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Default Dash rids people of the negative side effects of being in student loan default. You may call Student loan default sucks! Don't let this happen to you!

Default Dash is a fast, professional and certified service that enables you to be free of student loan default. Lenders garnish your work wages, add on hundreds or thousands of interest to your loans, take your entire income tax refund check, extract money from your child support (given or received) and harass you at home and work until you pay off the debt. Student loan default means you lose you

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Made sure my client was A-1 just as the pandemic hit & she knows just who to call if she needs her payment lowered. 🙋🏾‍♀️

And I’m not talking about $50 off what they’re asking a month. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m talking about $20 a month TOTAL, and if you can’t afford that then $5💁🏽‍♀️.

Student👏🏾 Loan 👏🏾Payments 👏🏾start back in 25 days. How’s it looking for you? Are they asking for the same amount as your car note or even rent/mortgage? Would you be able to pay that amount and sustain the life you deserve? Would paying this amount prohibit you from pursuing any other ventures?
If any of those answers are unfavorable you need to get with the winning team. Call/text/inbox 347-697-0212

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Since social media is still dragging this BS out 🤣

But fr! Unless you’ve gotten your loans forgiven, repayments begin In 30 days! Crazy thing is the bulk of Americans don’t have a solid plan or a solidified monthly repayment amount. Please don’t get caught out there folks!

Establish one before May 1st that you can manage!

🎓did you know that they factor in your student loan payment before they consider your rent/mortgage payment?

💰Consider your monthly bills before they consider them for you.

💰If the payment they’re asking for is astronomical or unmanageable contact me for assistance.

I’m getting your ideal amount for all my clients and that’s on Bidens life 💁🏽‍♀️

Call/ text/email/DM for assistance 347-697-0212



Keep in mind payments resume May 1 and Biden has yet to extend this! If you are paying more than $20 a month you are losing out here! Contact me to get these payments low low!
📱 347-697-0212



Our new logo!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳


Deciding to be a bit more active on social media! Check out our new logo 🤩


Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Nydira, owner of Student Loan Default Guru LLC and Default Dash.

✨Been specializing in all things student loans for 11 years & I don’t know who needs to hear this but….Student loan shouldn’t delay homeownership, school enrollment, car purchases, or anything else!

Couple Tingz: Did you know 🤔

✨An 800 credit score has more purchasing power than $100,000 cash

✨Student loan is good debt…unless it’s in Default.

✨Keeping, rather than paying off your student loans, can diversify your credit mix. Keeping your old student loans from that first year in college drastically helps with your length of credit history

✨None of my followers should have bad credit or wage garnishment due to student loans. If you do, you should’ve been contacting me!

Not sure where to start or how to fix it? Or maybe you simply don’t have the time and patience to deal with student loan drama.
Either way, we’ve got you!


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Got our first google review!! One thing about it we’re celebrating small victories too.

Since 2011, we have relied solely on word of mouth!

While that’s great, …we know branding and marketing is critical for entrepreneurship & without the positive impact of social media it’s nearly impossible.

Thank you to Ms. Anderson! A gem of a client who I was able to get $50k in loans removed for.

wondering if we can help you too? We fix defaults, late payments, loan removal, closed school applications, consolidations & more. DM or text 📱347-697-0212


Watch this reel by nynysofly_ on Instagram 02/27/2022

Watch this reel by nynysofly_ on Instagram

Student loan debt in the United States totals over $1.75 trillion and grows six times faster than the nation’s economy. 😒

Don’t tell me y’all don’t need help 😉

💁🏽‍♀️ Tag a friend who could use our services. The next 3 consultations are free if you mention this post!


Watch this reel by nynysofly_ on Instagram sweetersocial • Original Audio


I will say, sis you did that to yourself. There is no way in hell I would’ve paid the government that kind of money and saw no progress or benefit!

