Morning Star Karate

Morning Star Karate


Great class last night. We all worked on promotion routines and refinement of existing techniques. Very productive class!
Great training class tonight. Real world experiences, putting our reflexes and counter-attacks against others in our class.
Good class tonight reviewing some basic hand and foot techniques that I have trouble remembering. Also got to work on Basai kata with Sempi Mark. That also has taken me some time to learn.
Last night's class was very beneficial. Reviewed all kumite from most recent to the first we were taught. Got some important refreshers. Aikido was also enjoyable. The classes were physically beneficial since its a two-Tylenol morning.
Good to hear there might be some more classes added. Sulle will probubly stick with one (for now), but maybe he can get in some extra classes during holiday and summer breaks
Good class on Thursday. Well, at least I thought it was good since I ran it. Thank you to the karateka for your patience. The theme was what the CLASS wanted to do and consensus was promotional material. After a quick warm up and a quick review of basic punches and kicks, we went straight to the first paired routine. Review of offensive side then stepped through the defensive side. I was happily surprised how quickly the class picked it up. For the advanced class, we continued the theme and practiced an advanced paired routine, both offence and defense.
We worked so hard we were rewarded with a rainbow! Also glad we worked on the Lost Routine. Fun and I'm getting it down (at least the offensive side) 😁

A nonprofit, equal opportunity martial arts school in Sykesville Maryland teaching Shorinjiryu Karate-do Morning Star Martial Arts, a nonprofit, equal opportunity martial arts school in the Eldersburg and Sykesville areas, offers classes in Japanese Shorinjiryu Karate for all ages and abilities.

The only goal is to grow, and we do this through our martial arts practice. With no long term contracts, no equipment or testing fees, and a free uniform, we keep our focus on training.

Operating as usual


沖縄小林流空手道協会(第二代目会長)宮平勝哉先生が認めたトップクラスの空手家シリーズ ➀糸洲のパッサイ 大城先生

チャンネル管理者の加藤がお手本とした実力者の大城先生です。 スポーツ空手の型とは異なる力強い鍛錬技の型です。

[01/08/20]   All,
If you are checking for updates, due to the lack of interaction on this page I am not updating it. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you'd like to consider training with us.
Sensei Pete

[08/09/19]   Good class tonight with Joe working basics and adding a new routine, Mike and Mark developing a knowledge of new paired routine and in aikido, everyone is improving. We should do a test soon!

[05/24/19]   Facebook reports folks looking our our page, but no one leaving comments. I'm not posting as a test to see if this page is worth keeping. Your thoughts? - Sensei Pete

[03/08/19]   Good class tonight with a focus on paired routines, some contact work, including back roundhouse kicks for Morgan, and Heian Ichi kata to round things out.
In our Aikido, we worked the 8 release moves, the first five of the basic 17, and then a bit on the initial part of numbers 8 and 9, which deflect a hand and then offbalance from the deflection. Progress is being made and it is almost time to think about a test night.

[02/01/19]   Let's do a Winter Promotion (membership, not belt) for new students. Register now and get your first two months at half price.
We're a friendly, non profit, hard working group and are contract free. Try us at half price for two months and if you don't want to stay you are under no obligation. If you pay the half-price tuition with cash, no credit card is required.
Why not give us a try? Why not spread the word?

[02/01/19]   In spite of the cold, everyone made it to class tonight and we worked hard at paired routines, single person forms - we're learning one called Heian Ichi - and contact work, kicking the bogu and our free-standing bag.
In our explorations of Tomiki Aikido, we worked on the eight release moves, the first five of the basic 17 (they are the current student's promotion material) then the foundations of numbers eight and nine.


Morning Star Karate

After holidays and last week's cancellation due to weather, we are back at it on Thursday nights. We worked on a number of things including our paired routines, a new single person form, and back round kicks.
In our aikido practice, we worked on "wrist twist" variations, hiki otoshi (elbow push down), and sumi otoshi, corner drop.
We also said good by to Bennett who is back to school at University of Maryland. We have confidence he'll continue to do great.
If you'd like to give marital arts a try in an age appropriate way with a fun group of folks, why not give us a try? We are inexpensive and no contract. Reach out to us on facebook, check out our website at, or drop by on Thursday night. Morning Star Karate - The Shorinjiryu School - Carroll County Maryland USA

[01/11/19]   Class tonight involved a pair-routine round robin, some contact work, some kata, and for a few, work to develop back round kicks.
In Aikido, we explored the first two of the seven kushi (more dynamic balance breaking than the 8 release moves) and numbers 16 and 17 of the basic 17 techniques. Two from the O waza jupon "the big ten" were demonstrated.

