Rocky Hanna for volunteering to read for our 1st grade learners. There were so many smiles and much excitement for reading.


Please join us tonight for Student Council Inductions & Black History Living Museum from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Student Council Inductions will be held in the Media Center at 5:30 with the Black History Living Museum immediately following. We hope to see you there!

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/27/2023

Black History Month Spirit Week was amazing! We had so many exciting events at Hartsfield. We had visits from Mr. and Ms. FAMU, Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the King and Queen of Orange and Green, and the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club.

In addition to that, our dress up days were so fun! Learners all over campus dressed up with themes such as Kings and Queens, wearing what makes them feel like royalty. What an amazing week and Black History Month!

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/24/2023

Members of the FAMU chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity visited Hartsfield Kindergarten learners for an awesome afternoon of reading.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/23/2023

Yesterday, our teachers took time to work on collaborative planning for math. Their consistent dedication to planning leads to the creation of amazing lessons that get the students' love for learning going. We appreciate the time and effort our teachers put into their planning.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/22/2023

We got the beat! Our 2nd grade learners are building their drumming skills in Mr. Patterson's music class.


Has a teacher made a positive impact in your or your child's life? Upload a photo with a story up to 500 words about your child's favorite teacher at rackroomshoes.com where you can nominate and vote.


Are you looking for something FREE and EXCITING to do next weekend?

The MagLab Open House is an annual event where the public is invited to explore the world’s largest & highest-powered magnet lab, engage with nearly 100 hands-on demonstrations & activities, and meet magnet science experts.

When: Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Where: National MagLab Headquarters Location - 1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310



Thank you to all the families who have already participated in our SchoolStore fundraiser! We are on our way to reaching our goal, but we need everyone's help to make sure our teachers get the essential tools they need to help our students succeed. If your family has not participated, there's still time!

This safe and easy fundraiser is 100% online so there is no face-to-face selling, collecting money, or delivering products. Your child will receive a prize just for participating, and more prizes will be awarded when goals are reached.

Please help now. It really will make a difference.

Go to https://www.schoolstore.net/sid.t?0000144149 to show our valued teachers your support.


Reminder: All schools and offices will be closed next Monday, February 20, in observance of Presidents' Day. Schools and offices will reopen on Tuesday, February 21.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/17/2023

Another huge thank you to Cobb Middle School for also visiting Hartsfield to inspire our 5th graders for their soon-to-be middle school journey. We love how excited our learners are to continue on their education and experience the amazing programs available at Cobb. They showed off their variety of classes they offer including STEM, band, agriculture and more!


Next week is Black History Month Spirit Week! We have a great week of activities planned and can't wait to see how our learners respond to the daily themes.


This was such a fantastic opportunity for our learners. Thank you Title I LCS!

The Hartsfield Hawks had a STEM-tastic time during Wednesday’s Mobile STEM Lab. Families discussed and learned about various STEM careers. After learning about density, families were tasked with assembling an ocean robot and making sure that their robot floated. After ensuring that their robots floated, families practiced balancing their robot by adding weight to create sinking and floating behavior. Families were able to modify the weight and retest their robots.

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/16/2023

Last week, the Jack Hadley Black History Museum visited Hartsfield for an amazing Black History Month experience. Our students learned about how the Jack Hadley Black History Museum was created, told to us by Jack Hadley himself! Students also learned about black inventors and scientists while being able to interact with the impressive collection of items from the museum. We're grateful for such an amazing visit and loved hearing Mr. Hadley's story.


Have you seen the Parent Information Envelope letting you know about a safe and easy way for our school to raise funds for essential tools our students and teachers need to succeed?

The SchoolStore fundraiser is 100% online so there is NO face-to-face selling, handling money, or delivering products. Your participation will take less than 12 minutes, and there are exciting prizes to make it fun for the students.

Here is all you need to do to participate:
1. Go to https://www.schoolstore.net/sid.t?0000144149 to sign up.
2. Send form emails inviting family, friends and co-workers to support your child.
3. Return the Envelope with the Student Prize Code to school for your child to get their fun participation prize.

Your participation will make a difference for our school and teachers!

Photos from Hartsfield Elementary School's post 02/15/2023

In art class, students have been working on Ancient Egyptian inspired art of their own. Using the sentence, "I am a leader/king/queen of..." as a prompt for their own creations, students have been visualizing what makes them a leader or the type of leader they aspire to become. Keep an eye out for this art displayed by the front gate!


All schools and offices will be closed next Monday, February 20, in observance of Presidents' Day. Schools and offices will reopen on Tuesday, February 21.

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School Family Celebration - 4th and 5th Grade
School Family Celebration - 3rd Grade
School Family Celebration - 1st & 2nd Grade
Mrs. Thompson has been a such big part of Hartsfield. Today we celebrated Mrs. Thompson with a parade down the hallway.W...
Our 2nd and 3rd graders are attending their first School Family Assembly this morning and they ROCKED this year's song.#...
Make us proud Hartsfield class of 2022!#HartsfieldHasHeart
We’re going to miss you Hartsfield Hawks! Graduation 👨🏾‍🎓 👩‍🎓 #HartsfieldHasHeart
See ya later, alligators!  Pre-K is graduating!#HartsfieldHasHeart
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