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Our mission at The WoodlandsTutor is to provide private lessons designed to ensure student success in school and life, at the level, pace and convenience of the student. The offers private lessons in Math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalculus, ESL, Spanish and Elementary. Personalized instruction, certified teachers -we advance at the child's pace. Zip codes served: 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77388, 77389, 77354 -Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Oak Ridge, Shenandoah.

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My school is my second home.
But my home is my first school.

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Recuerda que la concentración se "entrena", así que esos periodos dónde nuestros peques se concentran son sumamente valiosos y no debemos interrumpir, poco a poco los periodos serán más largos y no necesitará de estímulos externos o de hacerle una "fiesta" para mantenerlo entretenido, tu peque aprenderá a concentrarse en sus actividades y juegos si tú le ayudas "no interrumpiendo" 🌿

✨Haru está jugando con el juegos de ollitas (16 piezas) de
#montessori 10/13/2022

Recuerda que la concentración se "entrena", así que esos periodos dónde nuestros peques se concentran son sumamente valiosos y no debemos interrumpir, poco a poco los periodos serán más largos y no necesitará de estímulos externos o de hacerle una "fiesta" para mantenerlo entretenido, tu peque aprenderá a concentrarse en sus actividades y juegos si tú le ayudas "no interrumpiendo" 🌿

✨Haru está jugando con el juegos de ollitas (16 piezas) de

Good advice on concentration.
Call me if you want your student to concentrate one or two hours per week on her high school math lessons.

Recuerda que la concentración se "entrena", así que esos periodos dónde nuestros peques se concentran son sumamente valiosos y no debemos interrumpir, poco a poco los periodos serán más largos y no necesitará de estímulos externos o de hacerle una "fiesta" para mantenerlo entretenido, tu peque aprenderá a concentrarse en sus actividades y juegos si tú le ayudas "no interrumpiendo" 🌿 ✨Haru está jugando con el juegos de ollitas (16 piezas) de . . . . . . . #montessori


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The arts are essential to the development of extraordinary human beings.



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SMART TIP OF THE WEEK... Studies reveal more problems with "multitasking." It takes twice as long to do two things at once and you'll make 50% more errors. It also takes 5 minutes to recover from a 30-second interruption. Focus on one task at a time.

Help your student focus for one hour every week on Math class; she will succeed! Call now to schedule a private, one on one Math lesson at your own home. 713 412 4577

The Woodlands Tutor offers private lessons in Math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, PreCalculus, ESL, Spanish and Elementary. At your level, pace & convenience


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Share the best with your children; they will become the leaders of tomorrow.

For 28 years, Mildred Norman walked tens of thousands of miles across the United States for peace, never using money and relying on the goodness of strangers for food and shelter. Born on this day in 1908, Norman -- who soon adopted the name "Peace Pilgrim" -- started her walk in 1953 as the Cold War intensified and the threat of nuclear war loomed large in the American psyche. The motto that she sewed on the back of her tunic when she started out, "Walking Coast to Coast for Peace," quickly became outdated. By 1964 she had already walked 25,000 miles -- crossing the U.S. on foot at least eight times. She eventually stopped counting but continued walking for nearly two decades more until her death in 1981.

The Peace Pilgrim vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace," and as she became more well-known, she became a popular speaker at universities and churches. During one interview, when she was asked how she reached people who might view her as eccentric, she said, "Well, I'm quite sure that some of those who have just heard of me must think I'm completely off the beam. After all, I am doing something different. And pioneers have always been looked upon as being a bit strange. But, you see, I love people and I see the good in them."

Through her long pilgrimage, she worn the same blue pants and tunic daily, and carried everything she owned: a comb, toothbrush, pen, and map. When asked how she survived with so little, the Peace Pilgrim replied: "I own only what I wear and carry. I just walk until given shelter, fast until given food. I don't even ask; it's given without asking. I tell you, people are good. There's a spark of good in everybody."

