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Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/20/2024

The wheels on the bus go... nowhere without drivers. We're hiring bus drivers and would love to visit with anyone interested in driving daily routes, substitute routes, or activity trips. No bus driver experience needed.

We know the process of getting a CDL and then the endorsements to drive a bus can be a little intimidating, so we're making the process as easy as possible, and offering an $800 training bonus.

To start off, we're hosting a Driver Info Session (with pizza, please RSVP at so we can be sure to order enough.) Anyone interested in being a regular driver or coaches or boosters looking to drive should attend to get all your questions answered. We'll talk about the permit exam and how you can best prepare to pass that with flying colors.

After you have your permit, we get you signed up to pay for your training. If you are available during the day, Meridian Technology Center has some great training July 15-19 or July 22-26, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, along with an online course. If you can't make either of those sessions, we can arrange other evening training for you.

After you complete the training, you take a bus driving test, pass that, and you are ready to drive a bus, deliver kids where they need to be, and really impact the lives of those in our community.

Once you complete an introductory driving period (1 semester for full-time and sub drivers, and 1 year for activity drivers) you'll be compensated $500 for your training time and receive a $300 stipend).

You can find more details about becoming a driver at: and please let us know if you have any questions.


Summer has officially arrived! The Summer Solstice will occur today (June 20, 2024) at 3:50 PM, marking the point when the Earth's northern hemisphere is tilted closest to the sun for the year. This day is the longest and the night the shortest for those living north of the equator. Contrary to a common misconception, the Earth is not closest to the sun during the June solstice; in fact, it is a few weeks away from its farthest distance from the sun, with the closest approach happening in January.

For millennia, the summer solstice has been celebrated and studied by various civilizations. Many ancient structures around the world, like Stonehenge and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, were built to align with the sun's position on the solstice, reflecting an early understanding of the Earth's tilt and movement. Predicting nature's patterns was crucial for the development of agricultural practices and survival, and the sun's position throughout the year helped ancient peoples know when to plant, harvest, and prepare for hunts of migratory animals.

Around the world the solstice marks the start of various cultural festivals and traditions that symbolize renewal, fertility, and the triumph of light over darkness, like the Native American Sun Dance, Western Europe's St. John's Eve, the Slavic Kupala Night, China's Xià Zhì, Japan's Geshi, and the Nordic Midsummer.

Happy Solstice!

Photos from Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry's post 06/18/2024


Our offices, summer school, the Book Bus and summer meals will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 in recognition of Juneteenth.
This week, we celebrate Juneteenth, a significant day in American history. On June 19, 1865, slaves in Galveston, Texas, were finally informed of their freedom, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the United States, honors the resilience and rich cultural heritage of Black Americans, and is an opportunity to recognize the progress made together in the fight for equality and justice.

This holiday helps add depth to our understanding of the expansion of rights in America. Together let's celebrate freedom for all, acknowledge our history, and use this day to learn more about and appreciate our nation as we look forward to celebrating the birth of the United States on Independence Day.


We're hiring to complete our 2024-2025 SPS Team! Please help us spread the word.

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/18/2024

We just learned it's National Mascot Day! Let's hear it for Peter Pioneer! He's been a little bit Paul Bunyon, a little bit mountain man, and apparently a little bit Guess jeans overalls, but he's always been a Pioneer!


Location change!! On Tuesday evenings we will be at Highland Park 400 S Drury.

Do you want to pick up meals for 5 days? Our first distribution of the week is at Highland Park on Tuesdays from 5:15 pm to 5:45 pm. Meals will include 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches you can heat and eat at home.
If you walk up, please watch out for cars. We suggest bringing a wagon or stroller to carry food home.
You can drive through (don't forget to put the car in park).
Meals are for all children and teens ages 18 years and younger. There is no application and you don't need to sign up. The child does not need to be present, but the parent/guardian will need to give us their name. You can only get meals once every 5 days.

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/17/2024

This week's Book Bus theme is "Reading is for Everyone!" with Superintendent Gordon making an appearance. Come check out the bus and check out a book, M,T,Th this week. (Closed on Wednesday for Juneteenth). Details and schedule at

Visit Now! 06/17/2024

Now we know summer break is just a month in, and we know the season of summer doesn't really arrive until June 20, so please don't be too upset that we're already mentioning back to school. 😁

We also know a lot of our audience, including people moving into the district especially from out of state or even country, like to have this info as soon as possible, so we're sharing this great resource to help those that chose to use it ease back in to start the school year strong.

