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Michael Buchler and Denise Mercier talking about our Music Living-Learning Community at CMS


FSU graduate Chelsey Hamm presenting on Open Music Theory at CMS 2023 in Miami.


From search committee chair Evan A. Jones:
My colleagues and I are very pleased to announce a tenure-track position in music theory at the Florida State University College of Music. The successful candidate will join an active, collegial and cooperative team of scholars at the third-largest university-based music program in the country. Please see the attached image for further details about the position, the institution, and how to apply. I would warmly welcome any inquiries, and I'm sure my colleagues (https://music.fsu.edu/study/faculty-and-staff/?_people_programs=272) would say the same.


Hearty congratulations to Alan Elkins, who defended his music theory Ph.D. dissertation today: “The Development of Musical Style and Ludic Function in Early Video Game Music.” This fall, he will be joining the faculty of the Cleveland Institute of Music!


*Two* FSU Music Theorists gave keynote lectures at two different conferences this weekend. Prof. Nancy Rogers at Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic in Baltimore, MD (Peabody); Prof. Julianne Grasso at the South-Central Music Theory Society in Long Beach, MS (University of Southern Mississippi)


MB, JC, CE, KBS...at the "after party"!

Photos from Florida State University Music Theory's post 11/13/2022

Congratulations to all FSU music theorists in action in New Orleans this weekend, **PART 3 OF 3** = Saturday/Sunday!!!
-- Jessica Sommer (M.M.'10, faculty at Lawrence Univ.) presented "Embodying Sexual Abuse in Voice: Babbitt's Philomel."
-- Bryn Hughes (Ph.D.'11, faculty at Univ. of Lethbridge) was co-author of a presentation entitled "Meter versus Harmony as Key Determinant in Popular Music: Which One Wins?"
-- Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz presented "Neither Difference nor Deficit: Autism as Variation" on a session entitled "Your Voices: Taking Stock of Music and Disability Studies," with Dave Easley (Ph.D.'11, faculty at Oklahoma City Univ.), Demi Nicks (M.M.'18, Ph.D. student at CUNY), and Judith Ofcarcik (Ph.D.'13, faculty at James Madison Univ.) serving as discussants.
-- Ph.D. student Chandler Blount (M.M.'20) presented "'Bigger, Longer & Uncut': Classifying Additions of Text in Broadway Musicals."
-- Ya-Hui Cheng (Ph.D.'08, faculty at USF) presented "Rapping Chinese Nostalgia in the Digital Era."
-- Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz presented "Nāgārjuna, John Cage, and the Limits of Ontology."
-- Jeffrey Yunek (M.M.'09, faculty at Kennesaw State Univ.) presented "Taneev's Unified Modulatory Plans in Scriabin's Early Tonal Works."
-- In addition, Juan Chattah (M.M.'01, Ph.D.'06, faculty at Univ. of Miami) chaired the SMT Student Presentation Award Committee meeting, Gregory Decker (M.M.'07, Ph.D.'11, faculty at Bowling Green State Univ.) chaired the SMT Professional Development Committee meeting, Prof. Julianne Grasso chaired a session entitled "Public Music Theory, Social Media, and Diversifying the Curriculum," Prof. Gilad Rabinovitch chaired a session entitled "Twentieth-Century Schemas," and Prof. Michael Buchler chaired the SMT Business Meeting in his capacity as SMT President. Bravi tutti FSU'tti!!!

Photos from Florida State University Music Theory's post 11/13/2022

Congratulations to all FSU music theorists in action in New Orleans this weekend, **PART 2 OF 3** = Friday morning to Saturday morning!!
-- Jayson Smith (M.M.'13, faculty at Texas A&M Univ. Kingsville) presented "Metric Conflict as Variation in Gustav Holst's 'Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity'."
-- Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz presented "'Yours Truly is True, Dear': Gendered Barbershop Arranging Acoustically Reconsidered."
-- Micah Lomax (Ph.D.'18, Meta/Facebook) presented on a session entitled "Changing Careers: What I Wish I'd Known."
-- Dave Easley (Ph.D.'11, faculty at Oklahoma City Univ.) presented "Shifts Along the Metal/Punk Continuum: Half-time Grooves in Late 1980s American Hardcore Punk."
-- Prof. Michael Buchler participated in the SEM President's Roundtable session entitled "Listening Across Five Fields of Sound" in his capacity as SMT President.
-- Kim Loeffert (Ph.D.'15, faculty at Virginia Tech) presented at the SMT Work and Family interest group meeting, co-chaired by Prof. Rachel Lumsden.
-- Prof. Julianne Grasso, Megan Lavengood (M.M.'12, faculty at George Mason Univ.), and Brad Osborn (M.M.'06, faculty at Univ. of Kansas) served as reviewers on the SMT CV and cover letter review session, chaired by Gregory Decker (M.M.'07, Ph.D.'11, faculty at Bowling Green State Univ.).
-- Ph.D. student Alan Elkins (M.M.'19) presented "Formal Function and Harmonic Syntax in the Piano Rags of Scott Joplin."
-- In addition, Prof. Jane Clendinning chaired the SMT Development Committee meeting, and Lina Tabak (B.M.'19, Ph.D. student at Yale Univ.) co-chaired a session entitled "Music Theory and Ethnomusicology: Towards Methodological Synergy." Bravi tutti FSU'tti!!