[01/04/19]   First class of the new year and it was great to be back. Even a week off is sad for us.
We did a review of our single person froms - we usually start with paired routines when we do this - and then peeled Morgan (7) off to work her back round kicks.
In aikido, we continued the off-balance techniques and began work on numbers 6 and 7 of the basic 17. We then introduced number 16, sumi otoshi, or corner drop.
It was a good class.

[01/02/19]   Happy New Year!

Let us help you succeed at that New Year's resolution to get more active. Come join us for classes in Shorinjiryu Karate or Tomiki Aikido. Classes are age and fitness level appropriate; we're a fun and friendly group that works hard. We're inexpensive and non-contract. Why not give us a try?

[12/22/18]   We'll be on holiday break until January 3rd. Enjoy, be safe, I look forward to a great new year. Sensei Pete

[12/22/18]   Thursday's karate focused exclusively on our paired routines, while our aikido reviewed the eight release moves, the first five of the basic 17 techniques, and then work on numbers 8, 9, and 11 of that same set. We can see progress every week!

[12/21/18]   A note that tonight was the last class before our holiday break. Classes will resume Thursday, January 3.
Have a great break and find some time to stretch or burn some calories. Sensei Pete

[12/21/18]   Tonight's karate focused on paired routines and we got through all of them that do not involve weapons.
In aikido, we worked on the eight release moves, the first five of the basic 17 techniques, and the fundamental motions for a number of the others where some refinement time was called for. Progress is being made.

[12/14/18]   Tonight's class saw work on paired routines, contact combinations, and kata, or single person form. Morgan (7) continued her work on back roundhouse kicks.
Aikido was gentle tonight with work on the basic release moves and three of the challenging arm techniques. Slow, methodical practice enables us to build skills.

[12/12/18]   We'd like to welcome James Jr. and James III to training with us. We had a good first lesson, introducing stances, walking form, and punches. A few sets of knee raises to get used to kicking rounded out the night.

[12/07/18]   We had a good class last night with a vigorous session of paired routines, contact work, and kata. In aikido, we worked on number 4, "lower level strike" and the beginning motion off numbers 8 and 9, and then a little of number 11. We're actually building some skill in these! Can't knock practice.

[11/30/18]   Tonight's class focused solely on our paired routines. We got half way through all we know, stopping periodically to adjust or expand a point. Practicing them well builds escape and counter attack reflexes and variations reinforce that the real world is not exact.

[11/25/18]   Since we missed two Thursday classes in a row, one due to snow/ice and the other for Thanksgiving (though on the bright side there are leftovers!), why not do a make-up on this coming Tuesday! Let's work off some turkey!

[11/15/18]   We'd like to welcome Johnathan and Jamieson to our program. Both came with a touch of experience and a desire to learn. Welcome, guys.

[10/23/18]   All, Due to the Town's Halloween event classes Thursday are cancelled. If you are a Thursday student, please try to come tonight. Sensei Pete

[10/19/18]   Class was not quite as energetic as some others have been but we did a review of all paired routines, adding some fine points and considering the variations and applications.
Due to conflicting schedules we did not have an aikido class tonight.
Any comments from anyone?

[10/05/18]   This week's classes focused on refresh and new material for our young people and for the adults on Thursday, a vigorous paired routine round robin, tanshiki kumite, and single person forms. In Aikido, we continued work on the off-balance exercises and number four of the basic 17, along with work on number seven and number ten.
It was suggested that we give away a free bottle of Tylinol or Ibupropin with any new students. What do you think?

[09/28/18]   While a smaller class last night, we did contact work, paired routines, and single person forms. Sulle continued work on his second routine.
In Aikido we continued work on release moves and the first five of the basic seventeen. It was a good, energetic class.

[09/19/18]   Last couple Tuesday classes have been great for new students. We've only one advanced student showing up that night so new students will get almost personal training.
Chris is certainly taking advantage of it and is making good progress. His new paired routine is improving nicely; we worked on the defense tonight.

