Vitamin Z w/ Christale Earning My Body

Every rep you take; every meal you make; every bite you take; every lap you make, you'll be earning Zeal about healthy living is my Vitamin Z!

Side affects include but are not limited to: Mood elevation. An extreme boost in the esteem of one self, self image and confidence. Weight loss and toning, Better fitting clothes. Improved health. May also cause smile lines in association with increased laughter, more pep in ones step, spontaneous dancing throughout the day, and new found supportive group of friends!

Operating as usual

Vitamin Z w/ Christale Earning My Body updated their website address. 08/16/2021

Vitamin Z w/ Christale Earning My Body updated their website address.

Vitamin Z w/ Christale Earning My Body updated their website address.


I have pressed pause on this journey because of life struggles & circumstances along with health issues to complicate and compound matters BUT It's time to get back at it! And to stop the cobwebs and go back to vitamin z (zeal for health and fitness) stay tuned there's more to come!

Remember "pause" does not mean quit! Pause is a tool to Regather, Restrategize, Review game plans and goals and then Reinitiate and Reignite passion for the journey! 👍🏾💜


Don't forget to sweat dance and smile today

This Oatmeal Hack Will Change Your Mornings 05/18/2015

This Oatmeal Hack Will Change Your Mornings

HAPPY Monday morning! I hope you all had a healthy breakfast. If time is an issue check out the easy oatmeal hack!

This Oatmeal Hack Will Change Your Mornings

Timeline photos 05/12/2015

Had to share this awesome post a dear friend and yoga instructor posted.

Deliciously Roasted Cabbage Slices | Hiit Blog 03/15/2015

Deliciously Roasted Cabbage Slices | Hiit Blog

Deliciously Roasted Cabbage Slices | Hiit Blog Ingredients 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 head green cabbage, cut into several slices 1 pinch garlic powder, or to taste salt and ground black p

Easy Stir Fried Brown Rice | Hiit Blog 03/15/2015

Easy Stir Fried Brown Rice | Hiit Blog

Easy Stir Fried Brown Rice | Hiit Blog Ingredients 1 tablespoon oil 3 eggs, lightly beaten 1 (16 ounce) package frozen stir-fry vegetables, thawed 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 cups Brown Rice, unco

I Absolutely LOVED This, EVERY Girl Should See It - So Powerful!! 01/30/2015

I Absolutely LOVED This, EVERY Girl Should See It - So Powerful!!

I'm by no means lean but I am a sweating machine. Never let anyone (not even your own insecurities) keep you from doing your "thing"! Jiggle, shake, sweat, growl, be intense, be a beast, heck be awkward! Who cares! JUST Be YOU!!! Own it, Love it and Love yourself! Go get your freak on! (watch the video and you'll understand)

I Absolutely LOVED This, EVERY Girl Should See It - So Powerful!! This Girl Can!


How to Never FAIL at Anything Ever Again

Refreshing out look to failure. Be encouraged!

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Vitamin Z ZUMBA w/ChristalE tonight 7pm (2040 louetta road inside anytime fitness) let's make those calories scream for mercy! See y'all there

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Summertime slim down treat

Rainbow FRESH FRUIT POPSICLES are 50 calories of pure goodness! Check out the RECIPE from Alli's Slim Pickins, LLC & give them a try -->

Timeline photos 07/16/2014

Timeline photos

TILAPIA BURGERS! A new, fun way to enjoy fresh fish! You and your family will love this 140-calorie creation from Alli's Slim Pickins, LLC! Get her recipe here:


Hope everyone had a glorious 4th! Time to trade in the flip flops for your sneakers and that hot dog for some hot moves! Zumba tonight at 7pm! See you all there. For more info call 832-296-4673

Mobile uploads 06/23/2014

Mobile uploads

To succeed well in life, you have to be intentional on ur goals. Dreams don't come true on accident..-Brad.

Timeline photos 06/20/2014

Timeline photos

Cool off this summer with a refreshing smoothie! Here's a simple & delish recipe: POST-WORKOUT PINA COLADA

8 oz. unsweetened coconut milk
1 scoop unflavored or vanilla-flavored whey protein
½ cup frozen or fresh pineapple (add ice if using fresh pineapple)

Directions: Add all ingredients in order, blend and enjoy!

Added benefit: Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which may promote healing after muscle injury.

