Logans Martial Arts Academy

Logans Martial Arts Academy


Mr. Logan this is Mike Feehan my page has my name as Michael Andrew also the Presidium Group and Truth Under Seige - Any way it was AWESOME ! to meet you today at the Bill's Shop and spend some time talking all things martial arts its fantastic to have an instructor of your status so close and to be able to refer folks to you . God Bless.
In the three decades that I have seriously practiced martial arts, I have not encountered an instructor that was more engaged, motivated, or sincere in their dedication to the development of their students than Mr. Logan. He has long sought a deep understanding and effective expression of the martial arts. For many years, he has committed himself to providing an effective training regimen within a sustainable, respectful, and collegial learning environment for his students. He is an excellent teacher of an effective and complete martial arts system. I strongly recommend him, the martial arts system he teaches, and the school he leads.
We are looking forward to having Danielle with us at Combat Night Pro 8 Georgia this Saturday! Feel free to reach out if anyone has any questions about the event.

For tickets and general information head over to the link below,
Greetings from Cheyenne!!! Hope everyone is doing most excellent and keeping up with their training. If you have not decided on the seminar happening on the 24th, let me decide for you...GO!!! the training is worth the $50 and it will compliment what you know as well as introduce you to some things you may not know. Train hard and sweat harder!!!!!
Nov 18: Good Fight Tallahassee Open

The t-shirt is WORTH coming for! Check it out here:

Venue: Tallahassee Indoor Sports
130 4 Points Way, Tallahassee, FL 32305

DISCOUNTS available for: teams, military, college students and families!

Questions? Please reply.
Good Fight: Tallahassee Open

Date: November 18, 2017
Web: http://www.goodfighttournament.com/tallahassee_open.html

Venue: Tallahassee Indoor Sports
130 4 Points Way, Tallahassee, FL 32305

Download Flyer:http://www.goodfighttournament.com/2017_Tallahassee_Open.pdf

Discounts available for: teams, college students, military and families!

Our sub-only format brings a fresh approach, is family friendly and provides plenty of opportunity for competitve mat time.
Hope all of my Logan's crew is safe. Feel free to message me if there is anything I can help with.
Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

Tallahassee's Finest Hard Core Self Defense School ..."When GOOD just isnt enough" We also have a very successful Competion Fight Team.

We teach Shaolin Kenpo/Kajukenbo,Kickboxing,Krav Maga,Street Grappling,Escrima.Shaolin Chin-na. We have the most complete self defense training in Tallahassee with the most reasonable prices.

Operating as usual


Congratulations to everyone who went up for rank in Kenpo Saturday 8-27-2022.


8-26-2022 ....Congratulations to everyone who leveled up in Krav Maga. Good work Well Done.


And there are no shortcuts to Quality.


Good test on 4-30-2022


Learning karate

The second one is how we tie ours.

Photos from Logans Martial Arts Academy's post 04/26/2022

Thank you ladies of Chi Omega for choosing Logan's for your self defense training. We had over 75 in attendance and you all did awesome.


April 16th, 2022. Congratulations to all who tested. Good job on getting rank in the hardest Kenpo school in Tallahassee.

Photos from Logans Martial Arts Academy's post 04/04/2022

Congratulations to those who went up for rank this Saturday on April 2nd. Good job new Brown belts.


Update**** We are closing the Dojo all next week as we have had a large number of people call in they have tested positive for Covid and we do not want the dojo to become a hotspot for Covid. We feel this is the best way to break the cycle and keep the healthy people healthy and let the sick ones recover. Thank you. Sensei Bill


Our Christmas Party will be on Dec 18th at 5pm at the Dojo again this year. Bring a dish and come hang out and celebrate....

We will be closing for the Holidays on December 17th thru January 2nd. Classes will resume on Monday the 3rd.

We hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.
We hope this next year is blessed and better for all of us.



Logan's will be CLOSED next Friday-Monday for Labor Day Sept. 4th-6th open again on Tuesday the 7th. Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Labor Day weekend.


Logan's will be CLOSED Fri-Sat-Sun for the 4th of July weekend. We will reopen Monday July 5th.
Hope everyone has a FUN and SAFE Independance Day


Logan's will be CLOSED this Friday thru Monday for Memorial Day. We will reopen on Tue. June 1st. Be safe and remember the reason for this day is to honor those who gave their all for our country.~ Prof. Logan


Logan's will be CLOSED this Saturday. May 15,2021.

Prof. Logan will be teaching in Ft Walton Beach at GM Cayers Emerald Coast Martial Arts and many of the other instructors will be attending also.


Next Saturday.


Aiki Dojo Message - Inner Training

Martial arts training builds inner strength and character. Each day, we come to class and train and most of the time we don’t see or feel any changes at all but lurking deep down we are forging our inner spirits. It takes fortitude to stay when we want to quit and it takes courage to keep going when we are tired or injured. With every act of perseverance, we are cultivating our inner strength which is the true benefit of budo training. My favorite scene in the Avengers: End Game movie is when Captain America stands seemingly alone against Thanos and his entire army of galactic villains. At one point during the battle, the rest of the superheroes have all been defeated and Captain America finds himself all alone to fight the universe’s mightiest villain. Captain America is beaten handedly and his previously indestructible shield is badly damaged. After knocking Captain America down, Thanos monologues about how he plans to destroy the earth and how he will take meticulous pleasure in doing so. Breathing heavily and bloodied, Captain America wills his broken body to stand and he takes one last fighting stance. As he steels himself, he tightens down his broken shield for one last act to save the earth. In order to stand alone against an entire army like Captain America, we need to have a tremendous amount of inner strength which is almost spiritual in nature. Reverend Kensho Furuya Sensei described martial arts training as a “spiritual practice” where there is no tangible reward and described it as building up “spiritual capital.” He said, “In Aikido, as we begin to think of it as a part of our ‘spiritual training,’ we do not think, ‘How do I protect me,’ we think ‘I am saving the life of others.’” More than just building up our bodies or making us into killers, the training in the martial arts is supposed to be seishinshuyo (精神修養) or to “cultivate one’s soul.” Our souls or our inner character is what we can draw upon to will our beaten bodies to stand one last time. Most of us may never stand against an army, but there will be times when it sure feels like it. In those moments, we have to have “heart” and that inner strength is what training in the martial arts is all about.