Photos from Florida State University Music Theory's post 11/13/2022

Congratulations to all FSU music theorists in action in New Orleans this weekend, **PART 1 OF 3** = up to Friday morning!
-- Jenn Harding (M.M.'17, Ph.D.'21, faculty at Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst) presented "The Effects of Performance on Projected Macroharmony."
-- Megan Lavengood (M.M.'12, faculty at George Mason Univ.) and Evan Williams (B.M.'09, M.M.'11, Digital Science) presented "The Common Cold: Using Data Science to Define the Winter Topic in Video Game Music."
-- During an interest group meeting co-chaired by Jenn Harding, Jennifer Smith (Ph.D.'12, faculty at Ohio Univ.) and Joshua Mills (D.M.'16, Avetta) presented "Three Graphic Music Analyses: Adventures in Analytical Visualizations for Music Educators (A Case Study)" and Brian Jarvis (Ph.D.'15, faculty at Univ. of Texas at El Paso), "Decoupling Harmonic-Analysis Notation through Vertical Representation."
-- And...during an interest group meeting chaired by Ph.D. students John Combs and Zachary Lloyd, Zane Larson (M.M.'21, Ph.D. student at Univ. of Iowa) presented "Sounds Gay, Bro: Vocal Timbre and Q***rness in A Strange Loop," Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz presented "Sondheim's Sentential Schemata," and Ph.D. student Claire Terrell presented "Abstraction through Reality: Blackness in a Q***r Space in Michael R. Jackson's A Strange Loop."
-- In addition, Prof. Nancy Rogers led a workshop entitled "Intersections of Music Cognition and Music Theory Pedagogy," Gregory Decker (M.M.'07, Ph.D.'11, faculty at Bowling Green State Univ.) chaired the SMT conference guides meeting and the SMT student breakfast reception, and Ph.D. students Jordan Lenchitz and Zachary Lloyd presented at AMS After Dark. Bravi tutti FSU'tti!


Congratulations to Music Theory Ph.D. Candidate Jordan Lenchitz. Starting in June 2023, he will join Epic Systems in Verona, Wisconsin as a Server Systems Engineer. He will be developing tools to support operating systems, troubleshoot and debug code, and monitor overall system health on a scale that is pushing the edge of technology. Meanwhile, you can catch him giving several talks, both on and off the main program, at the big SMT-SEM-AMS conference in New Orleans in early November.


Congratulations to Prof. Gilad Rabinovitch for presenting his innovative talk, "Galant Schemata, Historical Solmization, and Pitch Reduction," that detangled the role of early solmization practice and analysis of eigtheenth-century music at the international Galant Schemata in Theory & Practice conference yesterday!


Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Alan Elkins for his incredibly joyful, engaging, and musical talk, "The Prinner and its Variants in Early Video Game Music" at the international Galant Schemata in Theory & Practice conference today.


Congratulations to (newly tenured!) Prof. Rachel Lumsden for essay, A Wrinkle? Gender and Motive in Ethel Smyth's *The Boatswain's Mate*" in the just-published book *Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music, 1900–1960,* edited by Laurel Parsons and Brenda Ravenscroft (Oxford University Press).


Congratulations, Molly!!

Congratulations to current PhD and DM student Molly Reid! Molly won the Student Paper Award at the June 2022 Pedagogy Into Practice Conference for her paper “World Music and Decolonial Pedagogy in the Music Theory Classroom.” We are so proud of our talented student body; way to go, Molly!