Timeline photos 06/18/2014

Timeline photos

Workout at Home? Get ready for bikini season with this LOWER BODY CIRCUIT from Gina Aliotti -->

Timeline photos 06/18/2014

Timeline photos

6 Ways To Reduce Soreness! Train harder & recover faster with Nicole Wilkins' tips:

Timeline photos 06/15/2014

Hmmmm hummm

BANANA KIWI MUFFINS! Only 85 Calories each - a great Grab & Go Breakfast OR Pre/Post Workout Snack! Give Gina Aliotti's RECIPE a try -->

Timeline photos 06/07/2014

Timeline photos

SWITCH IT UP! BSN athlete Amanda Latona demonstrates the BOSU BALL BRIDGE and shares variations to emphasize either your glutes or hams. Give it a try!

Timeline photos 06/07/2014

Timeline photos

GRILLED AVOCADO STUFFED PORTABELLA - a delicious, healthy RECIPE from Alli's Slim Pickins, LLC -->

Timeline photos 06/07/2014

Timeline photos

BUILD STRONG, SCULPTED SHOULDERS! NLA for Her's Jessie Hilgenberg IFBB Pro explains Anatomy, Program Design & Proper Form PLUS a great WORKOUT!

See it all here -->


Happy Memorial Day!, I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to spend this time with family and friends while focusing on the men and women who made the ULTIMATE sacrifice to make safe relaxing days like this possible. See you at 7pm tonight

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Good morning and HAPPY Saturday

LOWER BODY BLAST! Work your Legs & Glutes AT HOME with this effective routine from Marcela Tribin IFBB PRO athlete -->


I'm teaming up with Just for you Nutrition and inviting you all join the "Fluff Lo$$ Challenge" coming soon! Yes you saw dollar signs! Interested now?! Inbox me for more information! More information coming soon

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Hmmmm yummmmm

VEGGIE LOAF CAKE! A simple, 125-calorie snack that's good warm OR cold! Get Alli's Slim Pickins, LLC's RECIPE here -->

Timeline photos 05/04/2014

Eat right keep it tight

Eat for the body you Want ... Not the body you Have ;-)

Clean up your diet with a Food Log! See how & why -->

The Story 04/25/2014

The Story

Had the random opportunity to meet 1/2 of this amazing duo at a local Starbucks in town. Never know who's in front of you while in line until you want a cake pop. When it comes to supporting local businesses, this is a GEM!

The Story Denise has been cooking for most of her life! For the past 3 years, she has been working on exciting new Paleo recipes that infuse recipes from her Itailian heritage with the Paleo lifestyle!  As well as being what we like to call our at home "Paleo chef", Denise is a CrossFit athlete, as well as, C…

Timeline photos 04/22/2014

Timeline photos

Always room for improvement! ;-)

Here are a few ideas -->

Timeline photos 04/21/2014

Timeline photos

What are your fitness goals for the coming week? Never underestimate what you are capable of!

How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals -->

Timeline photos 04/17/2014

What a great article

"It’s easy to get comfortable in our training and life routines. However, if we want to grow and evolve, we can’t stagnate in sameness for too long. So, every day, let’s find a new way to push past our comfort zones, ditch some part of our regular routines and invite a new challenge. Bold choices lead to big results. Let’s make it happen-Be YOUR BEST!" - IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird

Fore more fit living motivation & tips -->


OOOH WHAT A NIGHT! CLASS WAS A DOOZIE BUT FULL OF FUN! my spicy PEPPAS was on point today! Sore today Stronger tomorrow Melissa, Marcia, LaVinia and Hilda! I missed My wonder Twins (Josh and Cassie)

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Are you ready fir WORK IT WEDNESDAY?! I AM!!! Let's get fit glisten and laugh while we get closer to our goals together. 7pm tonight at 2040 louetta rd inside anytime fitness. For more info (832) 296-4673

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I don't know what is was worse having to make myself type this and managing the zumba withdrawals or being sick since last Monday Night. Me and the ENTIRE family are sick with the flu (Influenza B). With that said there will be no ZUMBA Monday at 7pm. I should be completely over the fever and everything by Wed. I will keep you all informed. Thank you all for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Having windows in the room where I dance is always fun when you have cheeky peepers sneaking glances while they lift.then when they get closer and see its only you in there flinging your hair and screaming yeah and they see you see them looking confused and intrigued...PRICELESS





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