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You're awesome just by being you. Harmanny Music Education helps you be more awesome in learning how to make music, whether it's on the piano, singing, beginning guitar, trumpet or writing songs or learning about music theory!


What Is Your Star Wars Name?

What is your Star Wars name? Check out the post and find out! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/08/what-is-your-star-wars-name/

harmannymusiced.wordpress.com For the last post this week of Star Wars week, I thought we’d have some fun. What is your Star Wars name? Mine, since my first name is Craig, would be Jar Jar (UGH!) and the 3rd letter of my …


Star Wars Kyrie

Here's a creative take on a Kyrie....featuring Star Wars. https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/07/star-wars-kyrie/

I’m a church musician. So, I know what Kyrie Eleison means. It means “Lord, have mercy”. Christe Eleison means “Christ, have mercy”. So, here’s a creative twist …


Star Wars Fun

Today's post is fun with Star Wars. A meme and video. Enjoy! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/07/star-wars-fun/

harmannymusiced.wordpress.com Today, we’re going to have some fun. I’ve got two things for you. One, a meme and the other a video. Which is your favorite? The Star Wars theme rocked out by Star Wars characters! So, …


Star Wars Rhythms!

Rhythm is everywhere! Even in Star Wars! Check out this video and try clapping along with some of the rhythms! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/06/star-wars-rhythms/

Rhythm is all around us! Whether it’s inside our houses, in our cars, or even….in music we listen to! Here’s a video to practice clapping along to the rhythms in songs! Try it and…


Star Wars on a Melodica

One of these days, I'm actually going to play a melodica. But until then, I can watch amazing players do it!!


Have you ever tried playing a melodica? I haven’t, but I’d so love to! It’s a combination of a wind instrument and a piano! You have to blow air into it, and press the keys down. …



Have you ever heard of a leitmotif before? While you may not have heard the word, chances are REALLY high that you have heard many, many, many leitmotifs in music. Check out the post to find out more! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/leitmotifs/

harmannymusiced.wordpress.com A leitmotif is a German word that deals with a musical theme for a character. You see this in play in many movies, or in the musical composition, “Peter and the Wolf”. Each character ha…


Cello Wars

Here is The Piano Guys' take on Star Wars. I hope you enjoy it! Check back for another post later today! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/cello-wars/

This week, I’m focusing in on Star Wars related fun and material. I love The Piano Guys. They’re so fun and creative not only in their arrangements, but also in their videos. So, here&#…


Musical Form and Star Wars

This post is going to deal with musical form! What's that, you ask? It's the foundation of every song! The structure! Check out the Cantina Band song from Star Wars and find out a bit more about the structure of music! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/musical-form-and-star-wars/

harmannymusiced.wordpress.com Music has a form and a structure to it. Many songs that we hear on the radio, no matter what the style, is typically a verse/chorus/bridge structure. You may have multiple verses, and multiple repe…


A cool symphony!

Here’s the first post of a whole bunch this week about Star Wars!! https://harmannymusiced.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/a-cool-symphony/

Star Wars has such an amazing soundtrack. Much of my posts this week (because it’s May the 4th!) will be relating to the soundtrack….because I’m a musician and I love the movies a…

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[05/03/20]   Check back a bunch this week! With tomorrow being May 4th, and because I’m a Star Wars fan, I’ve found some awesome and fun music resources and learning and just fun things to watch!

[05/02/20]   Parents, what do your kids typically do during the summer that aren’t happening? What are you looking at as alternatives?


Harmanny Music Education

Updates have been made to the website! Go check it out! www.harmannymusiceducation.com

harmannymusiced.wordpress.com Helping Awesome People Be More Awesome

If you're a parent, you're probably looking ahead to the summer and you're struggling to figure out what to do to keep your kids busy. How about getting them started in music lessons? To find out more, go to www.harmannymusiceducation.com

[05/01/20]   One of the thoughts that I had even before all of this quarantine began, was to have a summer music camp. Now, I'm really, really, REALLY considering it. But it would have to be online. Would that be something you'd be interested in? It would be in July, probably mornings, since I'd be teaching lessons in the afternoon. Comment if you'd be interested, or email me at [email protected] so I can get you added to the list. I had thought about something for 4-6 year olds for one week, and possibly a couple of different ideas for elementary students. Possibly a music history one for older elementary/middle school students.

