ALL KinderSchool teachers are CPR/First Aid certified!
We are teaching a First Aid/CPR class Thursday, August 2nd at 6 PM at KinderSchool. We have 3 spaces left. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Kelly McMurray Kornegay.
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Just checking in to see if the kiddos have their Sun chips, Moon pies, and Starbursts for solar eclipse day! 😊
Wondered across their bags from many moons ago and they wanted to take their lunch in them to Summer camp today. KinderSchool advertising in Ponte Vedra, Fl.
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At KinderSchool, we strive to provide a safe, healthy, happy environment for children ages birth through ten years. Recognizing that each child is unique allows us to provide for individual strengths and weaknesses within our total curriculum. It is our goal provide each child with adequate stimulation for physical, mental, social and emotional growth through love, laughter and learning.

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We realize that some young children are more attached to their parents than others. Let s talk about how enrolling your child in preschool can provide the adjustment period necessary before they re expected to be in kindergarten all day every day.


Happy Birthday Ms. Peggy Daniels!


Children learn to take care of themselves  such as setting up and clearing a table at snack time or lunch and keeping track of their belongings in separate areas such as a cubby  through the daily routines reinforced at preschool.


What s the difference between child care and preschool? All preschool programs provide child care  they take care of your kid during the day. But not all child care programs offer academic basics and what is expected socially, emotionally and academically from kids.


"Kids in preschool discover that they are capable and can do things for themselves - from small tasks like pouring their own juice and helping set snack tables to tackling bigger issues like making decisions about how to spend their free time," according to early childhood expert Angela Capone with the Southwest Human Development's Arizona Institute for Childhood Development.


Children thrive when there is consistency in care between home and school. In good preschools, teachers value parents as the experts on their children. Teachers strive to understand and respect parents child-rearing goals and values.


A range of tactics can help you prepare your child to enter preschool. Read books about preschool aloud to your child, find picture books that describe a typical day at preschool and arrange to visit the school.


One of the benefits of preschool is that it provides curious children with more academic stimulation than they might otherwise get. A preschool curriculum is centered around the development of curiosity and creativity in children.


While looking at day care centers, you probably heard the words  licensed and  accredited. What s the difference? Licenses are mandatory, with standards set by each state. Accreditations are voluntary, with often higher standards that are set by national organizations.


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Unfortunately, many children can experience separation anxiety when leaving their parents for the first time to start Kindergarten. Children who enter Kindergarten from a preschool program, on the other hand, may have an easier transition.


KinderSchool is closed Thursday, November 10th due to inclement weather. We are also closed Friday, November 11th to observe Veteran's Day.


We understand that not all children are ready to be thrown into a full-time preschool schedule. If you re interested in helping to ease your child into his or her educational experience, we may be able to help you create a part-time enrollment schedule.


If your child isn t used to being on a regular schedule, it could help to standardize their days a bit before they start preschool. Start by offering meals on a regular timetable. You could also plan to visit the park each afternoon or set a bedtime ritual.


Child experts say preschool helps to bring out both the creativity and independence of children. Kids have plenty of choices every day in preschool  whether it s what book to read or craft activity to begin. These choices, made without mom or dad close by, help to promote that creativity and independence.


Halloween Parties with the exception of Ms Rebecca’s class are at 3:30 PM. Parents are welcome to attend. Festival begins at 4 PM. Parents must accompany their child to the festival. Parents are welcome and encouraged to dress up!
Be safe out there tonight trick or treating!


Children are known to learn best through play. It sounds counter-intuitive, but if your child is allowed to explore and try out different aspects of the world, they will become more creative and more confident in all aspects of life. And isn t that what you want for your child?


Happy Birthday Ms. Cameron Hiltz!


KinderSchool has one VPK ONLY opening. If your child was 4 years old by September 1st and is eligible for Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, we have one opening for our program. Hours are 8:30 AM - Noon. Please contact us today!


You might want to start your child off in a half-day program to ease them into the hustle and bustle of preschool life. Then you can gradually increase the length of their school day as they get more comfortable with the routine.


Happy Birthday Ms. Kelly, Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Melissa & Ms. Jada! What fun to share our birthday! ❤️


In preschool, both concepts and processes are emphasized, along with opportunities for active manipulation of relevant concrete materials and interactive experiences. All of this provides a solid foundation for academic achievement down the road.


It's a myth that there is virtually no difference between preschool and a child care center because both allow working parents a place to bring their children. Preschools focus on social skills, classroom etiquette, and basic literacy and math skills. That may or may not be the case with a child care center.


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Did you know that young children learn languages far more easily than any other age? After around age 8, it becomes much harder. Preschool, then, is a great time to help your child build those language skills that will help him or her for years to come.


Kids learning from other kids with a knowledgeable, encouraging teacher at the front is what makes preschool great. Quality programs encourage learning through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.


Do you ever worry that your child may be behind other children their age in certain areas? Whether you re worried about their coordination or their recognition of shapes and colors, a preschool program could help them improve the skills they already have while learning new things.


We understand that some stay-at-home moms need a break during the day. Our preschool programs can give you the break you need while still providing constructive play time for your children.


Happy Birthday Mrs. Bethann Phillips!


The United States lags behind most other large countries in the world when it comes to the percentage of 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds in preschool. For example, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom had the greatest percentage of 4-year-olds in preschool - at or close to 100 percent. The U.S. was 26th among all large countries in the world in that category.


When you have the ability to stay home with your child each day, you may not see the point in enrolling them in a preschool program. Remember, children who attend preschool are more prepared when they must start kindergarten.


One of the challenges and joys of preschool is the opportunity to make learning fun. Experienced preschool teachers know that young children often learn best through games, play, stories, imagination, conversation, exploration, experimentation and discovery.


Elizabeth Peabody established some of the first English-language schools for children under six in the United States. An accomplished writer, bookseller and tranlsator, she worked closely with both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Amos Bronson Alcott, whose daughter Louisa wrote Little Women.


Are you hesitant to send your child to preschool because you aren t interested in sending your child to daycare? Let s talk about how our preschool programs differ from a professional babysitting program so that you can make a more informed decision about what s right for your child.


One important skill learned by young children in preschool involves the development of self-regulation. Self-regulatory thought processes not only tell a child not to hit another child, but also help that child set personal goals and focus him- or herself on achieving those goals.


Are you interested in taking CPR/First Aid ? If so, let me know. I would like to plan a class for Parents, Grandparents, etc.

Ms. Kelly


Kids in preschool can discover, independently, that they are capable and can do things for themselves. From small tasks such as pouring their own juice and helping set snack tables to dealing with bigger issues like making decisions about how to spend free time, preschool provides an in-depth learning experience.


How to spot a great day care: Look for qualified, caring teachers, a clean and safe environment, age-appropriate activities, established procedures for dealing with everything from late pick-ups to medical emergencies and a current license.

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