Suchma Elementary, Conroe ISD

Suchma Elementary, Conroe ISD


My kids will be going F2F tomorrow but they’re transfers from Birnham Woods. They were able to take spill proof cups previously. Are they allowed to now with COVID? They’re kinder and 2nd. TIA!
Special shoutout to Mrs. Frederickson for spending her evening cheering on her first grade student tonight!! Braelyn was so excited to have her at her game!! #suchmagreatschool
Random acts of kindness.....
Great end of the year parade for my babies and all the amazing teachers and staff at Suchma!!!
I just wanted to thank all of you who are or were teachers. It is one of the most rewarding things that you can do and I thank you so much for all you do for our future. I would also love if you would just let me know on this post if you are or ever were a teacher and where. Even if you know somebody that we may know and they won't mind, I would love to see their names as well. Again thank you for all you have done. God bless you.
Sheree and I wanted to thank the teachers for all that you do at the school. You are truly an amazing bunch of teacher but, more importantly, even better people. Your warmth and caring for each kid was tremendous to watch and we thank you so much for all that you do. We are so sad for you that you won't be able to finish the year with these kids. You did all the tough work and didn't get to see them finish but I know that they will remember you for a long time. God bless you all.
With schools closed remainder of the year, can we do a parade to celebrate our Kindergartens?
McKinley from Ms. Holland's Kinder Class loves her Easter hat and bunny ears she made!!
Decorated my window!!!
Today’s writing assignment... learning to write and mail letters. 💕
I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone in Suchma for being so amazing and supportive during this tough time. The hard work and the effort and the fun you put in for the kiddos are truly appreciated. I am so touched by the kindness of Suchma principal and the staff for letting my kiddo use the school's Chromebook at home. I am so overwhelmed by the support and availability of the teachers to make sure that the kiddos are staying active in their school work and the parents are kept informed. This is what I call going ABOVE AND BEYOND. Love you all and miss you terribly. I pray that good Lord keep you all healthy and safe.

School Hours are 8:00-3:10

Operating as usual

Red Ribbon Week is next week!!! See the dress up days below!! Have an amazing weekend!!! We’ll be looking for pictures of our virtual learners posted on Facebook!!

Parents, have you done this yet? One fun way to SHARE about our fundraiser is with the Student Star Video on FUNRUN.COM. Just upload a picture of YOUR student and PRESTO? They'll be cast as the HERO of an incredible news story about helping our school Share it with friends and extended family online. It's guaranteed to get some love!!

[10/22/20]   Next week (October 26th - 30th) is Red Ribbon Week at Suchma Elementary.

Here's how we will be showing our support to Red Ribbon Week:

Monday, October 26th: Pajama Day

"We dream of a happy life without drugs!" We wear our favorite pajamas or pajama pants. (Wear shoes to PE!) Pajamas must be school appropriate.

Tuesday, October 27th: Camouflage Day

"We are brave to say NO to bad habits!" Wear your camo to gear up against drugs.

Wednesday, October 28th: Spirit Day

"Eagle pride, our students will rise up and say no to drugs!" Wear you Suchma shirt or school colors (red, white, blue) today.

Thursday, October 29th: Neon Day

"We're too BRIGHT for drugs!" Wear bright or neon clothing to shine bright and make healthy choices!

Friday, October 30th: Storybook Character Day

"Tell our stories from beginning to end, we shall be DRUG FREE!" Wear your storybook costumes today. Don't forget you book!

Congrats to our September Eagle Excellence Winners! Keep Soaring High Suchma Eagles!!

Picture Day is next Wednesday, October 28!! Forms were sent home with students, and our virtual and in person students can pre-order online at: Use the school code: PTPUC

We are just 5 days away from kicking off Suchma Dance Fit fundraiser! Did you know that our program comes with an incredible character development program? Our students will be learning about Teamwork, Care, Courage, Grit, and Celebration from REAL kid-athletes like them through the theme Sports City Now! Check out the trailer.

Suchma Soaring Eagle

Please read through this week's Suchma Soaring Eagle. There is a lot of information to go through. Boosterthon Dance Fit and Picture Day are both coming up soon! Have a great day! Assistance with Car Rider Line in the Morning We have several hundred students who arrive by car each morning. We have a line from the...

