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Once a year, leaders & entrepreneurs retreat with me for the business & branding experience of a lifetime.

Soon, the doors will be opening for next year's Brandlift Experience 💃

We'll be gathering at an estate near Austin, Tx - April 10th-14th with Soul-Led Leaders who are committed to growth & inevitable success.

For VIP Access to details and early bird rates, join us in the brand new group!


🖤 -K

Photos from Kenni-Richelle Coaching's post 10/29/2022

If I wanted my work to dominate my life and deplete my soul...

I'd stop following my passion.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership aren't for the faint of heart, but that does NOT mean you have to sacrifice your values, a life you love, or quality time with those you love.

Don't. Fall. Into. This. Trap.


Because this life is BRIEF...

You deserve to build your career AROUND your desired life instead of scraping together the remnants of a life in the midst of working 24/7.

✨️What if you don't have time to wait 20 years to enjoy your life?

✨️What if you won't be alive in 20 years, or 10 years, or next year?

THIS is why I do what I do.

I remember what it was like...working 80 hours a week for a company that didn't appreciate me and paid me so poorly that I couldn't make ends meet.

I thought I needed to DO more and work HARDER.

I brought that mentality with me in the beginning stages of my business.

I thought I'd put my head down and work nonstop until one glorious day in the distant future, I'd get to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Until, I began to learn that bringing all parts of myself to my business was the key (this is the foundation of your brand).

Until, I began to understand that the more fulfilled I was in LIFE - the more my business thrived.

I made an intentional decision and started running my business, so it would stop running me.

✨I believe in mid-week, mid-day epsom salt baths or hikes.

✨I believe in a schedule that serves and supports your best self.

✨I believe in marketing that aligns with your phase of business & strengths.

✨I believe your personal values get to be at the core of your professional brand.

✨I believe you get to experience massive leaps in revenue without working "harder" or trading more time for money.

The question is, do YOU believe it yet?

If you're ready to bring more of yourself and your soul into your brand so you can work smarter and experience success with far less sacrifice...

Join us in the group for VIP access to The Brandlift Experience...

🖤 -K


Sometimes you "can't see the forest for the trees" because you're IN it.

It can be hard to get perspective when your IN it because you're too close.

It can be hard to breathe fresh inspiration into something that's stale or stagnant because you're IN it....looking at the same exact landscape.

It can be hard to solve challenges because they loom over you when you're IN it....they eclipse the solution just on the other side.

✨️This is why I like to shake s**t up.

✨️This is why I like to pull you away from your routine for days at a time and spoil the hell out of you.

✨️This is why I ask you to join me in gorgeous places, with delicious food, and powerhouses like you.

✨️This is why we get-away.

Because getting away is sometimes THE THING you need for perspective and inspiration.

Because relaxing while be served amazing food, drinks, and laughing is a stellar way to shift your physiology and inspire aligned action.

There is absolutely a method to my madness and science behind fusing business with pleasure.

Something is on the horizon....and I'm almost ready to share it.

🖤 -K


My rebelliousness gave me the audacity
My aching soul gave me the audacity
My hunger gave me the audacity
My hope gave me the audacity
My tears gave me the audacity
My rage gave me the audacity
My fear gave me the audacity
My pain gave me the audacity
My vision gave me the audacity
My dreams gave me the audacity
My triggers, wounds gave me the audacity

My mortality gives me the audacity.

If you ever look at a woman and think, "who does she think she is?" or "what gives her the audacity?"

You're asking the wrong questions.

Raise the standard of questions and ask...

✨️What is it about her audacity that makes me uncomfortable?

✨️What is she clearly believing about herself that I am not currently believing about myself?

✨️What gives me the audacity?

Because the truth is, the spark of that original question, the one asked in judgment of what someone else is daring to do or be or have...

Is just a fragment of your own silenced and stifled audacity begging to be witnessed...

Don't let the moment pass, just change the lens.

Every time you experience that discomfort, you have the power to ignite the audacity that's been secretly burning deep within your core.

And when you step into your courage and ignite it, nothing can stand in your way for long.

So, I ask...

What gives YOU the audacity?

🖤 -K

Photos from Kenni-Richelle Coaching's post 10/07/2022

When I selected the dates for the Power Of Her Retreat, I wanted nothing more than to introduce the ladies to the beauty of the Aspens.

I wanted them to experience how the exact same view changes each day as bursts of yellows and golds show up over night and weave themselves through the evergreen landscape.

The photos never really do the Aspens or the landscape justice.

Many of us had a hard time getting up before sunrise for the 2+ hour, scenic drive.

But, their hearts were full of gratitude for being willing, and my heart overflowed with joy to share the magic of a crisp fall in the mountains with them.

Pictures can never do it justice, neither can words.

But, we created memories that we'll never forget.

💛 -K


The Power Of HER Retreat this year was full of magical experiences...

These women SHOWED UP for the adventure.

