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Eddie Mason (MASE Training / PRO ELITE Football Academy(@eddiemason53 / @proelite50) gives context to his philosophy as a coach and a mentor. Subscribe to us on YouTube to find out more!

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Another great day at PRO ELITE Football Academy. Two Penn state commits and a Stanford commit, so inspiring to watch these guys grow through the years and get bigger and better every year. Happy to be there to help.
I love this analysis for all you linebackers:
All the hard work is paying off...
Joey Kitcoff #54 (Will's Warriors) PFHS
Will's Warriors #54 Joey Kitcoff and #52 Ben Kitcoff freshman Potomac Falls Panthers, Owen Kitcoff varsity PFHS. All the best to the Pro Elite Family as you open your seasons!

“Strategically Developing Leaders in the Locker Room and In Life”

Operating as usual


Register Today at MASE Training for this amazing fun-filled 1 Day Football Clinic PRO ELITE Football Academy! For ages 6th-9th Grade! See you on July 9th & 23rd - Coach Mason and Coach Geter


Without trials it will be hard to appreciate the triumph victories God is about to give you! Keep pushing forward!
(James 1:12)


PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY congratulates Billy Wiles on his commitment to Clemson University. The best is yet to come! - Coach Mason


PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY congratulates all these great young men who have obtained their dream of playing college football! What we love most is the educational opportunities that await each of you! Big things on the horizon men! Blessings - Coach Mason, Coach Mike Geter, Coach Kirk Peterson, Coach Mike Christ, and Coach Andre Jones! @proelite50


The process don’t stop at PRO ELITE! - Coach Mason Recruit757


Be confident but don’t add unnecessary pressure on yourself with unrealistic expectations! Give your best and God will do the rest! - Coach Mason


Grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Greg Penn since he was 11 years old! Saw your greatness, then and still see it now! Love you man and proud of you! - Coach Mason 06/20/2020

VHSL releases recommended guidelines for re-opening HS sports

A step forward! - Coach Mason 🎥Me🙏🏽 The VHSL releases some guidance covering the next phase of a return to sports by Andy Hilton, recruit757 Let me state this first: this is not a full-fledged plan to get back to normal. On Friday afternoon, the VHSL released guidelines for returning to...


Carolina Football on Twitter

Powerful speech Coach Mack Brown!!!

“In part I of his appearance on the @CFBONFOX Big Noon Kickoff show this evening, @CoachMackBrown discusses how he and the team are approaching Covid and racial injustice. 🏈”


April 22, 2020

Just listen...Stay Diligent men and keep God 1st! - Coach Mason


Kenan Football Center Renovations

Coach Mack Brown, Tommy Thigpen and TARHEEL Coaching Staff at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have changed the game! Man I’m excited for our program! - Coach Mason 04/02/2020

NCSA | Student-Athlete & Parent Login


Update of the Ever-changing Recruitment Process:

NCSA Athletic Recruiting

While recent developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic impact more than just sports and recruiting, we’re dedicated to helping student-athletes and their families navigate the changing landscape of recruiting during this time. Our commitment remains to serve as a trusted source of support, education and guidance for all recruits going through the recruiting process.

We will continue to provide routine updates surrounding college recruiting, youth sports and breaking news as it develops.

Recruiting Updates

The NCAA has suspended in-person recruiting activity, including all face-to-face contacts on and off college campuses through May 31. They have also recommended college coaches cancel any scheduled official and unofficial visits.

All National Letter of Intent (NLI) signings are suspended through April 15 for D1 and D2 sports

The NCAA has extended the D1 football signing period (previously February 5 – April 1) by 30 days
The Collegiate Commissioner’s Association (CCA) will evaluate the basketball signing period on or before April 15

The NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA have canceled all remaining winter events and spring sports seasons

NCAA D1, D2 and D3 spring sport athletes have been granted one more year of eligibility


Coach Mason NCSA is a recruiting tool that helps high school athletes find, evaluate and connect with college coaches to take their sport to the next level.


ESPN on Twitter

This is why we ask you young men to focus on leadership and education, as your impact will be far greater off the field, as it will be on! - Coach Mason


“Former Titans DB Myron Rolle left the NFL to attend medical school back in 2013. Now, Rolle is a neurosurgery resident who is seeing the impact COVID-19 is having on the healthcare industry.”