Boosterthon Dance Fit is coming to Suchma! Kick off is Wednesday, October 28, and the event, both at school and virtually is on Friday, November 6. Register today!! You can get a jump start on donations prior to our Kick off. Funds raised will go towards playground equipment.

Some of our Suchma Eagles wearing blue for Bully Prevention Awareness Month. Let’s stand up for others and change the culture!!

Thank you to the Anderson family for the goody bags for our staff!!!

[10/14/20]   Any first day pics from our 3rd first day of the 2nd 9 weeks?? Let’s see those Eagles!!!

[10/09/20]   No school Friday, Oct. 9, or Monday, Oct. 12. Have a great 4-day weekend, Eagles!!

[10/08/20]   Don’t forget that tomorrow, Thursday, is wear blue day for Bully Prevention Awareness Month! Let’s stand together to stand up for each other!

Suchma Soaring Eagle

Please read through this month's Suchma Soaring Eagle. It's full of important information!! October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month October kicks off National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Join us this...

[09/23/20]   We are open today!! See you soon, Eagles!!

Random awesome pictures of our Suchma Eagles!!

Morning car rider staff... we are ready and happy to see you... rain or shine!!!

5th graders are playing games and making videos to show what they are learning!

Fourth grade is working hard this morning!!

Lots of fun with Kindergarten in specials today!

Suchma Soaring Eagle

Parents, Attached is our most recent newsletter. Just a few reminders... Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Read for a Better Life Day. Students can wear their jammies, Suchma shirt, or red and/or blue to school tomorrow!!

Also, our school hours are 8:00-3:10. At the start of the year, we begin our dismissal process a bit earlier so that we can get into a routine. This week, we are releasing students at 3:05. Next week, we will be dismissing at our normal release time of 3:10.

Lastly, our doors open at 7:35 each morning. Class starts at 8:00. Students should be seated in their classes at 8:00am, so if they arrive after the bell rings at 8:00, they will be marked tardy for the day. We have many students arriving well past 8:00 each morning. Please make every attempt to arrive by 7:50 so students have plenty of time to get settled into class before the bell rings. We appreciate your assistance with this.

Have a great day! Read for a Better Life The Conroe Independent School District is promoting a culture of reading by calling to action all adults within...

Parents, Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16, is Read for a Better Life Day! We have many virtual read alouds for our students throughout the day. To make the day fun, for both virtual and in-home classes, students are invited to wear their (school appropriate) pajamas to virtual or in-person school!!! If you prefer not to wear your jammies to school, you can wear a Suchma shirt or any shirt in our school colors - red or blue! We look forward to seeing all of our Eagle readers tomorrow at school or online!

Suchma Car Rider Card Request Form

Parents and Guardians,

It's been a great ramp up week! We hope your children had as much fun as we did!! It was great to see our eagles in person, and it was amazing how all of our students did with our new procedures. We are excited to have all of our in-person students on campus every day, beginning Tuesday, September 8. We have just a few pieces of information for you as we move into the full swing of things next week.

-That rain storm took us by surprise! We checked the weather radar and there was nothing there, and then all of a sudden, the skies opened up!! I apologize for all those walkers and bikers that got wet! I will reach out to our walker and biker parents next week to get a consensus as to dismissal preferences during inclement weather. We will use your feedback to make decisions regarding when to pull walkers and bikers into the car rider line. Thank you!

-We ask that all students now stay in their current placement (virtual or in-person) until the end of the 9 weeks. If you don't think you will make it to the end of the nine weeks in your child's current placement, please consider changing now and starting in that new class on Tuesday. It's very hard on students and teachers to move students every day. Towards the end of the 1st 9 weeks, which is October 8, teachers will reach out to parents to see if anyone wants to move their placement beginning October 13. Regardless of your choice, or how long you want to be there, we will ask your preference, just in case there is a change. If you don't respond to those requests, we will assume you are staying in your current placement. Remember that changing your child's placement requires a change in homeroom teachers.

-Students who are staying virtual are required to complete all of their work, participate in Zoom conferences, and have good communication with the teacher. Students are expected to do coursework in their core content classes (Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies) and in Fine Arts (Students in K-4 have one lesson a week from each course - Music, Art, and PE. Students in 5-6 will have several lessons each week from their elective and one lesson a week from PE).