Guys, don’t make the common mistake of thinking you have to pay what the government asks of you. To them your student loan payment should be calculated right after your rent! 😂PLEASE✌🏾

☎️ Call/text 347-697-0212 for assistance & options that let you be in control and keep your coin!


It’s actually sad AF because it works like a GPA.

Remember how you had a 4.0 but that ONE “F” in managerial accounting class dropped you to a 3.2?! 😒 Yea, foul I know.

📞 347-697-0212 to resolve these in about 30 biz days and boost your score to where it should be🥳Most increase right back to where they were. Client Receipts in bio!

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Oh nothing, just increasing credit scores, lower loan payments, clearing defaults, removing late payments, helping ppl buy houses, car, rental property & clearing peoples student loan issues per usual. Sn: her score will continue climbing of course 😌Carry on 💅🏾
get with the winning team

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Praise report: When our clients win we win! Congratulations to this wonderful woman all of her student loans were removed! Over $50k in debt gone forever and off her credit report🤯

Call ☎️ text , or DM me for assistance if you’d like to be next. We service all cities and states within the continental United States. No loan amount is too big or small!It’s winning season; Get with the winning team!💯🥳347-697-0212


🤣This doesn’t have to be your life! There are options including deferment, forbearance, lower payments, or even forgiveness! Contact us via DM or text for assistance ☎️ 347-697-0212


January is quickly approaching 👇🏾👇🏾

Timeline photos 05/19/2020

Happy client!!! 87K worth of loans removed! Inbox or text us for getting your loans removed/discharged from a school closing! 📲347-697-0212

Timeline photos 05/19/2020

Proof is in the pudding. DEFAULT DASH DOES NOT PLAY🥳. LET MY PERSONAL PAGE FOOL U IF U FEEL SO INCLINED; I GET THAT OFTEN. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT A SCAM. WE REFUND WHOLE DEGREES WHILE ALLOWING U TO KEEP YOUR DEGREE AROUND HERE. MY CLIENT WILL BE RECEIVING 87K of loans wiped off her credit due to her school closing. Each situation and amount varies and of course her name is removed for her anonymity & privacy. Contact us for assistance in clearance.

Timeline photos 05/19/2020

Thank you to for referring this client. It gives us so much joy to relieve her burdens! Contact us to start your clearance process as well!


Quarantine is truly the best time to resolve all your student loan issues. 😧Default? 🤔Payment too high? 🤔Garnishment? 🤔School closed so you need Loans discharged? 🤔Do it now while the government is shut down and offering a 0% interest rate. 🥵THEY’RE EVEN REFUNDING INCOME TAX CHECKS TAKEN BY DEFAULTED LOANS. 😦Act fast, time is of the essence! INBOX US TODAY OR TEXT 📲347-697-0212


Student loans are tough but we’re tougher. For ten years, Default Dash has assisted current, former and perspective students who have experienced strife battling student loans. Whether you need your loans cleared of default, wage garnishment stopped at work, your payments lowered, or even if you want your loans discharged...we can assist you! Our services are 100% guaranteed and have served hundreds of people regardless of school status, location or financial status. Put down your burdens and contact us today! Follow us on IG Currently We are assisting student victims of fraudulent schools such Everest, Univ of Phoenix,ITT AND many more!!! Our primary focus are victims of student loan default. Contact us today!!!


Follow our IG page as well!


Default lowers your credit score too! Get out today. Call me at 347 697-0212 to clear this before u file taxes.



If Default Dash has helped you in the past ten years of being in business, we’re asking you write a testimonial below. Please include our ability to clear your default in a timely manner, our ability to stop your wages from being garnished, our ability to stop the IRS from offsetting your tax refund, or our ability to lower your monthly payment. You may also note how we are a professional, reliable, service that ensures your information is kept confidential and your issue is cleared guaranteed or your money back! 🙌🏾

Sometimes potential clients are skeptical of the company and need a few reviews from happy customers to feel confident in the process. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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