To all PRO ELITE STUDENT ATHLETES, (courtesy of NCSA Athletic Recruiting)

Please see some key updates that you need to know regarding your classes of 2020, 2021, 2022,and 2023!

High school class of 2020:

Many Division 1 and Division 2 programs were done or almost done recruiting for the class of 2020, but the NCAA’s eligibility relief plan is going to change the recruiting landscape moving forward. Coaches who were planning on losing their seniors, might have those seniors on the team next year. High school seniors still looking to get recruited may need to expand their search to include more schools and different division levels. Recruits should also step up their digital recruiting efforts by reaching out to coaches online and by phone to discuss roster availability.

2020 seniors who have already committed should make sure to communicate with the coach regularly and not be afraid to ask how the coach anticipates that eligibility relief will impact incoming recruits’ rookie year.

High school class of 2021:

For the class of 2021, this is prime time for recruiting. With official and unofficial visits postponed and many recruiting tournaments/showcases postponed or canceled, coaches have moved online. College coaches may not be able to talk in-person, but they are available to take phone calls and answer emails, texts and DMs. Coaches are online searching recruiting networks to discover and evaluate recruits they are no longer able to watch compete in-person. Student-athletes can stay on top of their recruiting by keeping a strong digital presence and staying proactive.

High school class of 2022 & 2023:

The biggest impact to these classes will be the postponement or cancelation of tournaments, showcases and camps. Remember, for most sports, college coaches aren’t able to contact recruits until after June 15 of their sophomore year, which means 2022 grads still have three months before coach contact official begins. For the time being, underclassman should continue to focus their efforts on creating a recruiting profile and highlight video, building a list of prospective schools and sending introductory emails to college coaches. Video is also going to play a critical role in the recruiting process for this recruiting season.

Please be PROACTIVE in your engagement of the ever-changing landscape by keeping sound lines of communication open with College Recruiters and Coaches!


Coach Mason



Pray you all are well! Hey please ensure you continue to press forward in your individual recruiting process regardless of the circumstances we all are facing!

Blessings to each of you

Coach Mason



Vincent Country

You are more than a football player! Remember you are the CEO & CFO of your own corporation which just happens to be YOU! Keep being great men! Blessings - Coach Mason

Congratulations Troy Vincent and the other executives for their recognition in Savoy Magazine’s 19th anniversary issue for being 2020’s Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America. ***Every woman and man highlighted can attest to sowing their hard work in good times and bad. The climate of the globe did not determine their success. Their success was predicated on their unwavering diligent efforts over a consistent period of time. CIRCUMSTANCES DON’T DETERMINE OUTCOMES, OUR ACTIONS DO. Keep sowing, keep watering...👍🏽 Some plant, some water, but God makes it grow. I Corinthians 3:7


When you play this game, you gotta be ALL IN! - Coach Mason



This email is sent to confirm two quick things:

1. We have practice this weekend at 6:55am at Dulles Indoor Sportsplex (Lets bring it this weekend)
2. Do not forget to post your Social Media Random Act of Kindness on IG

Lastly if you have a conflict with practice or one of our events, YOU MUST email myself at [email protected] or contact your positional coach TODAY. Do not skip sessions without communicating to our staff. Outside of that, lets get after it, this weekend.


Coach Mason
PRO ELITE Executive Director 03/04/2020

Most of You Will Not Make The NFL

We think beyond the field at PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY! - Coach Mason But You Will Have The Opportunity To Succeed and Play in College Increase Your Life Opportunities


Had the pleasure of doing our PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY COMMUNITY PROJECT for Comfort Cases, and we were so proud of our families, student athletes, coaches and amazing sponsors and partners who helped us supersede our goal! As we set a goal to change 50 kids lives, but instead 80 Foster Children will be touched because of your generosity! Thank you to The Tin Cup Fund for your generosity, as well as our banner sponsor IT Cadre and THE REMBERT FOUNDATION! We thank...


Jennifer Militello Welter Law Firm, P.C. Palmercare Chiropractic Jeannie Jones Ledford Dulles Limousine Crown Trophy of Ashburn MASE Training MASE Faith Foundation Big Rock Studio ThunderCat Technology - SDVOSB Hilton

Non of this is possible without you! Thanks to my amazing wife Sonya Satterfield Mason, our daughter Sydney Mason, and son Elisha Mason for coming up with the concept!


