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The Right to Read 02/02/2024

Dear Friends,
I can't tell you how important this film is. It is! Human rights are at stake.
If you can possibly watch it today (until midnight Pacific Time), please do! I apologize I didn't let you know earlier.
Perhaps you can get this film screened where you live.
The Right to Read, introduced by LeVar Burton

The Right to Read Celebrate Black History Month with The Right to Read `; } if (isBetweenGivenTime()) { showVideo(); } else { console.log("not showing video"); } To watch the film with Spanish subtitles, visit this webpage.Para ver la película con subtítulos en español, visita esta página web.This screening is br...


🌺🐝All my students are the Bee's Knees! They're the best! I wish them, their families, their teachers, and you, a fulfilling and fun New Year!🌺🐝


Parents, please don't wait and don't let the school delay! Get your child an evaluation by an educational psychologist (the SCHOOL must do it if you request it in writing!) or a neuropsychologist.
Don't wait! Evaluate!


I love that this young person can find humor in his situation! Creative talent!


Another incredible person with dyslexia!

Many people with dyslexia, who experienced feelings of failure in school, have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their chosen careers.


It is not only students that deserve better but our teachers do too!

Quote: the quote in this image comes from the awesome awesome Dr Pam Kastner


🙏Thank you to all those teachers that see beyond our dyslexia to what we can be! ❤️


L❤️VE this!
Is this the secret to why so many dyslexics are so successful - because of our determination to keep going despite all the obstacles? Or could it be that we work so extra hard to keep up at school that it just becomes second nature?

Jamie Oliver quote taken from a Daily Mail article September 2017
🙏Thank you to Jamie for being an amazing dyslexia advocate and for always raising awareness whenever he can.


Thursday day’s words of wisdom are taken from:
“Teaching Children to Read: What Do We Know About How To Do It?” (2005)
- Snowling, Hulme, Snow & Juell
This paper was written in 2005 and yet we’re still having the same debate about the best way to teach children how to read.
We have the knowledge and the science, isn’t it time we implemented it?

The author in this paper is Catherine Snow not (the also awesome) Professor Pam Snow - just to avoid any confusion 😊


Henry is one of my FAVORITE DYSLEXIC persons! I read his Hank Zipser books with my dyslexic students and they love them! Thank you, Henry! Please talk about dyslexia publicly as often and widely as possible!❤

Happy Birthday to Henry Winkler who has been like a second father to me all these years. He is definitely the NICEST person in Hollywood! Now go out and buy his book, "Being Henry...The Fonz and Beyond"!!!!🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟


Here’s a deep dive: The USS Jimmy Carter was commissioned in 2005 and honors the only submarine-qualified naval officer who later became U.S. president. Just one more accomplishment of the man who turns 99 on Oct. 1.


I'm excited for the new school year! I have a packed schedule with 10 students!

In Good Company. 06/18/2023

Check this out!

The many unique and talented faces of .

A new way of teaching kids to read in Georgia 06/13/2023

Finally, a tiny, baby step toward teaching students to read! Florida, if your neighbor can do it, what's holding you up?

A new way of teaching kids to read in Georgia Georgia is changing the way students are taught to read. This year a new law requires schools to adopt what's known as Science of Reading and Structured Literacy.


I'm thrilled to have 9 students enrolled for the summer! They're so wise to know it's important to keep the pace going to advance and reinforce their reading, writing, and spelling skills!
Their parents must be smart, too! They had something to do with this!😉
I LOVE my students!
(Photo from my Peace Corps Volunteer days!)

Mandatory dyslexia screening clears major hurdle in Newsom budget 05/19/2023

Fantastic news for California students! Now, how about if Florida (and the other states) took a hint?
"Students with dyslexia need extra help learning to match letters to sounds. The sooner they get that help, the sooner they can catch up to their peers, research shows. And the longer schools wait, the harder it is for students to overcome and the more expensive interventions become."

Mandatory dyslexia screening clears major hurdle in Newsom budget English learner advocates and the teachers union had opposed universal dyslexia screening.


"Dyslexia doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mom who never gives up!"


One of my students, age 11, told his mom, "Mama, I'm in such a good place at tutoring, I know her so well and I'm learning!"

‘Kids Can’t Read’: The Revolt That Is Taking On the Education Establishment 04/16/2023

I'm glad to see this publicity! If it's behind a pay wall for you to read, perhaps you can read it through your public library's e-book or audio app. Things are finally moving in the correct direction!
PM me if you'd like a PDF of the article.

‘Kids Can’t Read’: The Revolt That Is Taking On the Education Establishment Fed up parents, civil rights activists, newly awakened educators and lawmakers are crusading for “the science of reading.” Can they get results?

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