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Harmanny Music Education


Ideal Piano Footrests are now available for teachers and parents. $49 each or less.

For beginners who want to learn the piano and voice in a fun and creative way, Harmanny Music Education offers lessons tailored to each student’s goals and style of learning through games, activities, apps and songs.

Harmanny Music Education offers in person private piano for beginners of all ages, voice (primarily for male singers) and trumpet lessons in the Spring/Tomball/Klein area of Northwest Houston, Texas. Harmanny Music Education also offers online lessons for students across the world as well! We use a platform called Musicology, developed by music teachers, specifically for music lessons. The goal an

Operating as usual


There is always something unique that I learn or hear from students at their lessons. Yesterday was no exception. Link to post in comments.


Why do I teach? That's a great question! In today's blog post, I share my reasoning for why I teach. Check it out! Link in comments!


What makes Harmanny Music Education different than other teachers or studios? That was a tough question to wrestle with. The answer is in the latest blog post. Link in comments


If you're a parent, today's blog post is extremely important as you consider music lessons for your child. Whether you're musical or not, your involvement is extremely important! Link in comments


Growing up, I loved playing the trumpet for Easter. It's hard to think of Easter without thinking of trumpets. In today's blog post, I talk about my experiences playing trumpet. Link in comments.


Easter is a joyous time. Choirs help to bring an extra addition of joy to those celebrations. Find out more of Craig's thoughts in his new blog post. Link in comments.


Good Friday marks a very significant milestone for me as a musician and in my musical journey. Find out more in my most recent blog post. Link in comments.


Why should children take music lessons? Such a great question. There are many reasons, and in the latest blog post, 4 specific reasons are highlighted. Check it out! Link in comments.

Summer Lessons 04/12/2022

Summer Lessons

If you're looking for piano, voice, trumpet, beginning guitar or ukulele lessons for your child (or yourself), Harmanny Music Education is currently schedule summer lessons to begin the first week of June. Find out more at harmannymusiceducation.com/summer-lessons

Summer Lessons Summer lessons will start the week of June 6th and run through the week of July 25th. (No lessons the week of June 13th and July 5th) Fall lessons will begin th


Corny? Yes.
True? Yes.
Funny? If you’re a musician, yes.


Harmony versus Harmanny. New blog post up on the website! Link in comments.


One of the things I love about the method books that I use is that from the beginning, it teaches students to compose their own music. Here’s Rachel’s very creative composition!


How have you see the world changed because of music? How have you seen YOUR world changed because of music?


Happy World Piano Day! Why is today World Piano Day? Well, it's the 88th day of the year and the piano has......88 keys! The pianoforte (now known as the piano) was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori about 1700. He was frustrated that the harpischord could only play 1 volume and he wanted to have an instrument that could play soft (piano) and loud (forte), so that's how the piano was born! So, if you're a pianist, give those 88 keys a workout today, if you're not a pianist, then definitely listen to some piano music and get inspired....or take the step to take lessons! I teach in person in NW Houston or online!


What do you do when the unexpected happens?

Expect the unexpected. That's what the old saying goes, right? Well, what happens for you as a musician when the unexpected happens? Craig is going to be talking about that this morning!


Music is all around us! No matter whether it's music made by people, music made by animals, or sounds in the world around us, there is no stopping it! How amazing is that?


A, B, Twinkle Little Sheep? A new podcast episode of the Harmanny Music Education Podcast now available! Link in comments.


I don’t teach to build up my ego. I teach because I love music and I love helping students fall in love with music. Yesterday, my student and I were talking about what playing the piano helps you do, and I went with my explanation that music gives you superpowers and turns you into a superhero. Then he turned it on its ear. And totally made my day. I’m nowhere close to a superhero, but that a 6 year old student thinks I am is extremely humbling and reminds me of why I do what I do.


Parents! I’m offering summer lessons along with a ukulele camp in June! If you’re looking for something for your child to do, check out what opportunities are offered!


Work Smarter, not harder

In today's video, Craig will talk about how to practice smarter, not harder...and what exactly that means!


Music is the great uniter! A new blog post up on the Harmanny Music Education website! Link in comments.


Pianists are amazing. Not only can they coordinate notes sometimes doing different things with both hands, they also hold down pedals while playing….sometimes counting out loud…..sometimes singing. You can develop these amazing superpowers as well!


While it is nice to earn an income from teaching, I love helping students find joy in making music. Olivia has been taking lessons from me since the first of the year, and she’s taken to it so quickly. Each week she’s been one of the top point leaders in practicing, and she’s got such a positive attitude each week. I wanted to tell her mom that, to give her an update, and the response I got reminded me once again of why I love what I do. I have information on my website for summer lessons which start in June, or you can start now! I do have a few limited spots open.


The Joy of Music

One of the most famous books on cooking ever created was a book called "The Joy of Cooking". Music brings us joy and today, Craig is going to talk about the joy that comes from making music and music affects us.


Today’s live video will be a little later this morning. Shooting for 11 AM. I have an accompaniment gig this morning.

Surface Pressure By - Digital Sheet Music For Sheet Music Single - Download & Print H0.1191051-SC005346127 | Sheet Music Plus 03/04/2022

Surface Pressure By - Digital Sheet Music For Sheet Music Single - Download & Print H0.1191051-SC005346127 | Sheet Music Plus

I did something today, which is now available for purchase. If you’re anything like me, the songs from Encanto have been filling your house. So, the pressure had been building and I did something about it by making an arrangement! https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/surface-pressure-digital-sheet-music/22224981

Surface Pressure By - Digital Sheet Music For Sheet Music Single - Download & Print H0.1191051-SC005346127 | Sheet Music Plus Print and Download Surface Pressure sheet music. Sheet Music Single sheet music by : Craig A. Harmann at Sheet Music Plus. (H0.1191051-SC005346127).


I absolutely love what I do. Not only for sharing the joy of music with my students, but also being entertained by what they say! There’s always something. I love teaching my students! I’m now scheduling summer lessons and you can find out more on my website!

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What do you do when the unexpected happens?
Work Smarter, not harder
The Joy of Music
Learning music is like planting seeds...
Black History Month!



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