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The Department of Languages and Literatures offers majors in ASL, French, German, and Spanish

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers degrees in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Chinese, and American Sign Language.

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If you're taking Spanish 1713, 1813, or 2713, the Spanish Club is hosting a study night in the Language Learning Center, GU 104 on Thursday, December 7 from 5-8. I am told there will be snacks. Bring your questions.


A big thank-you to everyone who donated to the Brian Ward Scholarship. We blew right past our goal of $5000. With the money we raised online and some checks that came in, we made it to 140% of what we hoped to raise with $7000. This money will go into an endowment that will produce money long into the future -- and after the Japanese monarchy and the Catholic Church, universities are some of the oldest institutions on the planet, so this could be a very long time. This will help a lot of students. We are very grateful for so much support.

Photos from OSU Languages and Literatures's post 11/30/2023

Finally, we hear from Jackie Harsha. She graduated in 2023 with majors in Spanish, Geospatial Science Information Systems, and Geography. She was also officially a space cadet as part of the first cohort of Space Force cadets in OSU's ROTC program. She was named an Outstanding Senior by the alumni association, a Senior of Signifance, and she was the College or Arts and Sciences Orange Gown graduate in May 2023, which means she led the procession as our top graduate. She spent a semester in Granada and did an Honors College capstone on the mingling of Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Al Andalus in the middle ages in Iberia (Spain only existed as a concept at this time, not yet a state). She is currently teaching middle school in Edmond as she waits for orders to report to Space Force.

Today is the last day our campaign. We have surpassed our goal, but that only means the endowment will generate more scholarship in the future. We are incredibly grateful for so much support.

"My experience studying abroad in Granada, Spain taught me irreplaceable lessons on culture, adaptability, and language. Since graduating with an honors Spanish degree in Spring 2023 I have gone on to be a High School Spanish teacher and am passing on what I have learned."


Our minors develop useful language skills, too. Reagan Page ended up using her Russian in Spain after graduating in 2022.

Just one day left in the campaign! https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"Russian made not be as wildly used as Spanish, but there are still over 260 million people who use it worldwide. While many of those people are from Russia, there are also a lot of people in Central Asia and Eastern Europe who know it as well. Right after graduation (Summer 2022) my friends and I went to Europe, starting in Spain. I was expecting to start using Spanish, but the first language I used there was Russian. There was a Ukrainian refugee on the metro speaking and trying to ask for help, but no one recognized what she was saying. I recognized that she was speaking Ukrainian (since Russian and Ukrainian are quite similar) and asked (in Russian) if she spoke Russian, since many Ukrainians do. She said yes and I proceeded to help her try to find out how to get to the Consulate on the metro and bus system. That said, it was quite difficult since I had never been on the Barcelona metro at that point, as it was our first ride off the plane, but she at least got some help instead of no one knowing what she was saying. She wasn’t alone, and that’s the power of language learning, especially those that aren’t that popular.

I also currently work in immigration law, and while Spanish is again the most common, I’ve worked with many Russian speakers who love to know that someone knows a language that they do and about the region that they are from."


Today we hear from Ariana Sagastizado, who graduated in 2016. As a student she was an ambassador for study abroad and got a lot of practice talking to Spanish classes about their study abroad options. She became a pretty good public speaker as a result. After some time in Teach for America she began a career in public health. She was in Oaxaca recently.

Thanks everyone's generous donations we are now well past our goal for this campaign. Everything extra will generate more scholarship money in perpetuity. Just two days left in the campaign. https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"My name is Ariana Sagastizado and I graduated from OSU in 2016 with a Bachelors in Spanish and a Bachelors in Sociology. I now live in Los Angeles, where I work as an innovation consultant at one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. I always knew I wanted to speak another language but after stepping on campus over 10 years ago, I am forever grateful that I invested in myself and my future by learning Spanish. It has changed my life in such a meaningful way and I’m utterly grateful for the wonderful professors I had that taught me. From translating for Spanish speaking students in Oklahoma to having robust conversations about the history of pottery in Oaxaca to learning about afro-Cuban religion in Havana, Spanish has afforded me a life filled with rich experiences, new friendships, and beautiful memories. Thank you to the wonderful Spanish department at OSU for giving me the foundation I needed to connect to another world with language."