For an inspiring picture book about her incredible life story, we highly recommend "Walking Toward Peace: The True Story of a Brave Woman Called Peace Pilgrim" for ages 5 to 9 at

Adult readers can learn more about her remarkable journey in her uplifting memoir, "Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words," at

To introduce children to another famous peace activist and the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, we highly recommend the picture books "The House That Jane Built: A Story About Jane Addams" for ages 5 to 9 ( and "Dangerous Jane" for 6 to 10 (

For two inspiring books for young readers filled with practical advice on how to make change on issues they care about, check out "Start Now! You Can Make a Difference!" for ages 7 to 11 ( and "It's Your World! Get Informed, Get Inspired, & Get Going!" for ages 10 and up (

And, to inspire children and teens with the true stories of girls and women who fought for change throughout history, check out our blog post, "Dissent Is Patriotic: 50 Books About Women Who Fought for Change," at


Kick the politicians out of the school system, now!


Important to keep in mind! 🙌

Cre TeacherGoals


The best way to help your child excel in school is to read with them. The bonds of kinship are strengthened, love of learning shared and memories of happy moments created that will last a lifetime.


Sending you all love. ♥️

Timeline photos 05/19/2022

Timeline photos


Summertime and the living is not so easy
–Especially if you are the parent of a teenager.

The school year is finally winding down, finals are next week, parties, concerts, ceremonies are done
with and school activities are closing shop; welcome to the doldrums of summertime. Unfortunately,
you still have to work and vacation time is very limited compared to what the kids are going to enjoy, or
endure. Three days into summer and they will be all over the house, scratching the walls, complaining
about how boring everything is, watching the tube, texting into the wee hours of the night with friends
that are just as bored as they are, and
Well, simple and straightforward advice for you, the parent of the teenager. First of all, keep your
schedule simple. Make it a point to share family meals as much as possible.
Start the day with the family breakfast before you go to work; make adjustments to your own schedule
if you have to. This will help your teenage daughter to get up early in the day and share with you the
enthusiasm that morning brings. Try to come back home for lunch or meet with them at a local
restaurant if your work allows the flexibility. A snack midday can be a great way to catch up on the
afternoon plans your teenager has in mind. You have the opportunity to give her an extra ten dollars for
the popcorn at the movies and she will look forward to those short lunches. Finally, wrap up the day
with a delightful grill party for your daughter and friends; yes, encourage her to invite her friends over to
enjoy the pool, hot dogs and fun at your home.
Wrap the day with a short trip to the library to pick up a book you specially would love to share with her.
Reading a page or two to wind down is much better than watching the tv series or news. Ask her about
the day with her friends.
Alejandro Cardenas, Owner of The Woodlands Tutor
We offer one on one lessons, at your level pace and convenience.
Summer specials:
Spanish conversation. Small groups, as low as $12 per person, (according to group size)
Math Test Preparation


Sales tax updates in your state - April 1, 2022

Rate changes will take place in the following locations on April 1, 2022. All states that are listed have local rate changes unless otherwise noted as also having a state rate change.

Alabama (Jackson, Triana) Kansas* Ohio*
Alaska (Seldovia, Sitka, Skagway, Whittier) Louisiana (Avoyelles, Caddo, Rapides) Oklahoma*
Arizona (Pinal, Taylor) Minnesota* Texas
Arkansas* Missouri Utah*
California Nebraska* Washington*
Georgia* North Dakota* Wisconsin*

*The rate change files for all SST states can be found here.


In order to access this holiday in QuickBooks, use the following tax category for qualifying purchases during this time:

Sales tax holidays > Energy-Star item that qualifies for a STH exemption (use this if you can't find anything else that fits)
Consumer items > Appliances & home goods > Energy star qualified products
Texas - Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday
Texas will hold their annual Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday from Saturday, April 23rd through Monday, April 25th, 2022. During this holiday certain specified emergency preparation supplies are tax free. More information can be found on the Texas Comptroller website.

The following tax categories will be set to exempt during this holiday with a $75 threshold:

Medical & health related items > Medical supplies > Sale of first aid kits to any buyer
Sales tax holidays > Disaster preparedness supplies > General items
Sales tax holidays > Disaster preparedness supplies > Safety items
Sales tax holidays > Disaster preparedness supplies > Fastening items
The following tax category will be set to exempt during this holiday with a $3000 threshold:
Sales tax holidays > Disaster preparedness supplies > Other items (use this if nothing else fits)
Please note that the "Other items" tax category is intended to capture the exemption for portable generators less than $3000, as well as emergency ladders and hurricane shutters less than $300.

