Mixed Reality Lab

The mi[x]ed reality lab conducts research focused on using digital tools in design which includes, A

The Mixed Reality Lab is the state of the laboratory at Oklahoma State University, that focuses on research in augmented reality, virtual reality and digital prototyping. The Lab is housed in the College of Human Sciences, and is affiliated with the Department of Design Housing and Merchandising. Research carried out in the lab ranges from technology related research on older adults, technology us

Operating as usual


Stealth Action Classic ‘Budget Cuts’ Comes to PSVR 2 & Quest with ‘Ultimate’ Edition in June

The newly announced Budget Cuts Ultimate, which combines both Budget Cuts (2018) and Budget Cuts 2 (2019) stealth action games into a single experience, is set… https://t.co/1UGUnTTALH https://t.co/RhYtYiy9xD


The 20 Best Rated & Most Popular Quest Games & Apps – May 2023

While Oculus doesn’t offer much publicly in the way of understanding how well individual games & apps are performing across its Quest 2 storefront, it’s possible to glean some insight by lo… https://t.co/PBrNJEnDbs https://t.co/2jbMXvP6rv


‘Pixel Ripped’ Sequel Coming to All Major VR Headsets Next Month

ARVORE and Atari announced the upcoming sequel to Pixel Ripped is set to arrive on all major headsets next month.

Update (May 22nd, 2023): ARVORE confirmed with Road to VR that Pixel Rip… https://t.co/sMpqlA1ywV https://t.co/4xVnbEdlNk


Report: Meta in Talks with Magic Leap for Multiyear AR Headset Tech Deal

A report from the Financial Times maintains Meta is currently in talks with AR headset creator Magic Leap to strike a multiyear deal, which could include intellectual property lic… https://t.co/qJbh183FDH https://t.co/X39Jo5xrqX


[Industry Direct] Varjo Celebrates Best Headworn Device Nomination with $300 Discount on Varjo Aero

Industry Direct by Varjo

Industry Direct is our program for sponsors who want to speak directly to the Road to VR newsletter audience. Industry Direct … https://t.co/9gLewQM943 https://t.co/2zKpQb2bEp


Quest’s Favorite Rocket League-style Sport ‘NOCK’ Coming to PSVR 2 Soon, Trailer Here

NOCK, the Rocket League-inspired VR sport that arms you with bow and arrow, is coming to PSVR 2 next week, bringing its fast-paced action to cross-platform online pla… https://t.co/b7UYDUbYKi https://t.co/nMbn1h4D1V


Build Wild Contraptions in ‘Rube Goldberg Workshop’, Now Available on Quest

Rube Goldberg Workshop is now available on Quest, letting you make tons of different crazy—dare we say—Rube Goldbergian machines.

Built on Quest’s Presence platform, users can… https://t.co/6kLN2f6g0K https://t.co/TDgbF8djsG


Emerging with $61M in Funding, This “AR laptop” Aims to Close the Loop on Virtual Desktop Productivity

First it was the desktop. Then the laptop. And now, the… spacetop? That’s the category that Sightful hopes to carve out with its new “augmented r… https://t.co/b49FHZ09v4 https://t.co/sq17VE31NG


Meta & BMW Are Integrating AR/VR Headsets into Cars, Release Timeline Uncertain

Initially announced in 2021, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an update on the company’s research partnership with BMW, which focuses on integrating AR and VR into vehicles … https://t.co/cIIENu7h6I https://t.co/ntx1DWRdF6


‘Firmament’ Review – Complex Puzzles & Visual Richness Lacking a Native VR Touch

Firmament was created in the spirit of Myst, the studio’s genre-defining puzzle adventure which maroons you in a strange realm with some very imposing architecture, all of… https://t.co/bRmZ19iTRC https://t.co/1kN8w5Ud3A


[Industry Direct] Grab a Great Deal on VR Games during Fanatical’s Bundlefest Celebration

Industry Direct by Mark at Fanatical

Industry Direct is our program for sponsors who want to speak directly to the Road to VR newsletter audience. They are writt… https://t.co/kN4MNe14X9 https://t.co/87npfrInQQ


Recent Valve Hiring Hints at Next-gen Index Headset in Development

Since the release of its first (and so far, only) VR headset in 2019 and its flagship VR game in 2020, Valve has been worryingly quiet about its future plans for VR. But recent hiring a… https://t.co/9fAtEYEdOg https://t.co/3WWgaZCOFT


Bigscreen Beyond Teardown Overviews Design Decisions Behind Compact Headset

CEO Darshan Shankar sits down with the upcoming Bigscreen Beyond VR headset for a teardown and explanation of the company’s design decisions.

