Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team

Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team


Keith Schneberger graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 2006. Throughout college (2002-2006), he worked as a student employee at FAPC and was a member of the Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team. After graduation he built and opened Keith's Butcher Shop, located in Burns Flat, Oklahoma, in July 2008. Keith specializes in custom processing as well as a retail market. Keith and his brother Curtis also own and operate Keith's Meat Market in Elk City, Oklahoma.

“I picked up all the skills I needed to open a butcher shop by working at FAPC,” Schneberger said. “I think I learned more at FAPC than I did in the classroom. I knew I wanted to come back home after college graduation and there was business to be had in the food industry. My goal is to develop a good quality product, while make a good living doing it.”
Be sure to come to the meet and greet with the coaches of the Oklahoma State University judging teams during the 2020 Animal Science Weekend!

The activity will be held at the Purebred Beef Center at 1p.m. on April 4th. Meet with coaches Gretchen Mafi, Steven Cooper, Parker Henley, Mark Johnson, and David Jones!

The 100 Years of Meat Science Celebration will begin at 2p.m. following the event. Want to learn more about Animal Science Weekend? Visit our website for a full schedule of events or register online at afs.okstate.edu/weekend.

Oklahoma State Purebred Beef Center Oklahoma State University - Livestock Judging Team Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team
A recap from the Iowa State University Meat Judging Contest. 87 contestants from 10 teams had an awesome day!
• Champion Team: Oklahoma State University
• Reserve Champion Team: Kansas State University
• High Individual: Dani LeDonne, Oklahoma State
Champion Team- Oklahoma State University
A recap from an incredible Southwestern meat judging contest hosted by the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and Columbia Packing Co., Inc.

A Division Contest - 31 contestants - 6 teams
• Champion Team - Clarendon College
• Reserve Champion Team - Zamorano University
• High Individual - Carlos A. Mairena Luna - Zamorano University

B- Division Contest - 88 contestants- 7 teams
• Champion Team - Texas Tech University
• Reserve Champion Team - Oklahoma State University
• High Individual - Tatum Whitewood - Texas Tech University

Congratulations to all teams and contestants on an awesome day! Thanks to all our sponsors, committee members and volunteers for making this weekend a huge success!
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Students interested in meat animal industry possessing tremendous dedication to represent OSU!

Operating as usual

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 09/23/2023

First contest today. Made a stop yesterday at Clemens - thanks for having us.

Now hiring: Assistant Professor of Meat Processing! 07/31/2023

Excited to announce we are hiring a Meat Processing Extension Specialist. Been a long time! Please share with any potential candidates!

Now hiring: Assistant Professor of Meat Processing! The successful candidate is expected to (a) develop Extension programming impactful to the meat industry of Oklahoma, including processing and manuf...


I want to give a special thanks to our OKState team - colleagues, students, and alum for everything you do! I’m proud to work with you and for you.

RMC 2023 -

Congrats to Ranjith Ramanathan for being selected at the 2023 AMSA Distinguished Award Winner, Morgan Denzer receiving the 2023 AMSA Ph.D. Cleaver Award, Grace Harris - 2023 Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award! Our quiz bowl team - Grace Harris, Blake Robbins, Nick Mull, Hailey Spray for their hard work and great showing. We had 14 abstracts. Hailey and Grace were both scholarship recipients. Dr. Ravi attended to become more involved in AMSA. Thanks also to our very supportive alumni!!

We look forward to hosting RMC 2024 in Oklahoma City!

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 06/23/2023

We’re off to ! We’ve spent the day traveling north and stopping for a few tours along the way. Simmons Pet Food, Hormel Foods, & Jennie-O Turkey Store! Thank you to all those who welcomed us and took the time to show us around!

Now to Saint Paul for a great week!🥩

Photos from American Meat Science Association's post 06/02/2023

Congrats Grace Harris!


Congrats Dr. Denzer!

Congratulations to the 2023 Student Teaching "Cleaver" Award Winners!

A meat cleaver is resilient and designed to break through soft bones and cartilage. Graduate teaching assistants are encouraged to be “cleavers”, by being resilient in teaching abilities, breaking through to students, and enhancing their knowledge. The tough metal and thick blade of a cleaver is unique and more durable compared to other knives. Graduate students are expected to be durable through their own obligations, and above all, create a unique learning experience for students.

We look forward to honoring you at the 2023 RMC!


Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan of Oklahoma State University is the 2023 AMSA Distinguished Research Award recipient.

This award was established in 1965 to recognize members with outstanding research contributions to the meat industry and is sponsored by Conagra Brands.