Visit Now! OSDH is committed to cultivating conditions by which Oklahoma children can thrive, and that includes supporting healthy children and healthy schools. Below you can order your child's birth certificate and request their shot records online. If your child needs to catch up on their vaccinations, find....


Today marks the start of Eid al-Adha. To the many Muslim families in our community who celebrate, “Eid Mubarak!”

Eid al-Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice is one of two main holidays celebrated by Muslim families. Originating with the story of Abraham and his son which shares connections to similar stories in other faiths, Eid al-Adha is traditionally celebrated with prayers, time with loved ones, gift-giving, and the sharing of meat, one third for family, one third for friends, and one third for those in need.

To learn more about Eid al-Adha, visit with someone who celebrates and share with them about the holidays of your beliefs and heritage too. Through learning and sharing we can build a better, more understanding community.


Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads and father figures out there. Thank you for being there for the "kids" in your life, whatever age they may be.

And to those missing someone today, we’re thinking of you.


Happy Flag Day!

Flag Day is celebrated annually on June 14. This day commemorates the adoption of the official flag of the United States by the Continental Congress in 1777. Before the adoption of the "Stars and Stripes," several flags were used during the American Revolutionary period, each reflecting the evolving identity and unity of the American colonies, including the Grand Union, Gadsden, Bennington, and the Sons of Liberty flags. The adoption of the Stars and Stripes provided a unifying emblem for the young nation. Flag Day not only celebrates the current flag but also honors the rich history and evolution of the flags that preceded it.

Flag Day was officially established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916 with a proclamation, but it wasn't until 1949 that President Harry S. Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14 of each year as National Flag Day. Flag Day is not a federal holiday, but is widely observed with events and activities, including flag-raising ceremonies, parades in some communities, and educational programs focused on the history and significance of the American flag.


This summer, our Nutrition staff is dishing up and passing out free summer meals for all children at 6 locations around town. Hot meals, sack lunches, and grab and go meals. Details at

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/12/2024

A few scenes of learning from our Indigenous Peoples Education STEM Camp.


A few quick election year reminders.

Today (6/11) marks one week until the primary elections. Don’t forget to cast your vote on Tuesday, June 18 from 7am-7pm. Payne County voters have the option of filling out their ballots early at the Stillwater Public Library or the Cushing Chamber of Commerce, June 13-14 (Th-Fr) from 8am-6pm and June 15 (Sa) from 8am-2pm.

For elections in which members of only one party filed to run, there won’t be a November challenger; this election will decide who takes office next year.

Remind the people in your life who’ve just turned 18 or will by November 5 that they should register to vote to exercise their right this fall.

If you’re not registered to vote, need to update your location, or take other action with your registration, you can do so at


Congratulations to SHS Athletic Director, Brian Warwick who was named the Athletic Director of the Year (Newcomer)- East
At the OIAAA conference.
Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association .


Stillwater Pioneer Basketball is announcing several changes to the coaching staff for the upcoming school year.

Marcus Klingsick is departing Stillwater and leaving the role of head coach of the girls basketball team. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors. Scott Morris, boys basketball head coach since 2020, will now lead the girls team, with Nataly Murray joining him as the assistant coach. Sean Morgan, will move up from assistant boys coach to head coach, while Michael "Chic" will be his assistant coach.

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/10/2024

Games, art, and books (of course!) in the next round of Book Bus prizes! Come join us on the mobile library for "Reading Lets Your Mind Bloom" this week.

Schedule and locations at

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/10/2024

Five Pioneers recently participated in Oklahoma Boys' State and Girls' State. These American Legion high school programs focus on helping students expand their skills and knowledge in government, leadership, and citizenship. Congrats to these Pioneer leaders!

Boys' State
Matthew Afolabi
Stephen Campbell
Kyle Walker
Hudson Camp

Girls' State
Avyn Hazzard

Photos from Stillwater High School's post 06/10/2024


Peter Pioneer joined the Stillwater Community Band for the Hiram Henry Children's March tonight! He says he had a great time leading young and future Pioneers around the auditorium while SHS alumni, staff, and their friends played the music.

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/06/2024

Congrats to our first round of Book Bus prize winners, Sofia Butcher, Isabelle Butcher, Reid Carroll, and Ethan Fischer!

We'll have a drawing next week for more prizes including an entire set of books! Catch the Book Bus tonight (6.6.24) from 6-8pm at OSU's Summer on the Plaza or M-Th from 8:45am-1pm all around town.