Personal services
Personal Training services provided in a fitness center or health club
Personal Training services (not provided in a fitness or health club)
Body Piercing services
Tattooing services
Kennel Services / Pet Boarding
In-home pet sitting services
Pet walking / dog walking
Chiropractic services
Acupuncture services
Aesthetician services / Waxing services
Dietician services (not provided in a fitness or health club)
Pregnancy services (ie doula, birthing coach)
Post-pregnancy services (ie lactation consultant)
Translation / Interpretation services
Pet cremation services (animal remains not returned to owner)
Pet cremation services (animal remains returned to owner in disposable container)
Pet cremation services sold with TPP (urn, box, paw print items, keepsakes and similar)
Funeral services
Tutoring services – online and interactive
Tutoring services – online and on-demand
Tutoring services – in-person
Massage services – performed by licensed therapist
Massage services – performed by unlicensed therapist
Music lessons

Professional goods & services
Embroidery services associated with the sale of clothing
Embroidery services not associated with the sale of clothing or other tangible personal property

Business services
Business coaching services
Shredding services
Actuarial services
Bookkeeping services

Other services
Tax preparation services
Fees paid for professional speaker services
Disc Jockey services
Veterinarian services
Architectural services that include consultation and design Event or wedding planning services
Screen printing services, without tangible personal property

Audio or visual creative services
Audio or Video production services without tangible personal property
Video editing services without tangible personal property
Custom graphic design services that may include inconsequential tangible personal property

Training services
Online training, including on-demand courses
Online conferences and retreats

Cleaning services
Window cleaning services for residential real property
Window cleaning services for commercial real property

Apply sales tax at ship-to address where permitted under state law

Tax Category Search
Assigning a QBO Tax Category to the products and services you sell helps ensure you are properly collecting sales tax in every jurisdiction where you are making sales. New functionality allows you to do a keyword search for a tax category, making the process of selecting a category that most closely matches the product or service you are selling even easier.

Please note that these are the changes that have been released by the states as of the date of this e-mail and there is a possibility other small changes could be enacted late or retroactively by the states.

New item by Alejandro Cárdenas González 01/12/2022

New item by Alejandro Cárdenas González

Improve your student's grades in Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus.
At your own level, pace and convenience. Few slots available.
Reserve now! 713 412 4577

New item by Alejandro Cárdenas González


Lolita's words of wisdom: "Where there's a will, there's a way."
When you want to do something, you will find the time, means to accomplish it, no excuses sought.


Feliz Año Nuevo a todos mis estudiantes!


Reading, writing and 'rithmetic .... but wait, if you teach 'rithmetic to your child, I might be out of business. Not really, most of my students are extraordinary, seeking superb performance.🙂


Las 20 mejores frases de Stephen Hawking 10/28/2021

Las 20 mejores frases de Stephen Hawking

"Inteligence is the ability to adapt to change"

Las 20 mejores frases de Stephen Hawking El físico británico Stephen Hawking fue una de las mentes más brillantes del siglo XX, realizó grandes aportes a las ciencia, como la natur...


Be the nice human being.

Mobile uploads 08/26/2021

Los clásicos ejemplifican valores trascendentales.

Classics exemplify transcendent values.

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World. 07/22/2021

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World.

Be that kid please.

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World. Knowing how to raise kids that will grow up to change the world is more important now than ever. Read on for some ideas that will help.


And they help you improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary -well, some of them.....


Quality time with someone who always agrees with you. 🐛🦖🦋🙂🐧🐧

Magnolia Pharmacy 02/08/2021

Magnolia Pharmacy

Covid-19 vaccine appointments . My friends in The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX area. Just received the following:
Magnolia Pharmacy has a limited number of Covid-19 vaccine appointments NOW available. These appointments are for groups 1A and 1B designated by the state (front-line healthcare workers and those over age 65 or 18 years and older with health conditions that increase risk). If you book an appointment and do not qualify for 1A or 1B, your appointment will be cancelled.
Book your appointment now at If you have already received a Covid-19 vaccination, you can ignore this email.
Thank you for your patience and we will see you soon!
Steven Hoffart, PharmD FAAFM
Magnolia Pharmacy

Magnolia Pharmacy Schedule your appointment online Magnolia Pharmacy


Did you know that St. Augustine grass is happier if you do not water during Winter?

Take the pledge to conserve water with the WaterWise Challenge! You can help our village win money for scholarships.
Help to conserve water each August through April. To learn more about this resident challenge, view the event flier below. View and fill-out the Water Wise Village Challenge 2020-21 pledge. 12/22/2020

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Says Early Childhood Education Is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty

Science based research has been pointing the way for some time. Hopefully the resources follow this time around. "Ensuring that all of our kids have 'strong foundations' will help build a similarly strong foundation for the U.S. economy," Yellen said.


