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Clayton Rohla was invited to showcase his OKC State Fair winning pecan display entry at the recent OPGA meeting. Clayton is a member of the Roff 4-H Club in Pontotoc County. Congratulations Clayton!


Wavy leaf margins can be an indication of zinc deficiency. Often seen on vigorously growing shoots or younger trees. Be sure to apply at least 3 zinc sprays on mature trees prior to mid-July. Tank mixing with other insecticide or fungicide applications make zinc sprays more efficient. Young trees should be sprayed every 2 weeks with zinc until mid-July when leaf growth slows down.
For more information consult - https://extension.okstate.edu/fact-sheets/fertilizing-pecan-and-fruit-trees.html


A Kanza nut cluster at Cimarron Valley Research Station on June 3, 2024. Crop load is heavy this year with most every terminal shoot carrying a cluster. This Kanza cluster has seven potential pecans.


The 2024 Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association's Orchard of the Year was given to the Arbuckle Mountain Pecan Farm. Mike & Valerie Bynum planted their orchard in 2012. Their 60-acre orchard near Springer Oklahoma is made up of both Pawnee & Kanza trees. They have had a few rough patches with Mother Nature including a massive hailstorm and damaging high winds, but they have been resilient and kept the business going.
Congratulations to the Bynum Family!

In the photo is son, Allen Bynum, Mike Bynum, and Carl Buchanan.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 06/10/2024

When fertilizing the pecan seedlings this morning, I noticed small grasshoppers had moved in and started feeding on the foliage. The field to the south was recently mowed, so the grasshoppers moved to the pecan class trees looking for a new food source. An insecticide was added to the zinc sulfate foliar spray to try to get control.
Insects will also move to mature trees when crops or pastures are mowed or harvested.


The Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association's 2024 Grower of the Year Award was presented to Ron Hollis at the awards luncheon. Ron & his wife Elece live on their Holliswood Farm near Boynton Oklahoma. Ron planted 40 acres of Kanza & Pawnee in 1999. After retiring, he has added another 40 acres to his orchard and black Angus cattle operation. Ron has completed the Oklahoma Pecan Management Course 3 times, in 2005, 2015, and then in 2023, returned with 2 of his daughters to learn more!
Congratulations to Ron! He is a great example of an Oklahoma pecan grower and loves to tell some of the best stories!


Wes Lee was the 2024 recipient of the Herman Hinrichs Pecan Citation Award at the recent Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association's award luncheon.
The annual Herman Hinrichs Pecan Citation Award recognizes a professional who has made a significant contribution to the Oklahoma pecan industry.
Wes is the State Extension Specialist for Oklahoma Mesonet Ag Products and Assistant Extension Specialist in the Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Department at OSU.
If you watch Sunup on the weekends, you know Wes well!
Wes assists with the pecan management classes, field days, and workshops. He provides expertise with the pecan scab, chilling hour, irrigation, and pecan nut casebearer models on the Mesonet site.
Congratulations to Wes!

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 06/06/2024

The Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association's Annual Field Day was hosted by the Buchanan Family Pecan Farm. The Buchanan's orchard was damaged by a late April tornado, so many topics centered around recovery and cleanup efforts. The weather was beautiful in the orchard with great speakers & topics. Oklahoma AgCredit provided a delicious lunch and the Buchanan ladies made wonderful desserts for all to enjoy! Many thanks to all that attended and helped make the day special!

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 06/05/2024

Meeting highlights from the 2024 Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association convention.


Tomorrow is the big event! Hope to see you at the OPGA meeting in Ardmore! You can still register on site.

We will be kicking off our 2024 Annual Convention & Trade Show tomorrow!

We are so excited to have all of you joining us tomorrow and if you haven't registered yet there is still time. Come see us at the registration table tomorrow and we'll take care of you.

Have any questions about the convention? Be sure to email us or shoot us a message and we'll get back to you!

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/25/2024

The Pecan Management Class learned how to graft on May 7. These photos show some of the buds starting to push on a few successful grafts and one graft union that is broken. During the July class, attendees will have the opportunity to check out their success.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/23/2024

Pecan development today in the Cimarron Valley Research Station orchard. Seems like every terminal shoot has a cluster.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/17/2024

These photos are from last week. They were taken during the same photo shoot as the catkin pictures. The female flowers are found at the end of the current or new growth. They do not have petals to attract pollinators (wind pollinated) and often go unnoticed. You can see differences in the stigma surface (female flowers). The surface becomes sticky to be able to receive the pollen that is blown from another cultivar for cross pollination. After pollination, the stigma becomes shriveled and brown. Fertilization doesn't occur for several weeks after pollination.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/13/2024

Last week our photographer Mitchell Alcala captured some great shots of catkins (male flowers) at different maturity stages. Having early and late pollen shed is imperative to having good fruit set. Those catkins that are browning and drying have already completed their pollen release for early maturing flowers. The green catkins will release pollen soon for those later maturing flowers.
Early pollen shed cultivars are called Type 1 or protandrous. Their female flowers are receptive later in the season. Pawnee, Oconee, and Peruque are Type 1.
Late pollen shed cultivars are called Type 2 or protogynous and female flowers are receptive early season. Kanza, Lakota, and Maramec are Type 2.
In a native stand, there will be about 50% Type 1 and 50% Type 2.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/08/2024