Next week's them is “Reading Let’s Your Mind Bloom.” Find the schedule at

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/06/2024

Art Teacher Shannon Peters has been hard at work matting and hanging SHS student work for display at this weekend's Dancing Turtle Arts Festival. Come check out their and other artists' works along with a slew of family fun activities at the Stillwater Community Center. The first scheduled events are tonight's (6.6.24) Stillwater Community Band concert at 7pm and a theatre improv workshop from 5-7pm.


Congrats to SPS's Kira Frisby, Lindy Zamborsky, and Rachel Roberts on securing funding to help fight substance abuse in our community!

Full Release Below
Stillwater gains $75,000 to fight opioid addiction

(Stillwater, Oklahoma, June 5, 2024) Stillwater Public Schools has received a grant from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Opioid Abatement Board for $75,000 to proactively fight opioid abuse. The grant was obtained through the efforts of the district’s Wellness and Trauma Response Coordinator Kira Frisby, Multi-Tiered Support Systems and Prevention Grant Coordinator Lindy Zamborsky, and Substance Abuse Counselor Rachel Roberts.

“In recent years, our community has witnessed a troubling rise in opioid misuse, leading to devastating consequences such as addiction, overdose, and loss of life,” Frisby wrote in summary to the Stillwater Board of Education. “As educators, we are not only committed to academic excellence but also to the holistic health and safety of our students. The opioid abatement grant presents a crucial opportunity for us to implement and explain evidence-based prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies within our school district.”

“The psychological distress that some of our students experience from addiction, whether it’s themselves struggling or a family member or friend, can really resonate through, really, every part of their lives,” says Frisby, stating that school attendance, learning, and mental health can all be affected.

Having secured the grant, the district aims to supplement existing programs that address drugs and addiction, enhance prevention efforts, strengthen intervention measures, expand access to treatment, and foster community engagement. Through education, prevention, and support, the district hopes to mitigate the impact of addiction on school communities and empower students to make healthy choices for their futures.

“Thank you to our Wellness and Trauma Response team of Kira Frisby, Lindy Zamborsky, and Rachel Roberts,” says Superintendent Uwe Gordon. “Through their efforts and with the support of the Board, this funding puts us at $975,000 that we’ve gained over a three year period to support our students. I’m excited to see this funding put to use to help keep Stillwater’s children following positive, healthy behaviors and to help those who’ve fallen into substance abuse steer back onto a better path.”


Nearly every Wednesday this summer, SPS faculty and staff are expanding their skills with an internal professional development series - Learnapalooza, covering topics including teaching tools, educational systems software, financial tools, graphics/branding, and more. Great turnout for week one!


Remember to submit your (or your child's) artwork for this fun chance to enhance the visual arts in our community.

Calling All Student Artists!

We are excited to announce the Utility Box Art Program – a great opportunity to showcase your talent! This new program is a beautification, art inclusion, and graffiti abatement initiative.

Open To All Students From:
- Stillwater Public Schools
- Oklahoma State University
- Meridian Technology
- Northern Oklahoma College

For more information and to submit your proposals, go to
Visit Stillwater Prairie Arts Center Modella Art Gallery Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Meridian Technology Center Oklahoma State University Stillwater Public Schools Stillwater History Museum at the Sheerar

Photos from Stillwater Public Schools's post 06/03/2024

Not only can you check out awesome books from our Book Bus, you can also enter to win prizes! That's a win/WIN situation. Keep those literacy skills up and growing throughout the summer by visiting our mobile library often.

Schedule and map of Book Bus locations at


Starting today! And don't forget about our sack lunch and grab and go options! Details at

Are you looking for a hot breakfast or lunch? Come to Will Rogers. Breakfast is served 8:00 -8:30 am, and lunch is served 12:30 -1:30 pm. The child must get their own meal and eat it on site.

1211 N Washington

Meals are for all children 18 years and younger. No need to apply or sign up. You don't need to be an SPS student.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Stillwater?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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The Wilson Auto Family came through in a big way this year, helping us gift the District Teacher of the Year with a new ...
Guard was happy to offer Mr. Gordon a few pointers about flag work when he stopped by the Winter Guard community perform...
The Stillwater High School Choir performs the Star Spangled Banner at this year's Veterans Day assembly.
Drum Battery, Cheer, Pom, Wagon Crew, Peter Pioneer, and our student section really make third quarters special!





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