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Please call me today with questions, as I will not be on facebook from 1:30 to 3:30. My number is 850-694-1690.

Remember, stop by the TCC Testing Center this week (Mar. 17th through Mar. 21st), between the hours of 8:00 am to 5 pm.

All you will need to bring is your Malcolm Gladwell article and a pen. The proctor will provide the instructions and the prompt.

Thank you and good luck,

Marcus Nicolas


I'm now available to answer questions regarding this week's assignments.

Tricia Elton, the librarian, will be available shortly.


Please be advised, you should do the TCC library activity first. Doing the TCC library first acts as the initial step in completing your position paper. It is important that you understand how to use the TCC database because all of your sources must come this database.

Remember, Ms. Elton will only address questions about the library, and I will only address questions about writing the paper.

Good luck


Week 9: March 3rd - March 14th

The dates are not a typo. Week 9 will extend into the week of Springbreak. Thus, you will have 2 weeks to finish all activities assigned. Please use your time wisely.

Speaking of activities: Tricia Elton is our fabulous faculty librarian. She will oversee the library activity for this week. If you have questions regarding the library activity only, please send them to her. She will post later, providing you with her information. Again, I will oversee all assignments except the library activity. That is Tricia's area of expertise; thus, she will field all questions, comments, and/or concerns about that assignment.

Please remember, if you would like me to preview an assignment before the official submission date, please email it to me. If you load the assignment into Bb, I will assume it is ready for a grade.

I will load this post onto the Bb announcements page. Tricia will do the same thing.

Good luck this week.


Do not forget to upload your essays to SafeAssign before 5pm today. SafeAssign will shut down at 5pm on the dot. 5:01pm will be too late.



I apologize, but I will have to exit the class session early. I have a prior engagement. If you need me, please call, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Marcus Nicolas


Week 8: Final drafts are DUE ON OR BEFORE Friday, Feb. 28th at 5pm. I want you to make this submission your priority. NO EXCUSES!

I have offered a reading this week: Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." There aren't any activities associated with the reading. Just read and enjoy.
Next week, I will provide you with activities associated with both the reading and the Position Paper (the next major essay).

Good luck on those final submissions. I hope my feedback offered you insight.

Marcus Nicolas


Week 7:

Overall impressions of 1st drafts: It was a pleasure reading those drafts. They were insightful, artful and articulate (for the most part). Now it's time to become better writings - with rewrites. This week, there is only 1 task - rewrite your 1st drafts. Most of you have received feedback on your 1st drafts. I will email the rest of you later this evening with your individual feedback.

Powerpoint Presentation: There is a powerpoint presentation that I would like for you to peruse (Editing vs Revising).

Feedback: I have provided specific comments to each of you. If you do not understand the comments, please email or call me.

Activities to be completed: There are no activities to be completed this week. Please focus on rewriting your essays.



Week 6: This week, you will have one task: to complete and submit the 1st draft of your essay. Please understand that I recognize the submission as a 1st draft; however, you should proofread for all mechanics and grammatical errors.

I am not reading for mechanics and grammar (although I will make a note at the end of the paper, highlighting major errors). The essay, for me, is more about whether you are compliance with the instructions you understand what I am asking for in the paper...are you able to articulate your ideas clearly, etc....


I have provided a method to organizing your body paragraphs: TIQA. As outlined in the powerpoint, TIQA will help those that need help. If you have your own method of writing, employ it. TIQA is a suggestion, not a requirement.

If you would like to cross-check your paragraph using the TIQA method, that will be helpful as well. If you write a paragraph, and that paragraph includes a sentence that is not the topic sentence, does not introduce the quotation or illustration, is not a part of the illustration or does not offer analysis, get rid of it. It is "fluff" or a "filler" sentence.

Here's to week 6 :-)

Week 6 – Feb. 10th – 14th



Powerpoint Presentations:


*Peruse the TIQA powerpoint presentation. This presentation will help organize your body paragraphs.

Activity To Be Completed:

1st Drafts DUE FRIDAY, FEB. 14th by 5 pm.


Sample Introductory Paragraphs

I have provided 3 sample paragraphs with an analysis of the first 2. The paragraphs offer different approaches in writing the 1st paragraph (introduction) of your visual plus written analysis essay. THESE SAMPLES NEED WORK; however, as you review the samples, please look for what works well in the paragraph only.

1) Women are often degraded in magazine and television advertisements, making them in a second-class citizen to men. Women are often displayed as objects in the industry and not as people. In a Kenwood Chef advertisement for kitchen appliances, it depicts a happy, smiling woman with a chef’s hat on stand behind her husband. The caption for the ad reads: “The Chef does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for!” The ad implies that wives are useless unless she cooks – her purpose in the marriage. This kind of advertisement is putting women below men in society. The giant smile from the woman suggests that she is completely ok with being depicted. Kenwood Chef ad suggests that women have one purpose in society and that is to feed her husband.

Analysis: This paragraph, first, offers the reader a social commentary as to the plight of women – contextual information. The paragraph moves on to offer a description of the advertisement. The description is an accurate illustration of a basic outline of what we will see as a viewer. Specifics like colors, lines or shapes do not appear in the introduction. Those kinds of detail will be offered in the body of the essay.