The students will again be raising funds for the RMC t-shirt auction. The funds go to support an AMSA endowment selected by the students. If you would like to help OSU "win" the t-shirt auction and would like one of our t-shirts, please let us know. Dr. Mafi can send you a venmo for donations.

Here is our design for the 2023 RMC. front says - We might not be ‘cherry red’ … and back says But we are America’s Brightest Orange


CONGRATS to our 2023 Oklahoma State FFA Meat Judging Champions! They will be honored at the State FFA Convention on Wednesday.
There were some great scores at this year's contest! Great work coaches and students. It is exciting to host contests when teams have put in hard work and dedication to perform at a tremendous level.

Congrats - Porter FFA - State Champions
Team members
Addison Criner - High Individual, dropped 0 in placings, questions, ID, and test! Dropping only 15 total!
Cash Criner - 5th High Individual
Abby Gourd - 6th high; perfect on ID and test
Karlie Guinn - 10th high

Reserve Champion Team - Dover
Evelyn Chavez - 2nd high ind (dropped 0 and perfect on YIELD - impressive)
Colton Burns - 4th high ind (also dropped 0 and perfect on YIELD)
Damion Turner - 7th high ind (aslo dropped 0)
Alec Schilde - 11th high ind

3rd High Team - Oklahoma-Union
Nathan Dean - 3rd High Ind

4th High Team - Morris
Zane Clark - 8th High Ind

5th High Team - Perkins-Tryon

Also in the top 10 individuals
Avery McGill - Byng (9th high)

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 04/29/2023

CONGRATS to our CHAMPION TEAMS at the State 4-H Meat Judging Contest today.

Grady - Tuttle - 1st Senior Division
Kingfisher - 2nd Senior Division

Porter - 1st Junior Division
Stratford - 2nd Junior Division

Senior High Individuals
1st Madelyn Williams - Tuttle
2nd Raegan Wilbourn - Tuttle
3rd Dustyn McLean - Kingisher
4th Riley Smith - Tuttle
5th Tiffany Vartanian - Tuttle

Junior High Individuals
1st James Glass - Porter
2nd Tyller Mitchell - Central
3rd Erin Guinn - Dover
4th Edwin Ledezma - Porter
5th Ella Lister - Stratford
tie 5th Andres Gamez - Dover

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 04/29/2023

Good luck to contestants at State FFA and 4•H Meat Judging today!


Excited to have Tyson Foods teaching lab today. Students are batter, breading, and frying chicken. Great learning opportunity for students in 3333 and Honors Lab.

Thanks Chandler, Alisha and Lacey! OSU alumni!

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 04/15/2023

Hosting Midwest Invitational today. Lots of students judging meat at the Food and Ag Products Center today.


Big congrats to Grace Harris Elizabeth Pribil and Cal Schultz on being recognized as the Outstanding Senior in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences and Award of Merit winners. Really proud of these meat judging students!!


Great job Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team, alumni, family and friends.
We appreciate all the support over the 1890 minutes and beyond.

As you heard from many of the team members all the things they gain from the program and all of this wouldn’t be possible without their hard work and support from OSU Foundation, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, family and friends. Thanks for all you do to make meat judging such a valuable lifelong learning experience for our students.

Thanks to all! Go Pokes!


Last call for the campaign and the last member of the 2023 team, Ms. Hailey Spray. Hailey has been involved in Meat Science since she came to OSU through her involvement in our research lab.

Help us get the most gifts in the Ferguson College of Ag and win the $3,000 bonus! We appreciate all who have supported the team and shown their !

Follow this link to give and make sure to select the Cleaver Club!


OSU Foundation


We are tied with the Crops Team on the donor challenge wall - winners get additional $3000 for dept scholarship fund. Please help the Meats Team win the challenge.

Thanks to all that supported Give Orange!!


Only 1 hour left of the campaign. Kelby is our resident pacific northwesterner. She will be spending the summer at Superior Farms in Colorado.

To support Kelby and her teammates follow the link below!


OSU Foundation


A little over 2 hours left of the campaign. Help us edge out the crop judging team for the most donors in the Ferguson College of Ag and show your . Follow the link below to help support students like Jenna by giving a gift to the Cleaver Club!


OSU Foundation


The Cleaver Club only needs 3 more gifts to reach its goal of 50! Let’s rally meatheads and help us reach our 50!!

Hear from Charles Phillips on what Meat Judging means to him. If you are interested in making a gift please follow the link below and make sure to click on the Cleaver Club!


OSU Foundation


Up next we have Nick Mull. Nick would like to pursue a career working as a USDA-AMS beef carcass grader post graduation. Students like Nick are the future of the meat industry!

Please consider donating to the Cleaver Club Fund using the link below!


OSU Foundation


Our students are doing big things! Jessi is planning to attend Vet School after graduation.