Prof. Matthew ONeill 11/28/2023

If you've studied Spanish at OSU in the last 20 years, you've probably had class or tertulia with Prof. Matthew O'Neill. (And yes, he did just get his 20-year pin from OSU.) He's done more than anyone I know to make it possible to really live a language right on campus.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Today we reached our goal of $5000 for this campaign, but every dollar beyond that amount will increase the endowment. Just three days to go... https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

Prof. Matthew ONeill


Even a minor can be transformative, especially if it includes study abroad. Alexandria Petre minored in Chinese and is finding it a bonus for her legal career. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"I graduated in 2019 with my BS in Business Administration majoring in International Business and minoring in Chinese, International Studies, MIS, and Marketing. During my time at OSU, I spent a year and a half in Shanghai, China. First on a year-long study abroad trip through OSU, then on an internship with a company in their marketing & event department. After graduation, I was set to run the marketing department of a coffee company centered in Shanghai. Unfortunately, geopolitics then a global pandemic ruined those plans.

Now, I am attending law school at OU (I know I’m a traitor but it’s the best law school in the state). Law firms are continually impressed to learn I studied such a difficult language. Even if their practice area wouldn’t benefit from a Chinese speaker, they infer from the dedication that I am a highly capable individual that can handle difficult projects. I am focusing my studies on family law and immigration. I plan to have a practice that handles divorces and custody matters on one side and helps Chinese nationals with visa applications on the other side. Through my continued connection with the Chinese community, I already have connections to future clients once I start my practice.

While in China I met my best-friend WenHao. Although we haven’t seen each other in person since 2017, we still communicate on a nearly daily basis. I also maintain friendships with others that I have met through my Chinese study, either during my time at OSU or after. I am close with the family that owns a local Chinese restaurant here in Norman. Their son calls me his Aunt and I met the owner’s father recently on his first visit to the United States. I love connecting with a community that typically stays to themselves. It is also a fun party trick to start speaking Chinese and surprise everyone around you."


We are thankful for our students and graduates this year. Most of our majors are double or triple majors, as is the case for Stomi Normand who combined a degree from the Spears School of Business with Spanish in 2016. Help us endow a new scholarships for our students. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are truly grateful and we are really close to our goal. https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

“I graduated from OSU with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Spanish in 2016. Originally I planned to minor in Spanish, but quickly realized how much I enjoyed learning the language. I looked forward to my Spanish classes the most, as my professors (Ekman, O’Neill, Álvarez Sancho, y Perea Fox) were really supportive, spending countless hours guiding me through coursework, even outside of class. Learning Spanish as a second language helped me grow both personally and professionally. My career isn’t directly related to the field, but occasionally I translate for my colleagues. Personally, I still watch movies, read, listen to music, and talk and text with my friends all in Spanish.”


Our graduates follow diverse career paths. Language is often what distinguishes them from other applicants and also what gives them a leg up once they start working. This is the case for Tyler Ogden, who graduated with a degree in Spanish. Help us endow a new scholarships for our students. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are truly grateful. https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"The employer at my first post-college job told me that they pulled my application out of the pile because of my Spanish degree. My second job, a sales job, handed me Latin American clients because I had the best language skills in the office. From there I was able to move into a high-level sales position at a financial company in Los Angeles, all thanks to my Spanish degree setting me apart from the pack when I began my career. I still reread the books professors Alvarez-Sancho, Ekman and Weimer assigned me years ago as practice. Studying Spanish at OSU propelled me professionally and allowed me to concentrate and hone a passion that I will carry for the rest of my life."

Dr. Perry Gethner 11/18/2023

Dr. Perry Gethner Dr. Perry Gethner, lay Rabbi at Temple Emanuel in Ponca City for 38 years, died on Nov.

Photos from OSU Languages and Literatures's post 11/17/2023

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Prof. Perry Gethner, Regents Professor Emeritus of French. Perry worked at OSU for 39 years before his retirement in July, including 17 years as department head. He was also instrumental in the creation of our Phi Beta Kappa chapter. He was specialist in 17th century theatre and was a prolific editor and translator, especially of women authors of the Ancien Régime. He was also an accomplished pianist. A memorial service will be held for him on Sunday, November 19 at 2:00 pm in Temple Emanuel 1201 E. Highland Ave. Ponca City.


Thank you to everyone who came to our language study abroad scholarship event, especially Prof. Reuel Hanks, Prof. Isabel Alvarez-Sancho, and Austin Hayes who talked about funding thorugh Languages and Literatures, Humphreys, Bailey and even some Critical Languages and Boren as a special bonus. There's money out there. You just need to apply. If you missed the event and want information about scholarships, contact us.

CAS Abroad in France - Oklahoma State University 11/15/2023

Our ASL program is going to France this summer! American Sign Language traces its history back to France and langue des signes française (LSF) and students will have the opportunity to trace those roots, as well as visiting important sites for the deaf community. June 12 - June 22, 2024.