The last item is the claim. The author posits that the Kenwood Chef ad stifles the progression of women. The body of the essay will further delve into how the images, shapes, colors, lines and texts contribute to announcing the claim (women are second-class citizens).
The paragraph does not offer background information. Background information is not needed. Why?

2) The Sisley brand has been gracing the world with couture fashion since its 1968 Paris debut. It has generated 850 points of sales throughout the world and has become an exclusive clothing brand, stamping its mark on the fashion industry. One of the many irrefutable factors that have enabled the company to expand its borders are the controversial advertisements that it’s produced. Moreover, a 2007 ad, produced by the company, ran that not only shocked the fashion industry, but also jolted the world, as it depicts two women snorting a Sisley gown like co***ne. The ad promoted addiction. The image suggests that Sisley’s products are enticing, as it illustrates two ‘fiending’ women on a surreal high.

Analysis: This paragraph, first, offers the reader background information. The background information offered is the company’s branding locations, thus establishing the company’s worldwide impact of the company. The author then moves from the branding locations to the contextual information – offering the reader the relevance of the company’s brand (850 points of sales). The author offers more contextual information by briefing mentioning that the company has a history of “shocking” the consumer with risqué advertisement. Seamlessly, the author talks about how this ad is different from other ads (insert the description of the ad).

Finally, the author provides the claim. The body of the paper will delve into how Sisley is using the ‘snorting’ convince an audience to buy its product.

3) In today’s society, fashion is considered not only a way for many to express themselves, but also a way for others to make money. The ad, created by the World Wildlife Federation or WWF, illustrates a woman in an empty airport with her back turned to viewers and pulling a suitcase, as she leaves a trail of the blood from the animal killed to make the luggage behind her. These few details emphasizes that the unidentified woman unknowingly has the blood of an innocent animal on her hands because she bought an exotic animal product. This ad was created to bring about awareness to those who are unaware of the problem and to trigger an emotional response from those who are empathetic to animal cruelty. The WWF wants to decrease the amount of people that purchase exotic animal souvenirs because doing so supports animal cruelty.

Analysis: You do the analysis…


Week 5: This week, you will have two activities to complete; however, only one of the two activities will be submitted for a grade (Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet). Moreover, please read the pages required in the textbook. We are moving from drafting our introductions to drafting the body paragraphs. The worksheet will help organize your thoughts.

In my next post, it will immediately follow this one, I will submit a few examples of good introductory paragraphs with an analysis, explaining why the paragraph works. While I provide 3 exemplar paragraphs, I only give an analysis for two.

It has been brought to my attention that there are "other" assignments popping up in Bb or more specifically DB. These are assignments that I thought I erased -- an unsuccessful attempt apparently. Please do only the assignments in the "activities to be completed" category. I will go through DB and erase the other assignments.

Continue to email me with questions and good luck,


Week 5: Feb. 3rd - Feb. 7th

--Read pages 83 – 90 in the textbook “From Claim to Outline to Draft”

--4th edition students: the reading starts on page 85.

MLA Format Powerpoint

Activity to Be Completed:

--Complete the MLA activity (This activity will not be submitted. It's just practice)

--Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet (Will be submitted for a grade)

* 1st Draft of your essay is DUE Feb. 14th by 5 pm (Week 6).

**Also, I will post a few sample examples of introductions on our classes' page Monday, during our virtual session. I will also expound on each introduction (what makes it work and how it works) You make adjust or revise your introductions after Monday's virtual session and resubmit for a higher grade.


More specific notes for this week's assignment:

1) Find an image with text written on it (advertisement, pamphlet, a photograph or brochure).

Remember: The goal of a rhetorical and visual analysis is not to analyze what a writer is arguing about concerning an issue, but to analyze how the writer and creator of the visual is presenting the argument -- understanding of how the piece communicates its messages and meanings.

2) Identify "what" the ad is arguing about concerning an issue (this will act as your claim). What is this ad saying? The "how" is reserved for the body paragraphs.

3) Identify "how" the creator of the visual is presenting the argument -- if you understand how the pieces (visual plus text) communicates its messages and meanings.

4) Here's where the writing begins: After you have settled on a image you will: 1) write a few sentences of background information on the company; 2) write a few sentences on the pictures relevance to some sort of issue in society; 3) write a few sentences describing the image and 4) write a one sentence claim that discusses what the arguers (advertising company) wants us to believe...This is your introductory paragraph.

Good luck



Please look to the student sample as a guide for writing your introductory paragraph.

While the student sample will generate ideas, you cannot begin until you have chosen an image. If you have not chosen an image, you cannot begin drafting your introduction.


Week 4:

In week 4, you are tasked with one assignment: writing the introductory paragraph of your visual plus written analysis essay.

If you have not peruse the assignment sheet for this essay as of yet, this week will be a great time to do just that.

From the assignment sheet, the essay's instructions read:
Using a text with a visual related to your community issue, you will provide an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the writer’s use of ethos, logos, and pathos within his or her textual and visual argument(s).