Schedule 06/05/2022

Congratulations to current Ph.D. and D.M. student Molly Reid on winning the 2022 "Pedagogy Into Practice" student paper award for her paper "World Music and Decolonial Pedagogy in the Music Theory Classroom"! Molly also chaired a session entitled "Teaching Prosody and Declamation through Price’s Songs."
Congratulations as well to the following FSU'sters for their presentations!
-- Chandler Blount and Jordan Lenchitz (current Ph.D. students), "An Amicable Divorce: Decoupling Concepts and Repertoire in Music Theory Pedagogy"
-- Prof. Jane Piper Clendinning (panelist), "Advising Student Research"
-- Dickie Lee (Ph.D. 2017, faculty member at UGA, and fitness ju**ie), "Taking Steps Toward a Stronger Core"
-- Zachary Lloyd (current Ph.D. student), "The Good, The Bad, The Forgotten: Interrogating Our Learning Objectives When Incorporating Non-Western Music into the Music Theory Classroom"...Zachary also chaired a session entitled "After the Core: Thinking about Graduate Students and Alumni"

Schedule Thursday, June 2 8:00–6:00 Registration Table Open (Billman Music Pavilion Lobby) 8:00–9:00 Coffee and Continental Breakfast (Billman Music Pavilion Lobby) 9:00–9:15  Opening Remarks by Steve Laitz (The Juilliard School), Director of  Gail Boyd de Stwolinski Center for Music Theory Pedagogy...


Congratulations to Prof. Gilad Rabinovitch, whose article "In Search of Carl Czerny’s Schemata: Listening to Early Nineteenth-Century Improvisation" is forthcoming this fall in Music Theory Spectrum! Find the advance article version here... https://doi.org/10.1093/mts/mtac008


Congratulations to current music theory Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz on presenting his paper "‘I am only interested in perfect work’: Forces of Inertia to the Commodification of La Monte Young’s The Well-Tuned Piano" at the Eighth International Conference on Music and Minimalism!https://www.bgsu.edu/content/dam/BGSU/musical-arts/documents/maccm/MinimalismBGSU-ConferenceProgram.pdf

Photos from Florida State University Music Theory's post 04/23/2022

Yesterday's Music Theory Society colloquium was a celebration of Prof. Joseph Kraus, who is retiring after this semester. Thank you to everyone who attended and sent in video tributes and letters!


Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate, Alan Elkins, for being the co-winner of the Irna Priore Prize for the best paper presented at the 2022 Music Theory Southeast conference. His talk was “Formal Function and Harmonic Syntax in the Piano Rags of Scott Joplin.”

According to the award committee's citation: "In this paper, Elkins uses traditional methodologies to create new insights about how harmony intersects with formal function (in both small- and large-scale contexts) in Joplin’s ragtime corpus. The committee was especially impressed by this paper’s clear structure and analytic detail."

Photos from Florida State University College of Music's post 01/22/2022

Now to dispel the suspense from my previous post, which listed all FSU'sters on the _first_ half of this year's Society for Music Theory conference...here's a complete list of FSU faculty, students and alumni making SMT appearances Nov.6th-7th!

Saturday Nov. 6, 2021

-- 9:30-10:45 am: Frank Diaz (B.M.E. 1998, Ph.D. 2010, on faculty at Indiana Univ.), guest speaker for session entitled "Finding Space: Mindfulness and Work Life 'Balance' for Academics"

-- 11:00 am-12:15 pm: Greg Decker (M.M. 2007, Ph.D. 2011, on faculty at Bowling Green State Univ.), organizer for "Mentoring Students: Considerations, Practices, and Resources"

-- 12:45-2:15 pm: Prof. Gilad Rabinovitch, panelist for "Perspectives of Black Composers"

-- 3:30 pm: Juan Chattah (M.M. 2001, Ph.D. 2006, on faculty at Univ. of Miami), "Team-Based Cross-disciplinary Inquiry in Music Theory"

-- 3:50 pm: Prof. Jane Piper Clendinning, "World Musics: The Final Frontier"

Sunday Nov. 7, 2021

-- 11:00 am-12:30 pm: Jennifer Harding (M.M. 2017, Ph.D. 2021, on faculty at Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst), "Musical Maps and Chord Cartographies: Mapping Harmony in Fourier Space"

-- 11:00 am-12:30 pm: Trevor Hofelich (Ph.D. student), "Contextualizing Triadic Post-Tonality in Three Preludes from Dmitri Shostakovich's 24 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87"

-- 1:15 pm: Joshua Tanis (Ph.D. 2019, on faculty at Univ. of Michigan), "The Trouble with Line 3: Richard Strauss's Settings of Four-Line Stanzas"

-- 1:45 pm: Prof. Michael Buchler, "'Everything's Coming up Roses': Momma Rose's Unfettered Optimism in Gypsy and her Problems with (Musical) Boundaries"

-- 3:00 pm: Hayden Harper (Ph.D. student), "2B or Not 2B: Representations of Gender in 'Nier: Automata'"

-- 3:00 pm: Jinny Park (B.M. 2014, now Ph.D. student at Indiana Univ.), "Meta Corpus Study of Chord-Loop Syntax in Twenty-First-Century Popular Music"

Congratulations, everyone!