The hot springs
The geothermal caves
The mud experience
The sweeping views

They rolled out of bed in the dark so we could brave the cold and chase the Aspens in their gold & yellow glory.

They hiked up a mountain and shared a champagne toast with me at the summit.

And, more than that...

They tore down their own walls and fears...sourced their courage, and boldly faced what is NEXT to access the Power Of...


There is a unique and sacred power in the feminine energetic...

Once a year, we gather...and activate it at a new level.

I feel honored, blessed, and privileged to walk with these women.

Thank you for trusting me to create an experience for you.

Thank you for being you.

There's more to say, so much more...but for now, I rest and soak it all in.

See you in Sedona!

🖤 -K


The tapestry...

The fabric of who you are, and who you're choosing to become wouldn't be quite as textured and beautiful without the expert design of your shadow self.

When you are so bold as to hold your patterns, triggers, and vices up to the light...

When you coax awareness forward and choose to shift and grow with intention...

You will be introduced to the purpose and potential beauty of your own darkness.

I hope that with worn hands and a tender heart, you will dig up the wisdom buried in your shadows.

I pray that with fierce courage, you will face your darkest parts, and hold them to the light.

The keys to your most magnificent life...

The intimacy
The abundance
The bliss
The adventure

...are there, waiting, in the shadows.

🖤 -K

Photos from Kenni-Richelle Coaching's post 09/26/2022

Sometimes you feel a little lazy just because things don't look how you think they're supposed to look.

This usually means it's time to take a closer look, and to remove the shoulds.

Lately, I'm tired.

Like, my bones weep if I stand up, tired.

My muscles are sore.

And yet, one of my first thoughts this morning was....."sure I'm a bit light on sleep but it's not like I really DID anything."

Oh, how our brains will jump at the chance to minimize the effort we've put in.

When you're passionate about what you do, the work doesn't always feel like work.

Some seasons you're all jacked up on Mt. Dew and other seasons you're stumbling into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and will choke anyone who talks to you before you've had a sip.

There is a balance here, but balance doesn't always FEEL or LOOK like balance.

YOUR balance doesn't necessarily look like the mainstream definition of balance, and that's okay.

AND, just because your WORK FLOW doesn't look like someone else's, doesn't mean you are lazy.

Give yourself credit for the effort you're putting in with your mind, body, and soul.

Give yourself credit for the work you are putting in that doesn't "look" like work.

Let where you are NOW and what you are doing NOW be enough.

You can always cultivate more energy and expand it when you are ready.

Sometimes we need to slow down to speed up.

Sometimes we need to speed up to slow down.

There's room for both.

Find what works for you and honor THAT.

🖤 -K


No, you do not have more than one Enneagram type.

No, you were not one type when you were younger and a different type now.

No, you cannot blame your undesirable behavior on your "type" and expect people to accept you for "who you are"....your unhealthy relationship and communication patterns are NOT "who you are."

They are strategies for protecting yourself and getting your needs met. They can hold you back from progress in relationships, healing, and success if you don't wake up to them and create healthier patterns.

🖤To KNOW yourself is to understand where your unconscious patterns originated from and what they are trying to achieve for you.

🖤To MASTER yourself, is to bring those unconscious patterns to light and to update them with healthy, intentional patterns while taking radical ownership of all parts of yourself.

No more placing blame

Less manipulation

More fierce honesty with yourself and others

The Enneagram is a tool to increase your own sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.

Like any tool, it only works if used and used properly.

It's a journey, a homecoming - to yourself.

In order to walk your Hero's journey, you must remove the blindfolds. You must be willing to grow.

Self-Mastery IS the new black.

🖤 -K

P.S. We just completed the Welcome Session in The Reckoning: Your Enneagram Roadmap Decoded. Today is the FINAL day to register.

Because this program is curated for the individuals in it, there are only two spots left and registration closes today. PM me if you want in!


It's challenging to follow your passions, own your gifts, and trust your intuition when you've been conditioned NOT to your whole life.

The rules of society have been hammered into your consciousness and encoded into your bones since the day you were born.

This is why it often takes a tragic event or getting your feet knocked out from beneath you to begin waking up to yourself...

Suddenly, the whispers grow in volume.

Suddenly, you cannot ignore the call.

There's a version of you who knows exactly what the next step is...

But, it feels like you have baby deer legs and have to learn how to walk all over again.

Take a step.

That's all you have to do.

It might land, you might fall, but it doesn't matter because you'll build the muscle, you'll uncover the wisdom.

Find someone you can trust, and talk about it.

Find a book on the subject and read it.

Find a class and take it.

In secret.


It doesn't matter....

Just take a step.

Then another.

Then another.

🖤 -K


I can't remember what I said to my therapist years ago for her to recommend I have an Enneagram session with a relationship therapist at her practice.

But, I know it had something to do with not understanding a particular difference between me and my husband.