Again, your assignment is not to write the 1000 word essay, but to only write the introduction to the essay. I will pay special attention to the claim (the last sentence of the introductory paragraph). The claim steers the direction for the entire essay.

Please review the powerpoint presentation called "Characteristics of Introductions."

Please review the assignment sheet. If you must create an outline as a visual reference, please do so. I will review your outline if needed.

Good luck,



Week 4:

There will be only one assignment this week: draft and submit the 1st paragraph of your Visual plus Written essay. It is important that you peruse the student sample. The student essay contains all of the ingredients needed to write a great first paragraph (a description of the image, contextual information and a claim). All of the "ingredients" are spelled out in this week's powerpoint presentation. It, in addition to this week's powerpoint presentation, should aid you in drafting a coherent first paragraph.

The powerpoint presentation will be available to you on Monday, January 27th.

If you have any questions, please email or call me during appropriate office hours.

Week 4: January 27th - January 31st

n Characteristics of an Introduction Powerpoint – background information, contextual information, description of the image, and the claim

n Review the Essay Assignment (Written Plus Visual Analysis) and Rubric

o Read the Student Sample

n Draft the introductory paragraph of your essay.

o Post introductory paragraphs as a Blog.

Activities to be Completed:

Draft the Introductory Paragraph of your Visual plus Written Essay

*Only draft and post the introduction of your essay. Your introduction must include a claim, a description of the image and either background information or contextual information regarding the issue. Please look to the 1st paragraph of the student sample as an example of a good introductory paragraph.


Week 3: You have two activities to complete this week. However, some may have completed this week's activities' last week due to my error. If that be the case, you will not have to do the activity a second time.

As we draw closer to the due date of 1st draft, it is important that you, as the student, begin thinking of the image/text that will act as the subject of your analysis.

Jean Kilbourne, the director and producer of Killing Us Softly 4, does a great job providing various advertisings and an analysis of documenting the ways in which the advertisings impact women. You are not obligated to take up the same topic; however, your topic should be as universal as Jean's.

Moreover, you also have the McDonald's student sample essay to reference (week 2 and week 3 folder).

Good luck,


Week 3 – Jan. 20th -24th

Rhetorical Analysis of the Visual and the Text

View “Ethos, Pathos, Logos” Powerpoint

Read pg. 18 – 20 “Logical Fallacies” in the book.

View the video “Killing Us Softly” 4

Activities To Be completed:

Complete Reflection Questions in Blog folder

Create a Discussion Board Post as to your thoughts on the subject as to the advertiser’s use of ethos, pathos or logos to push products on its consumers.


Marcus Nicolas

I have made a few mistakes this week with assignments and the textbook. Please log into your Blackboard account and read the following announcements: correction and one additional correction.

These mistakes will not happen again. I have now worked out all of the bugs. Please continue to call and email your questions.


In week 2, I would like you to view, study, and even dissect the week's powerpoint presentation: "Writing Visual Analysis." It is a very important powerpoint presentation. This presentation provides you with a series of questions that may help focus the 'visual' portion of your essay.

Remember, your 1st essay, a written plus visual analysis, holds two parts: 1.) describing then analyzing an image and 2.) analyzing the accompanying text. This powerpoint aids in the 1st part of the essay.

*Note: The 1st draft of the essay is not due for another 2 or 3 weeks -- Stop panicking.

Weekly Assignments:

Week 2: Jan. 13th to Jan. 17th

Review the Powerpoint Presentaion “Writing Visual Analysis” – the assignment and its instructions are embedded within the powerpoint

View the video “Killing Us Softly” 4.

Create a Discussion Board Post as to your thoughts on the subject.


Weekly Assignments:

Week 1: Jan. 6th to Jan. 10th

Read the entire syllabus (Located within the "Course Policies" tab)

Complete Discussion Board Post: Your Name, your goals and/or future ambitions and what, in the common era of advertising, aggravates you as a consumer? (Located in the "Week 1" folder -- within the "Course Materials" tab)

Read pgs. 1-5. Include, in your reading, the section labeled “Monitor Yourself as a Critical Thinker.” Read pg. 22 and 26-29. Also read pgs. 114 -116 (Visual Argument). (In your book)

Review Powerpoint Presentation “An Introduction to Persuasion and Argument” (Located in the "Week 1" folder -- within the "Course Materials" tab)

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Hello Students!

I am your ENC 1102 online instructor, Marcus Nicolas. This page will act as a virtual classroom. Each Monday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm and Friday from 10:15 am to 10:45 am, I will be posting weekly overviews and conducting virtual chats using this page. In addition, this is the forum where you will be able to ask any questions you have that would normally be asked in a classroom. Private questions can be messaged or emailed to me at [email protected].

While weekly overviews will be on this page, the actual assignments will be located in Blackboard. In the course material's section of Blackboard, there are weekly folders. Within those weekly folders, there will be the detailed assignments.

You will have until the end of the week, Friday at 5pm, to complete all assignments unless I instruct otherwise.

Thank you and good luck with your semester courses,

Marcus Nicolas

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