[04/29/20]   In Houston, we're on our 7th week of quarantine. It's pretty crazy how it seems like it's gone on forever. But one of the most amazing parts of this is how parents (and students) haven't complained or grumbled too much about the shift to online lessons, and for the most part, it's gone really well! It's neat to think about how I had "thought" about doing online lessons for 2 years, and never really did anything about it, until it became a necessity! While I love the in person lessons, learning to teach online has been a fun challenge! I am taking on new students starting in June for summer lessons, so if you're interested, send me a message or email me at [email protected]!

Sadly, it looks like most activities for kids won’t be happening this summer. So how about music lessons? I’m scheduling lessons for summer, starting the first week of June. Go to www.harmannymusiceducation.com for more info.

Kids or adults! I’m happy to help!

Check it out! You're going to hear the "I'm bored" and it's seeming like options over the summer will be limited. Check out music lessons!

There are lots of different ways to learn how to play the guitar. What makes Harmanny Music Education different? Well, Craig won't just show you how to play the chords, you're going to learn the background of music and the songs in a fun and creative way! Times are available to start next week!

[04/18/20]   Goodness! We just watched Trolls World Tour! If you have a chance to watch it, do it!! It’s $19.99 to stream, but that’s because it was going to be in theaters, and obviously you can’t watch it there! But it’s a great commentary on music, the different styles of music and how it all interacts!

Why sing? There's so many reasons! Whether that's bettering your voice for singing solos, singing in choirs, singing karaoke or singing in the shower, spending the time to grow and develop your voice, no matter what age, is a great thing to do! I'd love to help! Find out more at www.harmannymusiceducation.com

For these and so many more reasons, playing the piano is totally awesome! I'd love to help you start learning and growing those skills as a piano player! Send me a message for more information!

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This is pretty cool! We haven’t seen the new Trolls movie, but the first one was a lot of fun! There’s piano music at the end! https://www.dreamworks.com/downloads/TrollsPartyPack.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2ak8V_PQZHpK09rMb6T9TRs_8zs5APFcoBuifi1fjTOXRrcd516ox8A9E


Lily is our boxer/lab mix. She’s loving having us all home because she doesn’t have to go into quarantine while lessons are going on! It’s #nationalpetday so share a pic of your pet!

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Harmanny Music Education


Harmanny Music Education

Is your kiddo interested in music and need lessons and/or something to do while stuck at home? Do you want to learn/relearn a musical instrument? I can help. I’ve taught all ages from kids up to adults. Go to https://www.harmannymusiceducation.com and get in touch! I can start this week!

sites.google.com If you're interested in lessons, whether it's just for the short term during the "social distancing" or on an ongoing basis, sign up!


I'm needing your help!

I'm needing your help! - https://mailchi.mp/b9ab191fd9a3/im-needing-your-help

mailchi.mp I hope you're doing alright, and that your patience isn't being tested too much during this time. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that at this point, all of my lessons are online, and because of having a good bit of extra time right now, I have the ability to take on a few more students...

[03/29/20]   www.harmannymusiceducation.com got a facelift! Go check it out and share it with friends!

Here's Luke playing a simple version of "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. Awesome job!

I asked my students to share a video of their favorite song. This is Blake playing "Love Somebody"!

[03/24/20]   Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned in the past 10 days is what happens when excuses are removed. In my two worlds, church and music education, lots of excuses have been removed. I thought about teaching online and never did, because of excuses. Well, the excuses are gone. I’m forced to teach online because I want to help people learn music. Music is what gives us comfort and peace in times of struggle. And it’s been so much easier than I thought! Not perfect by any stretch, but not this big bugaboo that I made it out to be in my mind. What have you learned over this time of being stuck inside?

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