Today’s goal: You can make anything a spiritual practice. The easiest way is to make it about others. Sensei said, “Just do three good deeds every day.”

Watch this video someone made about Captain America

Read more messages here: www.aikidocenterla.com/blog

Timeline Photos 04/11/2021

4-09-21..... Congratulations to all who leveled up in Krav Maga. Hard test lots of Krav tattoos (bruises)... I'm proud of you and you all SHINED.

Photos from Logans Martial Arts Academy's post 03/30/2021

Great seminar with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo on Saturday. We love how he connects the FMA systems and teaches how to apply the techniques under stress.


FCS KALI SEMINAR....Saturday March 27th with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. From 12:00-4:00pm Cost is 45.00. SPACE IS LIMITED.


Timeline Photos 02/05/2021

Congratulations to these ladies Emily Avello and Valeriya Petushkova on passing their Level 1 Krav Maga test.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Thank you for the dedication, loyalty and love this holiday season and through out this trying year.
May we have a truly wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2021.


We are now CLOSED for the holidays.
We will Reopen on January 4th. for regular classes.
We want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR...

Also a big THANK YOU to all of our students and Instructors who helped us make it through this crazy year.


This Saturday the 12th is our Christmas/Anniversary party 4pm at the dojo .....Bring a dish and come celebrate with us.!!!!!


We will be CLOSED this weekend Thur-Fri-Sat-Sunday... We hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends. We will reopen on Monday for regular classes.

We would like to also say Thank You to all who've helped us through this difficult year so far. So from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU all who have continued to support us and keep the school running.




Absolutely true.


Congratulations to all who went up for rank today. A good, arduous test with a few close calls and lots of perseverance . Great job.


This is true Heroism not sports figures, entertainers or criminal thugs. May she Rest in Peace or at a seat in the Hall of Hero's.

34th Anniversary: Flight Attendant Who Saved American Lives Shot Dead By Terrorists. She was the youngest person and first civilian to posthumously receive India's highest award for gallantry.

This week in September 1986, Flight Attendant Neerja Bhanot, 23, of Chandigarh, India was shot dead while shielding three children on the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73.
She is credited with saving the lives of 360 passengers when radical Islamist terrorists hijacked her aircraft in Karachi, Pakistan.
She informed the pilots who used their escape hatch to get away. When the terrorists demanded to know who the Americans were on the flight so they could execute them, Bhanot gathered all passports and hid those belonging to Americans under seat cushions.
The terrorists confused and unable to determine the national origins of the passengers didn't execute anyone. When Pakistani police raided the plane she was able to nearly singlehandedly evacuate all the passengers as the firefight ensued.
She was one of the last people on board and found three children still hiding. As she led the children to safety the surviving terrorists spotted the children and opened fire on them. Neerja jumped in the way of the bullets and was mortally wounded.
She was able to evacuate the children to safety before dying from her wounds.
She also posthumously received a "Special Courage" award from the government of Pakistan and recognition from the U.S. Department of Justice.
The 2016 Indian Hindi-language biographical thriller drama, Neerja, is about her life.


Logan's will be closed this weekend for Labor Day . We will reopen for classes on Tuesday Sept. 8th. Everyone please be safe in this next couple of days with all the craziness going on .
Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.
~ Prof Logan


Congratulations those who leveled up in Krav Maga on Thursday 7-23-2020. It was a hard test and you pushed through. Nicely done.!!!


It is with great sadness that I report that GGM Tony Lasit passed away this morning.

He was the last surviving legitimate 1st generation and the Head of our branch of KAJUKENBO as well as a WW2 and Korean War veteran. He was a lifelong martial artist and teacher. He will be missed .


It's been good to see all the students returning.

We are reopening the Lobby Sitting area.

Our thoughts are ..If the bars can open we can have some parents in the Lobby.
Still following cleaning protocols...we were already doing these by the way just doing it extra.


It good to be open. We missed all our students this last two months. Glad to see so many making it back in to train. We are ready to start rocking it again.


We are planning on REOPENING on Wednesday the 20th with our regular schedule of classes.

We will need to make some modifications..
1. Lobby area will be closed...students and parents no more than 10 min before class.
2. Bring a facial covering for class....mask or bandana is acceptable.
3. Hand Sanitizer must be used before and after classes.
4. Personal Hygiene...clean body's and clean gi's for EVERY CLASS NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. Social Distancing space will be available.
6. All dojo equipment must be cleaned after each use.

We are excited to see everyone and get back to training. ~Prof. Logan.


So after listening to the Governor it seems we are going to still be closed for a bit longer. I was hoping we were going to be opening up now.

Thank you to all of those getting their tuition payments in, our gratitude with be shown when we reopen.
Remember we have curriculum up in the Logans Students private page.

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Mr. Chad Camp   5 Pinan
Side club to thigh defense ..
Combination 96... one version at least.
Some defenses with Jheila Akbari and Gerrit VanLent from the Krav Maga test on 5-01-15...





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