Imagination is the secret.

Yukon High School held their annual Reality Check this week! During the event, freshman students are assigned a random annual income before traveling to booths like housing, clothing, insurance, and child care to make virtual payments from their budget.

Although they must visit every booth, they are empowered to make their own personal decisions. One ninth grader reflected, “I got $35,000 which I thought was really good, but now I’m down to $20 and still have bills...I may have gone a little crazy with the nice truck.” Once they’ve paid their bills, the students who have money leftover receive a KitKat, while those with $0 left in their bank account receive a Zero bar.

“This is an opportunity for the students to gain a deeper understanding of how their parents live on a day-to-day basis. It really puts things in perspective and gives them some real world experience and therefore, a better idea of what to expect in the future” said YHS teacher, Darryl Andrews.

To provide real insight, every booth is hosted by local volunteers from their correlating industries, i.e., auto salesman sell the cars, bank officials run the bank, child care providers discuss child care. The real estate agents working in the housing booth reflected, “We actually learn a lot from the students too! After volunteering for several years at this event, we’ve gotten to see firsthand how the students’ decision-making processes have changed over the years.”

If you’re a local business and would like to be involved in opportunities like this, please contact our Community Education Office at 405.354.2579 or email [email protected]. 10/26/2020

Biodiversity intervention enhances immune regulation and health-associated commensal microbiota among daycare children

As we focus on the STEM curriculum we are leaving behind critical components to the development of our children. We need more outside lessons, play and activities for all of our children. this is one of the benefits, many more include social interaction -with proper CDC guidelines of course. As the incidence of immune-mediated diseases has increased rapidly in developed societies, there is an unmet need for novel prophylactic practices to fight against these maladies. This study is the first human intervention trial in which urban environmental biodiversity was manipulated to examine it...


Yes, it stimulates the brain and increases cognitive ability.


A bite of culture; before we lose it all.


Nourished and Nurtured Life

TO PARENTS OF ELEMENTARY AGE KIDS: If online school or hybrid school or masks all day aren't working well, you really can let your kids take a year off this year. Really.

Finland, who is known for having one of the top educational systems in the world, does not even start school until age 7. And even then, it is play-based.

You can spend this year reading books aloud to your child (literature and culture), exploring nature together (science and PE), playing games together (math), and building strong loving relationships. Your kids can have plenty of time to play and enjoy their childhoods. They can learn life skills by working alongside you at cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

Instead of struggling to "keep up" and figure it all out, this could be a school year to remember in a sweet way, when you all lived and loved and laughed together.

They're not gonna fall "behind." There is no real due-date for learning, and everything academic will be learned with even less effort after another year of brain development and maturation has elapsed. It really is okay to let it go right now.


And so the future is bright and positive, returning to values, ethics, and morality.

He made his own classroom. 08/26/2020

Tabla Montessori: Descubre qué tareas puede hacer tu hijo solo según su edad - Portal de Educación Queremos que nuestros hijos se conviertan en adultos funcionales y, sin embargo, pasamos el día allanando su camino y limpiando el reguero que dejan tras de sí. Así, difícilmente lo lograremos. Nadie puede pasar de 0 a 100 y nuestros hijos tampoco. Por eso, es necesario que abandonen su etapa de... 05/16/2020

El juego arriesgado en la infancia fomenta la resiliencia, las habilidades sociales y la creatividad - Terra Mater | Ecopsicología de la Infancia El “no corras que te caes” o “cuidado que te manchas” parece ser lo último que necesitan los niños para desarrollar sus capacidades o simplemente para disfrutar de su niñez. Y es que si comparamos el estilo de vida de los niños de hoy, e incluso el diseño de los banales parques infantil... 04/04/2020

SPRING 2020: Sign up below to JOIN US for the first ever virtual National JMG Group on Facebook Live!

Please join the Junior Master Gardener Group for these fantastic lessons for elementary students. These Junior Master Gardener sessions for elementary youths will take place every Tuesday & Thursday on Facebook Live beginning April 2nd @1:00 CST (each session will last approx 20mins) and go for 7 weeks AND sessions are FREE. Parents, by completing information below and having students join in on...

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