The May Pecan Class was a very full day! The group started the morning with grafting in the field. Dick, Chris, and Shane Hoffman demonstrated the techniques and then students got the opportunity to try out what they had learned. After lunch, Kelly Seuhs reviewed PNC, Charlie Graham shared about minor pecan diseases, John Long taught about sprayer calibration and then students helped to calibrate both a boom and airblast sprayer. To end the class, Raedan Sharry explained the importance of soil and water testing and talked through students samples from last month. We also had some time to look at flowering and how the pecan seedlings are growing.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/06/2024

Last week's storm were devastating for many Oklahomans, including the Buchanan Family Pecan Farm. I made a visit to their pecan orchard last week to assess the damage and discuss the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association field day that they are hosting on June 1.

They want to continue with the plans to host the field day so we are switching up some topics for that day. Some of the items we will add include disaster recovery and cleanup. We will also demonstrate some pruning practices for developing strong trees.

Some of the trees were blown over, some trunks were snapped off low, some limbs split and other trees looked completely twisted like wringing out a rag. Those trees that were twisted had the bark blown off.

They have a huge cleanup ahead. The family is resilient and ready to get things back in order.

Pecan Nut Casebearer Season Fast Approaching - Oklahoma State University 05/02/2024

Time for those Pecan Nut Casebearer traps to be in the orchard/grove! Read Kelly Seuhs pest alert on this significant pecan pest.

Pecan Nut Casebearer Season Fast Approaching - Oklahoma State University PNC is a devastating nut-feeding insect found throughout pecan growing regions. Adult casebearer moths deposit eggs on the tips of nuts shortly after tree pollination. The primary means of controlling this insect is the use of a well-timed application of insecticide.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/02/2024

Giles pecan seedlings are growing quickly with the warm conditions. It is almost time to apply a slow release fertilizer and micro-nutrient drench. Trees will also receive foliar zinc sprays every 2 weeks.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 05/01/2024

The Stephens County OSU Extension & Cotton County OSU Cooperative Extension Service held a Pecan Grafting Demonstration yesterday. The hosts, Brent, Jacob, and Travis Wade of Wade Pecans Ringling Ok gave a tour of their cleaning and processing area. Afterward the group went out to the orchard to learn about grafting, pollination, and other pecan management.
A wonderful lunch was served to the participants. Many thanks to all of those who assisted with the morning!


Kanza female flowers 29April24


Catkins, the male flowers are getting close to releasing pollen for cross-pollination. Pecans are wind-pollinated and need cultivars that are complementary to complete the process for best quality and nut set. In native groves, about 50% are early and 50% late pollen shedding.


Kanza pecans are beginning to reveal their female flowers at the Cimarron Valley Research Station this week. Kanza was originally released in 1996 but the original cross of 'Major' and 'Shoshoni' was made in 1955.


This old Maramec tree has a line of damaged bark from the top to the ground. Lightning strikes often knock the bark off while traveling down the trunk. It's difficult to tell if the tree will have long lasting effects.


Giles seedlings are emerging from the potting media. These seeds were planted during the April 2 pecan class. Students will get the chance to observe the growth until October when they will each get to take five trees home to plant.


Sawfly are commonly found in the orchard/grove during early spring. Most of the time the larva feeding is not significant and rarely requires control on mature trees. On young trees, protecting the foliage is important so a spray may be needed. Remember, these are not caterpillar pests so those caterpillar specific products like Bt and Intrepid will not be effective.
https://extension.okstate.edu/programs/digital-diagnostics/insects-and-arthropods/sawfly-periclista-marginicollis/ has more information about the sawfly life cycle.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 04/20/2024

Pecan female flowers are now visible in the Pawnee trees. Look at the end of the new growth for potential pecans.

Photos from Oklahoma Pecan Management's post 12/13/2023

Hurry and enroll to save your spot in the 2024 Pecan Management Class! We meet one Tuesday afternoon for 7 months at the Cimarron Valley Research Station to learn about pecan tree management. Being able to see the trees from dormancy to harvest offers a unique opportunity to learn those timely techniques. Schedule, topics, and online registration is available at the link - https://extension.okstate.edu/programs/oklahoma-pecan-management/2024-course-lectures/


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Applying herbicides for a demonstration in the orchard
Champion Food Show winner auction
Applying slow release fertilizer on seedling pecans.
Opened bottomed tree pots filled with potting media and planted to Giles pecans. These were planted on April 2 in the Pe...
Fertilizing in the orchard
After harvest and drying for a few days, the pecans are sent to Pecan & Ag cleaning plant in Bristow.
Harvest time at Cimarron Valley Research Station.
Maramec pecans starting shuck split.
Pawnee ripening update
Pecan weevil and aphid control study being applied this morning.




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