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Aero Tech Aviation


Is it possible to attend the school using my G I bill?
Hola buenas tardes, algún hispano, que recomiende esta escuela?
To all of you out there, enterprises that pay to get your employees to get their A&P licenses or Private party who are ready to get you’re A&P license. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY, be careful, Aero Tech A & P school is a scam and their work ethic is dishonest.
The reasons: lying on their website, appropriation of money under false pretention for no service at all misleading advertisement, inadequate service and material and more…
Del Martin is an aggressive, dishonest Bully who came at me yelling in my face when I saw the school, realized the organized scam and wanted a refund within the hour on the premises . “We never did refund any money and never will..” seems to be their motto if you challenge their tricky ethic.
The next day a Deputy of the Harris County Sheriff Dpt. had to get involved to try to get Del Martin to manage his aggressive behavior and have a normal business like discussion, it failed, the yelling and jumping in the face, took place again!

• Their website is a total lie,
• the price advertised is raised by 240% when one walk in.
• Aero Tech required “cash”, my full advertised payment suddenly became a “deposit”!
• Then you are introduced to the instructor, you discover that there is NO instruction class, just a 2hrs a day with an instructor asking you the questions in the incomplete brochure. It is not instruction
• After glancing at a few questions for 4 minutes, I already found an incorrect answer ! I closed the brochure
• you are shown to a cluttered, small, over occupied room; not conducive to study at all.
• The ”WE FURNISH EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE A&P COURSE” is in fact a thin brochure, THAT’S IT, containing some FAA questions that you can find on and/or on ASA books with the CORRECT answers.
• The “instructor” will be available two hours in the afternoon ( and I understand it’s not all the time) to drill students on this short incomplete sample of questions
• NO class on the practical/Hands-on aspect of your check ride, it is just this cramped classroom and pitiful brochure
• After the interview with the “instructor”, it was so disappointing I decided to quit the school
• Then I got the “We never did refund any money and never will..”

In conclusion: How would you call the actions described above? Well I used the, it is very explicit, try it before doing business with Aero Tech A&P School.

A&P Mechanic Prep School Established in 1984, Aero Tech A&P is the oldest A&P prep school in the Nation as well as Internationally. WE 100% GUARANTEE YOU WILL OBTAIN YOUR A&P LICENSE!!!

We furnish all study material's necessary to complete the A&P course. First, our staff will guide, coach and teach you how to pass all three FAA Written Exams which include the Airframe, General and Powerplant Exam's. For our student's convenience and nerves, all three FAA Written Exams will be taken at our onsite certified PSI FAA Testing Center. Second, our instructor's will supply intense preparation covering all components for the one-on-one Oral & Practical Exam taken with an FAA Examiner. Our A&P instructor's and staff are super friendly and easy to learn from. We have a Licensed A&P Mechanic and a Licensed IA on staff! Aero Tech is even more accommodating to our student's by having and working with several top-notch FAA Examiners on a daily basis which are also located right here in Houston. Here at Aero Tech A&P School, you have to pass with our instructor's before we let you pass with the FAA Examiner. We stay with you through thick or thin until you have your A&P license IN YOUR POCKET!!! EVERYBODY PASSES!!! 100% GUARANTEED!!! ...And that's our promise!

We are located at David Wayne Hooks (DWH) Airport in Spring, TX. A small suburb just North of Houston. The closest international airport to Aero Tech is Bush Intercontinental (IAH) but you may also fly into Hobby Airport (HOU) which is just on the South side of Houston. We also negotiate weekly lodging rates with nearby hotel's for our Aero Tech A&P student's. We are open M-F from 9am to 4pm every week of the year with the exception of the week between Christmas and New Years which we spend with our families. New classes start EVERY MONDAY morning at 9:00am. Call the Aero Tech Team today to reserve your spot!

Operating as usual

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 04/16/2021

another group heading home with their A&P license! New classes start every monday give us a call at 2813706300 or message us for more info on how to get started!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 04/15/2021

Well April is heating up! Here's another group going back home to their aircraft as licensed A&P mechanics! We start a new class every monday so give us a call or message us to get on the schedule!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 03/30/2021

Here's our last 4 students wrapping up march madness! We got alot done this month and hopefully we can keep the momentum going for the rest of the year! New classes begin every monday morning writtens, oral and practical. Give us a call or message us to get onboard! 2813706300

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 03/30/2021

Here's another group of guys and gals that finished this month! April is right around the corner come see us and go home with a A&P license in your pocket!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 03/26/2021

March has been a busy month for alot of new A&P's! Here's a few fresh licensed mechanics ready to step their career up to the next level! Give us a call or message us for more information on how to join a class. We have new classes starting every monday morning at 9 am. Writtens, Oral and practical or both!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 02/19/2021

BRRRRR! its cold! We've had some interesting weather this last week but we are still open! New classes start on Monday at 9 am, lets finish up February strong and get some new A&P's out in the work force!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 02/01/2021

We had a very busy January! February is looking promising for some new A&P mechanics. Come see us for prep and testing to take your career to the next level!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 01/15/2021

We've had a solid start to the new year! 5 new A&P mechanics for 2021! New classes are starting all the time, give us a call or message us to get on board and take your career to the next step!