Coach Mason


This morning at PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY, these young men, along with their parents, our PRO ELITE Coaching Staff, and our amazing sponsors were able to donate 80 book bags for Foster Kids at Comfort Cases. The fact is our goal was 50, and they went above and beyond!!! So proud of you men! They may have no idea the significance today will make, but years later it will mean the world that the gratitude in their hearts birthed a spirit of generosity to make a lasting impact! Thanks to our Banner Sponsors in IT Cadre and THE REMBERT FOUNDATION! Thank you - Coach Mason


Hilton Dulles Limousine Welter Law Firm, P.A. Jeannie Jones Ledford MASE Training MASE Faith Foundation Jennifer Militello ThunderCat Technology - SDVOSB Crown Trophy of Ashburn Big Rock Studio Palmercare Chiropractic


We are preparing for our PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY Community Event tomorrow morning and grateful for Hilton being a major contributor to make this a great success. Thank you to all the amazing families and student athletes from PRO ELITE for making this possible. We also thank God for all our amazing Sponsors and especially our banner sponsors IT Cadre and THE REMBERT FOUNDATION. Without you none of this would be possible. Blessings - Coach Mason Comfort Cases MASE Training MASE Faith Foundation




How Dwayne Haskins Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

Take care of your chicken...- Coach Mason %


Presented by Marcus by Goldman Sachs | Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins just completed his first season in the NFL. His move from amateur colle...


Embrace the entire process by being an effective communicator! - Coach Mason


What College Recruiting Letters Really Mean and How to Respond

What College Recruiting Letters Really Mean-and How to Respond.
While college athletic recruiting relies heavily on digital communication—like texting, email and social media messages—college recruiting letters still play a major role. However, it can be difficult to interpret what a specific piece of mail from a coach really means. If you receive a typed letter with your name inserted in a few places, are you actually getting recruited by that coach? Why did the coach send you general school information? We've broken down the different types of college recruiting letters that you might receive and how to respond to each one.

The first piece of mail that you receive from a college coach will likely be general information about the school or a request to complete a recruiting questionnaire. These are known as non-recruiting materials. Depending on your age and division level, this could mean a few different things.

NCAA Division I and Division II: DI and DII coaches can’t send recruiting materials to athletes before June 15 after sophomore year or September 1 of junior year, depending on your sport. To spark an underclassman’s interest in the program, they’ll often send general information about the school and a recruiting questionnaire. This can signal to an 8th grader, high school freshman or sophomore that the coach has noticed them and may be interested in recruiting them. If you’re a junior or senior receiving general school information, you're probably not being heavily recruited yet, and you need to put in the work to really get their attention. For example:

Dear Pat,

Our recruiting is on a national level and we are looking for talented students who can meet the high-level athletic and academic demands of a challenging program. Please complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it as soon as possible. Include a schedule of events where you will be competing. If you have video available you may send it to us at your convenience.

Your next move: Complete that questionnaire! As an underclassman, ask your current coach to reach out to the college coach and set up a call. Remember: Even if coaches aren’t allowed to communicate with you, you can always reach out to them. As an upperclassman, if you are extremely interested in the school, definitely contact the coach. Let them know that you received the school information and filled out their questionnaire, and you are very interested in their program.

NCAA Division III and NAIA: DIII and NAIA coaches are not restricted in when they can send athletes recruiting material. However, these coaches often send out general information about the school to athletes they are recruiting. Coaches at these division levels want to ensure that their school is a great fit for an athlete from an academic and cultural fit before they start recruiting them.

Your next move: If you receive general information from a DIII or NAIA school, take it as an invitation to contact that coach. Send an introductory email to set up a call. Even if you aren't sure about the school, it's always better to explore all options to find your best fit! 02/16/2020

Coach Ed Orgeron: Football Players Who Run Track 'The Ones I Really Want'

Speed...the ultimate equalizer! - Coach Mason Fresh off a national championship, the LSU head coach is on the recruiting trail. And he's got a need for speed.