Good morning! Here is a list of appearances by FSU faculty, alumni, and students on the _first_half_ of this year's Society for Music Theory conference, i.e. today and tomorrow:
-- Thu. 2:30 pm: John Heilig (B.M. 2014), "Interpreting Harmony through Gesture in the Chromatic Music of Anton Webern"
-- Fri. 9:30-10:45 am: Kimberly Goddard Loeffert (Ph.D. 2016), "Navigating University DEI Work While Untenured"
-- Fri. 9:50 am: Ya-Hui Cheng (Ph.D. 2008), "The Oriental Fantasy and Its Problems: Remapping the Image of Madame Butterfly in the Twenty-first Century"
-- Fri. 11:00 am-12:30 pm: Alan Elkins (M.M. 2019, Ph.D. student), "Mixed Signals: Schematic and Form-Functional Ambiguity in the Keyboard Fantasias of C.P.E. Bach"
-- Fri. 1:15 pm: Brad Osborn (M.M. 2006), "Dual Leading-Tone Loops in Recent Multimedia"
-- Fri. 2:30-4:00 pm: Prof. Clifton Callender, session chair for "Analyzing Complex Rhythms"
-- Fri. 2:30-4:00 pm: Prof. Rachel Lumsden, session chair for "Sounds of Freedom/Liberation/Demilitarization"
-- Fri. 3:30 pm: Jordan Lenchitz (Ph.D. student), "Organicism as Algorithm in Julius Eastman's 'The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc'"
-- Fri. 3:30 pm: Zachary Lloyd (Ph.D. student), "Florence Price's Use of African American Topics in 'Thumbnail Sketches: A Day in the Life of a Washerwoman'"
-- Fri. 6:10 pm: Prof. Joseph Kraus, "Exploring Tchaikovsky's Art Songs in the Theory Classroom"
-- Fri. 6:20 pm: Zane Larson (M.M. 2021), "Instances of Musical Q***ring in 'Flying Away (Finale)' from 'Fun Home'"
-- Fri. 7:05 pm: Prof. Michael Buchler, "When the Bridge Doesn't Lead Back Home"
Congrats-in-advance to all!


Our former student Megan Lavengood (M.M. 2012) has just published a video-article entitled "Oops! I Did It Again! The Complement Chorus in Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC," in SMT-V, our professional society's newest peer-reviewed journal. Megan explores an intriguing formal device found in several Y2K songs produced by Max Martin et alia. Nice job, Megan!


Congratulations to the following FSU'sters on participating in the 19th annual meeting of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic! (Wear your life jackets, friends!!) Papers by Ph.D. student Alan Elkins ("Phrase Structure and Formal Function in Early Broadway Verses"), Brian Jarvis Ph.D. 2015 ("Form & Function in the 8-Bit Era: A Corpus Study of Complete NES/Famicom Soundtracks"), Rusty Jones B.A. 1994 ("Key Classes and Super Keys: An Instrument-Specific Approach to Modulation"), Ph.D. student Jordan Lenchitz ("'It’s only a play': Stephen Sondheim’s Broadwayization of The Frogs (1974)'), and Kimberly Loeffert Ph.D. 2015 ("Inclusivity Examined: Pedagogical Engagement with Music by Composers from Marginalized Groups and/or Outside the Western Canon"). Judith Ofcarcik Ph.D. 2013 will chair a session entitled "Functions, Timbre, and Chromaticism" and Megan Lavengood M.M. 2012 served on the program committee. Congratulations, all! http://www.musictheorymidatlantic.org/

New leadership named for TCU’s Department of Theatre and School of Music | College of Fine Arts 07/02/2021

Congratulations to FSU CoM alumnus Sean Atkinson (Ph.D. Music Theory, 2009) on being named the next Director of the TCU School of Music! https://finearts.tcu.edu/news/new-leadership-named-for-tcus-department-of-theatre-and-school-of-music/

New leadership named for TCU’s Department of Theatre and School of Music | College of Fine Arts New leadership named for TCU’s Department of Theatre and School of Music College of Fine Arts / Department of Theatre / School of Music June 29, 2021 The TCU College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce new leadership in the Department of Theatre and the School of Music. Effective June 1, 2021, Ass...


Congratulations to two FSU alumni on their recent presentations at the 2021 International Conference on Musical Form...Craig Duke B.M.2011 ("Lyric Forms as 'Performed' Speech in Das Rheingold and Die Walküre") and Dickie Lee Ph.D.2017 ("Trauma, Anxiety, Belatedness, and Sonata Structure in Rochberg's Second Symphony")!


Congratulations to Matthew Bell (B.M. 2009, M.M. 2011) on the publication of his article "Danses Fantastiques: Metrical Dissonance in the Ballet Music of P. I. Tchaikovsky" in the _Journal of Music Theory_!

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Congratulations, Dr. Everson.



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