[09/14/18]   We'd like to welcome Morgan (6) back to class after her summer off. Though, as expected, she needed refreshers on the paired routines, her basic form had not deteriorated with her break. She'll be back up to speed in no time!

[09/07/18]   Good class tonight with a lot of hard work by all. We taught Chris and Sully new material, did focussed work to help them learn to hit harder and faster, and did a round robin of paired routines.
I aikido we continued work on the first six of the basic 17, giving gedan ate and oshi tioshi extra attention.
If you've been on break for the summer, school has started and we'd love to have you back. We're meeting a the regular dojo Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:15 pm. I hope to see you there. - Sensei Pete

[08/30/18]   All,

A reminder that Tuesday's classes move back indoors next Tuesday, Sept 4. It was a great outside set of classes with only two weather cancellations.

[08/17/18]   This week's Tuesday class focused on refinement and Sully made good progress. Though lightly attended and with the potential for rain - a risk when you do outdoor classes - we pushed through.
Thursday saw work on the angles of the second of the triangle-based paired routines, some contact work, and escape drills, similar to the three-step combinations.
In Tomiki Aikido, we helped Chris improve is forward rolls and worked on mai otoshi and shio-nage. We also worked on in knee walking (shiko) and the first of the sitting techniques.
Progress is being made!


How samurai movies are wrong | A lesson in Aikido

Japanese Aikido Master Ken Kobayashi explains how the samurai from movies fight incorrectly, and then teaches us some Aikido! Thanks to WOW! JAPAN Experience...

[08/15/18]   I learned today the Master Bun's Sykesville Tae Kwon Do is closing after 29 years in the area. Master Bun's leaving will be a loss to the community and I'm sure saddening to his students.
Should you wish to take this sad occasion as an opportunity to try something new, I invite you to check out Morning Star Martial Arts. We are a small, nonprofit school teaching Japanese karate and Tomiki Aikido. We are inexpensive and do not do contracts. If you have questions, feel free to post them here - others may have them too - or give a call/email.
Sensei Pete

[08/03/18]   This weeks classes involved more outdoor bo (6 foot staff) work on Tuesday, and thanks go to Becka for being brave and trying the class. Thursday we did back roundhouse kicks, paired routine round-robin, some escaping practice, and began teaching Bennett a new routine.
In Tomiki Aikido, we worked on the eight release moves, the first five of the basic 17 with some improvement seen in number 4, and then mai otoshi to encourage forward rolling to escape.

[07/27/18]   Karate tonight saw paired routine practice, both our regular, many-step routines and the so-called combinations of three-step routines. We latered explored one particular variation of a punch defense. It was pretty "dirty trick"-ish but we don't think there are dirty tricks, just strategy.
In Tomiki Aikido we focused on the eight release moves and the first five of the basic 17. Number 4 is taking some practice but improving.
We then did "shiko" or knee walking in preparation for the so-called kneeling techniques, though they are actually done from a sitting position. We then introduced the first one to get people familiar with the general idea. This is the start of a process of learning skills new to the students.
Why not visit us on Thursday evening to see what we do? You may find something of interest.

[07/20/18]   This week's two practice sessions saw work on a variety of things. Outdoors, we continued work on the long staff ("bo") with Chris and Bennett and started work on the paired routine for the bo and sai. Sai are hand-held metal pitchfork-like weapons originally used as farming tools.
Thursday's karate class mixed high-energy work with discussions of the style's history. In aikido, we worked the eight release moves, the first five of the basic 17 techniques, and mai otoshi, or forward push-down. In prior weeks we've introduced Tomiki aikido techniques using the sword (wooden, not steel!) and "jo" or 51 inch short staff. Mai otoshi reinforces forward rolling skills used in the routines for both these weapons.
If you are reading this, and in the area, why not give us a try? Don't let "high energy" fool you; work is commensurate with training level, skill, age, and safety and we are a fun, sociable group. Regardless of age or physical ability, you will start at a place right for you and then grow.
Give us a try!

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Morgan demonstrating how to enter practice when late
Morgan and Sulle learning to fall
Kim doing bag work, improving her mawashi geri (roundhouse kick).
Practicing the fifth multi-step kicking drill with Dr. Mark.
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