Photos from Aero Tech Aviation's post 01/05/2021

We hope everyone had a happy holiday! We had a few more students starting 2021 with a A&P license. We are resuming classes so message us, call us or email and get started! Classes begin every monday morning at 9 am, we can help you with the writtens and oral and practical sections. Start the year off right with your A&P license! 2813706300 [email protected]


We have students from all backgrounds! Pilots wanting to work on their own aircraft, military, international, helicopter mechanics! We can help you all. Give us a call or message us to get started theres still time before the new year. 2813706300


End of the year is getting busy! We've had alot of our military guys in finishing their year with a A&P license. Give us a call or message the facebook to get started! 2813706300


We have had an interesting mix of students these last few weeks! A group of 3 guys from Colombia, a few contractors from overseas' and some guys coming from out of state! It is nice to see people able to travel again! If you need help obtaining your A&P license give us a call we start classes every monday morning! 2813706300


Another group of guys heading home! License in hand! Let us help you take your career to the next level.


another group headed back home with their A&P license! New classes begin every monday!


Been awhile since we posted some fresh faces! All of these guys are back home with their A&P license. We are still open and running smoothly with a few changes to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. New classes start every week! Give us a call or message us to get started! 2813706300


Two more of our military guys headed back home with their license! If you in any branch of the military we can help!


Here's another one back home with his airframe license! We can help you get both ratings or just one depending on what you have been signed off for!


Last one for the week! Hope everyone has a good weekend and we will have a fresh class starting on monday morning at 9 am!


Its been awhile since we posted, still going strong! We have lots of students who have finished up in the last few weeks and are back home with their licenses! We are starting new classes once a week!


It was a busy week last week and even busier this week! This was our thursday-sunday bunch and all went home with a full A&P license!


Another busy week! Here's two of the guys going home with added rating! Both came to us with airframe ratings but wanted to add powerplant and they did great! If you need help with a portion of the license, adding a rating or just written or oral and practical we can help!


Two more out the door! These two brothers flew in from Massachusetts and knocked it out of the park! One on Wednesday and one on Thursday, just in time for the 4th of July!

Recently we have had some concerns about the helicopters in the background on some pictures. Do not worry! The license we help you prepare for is for airplanes and helicopters, the DME that many students go to just happens to be in a hanger with some helicopters in the background.

Also for any new students we are still requiring masks while inside the building and we are still social distancing in the practice rooms. We are doing our best to make sure we maintain a safe and clean study area.


A few more students went home earlier this week as licensed A&P mechanics. Call and get onboard for the next classes. We are still operating smoothly during these times


Here's another round from this month. Everyone headed home with an A&P license in their pocket. Out of state or Country we can help!


Another week goes by and another group is headed back home with their A&P license. New classes are opening up every week!


Things are starting to get back to normal around here! Lots of students going home with their license in their pockets! Here's a few of the guys over the last few weeks. We started a new class today but if you want to get on board give us a call we have a few spots left! Masks are still required inside the building and we are still social distancing and disinfecting all of the computers and surfaces.


It has been awhile since we have had an update. We are still open but during this time have been limiting access during April. As of May 4, 2020, we will resume class as normal with a few extra measures in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We will be requiring masks while at the facility, if you have one please bring it, and if you have a laptop please bring it with you as well. We have been cleaning the facility throughout the day and promote periodic hand washing and sanitizing. If you have questions or would like to join the program during may please give us a call at 2813706300 or email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.


We had some major girl power this week! 3 ladies went home with their A&P license!
Give us a call to get on the schedule for the next available start date.
And in light of the latest current events with the corona virus we are taking it day by day. Please make sure you call us before you make any travel arrangements to be apart of the program. 281-370-6300


We are OPEN! Don't fret we are still holding all classes despite the COVID-19 corona virus scare. We have plenty of cleaning supplies and disinfect all of the areas multiple times a day. Do not worry we can still help you go home with your license in your pocket during these stressful times!
Here's a few guys who went home last weekend as fresh A&P's


Here's another group from last week that came through and went home with their license in their pocket! Whether you need help with the full process of writtens and oral and practical or just the oral and practical we can help!


Last week was a big one! We sent 10 students home with a license in their pocket! That's 10 new licensed A&P's in the work force! Heres a few that sent in their pictures


Two more out the door and one headed back to the UK! If you are international we can help!


Its a fresh week lots of new students in the door to get started a few more out the door with a license in their pockets! New classes start every week!


Happy Friday! Here's a few more of our successful students who received their license at the beginning of the year and our out working and making some money$$$ Let us help you go home with the license in your pocket!


The new year has been very busy! We've been trying to get caught up on the facebook but here's a few of the guys that started the new year with a full A&P license! Give us a call or shoot us a message and let us help you get a A&P license in 2020!




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