CAS Abroad in France - Oklahoma State University Arts and Sciences Study Abroad in France, Summer 2024


Looking for ways to finance study abroad? Find out about the Bailey, Humphreys, and many other scholarships available through the Department of Languages and Literatures. Wednesday, 11/15, 4:30 pm in the Language Learning Center, GU 104


We have trained a lot of Oklahoma's language teachers over the years in the Department of Languages and Literatures. One of them is Ezequiel Madrigal, who graduated in 2017. Help us endow a new scholarships for our students. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are truly grateful. https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"My name is Ezequiel Madrigal and am proud to say that I graduated from Oklahoma State in 2017. While my degree was in Secondary Education, my focus was always on teaching Spanish, so I got to spend a great deal of time within the Department of Languages and Literature. As a heritage speaker of Spanish I had a conversational base in the language but the coursework I was offered and able to take within the department was monumental in sharpening my abilities and enriching my cultural and historical knowledge of the language. I will never forget getting to sit around a conference room table with Dr. Weimer and talking about Don Quixote for hours, or learning about and being fascinated by the various dialects found in the Spanish speaking world. All of this played a huge role in my development and allows me to be the high school language teacher that I am today. Go Pokes!"

Photos from OSU Languages and Literatures's post 11/02/2023

Thank you to the Spanish Club, Prof. Salazar Calvo and everyone else who worked on today's Day of the Dead event. It was a huge success!


Language study and study abroad open worlds and transform people. Consider helping our students if you can. https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/39001

"In every way, shape and form study abroad has transformed my life. In just the six months I studied in Spain, it gave me language skills that I can now use forever in my career and personal life, and allowed me to see all the possibilities that await in the world. The confidence I have found through these experiences and friendships I made will stay with me forever." -- Madison Young, Communication Sciences and Spanish double major, 2024


If you're on campus next week, join us on Wednesday, November 1 at 4:00 pm in the LLC, Gundersen 104, for a Day of the Dead celebration, organized by Giovanni Salazar Calvo with the Spanish program and the Latin American Student Association.

Brian Ward Scholarship Campaign 10/24/2023

Today is the beginning of our Philanthropete campaign to endow a new scholarship, the Brian Ward Endowed Scholarship in Foreign Languages. This scholarship will be for majors and minors in the Department of Languages and Literatures and can be used for study abroad or other expenses. Since it's an endowment, it will continue in perpetuity. The campaign runs until November 30. Look for updates on this account and please spread the word!

Brian Ward Scholarship Campaign Help benefit majors and minors in the Department of Languages and Literatures by supporting the Brian Ward Scholarship!


The scholarship info session scheduled for today has been postponed. We'll let you know when we reschedule it. We're very sorry for the inconvenience!


One more new course for Spring 2024: LL3643(H), Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Medieval Iberia. This is an 8-week online course taught from March 11 to May 3 by Prof. Donald Wood.


We are searching for an assistant professor of German. If you know anyone who would be interested in joining a supportive department and working with some great students, the application is due 11/26:

Apply - Interfolio


If you're interested in study abroad and wondering how to pay for it, come to our scholarship event to find out about the Bailey, Humphreys, and Languages and Literatures scholarships. Monday, October 23 at 4:00 pm in GU 104, the Language Learning Center.


Next semester we'll be offering Biblical Hebrew II.


The Japanese program is bring a Japanese stone mason from Kameoka, Kyoto to campus on Friday, 10/13. Seats are limit, so please register if you are interested.


New for Spring 2024! This class is in Spanish, taught by Prof. Juan Carlos Rozo, a specialist in Colonial Latin American literature


If you're looking for a class on Chinese culture, we've got one. It's taught in English and carries and I designation for general education.


The schedule for spring is up and we have some interesting courses, like this one on Russian Spies, taught in English and both H and I GE credit. Look here for more about other classes soon.

Photos from OSU Languages and Literatures's post 09/28/2023

Congratulations to Hiroka Thornton for organizing a well-attended event to promote the JET program, complete with a lesson on making rice balls. And a big thank-you to the representatives from the Japanese Consulate and Jet program who came to speak to our students. Long-term study abroad is transformative and there are many affordable ways to go abroad.


Congratulations to Sabine Davis (French and German) who is in town to receive a well-deserved Distinguished Alumni award!

Asturian Studies Newsletter, Fall 2023 09/08/2023

If you'd like to see what's going on with Asturian studies, check out the latest newsletter from SAnTINA, a collaborative effort between Prof. Isabel Alvarez-Sancho at Oklahoma State and two researchers at UC Riverside. ¡Feliz día d'Asturies!

Asturian Studies Newsletter, Fall 2023 Asturian Studies / SAnTINA (Society for the Analysis of cultural Topics and linguistic Identities N'Asturies)


Thank you to everyone who came to our departmental/language club reception. The Japanese Club outdid themselves!

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