On the GRIND at PRO ELITE! - Coach Mason

🚨🚨🚨 Joshua Morgan Fred Smoot PastorMuscle Fitness Mike Geter 🔥1


We focus on empowering our student athletes to continue to RAISE THE BAR! - Coach Mason

🚨🚨🚨 Another Hot🔥 Release

PastorMuscle Fitness Joshua Morgan Mike Geter Fred Smoot


These young men put work in today, but the best is yet to come! - Coach Mason

🚨🚨🚨 Thank you to our amazing Sponsors in J3 Consulting MASE Training MASE Faith Foundation Palmercare Chiropractic Dulles Limousine ThunderCat Technology - SDVOSB Big Rock Studio Hilton Hotels S.A Halac Iron Works Crown Trophy of Ashburn @CAG and our BANNER SPONSOR IT Cadre!!! 🔥🔥🔥


PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY would like to congratulate Jalen Haggler, Zakias Moore, James Pogorelc, Mi’Kail Kamara, Joseph Groves, Jimmy Christ, Jared Cole, and Curtis Jacobs for their hardwork and commitment that earned each of them scholarships to the Universities of their choice! Thank you for allowing us to be part of the journey! - Coach Mason 02/06/2020

10 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Should Be a Student-Athlete....

Sports is the ultimate equalizer! - Coach Mason In the next couple of months employers, big and small, will be flocking to colleges and universities across the county to find their next crop of young talent. In fact, this could even be you! Resumes will be sifted through, cover letters skimmed, GPAs judged, and interviews had.


174 LBS: #3 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs. #1 Mark Hall (Penn State) | 2020 B1G Wrestling

This is how you compete! - Coach Mason

Iowa's Michael Kemerer takes on Penn State's Mark Hall in the 174 pound match. To watch every match from ...


PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY staff and coaches would like to congratulate Jalen Haggler and James Pogorelc on their offers to Fairmount College and Stanford University! Men continue to strive for greatness and keep God 1st! - Coach Mason


Strategically developing leaders in the locker room as well as in life. Welcome to 2020 PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY. - Coach Mason IT Cadre thank you for being our BANNER SPONSOR 01/23/2020

The NFL's Top Earners of All Time, Ranked

I played in the wrong ERA! 💰- Coach Mason When an NFL team makes a high offer, you can bet they expect those players to be worth every penny. Take a look at the highest-paid NFL players of all time 01/22/2020

NFL's Vincent on youth participation, the right calls and bringing the Super Bowl back to NYC

The game will keep giving back if you make the investment on educating yourself and building great relationships while playing it! - Coach Mason As the second-in-command for the country's most popular professional sports league, Troy Vincent ranks behind only Commissioner Roger Goodell in leading the NFL. No former player has ever risen higher in the league office. With Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon, the NFL is coming off a season in…

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Register Today at MASE Training for this amazing fun-filled 1 Day Football Clinic PRO ELITE Football Academy!  For ages ...
PRO ELITE FOOTBALL FAMILYPray you all are well!  Hey please ensure you continue to press forward in your individual recr...
When you play this game, you gotta be ALL IN! - Coach Mason #PEFAFAMILY #PROELITE #MASEMotivation
Had the pleasure of doing our PRO ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY COMMUNITY PROJECT for Comfort Cases, and we were so proud of ou...
On the GRIND at PRO ELITE! - Coach Mason #NoExcuses #PEFAFamily🚨🚨🚨 Joshua Morgan Fred Smoot PastorMuscle Fitness Mike Ge...
We focus on empowering our student athletes to continue to RAISE THE BAR! - Coach Mason #PROELITE #PEFAFamily 🚨🚨🚨 Anothe...
Join Kesean Dyson this Saturday for FLAG FOR A CAUSE!  This young man on his own decided to raise money through this fla...
Gods set backs are His way of setting us up for amazing comebacks! - Coach Mason #PROELITE #PEFAFamily #CoachMASEMotivat...
Recruiting is a process that you must take full ownership of as a student athlete! - Coach Mason #PROELITE #MASEMotivati...
Don’t expect anybody to give you anything if you are unwilling to go EARN IT! - Coach Mason #EarnYourChance2PlayD1 #PROE...
One of the greatest things you can do in life is give back to those who gave and sacrificed so much! - Coach Mason #REAL...
Coach Josh Morgan dropping straight football wisdom to these young men about how to “RUN A ROUTE” to create proper separ...




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