-Progress Reports will be coming home next week. We know that there will be a lot of low grades and zeros coming home, and we are fully prepared to help with that. We really contemplated not sending these home, but we want parents to know if there are missing grades. If students are coming back to campus, teachers will work with students to take care of any missing assignments. If students are virtual, teachers will communicate with parents about what is needed to fill those gaps in grades. Please make sure that students are engaging in their fine arts and PE lessons as well. Many of those classes are not being opened, so if you go in and look at those lessons, those are fun activities to do and will satisfy those participation grades. There are only a couple in each class - art, music, PE for K-4 and for 5-6 it's the elective course and PE.

-Our car rider line is moving along. Please make sure to always have your car rider sign with you, as we have about 450 car riders and we can't remember everyone's name each day, plus we have different people on duty at times, and not having the car rider card slows the line down. If you ordered an additional car rider card, we are sending those home with students. Check their backpack if you haven't seen it yet. If you still need to order one, you can do that here:

-Walkers/Bikers - Students in K and 1 must be met by a parent. Walker/Biker cards are required for K and 1st grade parents who meet their children at the appropriate pick-up locations. If you don't have one, you can request one here:
It is a good idea for ALL walker/biker parents to have a walker/biker card in the event of inclement weather. In that case, your walker/biker card will become your car rider card. Students in 2-6 can walk on their own unless we receive notification from the parent that they must be picked up by a parent. Please make sure all parents complete the walker/biker information sheet. The staff on duty have copies of the form. You can return it to the duty staff or with your child.

-Students who are returning to face to face instruction and have checked out technology can return all Chromebooks, iPads or hot spots next week. Just have your child bring it to their teacher and we will check them all in. In the event of another closure, we will re-check them out to families again. We just need the technology back on campus!!

-We still have a lot of school shirts, and a few masks, for sale. You will receive an email this weekend from School Cash Online. Shirts are $15 and masks are $8. We are only able to sell these at our back to school prices until Wednesday, September 9. After Wednesday, September 9, prices will go up to include tax.

Please remember that there is NO school on Monday, September 7. Enjoy your three day weekend! If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email or Facebook Messenger. I check both every day and will get back to you as quickly as possible! We look forward to seeing all of our in-person students on campus and all of our virtual learners on Zoom on Tuesday, September 8!!

Tara Vandermark, Principal
Suchma Elementary Parents, Please use this form to request additional/replacement car rider cards. Thank you!

We’re ready to learn today!!

5th and 6th graders are working hard this morning!!

Good morning Eagle families!! Today is a great day to share your "second" first day pictures!!

Suchma Car Rider Card Request Form

Parents and Guardians,

Well, it was a great "second" first day of school today!! As we worked through our day, we have a few reminders to share with parents of students who will be on campus tomorrow and the rest of the week.

First, we know there were some issues with the buses today. Remember that this is the first day for buses, and it will be another first day every day this week, as we have different students each day. At the beginning of the year, bus drivers are working to learn their routes and their students, so buses will run late. We hope we will be running on schedule by the second full week of school. I also want to remind you that the times in the computer system that you look up tend to be off. It shows that every bus leaves our campus at 3:10 when that is just not the case. We dismiss at 3:10, and buses take at least 10 minutes to load, from the time we call the bus, to the time students leave their class, get scanned onto the bus and get seated. Drivers are also working to develop seating charts so that we keep students as safe as possible on the bus.

We also had a few hiccups with our car rider technology, but we were able to get students safely to their cars from their classrooms. Many parents requested a second car rider card. If you need an additional card, please use this link to request an additional card.

During lunch, we ask that if your child brings lunch they have a water bottle and plastic silverware if they need to use that for their lunch. We can refill water bottles at lunch for students if needed. Students purchasing lunch can select a water bottle as their beverage and will get silverware for their meal.

We are so excited to see our next group of students tomorrow! We are welcoming back our D-J 2nd - 6th graders. Remember that K-Q 2nd - 6th graders come back on Wednesday and R-Z 2nd - 6th graders come back on Thursday.

Continue to post your "second" first day of school pictures! Have a great night!

Tara Vandermark, Principal

Suchma Elementary Parents, Please use this form to request additional/replacement car rider cards. Thank you!

Lunch was a success!!