Bigscreen Beyond is a made-for-en… https://t.co/5vwq0N3wkO https://t.co/jSbn9KPVy1


Google Reveals Latest Project Starline Prototype, Its Light-field Telepresence Platform

It’s been nearly two years since Google first introduced Project Starline, a telepresence platform designed to facilitate natural-feeling remote communication betwe… https://t.co/BCj6706mPP https://t.co/GkEE7BETyD


Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Confident in WWDC Headset Unveiling, 2nd Gen Expected in 2025

Independent tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset is very likely set for its reported Worldwide Developers Conference (WW… https://t.co/PgZNsykR4z https://t.co/5GoTZvEKda


Apple’s Upcoming Headset “so good”, According to Oculus Founder

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus who left the company in 2017, appears to have insider knowledge of upcoming Apple XR headset, which is expected to be unveiled at its Worldwide Develop… https://t.co/Xjuh5Ux3tu https://t.co/6cqXASiG62


Run & Gun Roguelike ‘Dead Hook’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer Alongside Delayed Quest Release Date

Ever-agile VR developer Joy Way announced this week that its upcoming roguelike Dead Hook will be delayed into June, a little more than a month after the pre… https://t.co/qBp9NLdsma https://t.co/XkFMcrKqDx


‘Hello Neighbor VR’ Coming to All Major Headsets Soon, Gameplay Trailer Here

tinyBuild Games and Steel Wool Studios announced their upcoming VR take on viral indie hit Hello Neighbor is landing on PSVR 2, Quest 2, and SteamVR headsets later this month.… https://t.co/gOWsAkhaO3 https://t.co/gWTKGVBXbM


‘Space Invaders: World Defense’ Will Showcase Google’s Newest AR Tool This Summer

Google has announced an upcoming AR game, Space Invaders: World Defense, which is built as a showcase of the company’s latest AR tool.

Over the last few years Google has… https://t.co/y4Y6NdDtIZ https://t.co/Rad92CYLWf


‘Another Fisherman’s Tale’ Review – A Captivating Sequel with More of Everything

We’re back for another dose of mind-bending puzzles à la Bob the Fisherman. The sequel offers up a longer, more emotionally complex story while packing in a ton of new puz… https://t.co/kqK63KPzwR https://t.co/b2Q5tsY5dv


Social VR Platform ‘VRChat’ to Lose Quest 1 Support Next Month

As a part of its big send off, Meta has already deprecated first-party social features on the original 2019 Quest, which includes access to Parties and Meta Horizon Home. If you thought you… https://t.co/g0t9ifNP4H https://t.co/EcC46pyIgp


Arcade Boxer ‘Creed: Rise to Glory’ Takes Top Spot in PSVR 2 Download Chart

PlayStation VR 2 is a little over two months old now, and the charts are still very much in flux thanks to a rash of new and upgraded games. Last month, Survios’ high-profile b… https://t.co/ObQyk9Gy0b https://t.co/9hfA2hPEg7


An Effort to Hack PSVR 2 to Support PC VR Has Been Put on Indefinite Hold

The creator of a PC VR driver which includes support for the original PSVR 1 headset says it is are stepping away from hacking PSVR 2 to work with PC VR, citing frustrating techn… https://t.co/pTz94Gh9bz https://t.co/IF0VQEW9Xh


One of VR’s Most Hardcore Apocalyptic Survival Games is Getting a Sequel

Into the Radius is a cult favorite for a reason, as it offers up some of the most hardcore gameplay in a very Stalker-inspired post-apocalyptic world, making for an absolutely unf… https://t.co/GzvjLu4bvQ https://t.co/3wiJehtql5


‘Propagation: Paradise Hotel’ Review – A Pretty Ok Impression of ‘Resident Evil’

Propagation: Paradise Hotel offers some patently terrifying moments of horror, but between the ever-lingering danger of zombified attacks and a few giant bosses—making for… https://t.co/Hj44xWqhaz https://t.co/J48TalExm5


Digital Artist Behind Iconic PS5 Campaign Launches Evolving VR Art Gallery

You might not recognize the name Maxim Zhestkov, but if you paid any attention to the launch of PlayStation 5, you’ll almost certainly recognize his iconic digital art which acc… https://t.co/SnVV8PAcE4 https://t.co/CFrHA7hI4M


