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Tip for ESL speakers the order to use adjectives within a sentence


Have you visited a Toastmasters Club yet? Life-changing!

Making My First Audiobook - Session 3 of 8 08/25/2020

Making My First Audiobook - Session 3 of 8

Lia Bai & Phyllis Thesier, MAT, SLP Accent Training class #3 ESL Word Stress pattern rules.

Making My First Audiobook - Session 3 of 8 Lia Bai is a communication strategist, professional speaker, author, and humorist. She shares her Lessons Learned as a first time voice over artist for her o...


What is your 1st Language?
And, More Importantly-
From What “state” in your Home country ? or city/ town/ village/ county-district?.
Who were your classmates in primary school? What “accents” did they have?

Here is “Why”.
•First language: English
•State: Indiana / Southern Indiana/ On the Ohio River, bordering Kentucky.
•Town: Mount Vernon, population 7000
•Classmates backgrounds – farmers, small business owners.

In my area of Indiana, especially in the church school that I attended, we had children of farmers & small Business owners. People who did Commerce with those from Kentucky across the Ohio River.
So my English accent was one of a slow nasal drawl. 

When I went to school in northern Indiana for junior high, I had to learn the pronunciation system for what I now know was standard American ( Broadcast) English.

Yet! In college, it was different from college classmates who grew up in New Jersey, “the region” by Chicago are those in Texas.

My theater professor then helped me to create numerous voices/accents.
With my interests in language, theater physiology and science, I was hooked.

They are all different accents/ pronunciation strategies of American English.

Now, The preferred “Accent“ or pronunciation of American English is also called, “Broadcast English“.
The 1960’s result of standardizing all TV broadcast speakers so that they may transfer from one area of the country to another.

For all of your English speaking aspirations, it is necessary to use the pronunciation system that is familiar to wherever you would like to take a job.

Therefore: Help me to help you!
If I know your
•1st language
•2nd + 3rd languages , village & background schools, I can create strategy posts with specific
*sounds exercises
*word lists
*comparative word lists
* phrases &
Speech exercises

This would give you a start, yet,as with any muscle/support/movement exercise, it requires partnering conversational/presentation practice.

So!!! What is your Very 1st Language?

Download for free 03/13/2020

Download for free

ESL speakers often come to a Toastmasters club to learn & practice using these types of alternative words & phrases.
We sometimes practice presentations in our training sessions & use these “ conjunctions ( words that connect 2 ideas).

Download for free


With the increase in using English within many international conference calls, a new acronym has evolved.
BELF- Here’s an article:





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