1st grade practiced how to walk spaced out. They did great!!!

2nd and 3rd grade were rocking our A-C Ramp Up day. Learned new procedures, met new classmates and loved seeing old friends!!

Morning arrival was so smooth. Students and staff so happy to be back!

Wow!!! We have had a great start to our "second" first day of school at Suchma!!! Parents, we need to give you a shout of gratitude because your children were ALL prepared for their first day. They either knew exactly where to go, or they could tell staff their name, grade, and teacher... Very impressive!!! Also, there was not one single teary eye this morning! Every child and staff member was grinning from ear to ear to be together today!

Please send us your "second" first day of school pictures! We will be adding to this post each day this week, because we have 3 more "second" first days to go! Have an amazing week, and thanks again to our parents for all their hard work and preparation!!

[08/31/20]   Happy Sunday! We are excited to welcome back our Kindergarten and 1st grade students who are doing face to face learning, as well as some of our 2nd through 6th grade students. Tomorrow, 2nd-6th graders with last names that start with A-C will spend the day at Suchma. Below is the schedule for the week:

Monday - 2nd - 6th grade students with last names that start with A-C come on this day only
Tuesday - 2nd - 6th grade students with last names that start with D-J come on this day only
Wednesday - 2nd - 6th grade students with last names that start with K-Q come on this day only
Thursday - 2nd - 6th grade students with last names that start with R-Z come on this day only

Just a few reminders as we work through our Ramp Up week:

Students in remote learning and 2nd-6th grade students, who will return to face to face learning full time next week, will all continue with virtual classes this week when not at school on their assigned day.

When students return to face to face learning full time, we ask that students bring back any devices and hot spots that they borrowed from the campus. Should we have any further school closures, devices can be checked out again to students.

Please bring a water bottle to school with you. Due to safety and health considerations, students will not be able to use the water fountains. We do have a touchless water bottle filler that students can use during the day. Students can also get a water bottle with their lunch if they choose.

We recommend students bring 2 masks with them in case they need a clean mask during the day. Each student will receive a lanyard that they can attach their mask to. This will keep them from falling onto the ground or getting lost.

Parents will not be able to walk their students into the building until further notice. If your child comes to a school in a car, you will need to drop them off in the car rider line. You will not be able to use the pass-through lane, or park and walk students to the front doors. We are trying to keep the numbers down at the front entrance. If your child is a walker, you can walk them to the edge of the front entrance area. Staff members will be on hand to welcome your children and escort them to class.

Normal school hours are 8:00-3:10. Doors open at 7:35. Do not have children arrive prior to this time, as we want to keep our numbers down at the front entrance. We will start dismissal about 10 minutes early for the first few days so that we can make sure students know the dismissal procedure.

Please be patient with our dismissal process during the first week as we welcome back students each day. Our main goal is to keep your children safe, and it takes some time in the beginning of the year. Car rider line moves efficiently when parents stack the car rider line in two lanes. We will NOT be using the pass-through lane for drop off in the mornings, since parents cannot walk their children into the building. You will need to drop them off in the car rider line. If there are any issues during drop off with an upset child, we ask that you pull up to the corner of the building by the bike racks, and staff will be available to assist you.

Buses will arrive a bit later than the scheduled times listed online. The online times show the bus leaving school as soon as we dismiss for the day. That is just not possible when safely loading hundreds of students. We ask that especially in the first few weeks, you allow 20 minutes from the times listed to expect your child home. These times will fluctuate, based on the number of students riding the bus. Our number one goal is to get your children home safely, and that takes time. We appreciate your patience with our dismissal procedures.

We cannot accept any visitors or deliveries to campus for the immediate future. If your child forgot an assignment, they can bring it the next day. If they forgot a lunch, they can charge a lunch in the cafeteria. If you need to come to the building for any reason, please pull into a parking spot and call the front office. We will be happy to assist you! 936-709-4400.

There will be lots of calls to the school in our first few weeks of school. Please be patient if someone does not answer right away. We will get with you just as soon as possible!!

Know that all of these procedures and rules are in place to keep your kids safe! We want everyone to stay healthy so that we can keep our doors open. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. You can call the school, email your teacher, or message us on Facebook! Thank you so much!


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Our Super Sixth Grade Teachers!!






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