A Last Hurrah: ‘Echo VR’ Squad Shooter Free Until August Shutdown

Despite some spirited protests against it, Meta and its child-studio Ready at Dawn are set to shut down the popular multiplayer game Echo VR, with plans to turn off severs come August 1s… https://t.co/XzdIjfYnn4 https://t.co/e957QNHzED


Eye-tracking is a Game Changer for XR That Goes Far Beyond Foveated Rendering

Eye-tracking—the ability to quickly and precisely measure the direction a user is looking while inside of a VR headset—is often talked about within the context of foveated re… https://t.co/nPAUH9DL9m https://t.co/9TsZ8ReqVd


New Promo Video Suggests Standalone ‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Game Coming to Quest

Meta is putting on its Quest Gaming Showcase in June, and while we’re not certain what standalone goodies the company has in store, a promo video seems to suggest we’ll be gettin… https://t.co/UOFISEI5ob https://t.co/wVtxTKPTBS


The Hidden Design Behind the Ingenious Room-Scale Gameplay in ‘Eye of the Temple’

Eye of the Temple is one of the rare VR games that focuses on not just on pure room-scale movement, but dynamic room-scale movement. The result is a uniquely immersive ex… https://t.co/OC8y3pafaw https://t.co/qVdSf3iOFK


Meta to Host Quest Gaming Showcase Just Days Ahead of Rumored Apple Headset Announcement

Meta announced its third annual Quest Gaming Showcase is arriving next month, coming only a few days before Apple’s rumored XR headset announcement at Worldwide De… https://t.co/Qkmxco5Mec https://t.co/wKhUbpcgOU


Visually Stunning Adventure ‘Hubris’ is Coming to PSVR 2 Soon, Promising Much Needed Improvements

Cyborn is bringing Hubris (2022), the sci-fi adventure for PC VR headsets, to PSVR 2 this month, promising a host of improvements we hope will buff out mo… https://t.co/6vfJ5nmkmR https://t.co/w1wKgVdGbu


Popular Quest 2 PC Streaming Software Adds ‘Super Resolution’ Feature for Enhanced Visuals

Virtual Desktop has collaborated with Qualcomm to integrate the company’s Snapdragon Game Super Resolution, a software enhancement squarely targeted at increasin… https://t.co/2bhmNuCKr4 https://t.co/7hrRnNgERu


Meta Reaffirms Commitment to Metaverse Vision, Has No Plans to Slow Billions in Reality Labs Investments

Meta announced its latest quarterly results, revealing that the company’s Reality Labs metaverse division is again reporting a loss of nearly $4 bi… https://t.co/g0k2XwdHJd https://t.co/qFaVsCERih


‘Propagation VR’ Sequel Coming to Quest & SteamVR Next Week, Gameplay Trailer Here

Propagation VR (2020), the VR survival horror game for PC VR headsets, is getting a sequel called Propagation: Paradise Hotel, and it’s coming next week.

Update (April … https://t.co/3doUpT3BMY https://t.co/nBm8zw8rE0


High End Camera Maker Takes Its First Step into Consumer VR Software

First unveiled at CES 2022 early last year, Canon has now taken its first step into consumer VR software with Kokomo, its fledgling social VR platform. Compared to more full-featured … https://t.co/R0hgDy3xKB https://t.co/lQCdZ0zbFE


This ‘Skyrim VR’ Mod Shows How AI Can Take VR Immersion to the Next Level

ChatGPT isn’t perfect, but the popular AI chatbot’s access to large language models (LLM) means it can do a lot of things you might not expect, like give all of Tamriel’s NPC inh… https://t.co/KR7uXUXFem https://t.co/nNB90Cji5m


First-person VR Platformer ‘No More Rainbows’ Coming Soon to Quest 2 & PC VR

Squido Studio announced its first-person platformer No More Rainbows is coming to Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets soon, offering up a VR take on classic platforming action.

No M… https://t.co/iQ1cocfv02 https://t.co/b714ZwoR8h


Magic Leap 2 Now Supports OpenXR, Strengthening Industry Against Potential Apple Upheaval

Though delayed from its commitment last year, Magic Leap today announced that ML2 now fully supports OpenXR. The timing might have something to do with Apple’s lo… https://t.co/B5Oql4rL9h https://t.co/UTxWqaGNrO


Whether Hit or Flop, Apple’s Entrance Will Be a Pivotal Moment for XR

If the avalanche of recent reports can indicate anything at all, it seems Apple is entering the VR/AR headset market fairly soon, bringing along with it the most inflated expectation… https://t.co/dt9ExgENsD https://t.co/iqeRTFKGMz

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