We weren't in conflict, but there was a missing link in our communication.

There was something I couldn't quite explain to him in a language he could understand.

There was something he couldn't quite explain to me in a language I could understand.

So, I booked the session.

I bought the book she recommended.

We both tested and studied and explored.

Suddenly, both of our eyes were opened to each other in a way they never had been before.

I now understand what's happening when he's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He now understands what's happening when I pull back and retreat into my inner world.

We see each other with NEW eyes, and a greater sense of compassion and understanding.

✨️To know your CORE motivation for everything you do is invaluable when you can clearly communicate it to your lover.

✨️To know your DEEPEST desires & fears makes it easier to connect and communicate with family, friends, and partners.

✨️To understand your PASSION (which in Enneagram terms is actually your KRYTONITE, the thing that will ultimately destroy you if left unchecked) - makes it impossible for you to blindly spiral downward.

Once the veil is lifted, you see yourself and others with fresh, loving eyes - and a deeper sense of truth.

And, if you choose to commit to your growth path....there's nothing you can't have or do.


The Reckoning: Your Enneagram Roadmap Decoded begins in JUST ONE WEEK!

Early bird ends tonight, so it's a fabulous time to join us if you've been considering.

PM me for the link!

🖤 -K

Photos from Kenni-Richelle Coaching's post 08/29/2022

Investing in a vehicle that can get to places many can't means views and experiences that are beyond the ordinary.

Much like with personal development, the road less traveled leads to unexpected and extraordinary places.

However, it's often uncomfortable.

But, I got glorious views, picked wild raspberries, and studied the variety of mushrooms while scouting out disperesed camping spots.

As we took my Jeep exploring yesterday, my body was being thrown and jolted around. I thought of my personal development journey and how often it can be painful and scary. How the journey gets bumpy and rough, but every time I stop to enjoy the view, I am so grateful for the beauty, the healing, the challenges, and who I've become.

I know sometimes your growth path with come with unimaginable grief, raw vulnerability, and the necessary courage it takes to face your demons and detach from your ego.

I know sometimes you'll feel tired and as though you'd rather go back to sleep and snooze through life with the rest of the walking dead.

I know how much you'd rather just stay in your comfort zone instead of incessantly feeling stretched, challenged, and tested.

I do know.


I can promise that if you keep going, if you stay awake to yourself and the life you want, if you allow courage and grief to have its way with you...

You WILL rise into more magnificence, beauty, truth, and love than you could have ever imagined for yourself.

There IS less traffic on this road, so sometimes you can feel like you're in your own world.

But, you're never alone.

When you keep your eye on the prize, it will continue to bloom and unfold before you as you evolve.

Naps are fine now and then, but don't let your soul fall asleep at the wheel.

You are here to experience your most magnificent life, but it won't fall out of the sky and into your lap without intentional focus.

Do the work.

You are worth it.

🖤 -K

P.S. To deepen the skill of self-mastery, join us in The Reckoning: Your Enneagram Roadmap Decoded. PM me for details!

Photos from Kenni-Richelle Coaching's post 08/26/2022

Three common mistakes and misunderstandings I see when people discover or test for their type.

This is a process of self-discovery that supports the path to self-mastery.....not a math test.

The Reckoning: Your Enneagram Roadmap Decoded is open for registration, message me for details!

🖤 -K


It. Is. Here.

The Reckoning is about stepping into your power at warp speed.

It's fast.
It's furious.

It's about understanding YOU at a whole new level....what drives your decisions (the ones you're proud of and the ones you don't want to talk about.)

It's about understanding how to leverage your "type" when in growth AND in stress...

I'll teach you how to USE what you learn about yourself in the areas most important to you...

Because when you know how to CREATE what you need, you stop waiting on others to change or things to change and start LIVING.

We're opening up a new level of understanding of yourself and others...

So that you can continue your growth journey in a way that's unique to YOU.

We begin Wed, September 7th, and early bird starts today!

It's a 2-week virtual journey that I'm leading LIVE - and, every moment is recorded, so you won't miss a thing.

What you'll discover or deepen in The Reckoning:

✨️HOW to test and sift through your official Rheti Enneagram Test results

✨️Steps to rule out misidentifications

✨️Decoding your results to discover or deepen your understanding of your type

✨️Exploring Wings and Instinctual Variant to deeper understand HOW your unique iteration of your type shows up in the world

✨️Understanding your lines of movement - what happens and how you change when you're in growth/health & stress/disregulation

✨️How to leverage your type in:
Career & Money
Personal Development

✨️Recognize your childhood wound and your growth path for healing and success

✨️Recognize your self-sabotage patterns and learn how to disrupt them even if you've done decades of healing and personal development work.

✨️Learn ways to deepen your understanding of your type, and other types so you can have more self-compassion and overall human compassion.

I cannot WAIT to get started!

🖤 -K

P.S. Message me for early bird rates! 💃

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