Support our awesome students through the campaign. The Cleaver Club fund helps to enrich Jessi’s education in the Animal and Food Science Department by providing many opportunities outside of the classroom!

Learn more at https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily

OSU Foundation


Yesterday was an incredible start to 2023! Let’s continue our strong support for OSU during Day 2! Make an impact by supporting Meat Judging students like Raeden through a donation to the Cleaver Club!

Visit https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily


Time to meet another member of the 2023 Team, Ms. Grace Bryson. (Fun fact, Grace was recently named the High Individual at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!)

The campaign is a great way to support our team and amazing students like Grace!

Learn more at https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily

OSU Foundation


It’s now the Happy Hour Challenge! The to receive the most donations between 3:00-6:00 p.m. (CST) will receive an extra $1,000!

Support Cal and his teammates by making a gift at https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily today! The winner will be announced in the OSU Foundation’s Instagram and Facebook Stories!

OSU Foundation


Today is 2023! Discover your for the Meat Judging Team and students like Blake by being a part of the 1,890 minutes for OSU! Your generosity makes a difference at .

Learn more at https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily

OSU Foundation


Give Orange!
Please consider supporting the OSU Meat Judging Team Cleaver Club challenge - 50 unique donors during the 1890 minutes of Give Orange will unlock the $5,000 match!

https://giveorange.osugiving.com/amb/AgFamily (you have to scroll to find the Challenge)

OSU Foundation

Photos from Oklahoma State Meat Judging Team's post 04/02/2023

2023 team spent the weekend cooking some prime rib and serving lunch at the Cowboy Classic (OSU Purebred Beef Center Sale). One of the fundraisers the team does through the year to raise money for travel.
GIVE ORANGE is April 4 - 5 (starting at noon on April 4) - we will introduce team members through the 2 days and ask for your support to unlock a matching $5000 gift (one of our tremendous alum has made available). We need at least 50 unique donors during the 1890 minutes of Give Orange to unlock the match.
Be on the lookout to meet team members and support this great group!
OSU Foundation


Don't forget to register for Midwest Invitational! Deadline - April 6.


CONGRATS to our "Meat with Mafi" final contest winners!
Division 4 –
1st Place – Addie Smith
2nd Place – Mack Kimball
3rd Place – Seltz Kimball
4th Place – Marie-Claire des Rosier
5th Place – Baylee Wilbourn

Division 3 –
1st Place - Evelyn Chavez
2nd Place - Libby Modisette
3rd Place - Madelyn Williams
4th Place - Kaya New
5th Place - Reagen Wilbourn

Division 2 –
1st Place - Henry Kimball
2nd Place - Emily Vincent
3rd Place - Morgan Furry
4th Place - Madeline DeWilde
5th Place - Paisley Nelson

Division 1 –
1st Place - Kealie Bryant
2nd Place - Greeley Goodson
3rd Place - Kashen Beshear
4th Place - Wyatt Brown
5th Place - Samantha Brown


MEAT with Mafi series winners! Congrats! Final contest this week.

Division 4 (most experienced and oldest)
1st Place – Addie Smith
2nd Place – Marie- Claire des Rosiers
3rd Place – Mack Kimball

Division 3
1st Place – Evelyn Chavez
2nd Place – Jayda Goodson
3rd Place – Riley Smith

Division 2
1st Place – Henry Kimball
2nd Place – Paisley Nelson
3rd Place – Emily Vincent

Division 1
1st Place – Kealie Bryant
2nd Place – Kashen Beshear
3rd Place – Clayton Brown


We ended the spring moving up a spot each contest. Reserve Champions Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and Grace Bryson was High Individual (I had a post with every individual accomplishment from this spring but my computer froze and lost all that). For detailed placings from Houston, South Plains, Southwestern & National Western, see www.judgingcard.com - lots of great highlights for the team. We will be ready for the fall!

Team Members -
Grace Bryson - Labadie, MO
Lexy Dietz - Shepherd, MT
Jenna Frederick - Fort Smith, AR
Amanda Hurst - El Reno, OK
Nicholas Mull - Plano, TX
Charles Phillips - Willston, FL
Blake Robbins - Pauls Valley, OK
Raeden Schon - Pilot Point, TX
Cal Schultz - Faribault, MN
Hailey Spray - Riverton, WY
Jessica Stroup - Oakland, FL
Kelby Tostenson - Ellensburg, WA


As the Spring Intercollegiate Meat Judging Team comes to an end tomorrow, want to wish our team the best of luck at the HLSR contest.

Go Pokes!!


Thanks to everyone that attended and helped with our judging clinic today. I hope you learned a lot and will be back for future contests and workshops.

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